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  1. After several days of frustration, I have managed to setup SSL far enough to get a connection but the browser does not like like the certificate - see attached. I tried to follow the various sets of instructions around the site, the only config I could get to work is as follows; Static IP address on my router setup sub domain on my domain DNS with a forward to the router address and port My question is emby instructions say the server will create it's own SSL cert but I cannot get this to work. If I leave the field for the path to cert blank then I am unable to save - this is why I we
  2. I finally decided it was time to look into getting a secure connection with SSL certificate set up on my server, so I went through the steps of grabbing a domain name and a SSL certificate. The name was easy and the certificate was alright, just a little slower to get because of my own stupidity. After various attempts doing incorrect things between Emby settings and port forwarding, I got the .pfx file linked in Emby, the domain name listed, and all the ports set up correctly. I went to test it by doing a complete new install of the Emby app on my android phone - entered my new HTTPS ad
  3. From LDAP test-thread: For greater compatibility, can STARTTLS be implemented? It would save a lot of time mucking about with certificates when using MS AD. This is running perfectly with a Wordpress plugin I'm using. Only had to enter the DC IP, Base DN and credentials and up and running within a minute.
  4. garrettjones331

    Reverse Proxy - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

    Hello, I used Swynol's guide on setting up a reverse proxy in attempt to set up my own (Reference Post #5 - https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47508-how-to-nginx-reverse-proxy/). In terms of NGINX config set up, I essentially copy and pasted his last post replacing his domains and sub-domains with my own. For the Emby server set up I have the public https port to 443, the external domain set, and the secure connection mode set to "Reverse Proxy". I have manually checked the server config xml and verified that "requirehttps" is false. I also have my 80 and 443 ports forwarded
  5. Hello, I have not been able to send email notifications using TLS/SSL using the email notification plug-in. I am able to send using non-secure settings. I have attached the log of the tests I have done. I am in the process of migrating my server to FreeNAS 11. I was not able to send using secure setting on my previous Freenas 9 set-up. Any help would be appreciated. Set-up Emby: (FreeNAS plugin build) OS: FreeNAS-11.2-RC1 Plug-in Version: embytlsemailerrorlog.txt
  6. I have been trying to follow the instructions from this Wiki https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Secure-Your-Server to secure my Emby server running on a Windows 10 box. Has anyone tried these instructions lately using the free domain services offered by Freenom? I'm hoping so. It was relatively easy to set up a free domain with Freenom. I then went to SSL for Free and got two text files to upload to my newly acquired Freenom domain which were to be manually verified. I was able to upload them as directed in the Wiki, but then hit a snag with the SSL for Free instructions which requ
  7. So in the Plex Client in the settings page you can set a setting to "Prefer insecure connection" : "Always" . This means you will now connect over non-ssl. Firstly does the Emby Client on LG TV attempt to connect over SSL . And if it does, how can I tell the Client to not use SSL and to use an insecure connection ? Thanks
  8. jonomite

    Yet another SSL thread

    Sorry for posting yet another SSL threadTM, but I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. . I have a subdomain that I've registered through IONOS (formerly 1&1). I have an SSL certificate that IONOS is managing for me at my top-level domain. How do I get my subdomain to direct to my server? Do I just redirect to my server's remote IP address? Also, in reviewing the various other guides I've found on this, it looks like I may need to download my SSL certificate and keys an import those into emby? It doesn't appear I have the option to do that from my IONOS dashboard as I've configured it so
  9. I have had Emby for quite a time now and recently bought Emby Premiere so I could use it on more platforms. I have my Emby server running locally on Debian and can connect remotely through my domain (assume my.domain.com). Emby works fine (with SSL) on following the devices I tested: Android app iOS app Windows Store app Xbox One app Most PCs web interface However, I could not get it working with SSL on my LG TV with WebOS 3.5 (LG OLED55B6V if it matters). It did work on a non-secure connection, but when I try to add the server as SSL connection, it simply denies connection like it doesn
  10. Hi i would like to know if its possible to reuse my certificate LetsEncrypt from my NAS TS-251 to connect through https ? i tried to put the path of the cert certificate but its not working. here is what i have Custom SSL certificate path: /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/QcloudSSLCertificate/cert/cert error after restarting EmbyServer 2019-01-05 12:05:44.470 Info AuthenticationRepository: PRAGMA synchronous=1 2019-01-05 12:05:44.526 Error App: No private key included in SSL cert /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config/QcloudSSLCertificate/cert/cert. 2019-01-05 12:05:44.737 Info ActivityRepository: Default j
  11. Hi I'm trying to use https for remote connections using Synology reverse proxy and letsencrypt certificate installed using DMS control panel. Here what I did so far: 1. Setup DDNS using synology.me service 2. Create a letsencrypt certificate for this domain using DMS control panel 3. Create a reverse proxy setting on port 8921 to redirect to localhost:8096 4. Setup the https://*:8921 service to use the "mydomain".synology.me certificate 5. Setup port forwarding on my router to forward port 8921 to my nas port 8921 6. Setup emby advance settings, I set the external domain, https p
  12. The error message is: System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object. Object name: 'SslStream'. Maybe this is related to these other reports but the error message I get is different (see attached file): https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/59531-external-ssl-connections-crashing https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61243-server-crashing-within-minutes Thanks embyserver-63670224519.txt
  13. I just made the switch to using SSL for Emby and wanted to help anyone who is looking for an SSL certificate. I didn't want to spend a lot, as you know some are like $100 a year. I found this place https://www.ssls.com/ssl-certificates/comodo-positivessl They are cheap, $5 a year, but it is a slight pain in the butt for using with Emby. If you go with them you will need to convert the certificate to a compatible version. Plus if you are only running a sub-domain or domain without a web host or e-mail provider like me it is a bigger pain in the butt. For the price you cannot go wrong but be
  14. Hello, I have a old ssl cert that has expired so I have loaded the new cert onto the server but it is still hosting the old cert. I have tried restarting the emby server application multiple times, restarting the server, recreating the .pfx and reloading it and it is still using the old cert. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? Thank you for your time,
  15. NYRANGERS423

