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Found 8 results

  1. veehexx1

    Livetv recording schedule feedback

    as a new user to emby and from what i can gather liveTV is a relatively new feature; first up, great work so far so please don't take this as an unhappy post, i'm very happy with emby after a week of use! Not sure if this is worth a single post in feature requests, but i'd like to give some feedback with the current system. Scheduling needs to expand on filtering & search method: ability to filter based on program length. Some shows have 2 types, a highlights version (say, 30 minutes) and live stream (say, 2 hours) but they appear as the same title in EPG. having a way to specifically target that longer 2hour slot ability to define a recording schedule without the program currently being present in the guide. This would be helpful for those 'coming soon' program adverts that dont yet have an entry in EPG or too far in the future for the EPG to have it visible. add keyword search. for example i want to record anything with 'motorsport' in the EPG info which could range from F1, Touring car, various rallies or Formula E etc Record type; 'new episodes only' appears to match any new episode that emby has not currently recorded, rather than those listed as new in the EPG (i assume new episode = missing the 'repeat' flag from EPG data) Expanding on 'new episodes only' above, this should also allow the ability to target the first showing of a new episode rather than a rerun at a later time. Priorities. for users with limited tuners then conflicts are likely. a way to prioritize certain recordings higher than others would be hugely beneficial. Could maybe further expand by having channel priorities where schedules will prefer HD over SD. Recordings: if creating a schedule with a currently broadcasting match, then emby will start recording immediately even though its missed X minutes. This then counts to your max recorded limit. imo if a program has already started broadcasting then emby should exclude it unless explicitly told to record that episode.
  2. could the behaviour change for the 'keep up to' limit to be a limit that will not record new episodes? currently it will keep X recordings but as new shows appear then the older recordings will be deleted and the latest one recorded. This is fine if you ONLY care about disk space or for time-critical content (eg: news), but some programs (eg: documentaries or a sitcom) you'd probably not care about having the latest X episodes of. What this means is that if you have a dual TV tuner, there are times when both tuners can be in use and live tv cannot be watched. We see this most during prime time resulting in a low WAF as the tuner is recording the latest episodes of something else. i'm using the 'keep up to' option as a way to limit disk space, limit SSD wear, and to allow tuners to be available once the initial recordings have been done. I think ultimately i care more about not having all tuners in use which makes LiveTV fail if they are all used. Having a way to limit concurrent recordings, reserve at least 1 tuner for livetv (or recordings) or some other method would increase the WAF. I've migrated from mythtv to emby, so this is a difference between mythtv (my desired behaviour) and emby but there's also some differences with how the sql db handles things like mythtv being aware of what has been recorded even if it's no longer in the library. Myhttv can then avoid previously recorded episodes, record new unwatched episodes, AND keep a maximum recording. Emby seems to behave as 'no library content, no db records'. I'm currently adding additional disk space and seriously looking into a 4ch tuner as both will be beneficial to me as an immediate solution.
  3. I am an avid user of Emby. In fact, I run Plex, Jellyfin and Emby on my setup and I have premium version of both Plex and Emby. I do not consider myself a fan of either services. I use Plex for online viewing, Emby for offline viewing (on LAN), and Jellyfin to test out various things like jellyfin-mpv-shim, syncplay and gelli. I installed the latest stable version today and I discovered a plethora of changes and fixes, among them the fix about seeing server key as an user fix is my favorite. But that got me thinking, after about 5 months, we get a new version which when it comes down to it, contains only 2 new features , subtitle offset and playback speed control. It really made me sad. I like Emby for the way the devs communicate with us, for the quick fix that ensue on reporting major problems. But where is the big feature? I may be wrong, but did we get a single big feature on 2020? Jellyfin has syncplay (I use it extensively to study lectures with friends), plex has skip intro and skip commercial on livetv. What is Emby's big feature for 2020? Subtitle offset? The aforementioned products have them too. Where is the feature roadmap? Where is the voting option on requested features? I know it's a small team but Luke has repeatedly said that they have more members that do not interact here. So we don't know for sure that Emby team is smaller than Jellyfin team. Jellyfin team is consistently pumping out new feature (their next big feature is HDR > SDR tonemapping while transcoding), whereas Emby is just lagging behind. I would have loved to see the following features on Emby : Skip Intro Skip Commercial on livetv recording Lyrics in music Movie extra like Behind the scene the way Plex does it A proper official app to monitor and interact with server for the admins like Plex Dash. Failing that , something like Tautulli. Embystat does not work as well as Tautulli and the functionality is really limited IMO. Audiobook scrapping Granular control over camera upload (what to upload, which resolution to upload, which location to upload etc) Maybe a location where people can share custom CSS and vote on it. I am willing to accept the hate that might follow for me being a karen or whatever. But I do want this project to thrive, and I was as respectful as I possibly could have been. If that's still harsh, I don't know what else to say except I did not intend to be so. But anyway, I want Emby to thrive, I want to recommend Emby to my friends just like I now recommend them jellyfin if they dont use Tizen, WebOS or Roku (Roku app is improving on Jellyfin though). Let's hear the other user's opinion on what I wrote. Have a nice day.
  4. K1ng_Lear

