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Found 20 results

  1. I think I've finally gotten things figured out, but collections seems to be the one little bugbear right now. I see how the auto creation works, and the switch to turn it off in settings. However, I have a mix of curated collections of my own creation that I want to keep, but I also would like Emby to auto create if I get new movies I wouldn't mind being collected. Is there a setting somehow to make keep the auto collection on, but ignore ones I've manually created? I'm not sure if I'm seeing it somewhere. And if there isn't, I would like to suggest it. An example of what I'm talking about is that I have an MCU and Marvel (Fox) movies collections, and if I leave the auto collection on, I have not just these manual ones, but then also collections for all of the movies, e.g. Ant-Man Collection, which I don't need. I just want the movies to stay in my manual collection, but if I run the library scan to scrape in, say, the three Kingsman movies I've just gotten, I would like it to auto collect the Kingsman series, but also NOT re-collect all of those MCU and Marvel movies into separate collections again alongside my manual one.
  2. Hi folks, I've dug through many places in server and Emby Theater, not to mention the web interface, and haven't yet figured this out. When I open up Emby... usually on Emby Theater but sometimes on the web browser or on Android, I either know what I want to watch, or I want to scroll through what's there. I have no interest in Emby or anyone else suggesting anything to me. But on many views and apps, Suggestions is right there often as the first, and highlighted-by-default, option. I want this off. All the way off. Across all devices. How do I do this? This is of course a quibble in the grand scheme of things, and I love Emby, but I'm chafing a bit with various interface issues and this is the one that's bugging me right now. Please help me put it to rest. Thanks! Marc
  3. M3th0s