    SSL Version Interference

    I am still having issues with the chrome browser. I get a message saying SSL Version Interference. I Attached is the mono version I have installed (5.2.0) I believe to understand that I have this issue because Chrome requires a higher TLS version.
  16. LIMABravo253

    Setting UP External Connection

    Hey, I have read most of the posts on the forum and i am still really struggling with setting up external connection and SSL. Now I have bought a domain through namecheap.com and have been following the guide Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP) by Swynol Now i have followed every step but I cant seem to get it to work. now I am not that technically gifted but know my way around a computer. Please could some help even further or dumb the process a bit even though its dumbed down already. I struggle with ssl free as it never finds my txt line to verify my domain. So any help would be grea
  17. Kimballslice1890

    Lets Encrypt Help

    So I recently bought a domain and anticipated using Lets Encrypt. I had an extremely difficult time following their tutorials on how to acquire and validate a certificate but I found a YouTube video in which I created a certificate via a LAMP server on Ubuntu. The cert works fine and is verified on the LAMP server but when tried to compile the pem files in the pfx and set it up in advanced settings in my emby server, I cannot connect to my server when the settings are applied. When I remove the cert and the domain in advanced, it works again perfectly with the self signed certificate. Look
  18. fc7

    Hardening Emby login

    After using Emby for a while I'm so happy with it that I decided to publish it to the Internet so I can listen to my music when I'm away, without needing to VPN home. I'm publishing Emby behind a Squid reverse proxy, using SSL termination. Meaning: Internet Client -----HTTPS SSL connection-----> | Squid reverse-proxy -----PLAIN HTTP-----> Emby | INTERNET | LAN Now I have a c
  19. Hello, I wanted I have my emby server running on a server that is accessed by a reverse proxy. This allows me to have multiple domains (other services) under the same IP address. This works great, and I have it running for some time now. Now I would like to enhance the security by adding a required Client Certificate Authentication, so that only authorised personal have access to the server. I configured it on the reverse proxy, and now when I access the server by the Webbrowser (desktop and android) it works, only people that have the certificate installed can communicate with the server.
  20. Hello Guys, facts: installed emby on a debian vps. allow 8096 and 8920 in ufw buy a Domain at namecheap. create A Record for the VPS IP. create a letsencrypt cert (https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/42315-creating-a-letsencrypt-ssl-certificate-for-emby/ Emby config: add certfolder to /opt/emby-server/ssl/ssl.pfx Emby config: add external Domain "https://xxx.xxx" Problem: I got emby over "http://xxx.xxx:8096"but on "https://xxx.xxx:8920" I got "ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED" can you help me with this issue? thanks
  21. Hi, Since the latest update I have an issue where when I browse to emby through my URL via https I get a popup asking to verify myself. If I press OK the site doesn't load but if I press cancel the site loads as normal. This happens once per browser session i.e if I close the browser and navigate back to emby it will pop up again. The certificate is fine and been generated correctly using openssl creating a .csr and getting signed with godaddy then creating a .pfx file from the generated godaddy certificates. I have not had any problems with the SSL certificate until the latest
  22. Hello, I have been trying to set-up Emby and allow remote access with docker containers. No matter what I do I cannot connect from any app including the web app. If I put in the URL it will connect just fine as long as force SSL is not enabled, if force SSL is enabled then I get an error that there has been too many redirects. I have looked at the posts about setting up remote access and setting up reverse proxy and nothing is working, I am not sure where to begin any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  23. Spotta

    Service won't start

    Hi I was experimenting with using a SSL Cert with Emby this morning, I changed the public https port in server manager and now my Emby will not start, attached are the Emby logs from when this happened, in my Event viewer I can see the following The description for Event ID 7024 from source Service Control Manager cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to
  24. There have been a few posts around the Forum recently regarding SSL, HTTPS and Security. I'm by no means an expert on reverse proxies but have had alot of dealings with them over the past few months and with the help of @@pir8radio and @@shorty1483 have a fairly well setup and secure system to access my services from outside of my LAN. This guide is to help people access their Emby Server and any other services behind a reverse proxy. This is based on NGINX but it also works for Apache and IIS. So firstly, what is and why do i need a reverse proxy? If you’re like me and have many serv
  25. I purchased my own domain certificate and then I had a crazy time trying to figure out why my pfx file wouldn't work. After much reading around it seemed that in order to make it work I had to use a pfx file (cert+private key) with no password in place. For me this wasn't an option, as I'm crazy paranoid that by creating this it would then be possible for someone to get their hands on it and then somehow and then be able to compromise my sites (wildcard cert). So instead, I made Emby work with a secure pfx file. Here is my howto.... Requirements: Active Directory enabled domain A Windows
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