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Found 6 results

  1. My IPTV supplier, supplies some channels called 'PPV' which do not always have listings (dependent on if any content currently available for the channels). Listings are retrieved from their own xml file for these channels. I have assigned my own channel names, channel numbers, (iptv m3u does not contain channel numbers) tags and logos. The padlock icon turns green to confirm change and saved successfully. Listings are downloaded successfully, but when there are no listings at the next refresh, the channel names/tags are reset to m3u defaults and channel numbers are cleared, but the logos remain visible. Is there a way to save the channel names/tags & numbers (like the logo), so I don't have to keep re-entering the details every time the listings clear?
  2. Hi, I'm new here! Can someone tell how I can remove "Play On another device" option on emby web player. I'm a minimalist. So, I need less option on my screen.
  3. ZardoZ

    Web site broadcast

    Hi All! We are a cinema museum in Canada. We have a Mediaroom where researchers can screen our collection of films using Emby. we hace an account for visitors wher the librairian gives the access codes. We would like to integrate the videos on our in Emby server to our website, for the broadcast of movies that we have the rights for web broadcast. This will prevent the duplication of movies for web broadcast on a separate server, but rather have Emby to broadcast at a lower resolution the videos we have in our Mediaroom for our web sites. We have a museum database software that contains all the information regarding the films and all the elements linked to this film. (written scenarios in PDF, photos, audio files, etc...) . This software has a lot more metadata for research than Emby. Also it contain informetion to both film in stock and not. The Research on our website will be conducted through this software and upon the user's decision, It will dictate to Emby to play this perticular movie the user want to see if is is in our server. Emby is a very good software for the individual broadcast, but not for intensive research on the internet. Our expectations are to have the museum database software to offer the elements and metadata that Emby does not control very well yet. (scenarios in PDF or electronic book) and be completed by Emby to broadcast the audio files, pictures and on our websites. Is such a thing possible? What would be the best way to acheive it? can we prevent the login and password? Thanks a lot for your help. ZardoZ
  4. CharleyVarrick

    Emby Home page easier customization

    Present true Display Settings: we can control Home Screen Section display ordering, with the option to not display. Similarly, we can move items up and down in Library Order. The problem I see here is each time my browser window size change (and this must happen at least 30 times a day), the relative positions of each "tiles" will change as well. Also, the Display Settings pops over and obscure the Home page This might have been suggested before, and if so, I apologize and accept my thread be merged to a parent thread. I would like to be able to shuffle Home Screen Sections up or down, but right from the Home Screen, sliding blocks style, drag and drop with the mouse, could work also on tablets/phones with the proper gesture.. As well, I would be able to swap around the items within a Library Order. It would help get the best possible use of screen real estate Combining those 2 customizations, I would go from this to that in 10 seconds without ever leaving the Home Page.
  5. adelphiaUK

    Help Needed: Custom CSS

    Hi. I wish to use the "custom css" on the server settings as I wish to make the "solid background" more transparent so the backgrounds stand out more. However, I'm not sure how to use the custom css feature. Does this point to a custom css file or do you add your css into the box? If it is the latter then can the box be changed to a text area so you can format the code as we like? Can this also be implemented for the "login disclaimer" please as right now my disclaimer doesn't format right as the line breaks are in the wrong place. I tried using in-line HTML coding (<br>) but that just prints the coding inside the message, Finally, is there any documentation on the css so we know which object is called what? I know there's a few (unhelpful for beginner) posts in the forums but I don't appear to be able to find anything in the wiki. Thanks Chris
  6. ceg2670

    Customize Home Menu

    Music Add-on does not populate in sub menu when Add-on Browser is added, Music, or by itself. My ultimate goal is to have a menu item like add-on browser where I can control what add-on shows. For example, I don't want to see programs in my video add-on. I want a menu item like add-on browser with sub menus for video add-on, music add-on, tv add-on, etc. Is this already possible without changing code? My experience in that area can be summed up with one word...non-existent. The shortcut coding for music: ActivateWindow[MusicLibrary,addons://sources/audio/,return] Maybe the problems is in the backend coding.idk
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