    Emby niggles

    Preface Long term plex user and finally frustrated with the whole thing, made the decision of swapping to emby. Have been very happy, seems to work better, better performance overall (lighter on resources) and has a lot more granularity in the settings compared to plex. However there are still a few frustrating points that (and this is my opinion) are stopping emby from shining. Below is a list of little annoyances, with the hope emby devs have a look and maybe incorporate them. Also apologies if I missed something and these have workarounds! I'll be adding to this list, as I'm pretty certain I have missed a few things. Emby niggles: More work needs to be done on the identification process - at the moment, if a movie/show doesn't load posters or the title is too big, it's too hard to identify what show it refers too. Most times I'm forced to go the tvdb/imdb and find the show id there, then paste the id on the identify screen to get the correct show. More work needs to be done on this interface. Allow for bigger titles, etc When identifying, there should be no need to wait for the server to finish collecting metadata so that we can use the GUI. At the moment you need to wait for the metadata gathering process to finish in order to use the server interface again, as there is a loading screen in between. Better interface for un-merging wrongly identified shows - at the moment, if you want to un-merge you have to turn off the merge option on the library, identify the show, then re-merge. The way it should work, it should allow you to split apart based on folder so you can identify each folder separately without the need to un-merge the whole library. Splitting single episodes apart doesn't work in my experience, No way to setup general folder access or folder access templates - as an example, select from a list of users and apply an access template (all, no 4k, no anime, etc.). These would of course be user created templates and it would save the trouble of going user by user to apply restrictions when you've just added a new 4k folder and not all your users can't take advantage of it. More detail needed on the dashboard screen about active streams - the dashboard needs to be reworked. There is not a lot of useful information on the streams at the moment regarding type of stream, quality, etc. Also notifications need to be better reorganized Need movie merge, like TV show merge - at the moment I am using a custom made addon found in the forums however this needs to be implemented by the emby team, as it is super useful. Better details for library scans - at the moment you only have a percentage complete bar. Let's be fair, that doesn't really tell us much., I'm doing "tail -f" on the emby server log, but we still need a more user friendly approach to this. Something like "Currently scanning x", "Grabbing metadata for y", etc No compatible streams found - now this one is truly frustrating. Have tried to fix it, reproduce it with other files, to no avail. Why are there no compatible streams found when the files are in place and you can actually download them directly from the server interface? However, ask for the server to play them on the GUI/iOS app/whatever, it won't. Thanks again for all the love given to emby and keep up the good work!
  4. In terms of the music section, I have a couple of ideas for Suggestions Latest Music - Can we have this open in it's own page so instead of just scrolling left and right it will act like favourite songs and open up it's own page so we can see more of what's added in terms of latest music. I add a ton of albums often and there is only so many you can see when scrolling right before it cuts off. Recently Played - Just like the favourite songs it's own page i can view a lot more recently played and go back further than just scrolling left and right Frequently played - You guessed it, it's own page so i can see a lot more frequently played music Favourite albums - This would be great to see my top 20/40/50/100 albums that i go to often so i don't have to go searching when it doesn't show up in frequently or recently played. ----------- Other ideas Random Album - A way you can ask Emby to pick a random album out of your huge collection and play it for you, would work well for me having thousands of album some i don't often play so would be nice to just let Emby decide an album for me.
  5. I've seen only about 45% of my library yet around 80% of the titles it suggests are titles I've already seen, and a lot of them are duplicates. Often times, they seem to be unrelated to the movies I had watched, but my biggest complaint is that I am repeatedly recommended movies I've already seen. Wouldn't it be really simple to add the option to not suggest 'watched' movies? I would think a lot of people would want to at least have the option. I prefer Emby over a lot of alternatives, and lots of alternatives don't suggest titles at all, so I would consider it a plus if Emby improved this uncommon feature.
  6. It's been a while since I made feature suggestions, so I'm going to take a few minutes and throw some of notes together for things I'd like to see added in 2020. Many of these, I don't see as terribly complicated to program. The following suggestions are largely intended to be Easiest to Hardest to implement with the exception of the first section which, IMHO, is a massive priority. BIGGEST 2020 WISH - USER GROUPS For those coming from the Windows NT environments and environments that borrow from this practice, you're probably very familiar with User Groups. User Groups is something that's VERY overdue for Emby. Essential I feel Emby Server Owners / Managers need the ability to assign users to given user groups to be given at least the following: - Administration Panel Rights - Library / Channel Access Rights - Library Management Rights - Transcoding Rights - Remote / Local Streaming Rights - Device Rights - Camera Upload Access - Download Access - Hide from Login Screen Essentially, I feel that *A LOT* of the rights assigned based on user should either be outright moved to User Groups or at the very least transported over. I realize there will be some migration issues for users. I'd recommend introducing this feature as an addon or at the very least 'ship' turned off with the option to enable. Rollback Update / Recovery Mode Over the years, we've had some serious server breaking updates that have crippled major parts of the server. While we *DO* have the backup feature for those of us with Premium Access, I think Emby is in dire need for a easy-to-access recovery mode that allows rollbacks to a point before updates. Just about all the tools are already in place to do this, save the interface. I believe moving forward, Emby should create a restore point before updates are applied regardless of your membership status. The only "real work" needed to get this off the group is to create a simplified rollback interface and to drop it in the dashboard. Additionally, Backup really needs a home in the Administration Panel without having to go look for it under Plugins. I'd probably agree this should/could remain a premium feature, but it probably should be moved away from the Plugins Panel with additional coding saying something to the effect of "Get Premium to access this feature" Remove Devices / Assign Devices The first part of this suggestion is probably super easy, the second part is probably a lot harder (though not nearly as time intensive as suggestions further down the list). This goes along closely with User Groups too. First off, I don't know who looks at their Devices Panel often, but it has a very bad habit of accumulating a TON of devices that could be highly considered once and done devices such as logging into Emby from a browser in private mode. There's no simple way to remove all the mess that accumulates. The simpliest fix would be to import the multiselect feature from the Library Management features and allow us to select a ton of unused devices to remove them. However, while we are looking at this section of the interface, we really DO need some management tools here. What I would like to see, in addition to the multi-select feature are the following: - A default feature to auto remove the device after not being seen for 7 days. - A feature to disable showing devices logged on from browsers in private mode. - A feature to disable access Emby through browsers in private mode. - Requirements that devices must be in a geographic location to login. - A feature to disable the creation of new devices. - The ability to assign a device to a group or user. - This is to allow full control access to certain users while others may only have view access or no access to that device. - The ability to disable access from certain devices (IE Browsers, Android Device or iPhone Devices). Collections that appear only in one Movie Library Some might recall (particularly Luke and EBR) that I've been up and in arms several times with library and collection changes. After the last big update, I reworked my system by using some "trickery". Here's the usecase: I want to be able to group related media all in one place. Let's take something that has a lot of potential sorting issues such as the Star Trek Movies. By default, Emby is going to collect all those movie series into three different box sets: - Original Star Trek Movies - TNG Star Trek Movies - JJ Verse Trek Movies For those who don't know, currently, if you make your own Box Sets, even if they contain ONLY videos from the new Movie Library you made, they will always appear in the default Movie Collections Folder. As someone who very much likes to try to pull everything together, I'd be inclined to let the Box Set Plugin keep all those movies in the box sets it creates, but I also want to have a Box Set that contains ALL those movies plus all the related series into their own Box Set but not necessarily congest the Movie Collections Folder with all the custom Box Sets I make. To make looking for Box Sets I've made, I've made a library containing one "dummy" video that I had to each Box Set I would to show up in that Movie Library. This would all be much easier if we had one option added to *ALL* box sets: - [x] Appears in <NAME> Movie Library This would give us the ability to actively assign which Box Sets appear where. I think this is a quick and easy tool to implement. Timed Access Library Access Automation / Parental Management This is another suggestion I've been floating for a while and goes in very closely with User Groups and Library/Collection Changes I've suggested above. I would like to see the ability to have a Library only accessible for a certain amount of time. Here's the Usecase: - I have a few library's that are HIGHLY seasonal such as Halloween and Christmas. - Based on which user group someone belongs to, I want to make that someone only has access to these Libraries during those respective season. I'd envision this to be a pretty simple interface change - Under User Groups (of course, feature to be made by suggestion) next to libraries, you'd have a function that allows you to pick when particular library's are available. I would also envision the work put into this to potentially also act as a parental lockout system that would allow certain libraries or collections to be available at certain times a day, certain days in a week or by temp password generated potentially by a authenticator such as Google Authenticator. Related, I'd also envision the ability to claim a certain user group or user belongs to another user group or user so that parents could potentially have some moderation rights over said user or user group. Highlight Changed Features / Change Log Sometimes its hard to track what has actually changed from version to version. While I'd expect this to be a more complicated ask, it would be REALLY nice if we could get a feature similar to Window's "Highlight New Programs" feature. I'd probably argue that this should be a premium feature initiated by a plugin. Closely related, I think we really should have a TXT of the change log downloaded or updated with each new version and accessible from the Dashboard Panel in the Administration Panel. A Solution to eBooks eBooks has fallen into a void. Its been broken for YEARS now (Hell, I think its been broken for over 5 years now). I floated a suggestion a long time ago that had some traction, but I'd like to see if we can look at tackling this one again. My suggestion is pretty simple and probably highly doable with some scripts that already exist. While eBooks have been broken for a very long time now, a very similar feature that isn't is the