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  1. Please post any questions/support queries here for the Movie Theme Videos Plugin Full plugin details here: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/2006-movie-theme-videos-plugin/ FAQ here:
  2. hjason7812

    Theme requests

    Attn: Luke or whoever does this, I would love to have a section to request themes for our server on here or let us know how we can add the themes we want on our server. Officially I would love different carbon fiber style themes Luke black,grey,silver,blue,all the colors carbin fiber Officially comes in because I love carbon fiber texture look. This shouldn't take any time at all I hope Also it would take a lot of work away from you to let us know where we can add themes at in the files or please add a plugin to allow us to add themes I'm sure people would Like this as well I mean the themes you have to choose from are good but it would be awesome if we could use what we want you know. Thank You have a great day
  3. Hi, in the Tizen app the light themes (including AppleTV) are pretty unusable. The problem exists in the latest 1.1.0 version and is there for already some versions. The problem is, if you enter detail screen or open the "logout/exit" menu, you get black font on darkened background, which is unreadable. It seems to only work right on the home screen, where you have black font on lightened background (which looks good). Could this please be checked? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  4. The Emby Wiki says : But Emby Mobile plays them in foreground. If i go into a Movie it will take a second or two, the screen rotates and beginns to play the theme in the normal movie player. This makes it difficult to look through the library. But I can imagine that it is not trivial to play videos in the background of the android app. Therefore I just wanted to ask if this is the normal intended behavior or if it is a bug i ran into. Thanks
  5. Pelon

    Live Tiles

    One of the tendencies that I have noted in multiple apps are live tiles. For example Youtube TV has live tiles for live TV, as you move on the focus, it shows on the selected show tile a live feed in a small window. Similarly the Netflix Android TV app shows for Netflix movies the poster, and as a specific movie is the focus, it shows the trailer for the movie. So I imagine a poster view for movies, and as a movie is the focus, that trailer for that movie plays in the actual tile. For TV shows, the live tile could be the TV theme if available. For the on now on Live TV, the actual feed can play. I do realize that this is be player specific as opposed to the server.
  6. NO LONGER SUPPORTED Tested primarily with Google Chrome Available for Emby stable and beta releases Complete dark themes for Emby web client in 9 different accent colors RED, ORANGE, ORANGE PLEX, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, GRAY & PINK I find it more consistent to have a same color everywhere instead of the blue/green default. Even the logos and icons are changed to fit with the proper accent color. You also have the option to have a light version of the theme. Just read and follow instructions HERE for both, stable and beta releases. Note that I'm not using Live TV and this section might not be perfect and/or completed. I hope you like it! CREDITS : Special thanks @@Happy2Play Shaefurr's Disparity Icons
  7. Hi, I set my theme to 'Blue Radiace', however if I reboot my laptop it reverts to the 'Dark' theme. Any suggestions?
  8. radeon

