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Found 25 results

  1. Bernie V

    Cannot play transcoded media

    Hi guys, I'm still using the old windows Emy app on my phone (Windows phone 8.1). I can't play music files witch has to be transcoded to play on my phone. As far as I can see, the transcoding went fine but the phone doesn't start with playing the media and on my phone screen I see the || (pause) of the track without starting. I have test it with flac files and m4a files. Normally it has to be transcoded to mp3 to play on my phone. See attachements for the logs. Thanks in advance for helping me. ffmpeg-transcode-0b8093ce-6d60-4279-afb0-5930fa08be16.txt server-63618947885.txt
  2. Ran a sync job on a play list, 300 plus songs. Nice to see that feature btw. There was one song that wasn't syncing for whatever reason. I believe this is the cause of the issue. Well the battery started draining very rapidly. About 1% per minute. Closing the app did not stop the drain. I shut down the phone went to the server and killed the sync for that song. Using a lumia 950 with beta server software on a win10 machine. If you need anything else from me just ask. Log attached. Thanks server-63607620194.txt
  3. deadonthefloor

    Bug in Windows Phone version

    I ran into a problem trying to log into the Emby app on my new Lumia 950/XLs that I picked up in the recent bogo deal. When I opened the app and entered Server details manually, the app got hung up on "Getting Server details...". The emby server log showed the server was delivering "/mediabrowser/Users/Public?format=json" to the phone and that was the last request. On the phone I went to "About" -> "Logs" -> "Send Logs". In the Phone app log there was an entry that said it was unable to convert "Smart" into "MediaBrowser.Model.Configuration.SubtitlePlaybackMode". When I went through the users list returned by the server, I found Smart, and the user it was connected associated with. After I changed the affected users, the app started working. While I did send this information to the developer, I wanted to update the community in case you encounter a similar experience while the developer updates the app.
  4. The video in question played just fine at first. I stopped playback. When I went back to resume I kept getting the error "There was an error playing the video". I assumed this was because I tried to resume the video so I playing from beginning whit same result. Windows Mobile: 10.0.10586.164 Microsoft Edge: 25.10586.164.0 Microsoft EdgeHTML: 13.10586 Emby: 3.0.5912.0 server-63595532301 - transcode-6e275dae-1de1-4ca4-97b4-4e6df1a4aa7a
  5. Bernie V

    No submenus anymore

    Since the latest stable Emby server I have only Music -> recent in the Windows Phone app. Artists, genres, songs, albums are gone in the menu. This is also in the movie section. Is this a know issue?
  6. 1) Is it possible to play an instant mix true the remote control on a dlna device? The instant mix works only to play music on the Phone. 2) Shuffle play of a genre with many music causes an out of memory and server crash on low spec devices like a Raspberry Pi. Maybe a default setting with a specific amount of songs tot shuffle can solve this?
  7. Hi, I just purchased the Windows Phone emby app (great work by the way) and noticed a thing that is just a little annoying... The back, home and search "on screen" buttons can't be swiped off the screen... which makes watching videos really uncomfortable. Here's a screenshot of the problem. I know that not every app offers this possibility -which might be quite new considering the recent disappearance of the hardware buttons- but it's a really nice feature when it comes to video playback Details : Lumia 950 W10 version 10.0.10586.63 Emby App version Emby Server version 3.0.5724.6 Hoping to see this coming in a future update... Thanks !
  8. ScottIsAFool