image viewer. My suggestion is to use some of the existing scripts that exist (a lot around the RAR formats) to unpack PDFs, CBRs and a few other easily manageable formats and place all the pages in a directory as jpgs/pngs. This seems like a really strong way to fix this problem. While a bit better interface would needed for eBooks compared to the embed image viewer, this shouldn't be a hard feat to check out a few eBook readers (such as Calibre) and plan out the mission critical features. Play All New Series This is particularly an addon I was hoping to make myself, but simply found myself not having any time to even begin working on it. The idea is pretty simple: you'd have a button accessible from the main screen probably next to "Latest TV Series". You would have the option to play only the newest added episodes or the newest released episodes in a playlist format. This part of it, to me, seems pretty simple and straight forward from a development point of view, but in later versions I would like to see the ability to create more advance play lists. An advanced playlist format I would envision is dumping together multiple series into a playlist and set it to only play only one episode at a time in a round robin format. Example: - Add 'Family Guy S1', 'American Dad S2' and 'Southpark S5' to a play list. The play list would play the following: --- - Family Guy S01E01 - American Dad S02E01 - South Park S05E01 --- - Family Guy S01E02 - American Dad S02E02 - South Park S05E02 --- - Family Guy S01E03 - American Dad S02E03 - South Park S05E03 --- Ad nauseam Other advanced features could include: - Add bumpers between each episodes or every other episode (from a local folder) - Add coming soon from movies a la cinematic mode. - Add Commercials (if someone would actually desire --- these would be from a local folder) - Continue from last episode in the round - Start the next round (skipping any episodes not viewed) - Play multiple episodes of one or more series per round Edit Navigation Bar Another potentially harder feature I would like to see is the ability to remove or add more options to the navigation bar. A strong usecase would be to add TV Series, Movies and Music to the navigation bar. Additionally, you should have the ability to hide items added to the navigation bar (such as the aforementioned TV Series, Movies and Music). I envision this to be a harder to implement feature as a new interface would probably need to be made for this. User Templates Another big one that goes along with User Groups is the ability to set standard templates. Example: Whenever I make a new user, I tend to go update their interface by copying my default user profile to the new user's folder (which means I need to keep track of which user is which in the Emby\programdata\confi\users folder (this is a pain in the butt btw). What I would like to do is to be able to create a template with all the user settings and libraries pre-configured and then apply that to a user or every user in a user group. I would anticipate this being more difficult due to the need to design an interface for it. Defineable Browsing Formats I'd imagine this is a long time wish from a number of users. There are many times when you are setting up special folders or libraries and you have a REALLY hard time getting it to use the Primary Image versus the Banner or Thumb. Even if you use all Primary Images in some of these cases, it won't convert to the Primary Size and instead will squish the Primary Image in a Banner sized image. We really do need a method to force the browser function to show a specific type of image. I'd anticipate this one being a harder one to implement because they design isn't necessarily super straight forward. This should be purely an administrative definable item. Browse Type By default, if you are looking a given series, it doesn't always make sense to have the series on a scroller as opposed to primary image thumbnails. A good example of some series where this becomes a problem are series in excess of 7 seasons such as Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad or Power Rangers. All these series can end up being fairly monotonous to scroll through to find what you're looking for. This should be something that can be set in User Templates or by the user themselves. Number to Show per Page Probably a long overdue feature is the ability to define how many movies or tv series to show per page. Show All should be an option with continuous scrolling allowed. Related to this, updating the jump to by alphabet could use an update in design too. Remove Branding Finally, I would like to see the ability to straight up remove all the Emby Branding for a nominal fee. I image you can already do this via the Custom CSS but an easier update for the branding would be very nice. As with ALL CMS packages, I would expect this to cost a substantial fee. Packages such as uBulletin cost around $200 to remove the branding. I think this is fairly in line. The option really should be available for those looking to parle Emby into novel usecases. For instance, I setup an emby server for a local fitness club so that they could stream music play lists and their own workout videos. Edit Navigation Bar Another potentially harder feature should be the ability to Edit Navigation Bar Another potentially harder feature should be the ability to
  7. I have a bunch of videos that aren't indexed by metadata providers. I've selected the "Movies" content type to make use of the suggestions feature. Unfortunately it only works for videos following a specific naming scheme (I think it's a date in the title or a dash). Please consider expanding the suggestions systems for videos that are not movies. I haven't really found out if manually edited metadata is affected by the suggestions, but in any case it would be really helpful to have a feature that lets you edit metadata of multiple items at the same time. Also a indicator for which metadata an item has would be useful (maybe just for tags).
