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  1. dchaosblade

    Remote play to Emby Theater

    In the Android app, if I click the chromecast button I am given a selection of available devices - my Chromecast device(s), any currently open web-clients on computers in my internal network, and my Emby Theater client set up on my HTPC. Typically, if I select any of these devices, I can then select a show/movie and start playback from within the app and control the video within the app as well. However, if I select my Emby Theater client, nothing I do seems to affect that client. Selecting a video and clicking play brings me to the screen in the app as if I had begun playback, but the video never begins playing in the Theater client, and the seek bar never progresses. With the web client, simply navigating around the Android app brings up associated views (series detail, episode detail, etc) within the web client. None of this occurs with the Theater client though. Is this an issue with the Android app or the Theater client? Is there anything I can do on my end to fix the issue? I prefer to use the Theater client over a web client off my HTPC so that I can do direct streaming (including styled soft subtitles, which aren't properly rendered in the web client).
  2. Hi Guys, Top work on the App, looks nice, and drives well. I am a XBMC/Kodi guy, been using it for years; so most of the Remote Control functions are 2nd nature to me especially the D-Pad function. My request is, D-Pad usage on Video Playback: When Playing a Video, can the D-Pad be used for skipping forward, Back etc. UP - Skip forward to Next Chapter Down - Skip Back to Previous Chapter Right - Skip Forward 10 seconds Left - Skip Back 10 seconds. Also related to remote control, is this App supposed to be shown on the Emby Web App as a device? I sometimes throw a video straight to a device saves a few button clicks.
  3. Dedeux

    A lot of bugs

    I don't know what's going wrong with emby, but since you changed the name for something who sound like Kodi, it doesn't give what it gave before. Firstly, the connection made through the emby website , sometimes it work and sometimes it don't. For example, i add friends, by the invite options of the software manager of Emby , i decided to change the name of my server before (it was something like the name of my pc and i changed it for a more reliable name) when some users try to connect now, they see the new name of my server but when they clicked on it and there's always a message showing that the server is not available or something like that. When i have to update manually some infos about a movie, the link is made through imdb, the picture related to the movie is available (like it was before with Media Browser) but when it come to save it as the one who will be used, the update doesn't make anything except keeping all the old pictures related to the movie (pictures who are everything except the cover of the movie). There is a lot of missing infos when i add movies in my directories, this is acceptable, but when it come to make an update manually who doesn't work .... So i uninstalled emby completely to make a fresh new installation from the start. The installation went fine, i have to install the plugins that i had before (this is something normal), this told me that the uninstall process went good. But when i install a particular addon (who seems to be related to some home automation processes) it crashed. It crashed to a point that i was unable to restart the server. i uninstalled all the plugins, this is the last of the three options in the uninstall process. this action didn't remove only the plugins, but everything related to Emby. So i get to the control panel again, and seeing that Emby was still appearing through the software i have on my PC (windows 7 professional edition 64 bits) I tried to uninstall Emby, and it gave me an error message that something went wrong in the uninstall process. I know that Emby is free. But i would pay for it if it would be more stable. I keep Plex for that, who doesn't have all the bugs that i mentioned before in this message. So what's going on ? I don't want to be rude, but there is something to be done with this version of Media Browser known now as Emby. Thanks, André (sorry for my english writing i speak and write in french)
  4. Hi, Have tried to find a description on how to control when SSL can be forced. Is it possible to force SSL for all remote connections, but allow normal http for all connection from the local network? Under Dashboard->Advanced->Hosting it has a "Force https as external address", and I guess it's this checkbox I wonder if works as described above? Not much need for SSL locally, but would be great to be able to force it for everything coming and going to the outside network. -Florux
  5. LiquidFX

    Android Remote client

    I love the Android client but i would like to see just a remote client for my tablet, right now if I exit out of the app I cant get back into the remote app to pause the movie or anything. Just an idea
  6. Hi all. When I was using XBMC I started to look into setting up a remote control before I stumbled upon Media Browser and got side tracked (In a good way). I’m currently using MB through the web interface and would like to know is there a way to set it up with a MCE remote control / keyboard combination mapped to a button / third party application? It would just polish the experiance for none technical family members if I could set one up. Regards, Lee
  7. techchad