    Radeon's Theme Media Plugins FAQ

    Hi All, I get a lot of repeat questions that I thought an FAQ might cover off so here goes: Q: What are the Media Theme Video and Music Plugins? A: These plugins download extra metadata to your Movie and TV shows which ultimate enriches the library experience whilst browsing your collection. They do not control any part of the media playback and simply download the theme media, putting it in the correct place within your media collections. What and where the media is played back is controlled by the client you are using and it's greatly advisable that you check with the client as to what functionality you will get before buying the plugins. Q: Where can I buy them? A: Either individually though the emby plugin catalog or as a bulk buy via my website https://www.ballingtons.com/products Q: OK, so I have them installed, what should I do next? A: Run the scheduled tasks! Depending on which plugins you have installed, you will have some download tasks under your scheduled tasks within the emby dashboard. Run them up and theme media will start to download. Q: I don't seem to have as many themes downloaded as I was hoping? A: The plugins have load balancing within them so it can take a few runs over a few days to get all available for your collection. Not all movies or shows in your collection will have themes but the library is always getting bigger. Q: What do I need to do if a new TV show or Movie is added to my collection? A: Nothing! The particular theme plugins for that type will automatically detect the new addition and scan for themes straight away. If one isn't available right then, as long as you have the scheduled task scheduled to run periodically, it will hopefully be picked up in the future. Q: I'm having a problem with one of the plugins, what should I do? A: Get in touch! I'd always suggest dropping a post on one of the support threads for the plugin you're having issue with. If i'm not available, someone else will likely be and can often help if the issue is something simple. Always try and post fresh debug logs (Enable debug logging, restart emby, run the plugin with the issue, wait for it to complete the scheduled task) or if you're worried about sensitive data, feel free to drop me a PM with you log and licence info. Q: The plugins have stopped working, now what? A: Report it to me via one of the support threads. From time to time, there are some breaking changes to emby or the host which require a rework of my plugins to get them up and running again, it's just a fact of life. I am a long standing member of emby and have been around for years with no intention of leaving yet. My personal work has taken me away from emby more than I would ideally like but I'm definitely not going anywhere soon. Emby is still central to my media setup and I personally use my own plugins so take it as a good thing that from a selfish perspective, I want these plugins to stay working as much as you do. If they're broken, I'll always do my best to fix them. Q: What emby clients work with the theme media metadata downloaded? A: The clients are always changing and being updated so it's tough to keep on top of which ones are doing what. Before buying the plugins, it's always advisable to make use of the trial or just manually place some theme media in the right locations to give it a test and make sure you're happy with what you're going to get. If you don't check this out and you're not happy with what you've got then not a lot can be done. Due to the nature of the plugins and the fact they're delivering meta data, no refunds can be given and you have already got the functionality they offer by downloading the theme media. Q: Can I change the location the media is downloaded to? A: No. The media needs to be stored in the correct places to be detected by the emby server, If I change the place, the theme media will no longer be found by emby server. Q: Where is the location the media is downloaded to? A: See the Emby support article here: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159179 I'm sure there are plenty more FAQ's but that's my start for now.
  9. StLDreiling

    video backdrops

    @@ebr posted in the @@radeon theme plugin thread: ​I was curious if and when this functionality would be coming to the Roku app.
  10. Hi all, Having an issue when playing live tv in Emby Theater 3.0.9 on Windows 10. I get the theme color overlaying on my live tv video. It doesn't do it with the emby theater web app and don't know about the windows store app since I don't use it. Noticed live video was very dark and changed the display theme to Blue Radiance and that was now overlayed on top of my live tv video. Does not happen with regular videos - just live tv Saw some discussion of overlays in other topics and wondered if this happened due to a change for those issues. Has anyone else seen this? Tried a reinstall of theater with no change. emby server emby theater 3.0.9 Thanks, Mike
  11. playloud

    Access to Extras?

