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  1. Hi, have any sorted out how to use an external player like TMT6 to play folderBD/iso ? So far MPC-HC is working just fine, but TMT6 just starts, but no movie is loaded. I've tried the {PATH} but it does not work, TMT6 just starts but does not load up any movie.. Is there any solution for this? Thanks
  2. I've noticed that whenever I start MBT, my server logs fill up with this error. Error in image enhancer: CoverArtPersonEnhancer I'm running server version 3.0.5081.21515 and MBT version 3.0.5076.40168. I've tried this running MBT on the same box as my server, as well as on a seperate box. There is no error displayed in MBT or anything, but I was troubleshooting the slowness in rendering the "pages" in MBT and noticed that it was filling the log file up. I'm attaching a copy of one of the logs. EDIT: I just noticed that it does the same thing when using the the web browsing in MB Server too. I don't currently have Classic installed, but I'm guessing it would produce the same results. It looks like any time the server is asked to provide an image, the error is generated. server-63521417292.log
  3. Hi, MBIntros seem to have stopped working. I tried with both MBT (latest version 3.0.5078) and MBC (also latest version (3.0.96) Does the plugin need updating? I originally posted this in the MBT section, but I guess it is more general then that.
  4. MSL_DK

    MBT and music

    Regarding MBT and music. I'm only able to play single tracks. Or have I missed something? I would like to be able: Play a full album Play a playlist Play now que Is this on to do list?
  5. The custom intro's configured in MB server are no longer showing up when a movie is played in MBT. This issue started with the update to MBT 3.0.5076.21106 I mentioned this before when discussing the UI issue. Not sure if it is related or not, both issues started with this latest update.
  6. lja

    Start up Screen

    Presently MBT starts on the Movies screen. Is it possible to startup on the Collections screen? If not could there be an option to start on the Movies or Collections screen?
  7. lja

    List View - Backdrops

    In the list view the backdrop shows on the left and also by the name of the movie. Would it be possible to have the poster by the name of the movie instead of the backdrop? Would love to see this. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19298307/listview.PNG
  8. Don't know if any one else here uses HippoRemote on the iphone, but I'm trying to edit a new profile For MBTheater. Most of the stuff is still the same from MediaBrowser profile made by someone here a while ago. I just want to edit/make a new profile that will open MBTheater when selected (like most of the other profiles do... xbmc, plex, windows media center etc..)
  9. MBT version: 3.0.5075.42881 I have configured MBT to play videos with internal player. I get error message "There was an error processing the request". It does not work for mkv and bluray folders. Log attached. Few important points. I have MBT on 2 machines (HTPC and Laptop), both have the same issue. Everything was fine 10 hours ago when I played movies (on both machines) My main HTPC had the above version (42881), and has error now. My laptop had the previous version, everything played fine yesterday, today had this error. So, I updated to above version, error still persists. Bluray folders play fine with external player (TMT5) On both machines, windows updates are turned off for months now. Did not download anything else. Default instalation (ie. lav filter, xysubfilter installed initially at the time of MBT install.) theater-63520884136.log
  10. When trying to play a movie in MBTheater the above error is indicated. Attached is the log from MBServer. Please help. Thanks. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19298307/log.txt https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19298307/theater-log.txt
  11. pmac

    Small Feature Requests

    Hi, I realize that MBT was just released, and is still in Alpha, but I've noticed a couple things that aren't on the "to-do" list yet, and were small (but handy) features in MBC. I haven't had much of a chance to play with MBT yet, but these are some things I've noticed so far, and will update this thread as I notice more: Keyboard Search- Unless I've just missed this somehow (maybe there's a different way of doing things in MBT) There seems to be no keyboard search feature implemented yet, I find this feature extremely important, since browsing a large collection takes a very long time without a keyboard search feature. Fast-Scrolling through collections- Another feature that I use every time I'm using MBC is (for lack of a better name) Fast-Scrolling. I use the Skip Forward/Skip Backward buttons on my remote to scroll through my media more quickly, instead of using the arrows to move through my collections one-by-one, I often use the Skip buttons to move through a few titles at a time, greatly speeding up the time it takes to browse my collections. More View-Options- I'd find it nice to have a few more view options in certain areas. For example: I'd like to be able to switch to list view when entering a TV Series that only contains one season, instead of the thumb-strip view it defaults to. Having the choice to pick any of the view options, no matter what part of a collection you are looking at would be a nice addition to MBT in my opinion. Back to logon screen- It would also be nice to be able to use the back button at the main screen to take you back to the logon screen to switch users. Having a "Are you sure you want to sign out?" Prompt would be a nice touch as well. Pressing "Up" on the remote to get to settings, etc...- Fairly self-explanatory, I know you can press "Up" on the remote/keyboard to access the settings buttons, etc. But right now it depends on which part of the screen is currently in-focus, ie. you need to be far enough to the right before you are able to go up to the very top where these buttons are located. Being able to get to these buttons whether you are currently on the left, center, or right side of the screen would make things quicker, and easier. Upcoming TV- Not really a feature request, more of a question. I'm not too sure about the Upcoming TV section. I'd assume it would show me upcoming episodes of series' I have in my collection, but it seems to show a random selection of TV Series in my collection, some with new episodes, some that are ended. Selection going out of focus- One issue I've found, which isn't a big deal, since the client is still in Alpha, and there's obviously going to be some small issues still, is: Sometimes my current on-screen selection; whether it's a tile, or a media selection, goes out of focus, and I'm no longer able to use my remote, until I move the mouse cursor over a tile or something, to re-select a tile. Then I'm able to continue using my remote like usual. Obviously, being in the early stages of MBT there's still going to be lots of room for improvement, and it's coming along great so far. I don't expect a ton of feature requests to be implemented right away, I just figured I'd throw some ideas out there for a few things I noticed would make the experience better! Thanks to all the Devs and everyone working on this project, great job!
  12. rmarcuse