    Remote Play from Web Client

    I'm having a problem getting the Remote Play to work with XBMB3C. I've checked all SMB shares, I am using the UNC path substitution instead of E:\path. Remote Play does work for my Media Portal Client. Here's a snippet of the XBMC.log when i hit play: 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: Thread LanguageInvoker start, auto delete: false 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<-- 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: ===== XBMB3C START ===== 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: XBMB3C -> running Python: sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=5, releaselevel='final', serial=0) 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: XBMB3C -> running XBMB3C: 0.9.530 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: 13.2 Git:20140817-0f3db05 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: XBMB3C -> Platform: Windows 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: XBMB3C -> LogLevel: 0 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: XBMB3C 0 -> Version : 13.2 - {u'major': 13, u'tag': u'stable', u'minor': 2, u'revision': u'20140817-0f3db05'} 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: PLAY ACTION URL PARTS : ['', '487b0bfd48694b1f2a6cc083b183a056', '-1'] 11:05:48 T:3444 NOTICE: PLAY ACTION URL AUTO RESUME : -1 11:05:48 T:3444 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <type 'exceptions.NameError'> Error Contents: global name '__language__' is not defined Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\htpc\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\default.py", line 2630, in <module> PLAY(param_url, pluginhandle) File "C:\Users\htpc\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\default.py", line 826, in PLAY userid = downloadUtils.getUserId() File "C:\Users\htpc\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.video.xbmb3c\resources\lib\DownloadUtils.py", line 78, in getUserId return_value = xbmcgui.Dialog().ok(__language__(30045),__language__(30045)) NameError: global name '__language__' is not defined -->End of Python script error report<--
  8. Just wanted to put this out there for you guys, have any of you used the app touchsquid? It's a universal remote app for your android device. Along the same lines as irule. it has a couple of benefits over irule to me and those are: 1. Price (little cheaper) 2. It can use the built in IR blaster of your device along with IP and rs232 control and exteral IR blasters if needed. (irule can't use built in IR) 3. Ease of setup (it can all be done via the device no comptuer needed) granted this gives less customization but if you've ever messed with irule it can be a heck of a setup. 4. The support, the admin has been very responsive responding to my inquiries very quick and even fixed a bug right after i made him aware of it! Now if you're not familiar with how these remotes work think harmony activities, you hit watch tv and it turns your tv on, your receiver on, etc and puts them all on the right inputs etc all with just 1 button push. it remembers the state of your devices when you switch activities and at the end power off. Some other cool features are you can program macros, launch urls, launch other apps ( for example I have a button to launch the MB android app) I have buttons to launch mbc and mbt etc. Basically my harmony 900 is going up for sale and is being replaced by a galaxy tab 3 7.0 and this cool drink holder mount I found on ebay that puts the remote right where i want it on my theater chair. Check it out over at touchsquid.tv I'm pretty impressed and thought I'd share.
  9. I'm fading away from using mControl to Vera for Home Automation. I'm already using Vera for Text to Speech Announcements, but still use mControl for Windows Media Center automation (play channel x, queue wake or sleep music, Message Box overlays). I've just uploaded this Alpha version of WMC control via Vera: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,22854 I'd be happy to port this plugin to Media Browser if MB supports telnet (i.e socket) or http access media control which I believe it does. Ideally, it would be anonymous authentication to KISS. Could someone point me to the code in GitHub that would accept these calls? I would also like to see a Message Box added added to MB via this interface as well for selfish reasons.
  10. kingy444

    Restricting Remote Access

    Curious if i'm missing something or this should maybe be moved to the feature requests area. Basically I only want to allow certain users to access content from outside the LAN. I want all to be able to access content when at home but only allow remote access for some. Is this already available or can we move this to feature requests ?
  11. goetze

    remote access

    I'm using a TL-WDR3500 router and cannot seem to access my files remotly. I have tried every config option I can think of with the router sofware and I have disabled my software firewall with no luck. Hoping someone here knows a solution.
  12. bertbert72