    I am returning to Emby WMC after nearly 2 years using exclusively Roku TV. (The Roku app works very well, wife likes it, and even my 4-year old can quickly pick a show to watch.) I have setup my home theater in the basement, using a Windows 7 PC. I tried Emby Theater, and it works perfectly, but unfortunately it looks exactly like the Roku app with no customization of views and no themes (yet). So I am trying WMC again, because I love customizing the views in each category (Detail, Coverflow, Thumb, Poster, etc). Thanks to the forum I have solved a few early issues by: * Switching to the current Beta version * Smoothing out some network sharing issues and adding UNC Paths on the server * Installing LAV codecs My current major obstacle is viewing my extras from each movie. I have special features (documentaries, deleted scenes, etc) in a folder labeled "Extras" for each movie. They can be accessed in Roku and Emby Theater. I think when using Chocolate, there is a button to view the Extras. So, is access to these Extras solely dependent on the theme being used? I think this is why I originally moved away from the Diamond Theme. Do any of the Throg Themes have this option? View customization and access to my Extras would be a winning combo for me!
  12. The UI design on the android tv/fire tv platform is looking better and better! Thanks for giving it some attention! I especially like the ability to hide the card backgrounds on the homescreen, and the translucent gradients on the preplay screens with left justified text really lets the art shine through...it really provides a much more elegant look. Looking forward to video backdrops to really set off the overall experience. I'm THIS close to ditching kodi... Anyway, the look of the new update inspired me to create some mockups of what I'd personally love to see changed for both the "Playback/Details OSD" and "Paused OSD" screens. In my opinion, these design concepts would really tie everything together for a more unified look. They also provide a little more elegance, and even provide an option for a little extra eye candy. Nothing drastic, I'm using all the same elements found elsewhere throughout the interface - text, formatting, etc - just moving/resizing a few things a bit here and there. Here's how the options/paused OSD looks currently. See images depicting both TV and Movie media types. I've included shots of the details screen(s) as well just to show what I'm getting at in regard to consistency: https://imgur.com/a/0zxEyiK Here's my take on what I'd love to see instead: Remove the current translucent black "Playback OSD" panel in favor of an elegant gradient effect (also consistent with the preplay screens). I've changed the padding around the poster and increased the size a bit to really showcase the cool artwork treatment options that are available. Right now, the poster is butted up right to the bottom of the screen, with a sizeable gap between the poster and the edge of the screen on the left side. The current pause screen is kind of in line with this idea already- with the gradient behind the progress bar-but this takes it to the next level, providing some detail and eye candy options as well. These concepts also keep the padding between the screen edge and other onscreen elements consistent as well: https://imgur.com/a/rMiJca4 There's a few different variations here for Playback OSD/Paused OSD screens, as well as Paused OSD style variations for shown/hidden progress bar, media flags vs text, and an option to display either discart or clearart (depending on media type). Emby server already provides the options to download these types of artwork, but the client apps don't yet really provide a useful but non-intrusive way to put them on display. Put them on the pause screen! And possibly an option for it to fade away after xx seconds for those that seem to feel they need an unobstructed view of the scene while paused....ahem . You could even take it a step further and offer this styling on a per-theme basis. Windows media center, holiday, apple tv, and emby themes shown below: https://imgur.com/a/vzcyQpJ What you think @@Luke ? Any possibility of implementing a change like this? EDIT: Posted albums using link method for the time being...cannot get imgur albums embedded via media bbcode the way I intended...
  13. I just tried installing Emby, and it overwrote my copy of media browser. Turns out the backups I had proved inadequate for a complete recovery. I was able to find most things, but am still having trouble with a couple plugins I'm looking for the Pearl theme and Gametime plug in for 2.6.3. If anyone still has those kicking around, I would be extremely grateful to be able to replace them!
  14. Hi, I am long time Emby server user and I really enjoy using it, but have been using Kodi as a Client till today. Bought a Shield TV, so wanted to use the native App, especially since now Themes are supported. I really like the Windows Media Center theme, but I would like to have the option everywhere only to show the Theme backdrop and not the Item Backdrop. That is already possible while browsing, but not in the details screen. That option would really reduce that busy look compared to when backdrops are shown. Furthermore I would love the option to hide the initial side bar, when opening the App on the left side, as all the content is anyway displayed on the right side. That would make the Windows Media Center Theme look really close to the original look with the modern touch of Android. Appreciating any feedback from the developers. Thanks a lot for the great App And of course e for the great support here
  15. Hey all, Hope the holidays are treating you well I thought I might suggest something to encourage users to customize their Emby even further: Right now, we have the ability to add some custom css into the "Branding" field for our servers - this is great and has allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my Emby install to make things "just right", but so far it seems a little obtuse for users who aren't interested in or accustomed to editing CSS. Currently, if we want to include any custom images, we must either overwrite our system images or overwrite them in CSS. In some cases the images are added via Javascript so it's difficult to get the customizations to apply in the correct context. Additionally, I can only assume that the branding field is limited to CSS only, so any sort of additional JS embellishments one wishes to add aren't normally possible short of adding another script into the system folder. I think it would be excellent if we allowed users to package their customizations into themes. Instead of requiring users to place all of their customizations into a small textbox, you could allow them to create new "themes" which can be added to the current "themes" folder within the Emby install and be selectable from a dropdown box. Not only would this give would-be customizers more breathing room, but it would give everyone a more standardized method of applying customization. Also, it would solve the problem of having multiple customizations - right now I usually have a text file for my customizations which I have to copy/paste any time I want to switch them. Additionally, I have a few different issues I need to solve whenever I update: first, I need to manually remove any additions I might have made because Windows has permissions issues allowing the updater to automatically move them; then, I need to re-add any changes I made after the update since Emby isn't aware of my additions so it doesn't know to bring them over into my new install. Having a dropdown menu with our available themes would also give users a predictable/expected location to find any special themes the Emby team adds as well. Plus, I am never really a fan of editing system files to begin with; it's possible somewhere down the road it might clash with any changes that the developers make in the future, and in that case, it can be difficult to pinpoint what went wrong since customizations might not be consolidated into one easily toggled package. Who knows, time permitting it would be wonderful to have a user-driven Themes upload area, visually similar to Wordpress or other theme-ing systems - require screenshot images of the theme, and a .zip file containing any relevant .css, image, or .js files. Then users of all technical levels can download them and enjoy a custom Emby install!
  16. Hi there... I am enjoying the emby experience.... Thank you. But I am not getting the full experience. I have the Kodi plugin, But i find it at times more work then it needs to be. I really like to have a fresh view of Emby. I have touched base with Emby Theater. I think its actually a pretty decent replacement. Its simple to the point. IT also seem to work great with the server with less fuss and muss. But I am not able to find an App for the android. Anywhere I can find this app? Anyway i can set this up on android minix player? I have seen some talk new themes or skins anything out there yet? Thanks Monkeyslapper
  17. cally2111