    Emby for Windows Phone Updated to

    Update: This release got bumped to due to a small bug with the IAP. If you have the original release, you'll get the update shortly. Update 2: We have also made the IAP free for the following week We are pleased to announce that the Windows Phone app has received a nice little update which contains a few new features and fixes. So what's new? Emby Branding We know, took us long enough, right?! Everything in the app has been renamed, rebranded, relogo'd to use our new name and new logo. If you spot anything we missed, well, I just don't like you (but let us know and we'll get it fixed). It's Free (sort of) Previously, the app had to be purchased, but it did come with a trial mode. We felt that even though it had a trial mode, the fact the app shows as having a cost may have been putting off some users. So what this update brings is a removal of the cost for the app, whilst offering an In App Purchase in order to unlock all the features. Essentially, the app is staying the same in terms of functionality and what you are paying for, but we're [hopefully] removing the barrier for entry for new users. I hear your next question regarding this: what if you already paid for the app? Well, there are two different In App Purchases you can make, one costs the same as the old app, the other is free. If you had already paid for the app, when you update, you will be offered the free version of the purchase, if you hadn't, you will be offered the normal priced purchase. Funnily enough, I know your next question: What about when you reinstall the app after making an in app purchase? The app checks both the free and the normal priced license, if either of those has been purchased, you're all set. Native Sign Up This is more for new users who wanted to create an Emby Connect account, you can do so within the app now, no more pushing you out to a web page to do it. Resuming/Playing On Previously, resuming or playing on another device could only be triggered from an episode or a movie. We've now switched this on for nearly everything within the app, from movies/videos to playlists. Random Play on Playlists Pretty self explanatory, but you can now start a playlist and have it play in a random order. Simples. Support for HTTPS We know some of you take your security seriously (so do we!), so we know some of you wish to use secure connections to your server, well, the app now supports these connections. You just need to check the option when connecting to the server. Show Items You've Already Started Watching You're in the middle of watching something, you want to carry on watching, but you have to go through the app to find that item, we get it, it sucked. Well now it's in the main page, just swipe across. Bug Fixes We hate bugs, we've been trying to squish as many as we can. For a full list of those, please see here. Didn't You Say Something About Sync?? Yes, unfortunately that got held back as several large complications arose, but progress has been good and it's getting close. The update may take a few hours to go through all the servers, so please give it chance. If you're new you can download the app from the Windows Phone Store http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=f4971ed9-f651-4bf6-84bb-94fd98613b86 SL
  9. icthusman1 won't connect to HTTPS

    The new client will not connect to my server via HTTPS. I am able to use a web browser (on an external network) and connect via HTTPS. The only way I was able to get the WP client to connect was to turn off the server setting "Report HTTPS as external address" so that it went back to using the HTTP port. The connection info that the WP client showed me was correct, it was the right hostname and port. Please help Scott!
  10. This might be a dumb question but I don't seem to be able to find how to play an entire season of a TV series when using the Windows 8.1 store app on my surface pro 3 or on my windows phone, is there way to do this? Same goes for playing random episodes of a season. I can easily do this in MB Classic by simply hitting play on a season folder, then selecting either play all or play random. I have ensured all my mediabrowser installs are updated to the latest release. Any help would be great.
  11. psmc

    choose a client error

    Having problems playing all files via "choose a client" to SAMSUNG LED & WDTV dnla (see pic). If i use the phone to play to samsung tv (see pic) If i use the phone to play on wdtv i get the error "this is sharing content from windows" on the tv screen But Playing to WMClassic works fine & switches to remote view after selection. PS... Samsung tv & media browser tv app work fine & plays the same files no issues Playing the files direct on the phone also works fine. If i use the PC to 'right click & play to' wdtv the files play ok too. This seems confined to the green logo dnla items only.
  12. swhitmore

    Microsoft Band

    Just wondering if anyone is getting one of these. I'm planning on importing one from the US when they get back in stock. From what I've read, they seem very impressive for a first gen device. I'm hoping they open the API to 3rd party devs. A Media Browser remote app would be awesome. Play/Pause/Skip and maybe even some voice control! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEvjulEJH9w
  13. A quick video on Media Browser running on the windows phone app. Pardon my terrible camera quality. [Youtube]
  14. Tis the season of change, Android to Windows phone, and APVs to mechanicals. So in love with this thing already.
  15. I tried to play one of my Blu-rays on my phone and I keep getting a fail message. It was playing my movies just fine. I know its still experimental and I'm not sure if it happened when the Windows app updated or when the Server updated, but it was working flawlessly before the updates. Thanks.
  16. It's been a while, but we're pleased to announce the Windows Phone 8 app has been given a massive update. What's new? - Video seeking when streaming video to the app - "Play on" button moved to app bar - Now Playing bar in the app for easier access (when listening to music only) - Added the "Upcoming" section for TV Collections - Added artist background image to now playing screen (music) - Added support for Live TV (requires additional server configuration) - Local trailer support - Localisation - Transparent tile option for WP8.1 users. Let's look a bit closer at some of these updates. Live TV This may require additional configuration on your server, and is based on the Live TV feature added to the server. This feature will allow you to stream live TV straight to your device, as well as schedule any recordings and series that you want recorded. Let's take a look at some screenshots Video Seeking You asked for it, and asked for it, and we heard you. This release brings in video seeking when streaming videos to your device. Localisation The app is now localised into the following languages: German, Dutch, French, Spanish (Mexico), Russian, Portugese (Brazil), Swedish and Italian. And we have more on the way in future updates (including Kazakh). Here's the main screen in Russian, in case you wondered: Now Playing Bar When listening to music you can be navigating the app and want to have a quick way to get to the Now Playing page, so we've added a Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen when you're in the Media Browser app: Transparent tile option for WP8.1 users. If you've gone ahead and installed the Windows Phone 8.1 preview, you probably know about the background image for your start screen. In order to benefit this, the tiles need to have a transparent background, so we've added an option in for this. Just go to settings from the main page's app bar, then swipe across to the tile section and choose the transparent tile option. Back out of that page (and you may need to give it a moment to recreate the tile before you exit out of the app). This will be applied to all live tiles, so the main tile, the remote control tile and the new Live TV tile. And here it is in action What feature are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments. Download the app now from the Windows Phone store http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=f4971ed9-f651-4bf6-84bb-94fd98613b86
  17. I downloaded this app the other day and I love the app and all of its functionality, however the big play icon covering up my cover art is not very attractive. Please if any one agrees with me post to this forum to have it removed. Other then that great work on this app!
  18. SilentAssassin