    Remote Control Not Working

    Run into a problem with the latest build. When I start playing a video to any of my DLNA receivers (Samsung TV, WD TV Live, Popcorn Hour) it starts fine but when I go to remote control it says "Nothing is currently playing". Interesting part, which may or may not be related, is that I run 2 servers. One is where I prep stuff and make sure it looks ok before letting loose on the main server and is running beta build. The main server is set only to run official builds, so hasn't updated yet. It can actually see what is playing from the prep server and allows me to control the device as normal. I've attached the log from the prep server. The play attempt was at 08:05:31.4542. server-63532541074_.log Any ideas what is the problem?
  13. lufykun

    Unifed remote V3

    hello i do same thing like brendon do on v2 need read this post to understand mine the problem i don't write and speak very well english too explain it in english little difficult sorry for that i do my best ! if somone speak english/french can help me to explain/ translate it's very nice i do same thing with v3 it's in beta at now but work like charm Feature screen 001 work !! Feature wake on lan work fine !!! (need open tcp and udp 9512 firewall) you can turn on\off tv for tv you need a cec compatible some mother have integrate it or you can do like me http://www.pulse-eight.com/store/products/104-usb-hdmi-cec-adapter.aspx i use a .bat for on/off tv (need instal pulse eight software) launch mbt (grey) need explain it because i use 102 cm tv i have 3m to my tv when i work on my dekstop i ' m in 720p (1280*720) when i launch mbt i'm 1080p (1920*1080) when launch mbt it change in 1080p automatic and when close back in 720p auto or your resolution (1024*768....) for that i use display changer screen 001 film ==> movie tv==> tv jeux==> games apps==>apps lib==>collections 2 arrows(blue,red) ==> subtitle orange ==> back setting ==> black tyre under icon films fulscreen==> 2 screen (blue and grey ) screen 02 esay Mbt navigate all work ==> you can move in your collection by one touch each category too i'm working on icon shortcut work fine ==> universal move (need help too explain it see on top sujet ) screen 03 Before i post all my work need organize my folders write in english my layout.xml add helper in for who want modify it icon in english/french and need more test on display i explain it i test with galaxy s2 (screen form it) , tablet 9" very nice display htc and wikio phone tablet 7" need to reduce my icon i work on it i try post next week or week end
  14. Background I'm considering a new Intel NUC to install MBS and MBC (and eventually MBT) all on windows 8.1. The new NUCs come with a built in IR receiver which apparently works with a Microsoft Media Center remote. My current HTPC is running Win 7 with Media Center and MB2 and I have an original microsoft IR receiver. I use a Harmony One remote. I'd like to keep both PCs in the same room, using the old Media Center just for live TV recording and using the new NUC for everything else. Question Is it possible to control two separate HTPCs with the same remote? I think I'd need to tell one of the PCs to use a different set of IR codes or something. So, is it possible to uniquely address each PC with the same remote?
  15. Hi, I have my kids set up with limited accounts so they cannot see most of the movies I have, Also, they are set up to not be able to remotely control anything. The parental account has a password, and his does not. However, when my son has the app running on the iPad (it works, even though it's the iPhone app), he can see what the parents are watching and also remotely edit that. The dashboard session showed him logged in as "parents" but the app clearly showed he was logged in as himself. When I logged him out and in, the dashboard updated to show his name, but he could still see what we were watching. Any ideas why this would happen? I take it that this is not intentional behaviour?
  16. kuebs