  8. Hello All, First, admins if you think that this post is not in right sub forum, move it please. These are my personal notes from the last 6-8 months, where i write down now and then when i stumble on some issue, or improvement that i think emby would be nice to implement. Also some ideas, suggestions that i hope community will pick up and embrace it. 1. Suggestion (all): Movie Library - remove trailers from upper menu, in that place place menu Directors, so movie library can be brows-able by Directors filter. Trailers can always be accessed from movie menu. 2. Suggestion (android): Music player: Android client, allow forward seeking of playing song, currently not possible. 3. Suggestion (android): Collections, allow horizontal scrolling (big collections will be easier and faster to browse. 4. Suggestion: Emby is missing some admin notice / news / blog page where server admin can always put information of any kind. Admin would publish news article through admin dashboard. Now you can msg users, that's not the same. Maybe implement news sub menu, just allow admin to put some news or info about server or content or anything. 5. Suggestion: Backdrop images. Implement scheduled task option to recheck all movies that don't have a backdrop, so i it can be configured in admin panel to download for all movies that backdrop is missing. It often happens that on initial scan backdrop is not available on themoviedb site, it shows u after 2-3 days..but movie in library don't refresh so backdrop is missing. If u have large library this is kinda annoying. That refresh 30 days settings for library don't help at all at least for me and it is questionable if it is working at all. 6. Bug / issue : Multi movie version, manual download subtitle for one version of the movie is not possible in web app or any app. Emby gives you 1 movie version for subtitle search, don't know which one is default first scanned or any other, but it is not possible to download manually subs for movie version that admin is targeting in web app for example. 7. M3U tuner : Categories, channels with same epg name are not possible to import in m3u playlist so we can have only 1 channel with same epg and there are like 4-5 versions always available (hd,fhd, sd, ...) 8. Suggestion: Easy way to block some device. For example i want block device by default which is using Chrome web browser. Lets say i want to implement policy that my emby server can be watched only with Theater and android clients. 9. Suggestion: Clone user. Easy way to clone already active user and his settings and access permissions to new user. faster creation of new users basicly. 10. Bug / Issue: Addicted plugin: Web app, manual search for movie subtitle, results screen shows many subtitles on addicted plugin, clicking download nothing happens. not possible to download subs from addicted at all on manual search. 11. Bug / Issue: Old TV shows genres cant be deleted. Used the genre cleaner plugin, but some genres are still there empty that cant be deleted. 12. Issue : Admin dashboard - No way for admin to see / identify what version of movie is playing. Is it 1080p or 4k. Even playback reporting which is amazing plugin don't show this. It would be nice if on admin dashboard would be possible to see what version is playing. 13. Issue: Podnapisi plugin downloads .sub files which are not compatible with any of the apps i use (web app, theater, android tv app). Had to delete all the subs that were downloaded. 14. Improvement: Music Visualization, so many data is scraped for music but very little can be shown when playing music. 15. Improvement: Easier to build music playlist, and share them between server users. Playlist type private / public for example. 16. Improvement : Custom featured section in apps for server admins. Lets say i want to make section where i feature this weeks best movie, or tv show. Or some section that would be like "Recommended" but that admin can handpick easily in admin dashboard what will show in that section for users. I apologize if some of this has already been posted in meantime. Keep up the good work fellas.
  9. Ability to enable or disable: FOLDERS UPCOMING TRAILERS SUGGESTIONS FAVOURITES on the top menu bar AND change the menu ordering of the options around to admin or user choice.
  10. Suggestions do not seem to update anymore since update and went onto my Synology 12 bay DS2415+. I've copied about 20 new movies over a couple of days and nothing shows up in Suggestions, and they are viewable in normal library. I've used latest Emby Theatre, Android App, Web App and LG TV 1.09 client to check and they are all having the same issue. Is this a known issue?
  11. I don't know if this is correct place to ask for this or whether the trailers plug-in would be the correct place. When you are on a movie page, you get the More Like This section which includes suggestions among your movies as well as trailers. I like having the trailers in there, but for movies that are not on Emby. Would it be possible to have an option to Include Trailers Only when you do NOT have the movie in Emby? Or show the movie link instead of the trailer? It's difficult for someone like my wife who doesn't know all of the movies we own and when she sees a suggestion, she assumes we don't have it if there is a trailer. So the only way is to go into the trailer page, click on an actor and then look at all of the movies that feature that actor. I hope this is clear. Thanks.
  12. So first thing. Love the Roku Emby app. You all have done a fantastic job. I do have a few requests though that I think would add some more usability. I currently have around 300 different TV series but somehow my girlfriend can never seem to find anything to watch. She watches the shows that are current but basically refuses to dig through the entire library to find a new show. What would be ideal is if there were suggestions based on what she has watched and show those suggested shows in the TV section view under the views>Continue watching>etc... This way she can just look there and maybe find something she wants to watch in a much smaller selection rather than looking through such a large library. My other request would be to update the the Genres section under each of the media types. Currently it displays tiles with the Genre name on there and you have to click into it to see what is in that genre and then back out and go into another to see that genre which is cumbersome. Can you do the same view for genres that is being done for the "By Letter" section? I think that will be a much cleaner view and also fits inline with something already developed and used.
  13. Theodore