    windows phone release

    Would really like to know this myself. Looking forward to it.
  19. Just wanted to share this awesome app I just came across, Unified Remote. http://www.unifiedremote.com/ It easily gives you remote control access (over wifi or BT) to many media and windows programs, and mouse control, with NO LAG! I was about to buy an IR receiver and WMC remote to make my MB experience better, but this is better than that ever could be! Check it out! Unified Remote -site / server download Google Play Store For Android 1.5 or later -app Windows Phone Store For Windows Phone 7.5 & 8 -app
  20. ScottIsAFool

    App Store Reviews

    Hey guys, So as you all know, we have Media Browser in both the Windows Phone and the Apple stores and so far, I think both have been doing very well. We do have Android coming soon, which will give us quite a lot (if not almost all) mobile coverage on the three main platforms. What will help us (both the developers and the community) is to get the apps featured in the respective stores. The more [positive] reviews an app will have means there's more chance of being featured in said store. So what I'm asking is, if you've downloaded either of the iOS or Windows Phone apps and haven't reviewed/rated the app, please can you do so. I would also ask for the same when Red's Android app appears in the Play store. For Windows Phone, to rate the app, either go back to the app in the store and rate from there, or if you're in the app, go to the about page (from the app bar in the main page), and you then just tap the Review the app button, this will take you to the store where you can then review it. For iOS, I assume you can do this from the app store too, if there's a shortcut to it from the app, I'm sure Shiv can point it out. If you have rated our apps already, you guys rock Scott
  21. My Windows Phone 8 MB Client appears to respond differently to my folder naming convention that the main MB client. I have TV shows organised as follows: Battlestar Galactica [boxset] Season 1 1x01 - 33.WMV 1x02 - Water.WMV etc.. This works well on my Windows 7 Media Center client, which correctly navigates the structure On the Windows Phone 8 client, the [boxset] folder is ignored, resulting in lots of otherwise unnamed entries for shows called 'Season 1', 'Season 2' etc. The TV shows that navigate correctly in Windows Phone 8 are the ones where I didn't add the [boxset] suffix on the top folder. Any ideas?
  22. psmc


    Hey guys Not sure if this is planned but to remove the mce remote and replace with the phone/tablet apps & having options like: -launch MBC or media center from the phone (a green button) -move up,down left & right & select in the media center tv guide (for those with tuners) Any plans like them ?
  23. I know its kinda backward compatibility request. But, you already made the app for Windows Phone 7 compatible. And I am not planning to change my handset soon:( So, Any plan on making video playback possible on WP7.8? I would really appreciate it
  24. Official Announcement "Accounts now cost $99 for corporations and $19 for individuals, while students can register for free." Just reporting this for our windows 8/windows phone developers in the MB commmunity or any prospective developers looking to develop for these platforms.
  25. ScottIsAFool

    Media Browser for Windows Phone Released

    A couple of weeks ago, we were really excited to announce our first app was out in the wild on iOS. Today, we're just as excited to announce the general availability of Media Browser for Windows Phone. This app is available for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, although it should be noted that currently, video streaming is only available on Windows Phone 8. What can you do with this app? Well: Stream your videos (WP8 only) Stream your music Browse your collection Start a video on another MB3 client Remote control another MB3 client (assuming the client supports it) Set your lock screen image to use images from your collections (WP8 only) Pin you collections to your start screen Pin the remote control to your start screen The app costs £2.99 ($3.99) and does have a trial version which consists of the following limitations: Only one video can be streamed per day. You can stream as much of that video, and as often as you like, but only that one video, until the next day. The remote control will only let you control a web client (so none of the other clients). Remember, as with the iOS (and Android when it's available), if you download the app, do please rate/review the app. With the Windows Phone app, you can rate/review even if you only download the trial version. We hope you enjoy this app and stay tuned for the future as there will be updates.
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