    Input Feedback on iOS

    Hi there, can we have any kind of feedback for pressing a button in the iOS App, please? I never know when I hit a button, e.g. add this song to playlist, if my Input has been recognised by the app unless I check the outcome. Some kind of feedback, like a short flashing of the pressed button or something similar, would be nice. Thx.
  5. Looking for a new smart TV for in the bedroom and was wondering what the pros and cons are of each Emby app for the following platforms: Emby LG app Emby Android TV app So for users with experience on both platforms @@CBers and everyone else: Which one do you favor and why Which platform has most format support Which platform has most options regarding Emby basic and extended functionality Content that is going to be played on that new TV ranges from 1080p to 4K HEVC HDR. Thanks to everyone giving feedback !
  6. SilverPeak

    [feedback] New to Emby

    Hi, Before Emby i used Serviio and also tried UMS quickly. Serviio is pretty awesome, i loved using their product but it does require alot manual work to get proper transcoding work (if) your goal is to mainly use their webbrowser feature, also subtitles are a hit & miss with serviio. Now i started using Emby and bought a $5 sub to see what's emby about So far i really believe its the best media server you gonna get, i'm really satisfied about it! but there are things emby does wrong in my view and those things almost drove me away instantly. Things i believe emby does wrong: 1. Emby does not see/allow harddisks owned by a root user as Library source. i own this dedicated server and use it as root so i was very surprised that i couldn't select my "/root/mediaserver" directory from the Emby first-run setup at the internet browser.. i actually had to log into my dedicated server tru ssh to copy files from /root/mediaserver to /home/newmediaserver using commands like cp -r /root/mediaserver/Video/* "/home/newmediaserver/" to fix your limitation!! My suggestion to fix this issue is that Emby detects that it's being installed by a root user and gives itself proper permission rights to access all directories. This would save me and other people alot of time setting up emby in the future. 2. Automated file metadata, i have to correct alot of files manually, this probably could use some improvement. The Indentify feature does help alot with correcting automated mistakes but i have to use this feature way too much.. Maybe make the automated detection use imdb more often or improve it. 3. Honestly, point #1 is actually the only problem that would have drove me away from Emby right at the start. You got a pretty solid system going, i really love how it works with the Xbox One app! Keep up the good work!!
  7. Hello, I just downloaded Emby to my DS118 Synology NAS. I usually use Plex, now I wanted to compare it to Emby and share my ideas, experience with Emby and comparison to Plex. So I don't know why, but when using Emby on the DS118 it was a very slow and unresponsive experience, so that's why I switched to my MacBook as server and use it as comparison. For fairness, I also had problems with Plex on my DS118 at first also being unresponsive, but that was while being in alpha phase ;D. When using it with Mac, I had no issues whatsoever. Now I my initial first impression was good, it's a nice friendly interface, modern and what I like most about it, you can customise the crap out of it! It's really nice the level of personalisation, Plex doesn't have that. Then also nice is that you get trailers without having to buy the premium, is this really true or will it disable over time like a 14 day trial or something? Because the trailer plugin says that it only is available the first 14 days or is this something else? However, if this is true, it's a dealbreaker against Plex! So now about the Interface... I like the interface in the web very well and also the iOS app. But the Apple TV App should really be reworked... When using the Apple TV app it just feels old and sluggish. - Sometimes the text is off (look at the "1080p" tag when looking at a movie page). - When using the Apple TV 4K the movie posters in the home screen, they're in bad quality (not 4K like Plex or Infuse) - no movie trailers button in the Apple TV app?! - Emby Server on Mac: Very bad app logo quality and menu bar quality, pixelated in comparison to other apps like Plex (looks like it was designed on non-retina Macs...) Nice is that you have trailers without Premium Subscriptions, but really sad is that you can't even play a movie in the iOS app without Pro, this works on Plex (even without 5$ in-app-purchase)! Speaking of performance (when forgiving the performance issues on my DS118), Emby is pretty identical to Plex, wasn't able to handle 4K transcode on the DS118 but everything else no problemo. So overall Emby really nice, but the Apple TV app really has to be reworked in the near-future... If you want logs from my DS118, I'm sorry I just deinstalled Emby and I don't really wanna go through the setup process just for these issues again.
  8. darwindeeds

    mbios.uservoice.com - feedback portal

    Guys, I have updated halfword.uservoice.com => mbios.uservoice.com to make it more relevant to the mb community. Going forward use the https://mbios.uservoice.com to voice feedback. There are some great feedback suggested already and we are excited to see the user interest.
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