    Remote Password Issue

    I am having an issue with remote access vs accessing MB3 via WMC. I want to have a higher level of security when I log in remotely. I would like it to ask me at least for a password. I would prefer it didn't suggest an account name. But, I don't want to have to enter a PIN/Password when I go into MB3 from inside WMC. That becomes arduous when going back and forth from TV, Recorded TV and MB3. I have the profile set in MBC configurator to automatically log in. I have a password/PIN on the account. Each time I start MB3 from inside WMC it asks me for the PIN. What I want is to have it work without a login when I am home and watching MB3 through WMC, but for it to ask for a PW when I am remote. Is that possible? Kuebs
  17. Just wanted to share this awesome app I just came across, Unified Remote. http://www.unifiedremote.com/ It easily gives you remote control access (over wifi or BT) to many media and windows programs, and mouse control, with NO LAG! I was about to buy an IR receiver and WMC remote to make my MB experience better, but this is better than that ever could be! Check it out! Unified Remote -site / server download Google Play Store For Android 1.5 or later -app Windows Phone Store For Windows Phone 7.5 & 8 -app
  18. I've just been trying out the "Remote" function on the server web UI to control playback on MBC. The first time I use it, there are "Play", "Queue" and "View" buttons - but if I use the play button and then browse to another video and press the "Remote" button again, the three buttons are no longer visible. Same problem on chrome and IE. Even if I close and restart the client (MBC) the buttons are still missing. Refreshing the browser (F5) brings the buttons back next time I click "remote".
  19. I am using Media Browser Theatre in the living room right now. I thought I would try the Windows 8.1 App version this weekend. Congratulations on the great work on the Windows 8.1 App. It is the way forward and the design is one of the best I have seen amongst the many platforms you are supporting. Unfortunately navigating with the windows remote control sometimes does nothing and no panels appear to have the focus. I have to reach for the mouse and can sometimes switch back to the remote but not for long. Are other users having issues? My remote is the standard MS one for MC. A related issue for me is that I am on a trial which will expire fairly quickly so I will have no idea when the issue is resolved as I wont be eligible for another trial. Unfortunately I can't use it as it is at the moment.
  20. MSL_DK

    Navigation like Apple TV

    I wonder if there are plans for navigation similar to Apple TV "fast scroll"? Now I am on this subject. Which remote would you recommend? Thanks
  21. Luke - will there be any changes coming that reduce the number of button presses that are required to simply play the next episode of a show? To play the next episode of any specific TV show (after highlighting the specific series) is... Three button presses with MBC (and chocolate): Enter into series Enter into next episode (due to next unplayed season/episode being automatically selected) Press play At least seven and possibly many more button presses with MBT: Enter into series Cursor right onto "Seasons" Cursor down to "Season 1" Cursor right (possibly more than once) to current season Cursor down (probably more than once) to next episode Enter into next episode Press play Or is there already a quicker way to access the next episode of a specific series?
  22. psmc


    Hey guys Not sure if this is planned but to remove the mce remote and replace with the phone/tablet apps & having options like: -launch MBC or media center from the phone (a green button) -move up,down left & right & select in the media center tv guide (for those with tuners) Any plans like them ?
  23. Running server v3.0.5099.2102 & MBC v3.0.103.0 B12-19.1 When I send something to the MBC on my XBOX it plays fine. But the XBOX will start to go into power save mode and have to keep awake with the controller. Anyone else having this issue?
  24. Hi, So, with my desktop PC hooked up to my surround speakers but me typically reclining a few meters away, it's simply easier for me to use a functional remote/playback system such as Media Browser 3 rather than iTunes and an old iPod touch as a remote. I've not used the queueing feature much as I'm still adjusting to how much slicker MB3 is compared to MBC, but here's what happens when I use it: On one computer, browsing, say, music, pick a tune, start playing it, find another tune, click play then queue. Works fine. However, on one computer, find a tune, click Remote, click play. Find another tune, click Remote then queue, but it automatically starts playing that instead, overwriting the queue and canceling playback of my original item. (as usual, searched forum for basic phrases before posting, apologies if this has already been addressed)
  25. Hi, Recently managed to get MB3 server semi-configured after using MB classic for longer than I can remember - I'm amazed by how fast the web interface is compared to how MB classic got bogged down by WMC. Video quality is obviously inferior for me as it's streaming rather than local access, but anyway... I managed to configure MB3 as far as accessing it via a web interface locally on my MacBook with Chrome, and am loving the remote feature so I can use the MBA as a massive smart remote control and have my media playback on my PC, but I can't find a remote fullscreen option? I see play/pause and other playback options, queuing, playlist etc., but can't find a remote fullscreen option? (bit awkward since I'm about 3.5 meters from the PC so have to get up and re-fullscreen videos)
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