    Director Attribution

    On the suggestions tab when viewing the movie library, one of the sections is "Directed by XXX". This seems to be having a problem as it is attributing director status to someone who is just in the movie. For example I recently watched a movie with Ben Affleck in it and the suggestion page shows "Directed by Ben Affleck" but none of the movies it shows were directed by him (SEE HERE). I verified in the metadata - both XML and NFO) that he is not attributed as the director.
  14. getkicking

    Wish List

    Let me start by saying, I love this software. I had explored other options that were hard even for me a Network Engineer to set up. Embry was so easy, download, install, and start watching. Great job everyone. Now for my wish list for future updates. I would absolutely love a "Fast Forward" and "Rewind" on the movie play window. I was watching the movie "The Dark Knight", and had to pause it several times to deal with the "Honey can you come here". Trying to select the time line to get back to where I was, was impossible. The Resume Play would not start from where I paused it, so I had to start it from the beginning and it kept jumping chapters as I tried over and over again to find the exact spot on the time line. After a couple of days trying to manipulate the time line, I gave up and watched it in "Microsoft Media Player" /* Cringe!@ Thanks again for a wonderful program. Pat S.
  15. FordGT90Concept

    Some TV Guide suggestions

    1. Prompt to load more guide data at midnight of each day: Instead of doing 9 hours from right now, always load from now to midnight then ask to load the next 24 hours. Reason? If you're checking what's on this evening ("prime time") before noon, you're in for a world of annoyance hitting the "load next 9 hours" prompt which is around 7-9pm. After midnight, most networks go to repeats or dead air. 2. Lock the cursor to whatever time the user selected before moving down/up: Went to 7 pm to see what was on during "prime time" but as you click down the list, it could select a football game or movie that runs many hours that ends at, say, 7:30. This moved the cursor back to when the game/movie started which could be, say 4 pm. Keep scrolling down and you could literally travel back in time 7-9 hours to real time (was about 1 pm if memory serves) because the cursor doesn't look to the time you were looking at (7 pm). 3. Display the program info if the program info is off screen to the left: An extension of #2, when there is something long in the guide, it should display the info that is off screen (to the left) to the screen (to the right) so you can see that it is the tail end of, for example, a football game without having to look at the guide information for it.
  16. first, I have looked for this for some time and have not been able to find an answer. Now then, I am a Plex user and have been since 2010. I like the latest Emby build and am running it alongside to get a feel for it and see if I want to switch over. I became a supporter to ensure I got the full functionality. However, I seem to be having a tough time on the web interface. I saw some posts online about users creating "smart views" which allowed them to have filtered views built and setup so they were always readily available without having to do it every time and I could not seem to find any documentation on it or see any option in the server or client interface to set it up. Is this possible or could it be a custom code they ran to create it? The other problem is the suggestions view. I see people talking about movies or series being suggested by the server based on what they have watched. My suggestions tab however only shows any resumable item and latest items added. I do not get any option of "because you watched..." or based on genre or anything like that. Is there a special feature or third party add-on that enables this function? This is where I am stuck now and these features seemed amazing and what drew me to Emby. Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks in advance. ** I deleted all the files and reinstalled the server and went to the dev build. I noticed after the reinstall that suggestions was working and presenting different options, however, as soon as I restarted the server, they all went away and now again just shows the latest media.
  17. At the moment, when we click on Movies, it defaults to showing us the Suggestions Tab by default. Then we have to click on the Movies tab to see the movies we've come to look through. Being forced to see what Emby thinks we want to watch is like something Microsoft would implement. Can we have the options in User Preferences to change this to what we would like?
  18. I've been using the AndroidTV app lately and I'm almost ready to replace kodi as my main consumer of emby media. Here's some suggestion to improve it further. 1. Seeking a) Add a transcode progress indicator. Allow the seek cursor to move freely at all times (even if the video is "loading") a) is for when I want to go back and forth in some videos, if I seek too much ahead it resets the transcoding and then going back resets it again causing multiple waits. If I know not to seek ahead too far I can just wait a bit since transcoding is fast enough and keep the "buffer data". As for , you just need to look at the youtube androidtv app, seeking back and forth is smooth, you can even hold the fast forward button and it moves across the seek bar smoothly. 2. Properly reset card images/data I'm talking about the image cards that display episode thumbnails for example. When you scroll through them very fast, because the card objects are being reused, they still display the old data until the app fetches new data. This is often distracting and just a peeve of mine 3. Pre-transcode tv series episodes This is more of a server thing but might just as well put it here. It would be cool if the server could pre-transcode episodes for certain devices. You would pick the devices and users and the server would pre-transcode all the episodes of the "next-up" list and use that pre-transcoded data for playback on the devices. Oh and probably add a # of episodes ahead to add, so we can set it to 2 for example and the server would be transcoding the next episode while we watch the current one. edit: I posted early by mistake, let me finish writing up edit2: all done
  19. I often have MB suggest a movie on a selected item that is actually the trailer for that film. How do we avoid this from happening?
  20. tube82

    XBMB3C feature suggestions

    This is the central thread about new ideas for features of XBMB3C. All constructive ideas are welcome! Current ToDo/Issues List: https://github.com/M...sues?state=open Pending suggestions: - Support for (movie) special features (discussed <here>) - Movie informations from context menu (suggested <here>) Approved suggestions: - Additional art for playitem (discussed <here>) ---- Implemented suggestions: - Actor images (discussed <here>) - Backgrounds for recently added content (discussed <here>) - Additional ListItem properties for TV shows (discussed <here>) - Support for extra fanart (discussed <here>) - Support for TV Tunes (discussed <here>) - Constant names for default sections The new constant names for default nodes can be seen <here> ---- Original suggestions from this thread:
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