    tvos app update

    hi,loving the app update,finally got theme music for tv and films, what would really set it apart was if you could include the movie and tv themes(the videos) playing in the menu background,any idea if this is possible?
  18. ckaczmarski

    Theme Installation

    Hello all, I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction or at least explain the theme installation process. I have looked on multiple sources, but I haven't found a clear or up to date process. Also, where is the best place to find current information on themes that users have created? Thank you for any help!
  19. Hi All, Upgraded theme Darkness and theme Marine to emby server version 3.0.5781.5 Just copy the css or text in the css box (server - settings - branding) and save and refresh. Have fun Let me know if I missed some css. theme-darkness-Version-3.0.5781.5.csstheme-darkness-version-3.0.5781.5.txt theme-marine-Version-3.0.5781.5.csstheme-marine-version-3.0.5781.5.txt
  20. Theme Darkness for EMBY webclient (version 08152015) enhancements: changed class fieldDescription and warningFieldDescription to a more accented text color, added theme enhancements for paper-menu, paper-dialog and paper-material, set a general accented color for active buttons and hover effects throughout the theme changed background-color and text color for class activeSession:not(.playingSession) .sessionNowPlayingInnerContent according to theme Darkness fixed issues: fixed issue in post 11 from Happy2PlayIf you use theme Darkness I advise you to update to this version. Have fun. emby.theme.darkness.08152015.txt emby.theme.darkness.08152015.css
  21. breezytm

    Themes TV & Movies

    Hello, This may sounds like a rare request but to each his own. I would like to keep the downloaded trailers, tv tunes, and themes files away from my movies and tv shows directory. Would it be possible to allow downloading these files to the same location as the thumbnails or custom location. I share my movies and tv shows folder with multiple different applications and don't want to add anything extra in the directories other than the movie/episode files and subs. MB may know what a "theme" file is but I doubt an application like plex or xbmc would know what to do with it. Thanks,
  22. Hello! I've had this problem for...maybe a few months. When I first started with MB/Emby, I purchased the themes Roc and Crystal as part of a discount sale that was going. A few months ago, I reformatted my computer and - long story short - no longer have access to these themes. I figured I would be able to go into themes and possibly purchase them again, but they no longer show up in plugins in either the classic MB configurator or the WMC plugin. Are these themes still around? obviously, as I bought them, I'd like very much to use them, but I can't seem to find them. In older posts, the links for the MB store go nowhere (404/gone domain name) and I noted that there never seemed to ever be a MB store at all. Does anyone know where I can find these themes?
  23. SliqRic

    Free themes?

    Hi guys! I'm trying to use the MB2 setup but when I go in to pick a theme nothing shows up as an option to download. Any one have a copy of the free themes that were avail with MB2, specifically Chocolate, so I can manually install it?
  24. I have followed the instructions on github and from the plugin catalog I click on the desired plugin and the screen indicated in github never appears. It just sits there and never loads selected theme. Please let me know how to resolve this issue.
  25. With the latest dev build, the theme I'm using (Xenon) is randomly uninstalled. Installed is the log I think where this occurred. MBClassic-211120148b326de0ed3f4b918ef74f0a65c4ffb1.log
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