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Found 3 results

  1. veehexx1

    Livetv recording schedule feedback

    as a new user to emby and from what i can gather liveTV is a relatively new feature; first up, great work so far so please don't take this as an unhappy post, i'm very happy with emby after a week of use! Not sure if this is worth a single post in feature requests, but i'd like to give some feedback with the current system. Scheduling needs to expand on filtering & search method: ability to filter based on program length. Some shows have 2 types, a highlights version (say, 30 minutes) and live stream (say, 2 hours) but they appear as the same title in EPG. having a way to specifically target that longer 2hour slot ability to define a recording schedule without the program currently being present in the guide. This would be helpful for those 'coming soon' program adverts that dont yet have an entry in EPG or too far in the future for the EPG to have it visible. add keyword search. for example i want to record anything with 'motorsport' in the EPG info which could range from F1, Touring car, various rallies or Formula E etc Record type; 'new episodes only' appears to match any new episode that emby has not currently recorded, rather than those listed as new in the EPG (i assume new episode = missing the 'repeat' flag from EPG data) Expanding on 'new episodes only' above, this should also allow the ability to target the first showing of a new episode rather than a rerun at a later time. Priorities. for users with limited tuners then conflicts are likely. a way to prioritize certain recordings higher than others would be hugely beneficial. Could maybe further expand by having channel priorities where schedules will prefer HD over SD. Recordings: if creating a schedule with a currently broadcasting match, then emby will start recording immediately even though its missed X minutes. This then counts to your max recorded limit. imo if a program has already started broadcasting then emby should exclude it unless explicitly told to record that episode.
  2. Hello All, First, admins if you think that this post is not in right sub forum, move it please. These are my personal notes from the last 6-8 months, where i write down now and then when i stumble on some issue, or improvement that i think emby would be nice to implement. Also some ideas, suggestions that i hope community will pick up and embrace it. 1. Suggestion (all): Movie Library - remove trailers from upper menu, in that place place menu Directors, so movie library can be brows-able by Directors filter. Trailers can always be accessed from movie menu. 2. Suggestion (android): Music player: Android client, allow forward seeking of playing song, currently not possible. 3. Suggestion (android): Collections, allow horizontal scrolling (big collections will be easier and faster to browse. 4. Suggestion: Emby is missing some admin notice / news / blog page where server admin can always put information of any kind. Admin would publish news article through admin dashboard. Now you can msg users, that's not the same. Maybe implement news sub menu, just allow admin to put some news or info about server or content or anything. 5. Suggestion: Backdrop images. Implement scheduled task option to recheck all movies that don't have a backdrop, so i it can be configured in admin panel to download for all movies that backdrop is missing. It often happens that on initial scan backdrop is not available on themoviedb site, it shows u after 2-3 days..but movie in library don't refresh so backdrop is missing. If u have large library this is kinda annoying. That refresh 30 days settings for library don't help at all at least for me and it is questionable if it is working at all. 6. Bug / issue : Multi movie version, manual download subtitle for one version of the movie is not possible in web app or any app. Emby gives you 1 movie version for subtitle search, don't know which one is default first scanned or any other, but it is not possible to download manually subs for movie version that admin is targeting in web app for example. 7. M3U tuner : Categories, channels with same epg name are not possible to import in m3u playlist so we can have only 1 channel with same epg and there are like 4-5 versions always available (hd,fhd, sd, ...) 8. Suggestion: Easy way to block some device. For example i want block device by default which is using Chrome web browser. Lets say i want to implement policy that my emby server can be watched only with Theater and android clients. 9. Suggestion: Clone user. Easy way to clone already active user and his settings and access permissions to new user. faster creation of new users basicly. 10. Bug / Issue: Addicted plugin: Web app, manual search for movie subtitle, results screen shows many subtitles on addicted plugin, clicking download nothing happens. not possible to download subs from addicted at all on manual search. 11. Bug / Issue: Old TV shows genres cant be deleted. Used the genre cleaner plugin, but some genres are still there empty that cant be deleted. 12. Issue : Admin dashboard - No way for admin to see / identify what version of movie is playing. Is it 1080p or 4k. Even playback reporting which is amazing plugin don't show this. It would be nice if on admin dashboard would be possible to see what version is playing. 13. Issue: Podnapisi plugin downloads .sub files which are not compatible with any of the apps i use (web app, theater, android tv app). Had to delete all the subs that were downloaded. 14. Improvement: Music Visualization, so many data is scraped for music but very little can be shown when playing music. 15. Improvement: Easier to build music playlist, and share them between server users. Playlist type private / public for example. 16. Improvement : Custom featured section in apps for server admins. Lets say i want to make section where i feature this weeks best movie, or tv show. Or some section that would be like "Recommended" but that admin can handpick easily in admin dashboard what will show in that section for users. I apologize if some of this has already been posted in meantime. Keep up the good work fellas.
  3. Aussiedroid

    Few Music Video Improvements

    Added my music video collection into Emby a while back. To assist with seamless playback, it would be great if: 1) Latest Music Videos on home screen would allow to play next automatically, with similar feature popup while playing with episodes. In the order that they were added to Emby. 2) For a random & continuous playback options to be added in the Music Video view. Playback could be based on current sort for continuous playback. If I search for an artist via the search button that the dynamic list created can be played in sequence or randomly. Individually selecting a video every few mins to play isn't the greatest. 3) Some additional sorting options, such as date added, by folder, year, artist. I understand most do not have metadata for this category but any additional options to vary the playback would be awesome. 4) Possible playlist implementation? (I'm sure this would be have been requested before ) - already implemented doh! Thank you, AD
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