    Questions about MBT

    I'd just like to ask a couple of questions about MBT. 1. I managed to get an external play HPC to work but I was wonder isn't MBT suppose to have it own player? Prior to installing an external player I try to play my TV shows but they wouldn't play. I kept getting a screen that looked like a player but the name of the file it was showing was not the file I was trying to play and it also didn't play anything. 2. Is there any configuration required after installation ie filters, etc. This is an amazing project and I thank you all of you who have taken part in it. The media browser product family just keeps growing and over the last three years I've been honored to watch it to take part in it.
  13. I was just curious if there was a way to make subtitles within an mkv appear as the type they are? As in, I merged 21 & Over.mp4 and 21 & Over.eng.srt into an MKV, and it plays the files, but only recognizes that a subtitle is there, not that it is an english subtitle. Probably the biggest reason this matters right now, is for the Cover Art sub overlay. Just post question marks if everything I just said sounds like gibberish. Thanks.
  14. Ernst

    Feature request subtitles

    I know this is on the roadmap, but I would realy like to see external subtitle support in MBT I have lots of movies with seperate Srt files and it would take ages to remux them inside the MKV. I'm not very savvy with coding, but if I can help to move this along, let me know.
  15. lja

    Scrolling of Overview

    The overview is not scrolling. Is there any adjustment to enable scrolling?
  16. Something I've noticed just now with MBT, which didn't seem to happen with MBC is that when watching a television show, my MBIntros are playing before each episode. This may be fine for some users, if that's their intended purpose, but with MBC I only had intros playing before movies, and with television I could jump right into the episode without waiting for an intro to play before each one. Just a small inconvenience, which I'm sure will get sorted out with future releases. Another small issue I've noticed is that after the intro has finished playing, and the main title has started, the on-screen display still shows the title of the intro at the top, instead of the title of the movie/tv episode/etc. The proper clear logo is displayed in the corner, but the "Now Playing" text shows the title of the intro, instead of the feature title. I figured I'd post this in the MBT forum, instead of the MBIntro's area, since it seems to work fine everywhere but in MBT Thanks, Patrick
  17. Hi, I don't know if this is the future plans, but I really enjoyed the "intro plug-in" that EBR made to MB2. It made the whole experience much greater, and it amazed alot of friends. Will we see a similar plug-in later on in MB3 too? Link to the old plug-in here
  18. A little tutorial for you all to launch MBC or MBT directly using a Logitech Harmony Remote, without having to write batchfiles, use 3rd party applications like intelliremote etc. If you have a Logitech Harmony Remote then this will (should) work for you, if you haven't already done it. Note: If you already have your MCE device set as MCE SE(special edition) you may not need to follow this tutorial from the beginning. Also it will add buttons to your "Additional Buttons" tab under your activity but these are easily deleted. It will not remove the buttons you already have saved. First off Open up the Logitech Harmony Remote Suite Then go straight to your devices after logging in and hit the settings button for your MediaCenterPC device. Next Select the "Set up this device base on another" click next Select the "I Don't have a remote" - this is important in order for the next step Click on the "View more similar devices" and a dropdown will appear. Ensure you select Microsoft Windows Media Center SE, this will add the extra options to you button mappings for you to chose from. Then Click Next after you have selected this. **These next step will set your Remote up so that you can Launch Media Browser from the Activity Menu.... Watch TV, MediaBrowser, Listen to Music, Listen to iPod etc. Cool huh!!** Now Select **Redo Setup for this Device** then follow the next few slides as they are shown. Until you get to the one with the writing on it. On the next screen click next and then read on STOP ---- Ok now this next slide is important as this will set you up to Launch MediaBrowser from the quicklaunch panel next to the StartMenu Orb. It's fairly self explanitary but you do have to put the MBClassic.exe shortcut in the QuickLaunch. The example below show how to set up MBC to launch using the Green button (MCEStartPage normally). You could use Movies Button to launch MBT if you so desired by adding MBT to position 2 in the quick launch and setting Movies to Win+2. This way you could have both MBC and MBT setup on your Logitech. And thats you done. Go and check your activity buttons and get them back to normal and then update your remote. You are done. Here is a list of what all of the extra mapping features allow you to do.
  19. This has been asked in the old forum and it was suggested that I use a different client but I really like how MBT is progressing so would like to raise it again... Is it possible to have navigation chevrons so that touch screens are supported in MBT?
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