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Found 8 results

  1. The Emby Theater app from the Windows Store has the overlay come up when you use the media keys, which is supposed to show the name of the song and then the album artist. The theater app is making it show the artist(s), and then the album artist. This happens with all of my songs, all of which have proper names/titles. Spotify's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/Ws3Jqrj.png Emby's overlay: https://i.imgur.com/YD90HRo.png Otherwise, it works normally. I do notice that the windows store app is quite a bit slower at starting songs, compared to the web UI or Emby Theater from the website. It's particularly slow when starting a song after playing nothing, such as first starting the app or after clicking the stop button on previous media.. If you shuffle your library, an artist, or an album, it usually starts way faster and will skip songs much quicker. Hope this is in the right section. If not, please move it for me. Thanks!
  2. My wife watches a lot of subbed content, often the subs have typos and need correction - so she pauses playback to write down the time position and text correction so she can edit the .srt file later. Currently we're using MPC-HC as an external player in EMC - which makes this task easy. But, in ET - pressing pause brings up the overlay partially obscuring the subs - this only requires a short wait for overlay to drop down. BUT, when resuming playback the bar pops up again making it difficult to read the following subs for about five seconds. It would be great if there was a way to get that overlay to drop down much more quickly - or prevent it from appearing entirely on pause. She'd still need to pull it up manually (via up arrow) whilst paused to see the time position.
  3. Issue description: I'm having some issues with the Emby app on my new UN65KS8000 TV. When playing or pausing certain movies there is no information overlay/OSD as there is when I play most other files. The movies play fine and I can still pause/resume the movie with the play/pause button but the usual screen overlay is not there. I also can't use the back button to go back to Emby. Instead I must hold down the back button to kill the app. I've also noticed that the files that have issues always seem to have non-English subtitles. I rarely if ever use subtitles and when I try to disable them is when I noticed I can't access the overlay menu. For a little background, I've been using Emby for a few years now and love it! Until I purchased this TV we've used Emby via Roku's about 90% time with web and Windows apps taking up the rest. I've never had any issues with those methods. At least not that I can recall. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Steps to reproduce: Play any of the particular files where this issue happens. My TV/HTS/BD Player model number: Samsung UN65KS8000 w/ Samsung Smart TV 2.4.0 My firmware version: 1162 Other TVs etc. the issue has been reproduced on: None, this is my only Tizen TV. My Emby server version: My current Emby Samsung client version: 2.0.1 Other Emby Samsung versions the issue can be reproduced in: N/A Supporting information to include logs and pictures where applicable: I've attached the following files with a rip of Hotel Transylvania as an example: - Server logs -> Redwood Emby Server Log.txt - Media Info export from the Hotel Transylvania mkv files -> MediaInfo - Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv.txt - A JSON file per the instructions on the "How to report a problem" sticky -> Hotel Transylvania (2012) mkv API JSON.txt
  4. Hi, Is it possible to adjust the locations of the indicator overlays? When I choose "top-right" for example, I'd like it to actually be in the top-right, not padded down a whole bunch. There is a nice bar across the top of every poster and it would be really nice if I could have the indicators inside this bar, not overlayed over the poster image. In this example it's rather hard to read the indicator. If i could move the indicator all the way up and then somehow change the color of that bar, it would be perfect imo. So, I guess my question is: How can I change the "padding" values of where it places the image, relative to the "top-right" of the image? What about the color of the bar? Black would be nice!
  5. RedStripe

    Photos view overlay issue

    Firefox Version 45.0.1 Server Version 3.0.5913.0 The mouseover overlay slid-in is persistent (i.e. the slide in remains visible when the mouse leaves) on photos page (and sub pages). Thanks
  6. I have quite a lot of 'foreign' films in my movie collection. Whilst I only speak English, I enjoy these with English subtitles enabled, which works really well. However, sometimes I just want an "easy watching" experience and wish to avoid picking a film which isn't in English. Currently I haven't found any easy way to do this. The ideal thing to have would be an icon with the mediainfo icons, OR an overlay on the poster (like the HD overlay) which reflects the language that the film is in. A little flag would work well I think. The relevant information already seems to be present in my movie.xml files. For example, for the film "Yojimbo" I have the following sections.... <Countries> <Country>Japan</Country> </Countries> <LanguageCode>ja</LanguageCode> <Country>JP</Country> <MediaInfo> <Audio> <Language>ja</Language> </Audio> </MediaInfo> Forgive me if this has come up before but I've had a fairly thorough search and found nothing
  7. If i add a few new movies to my library, they appear in the Movie posters but are without it's poster image until the server does a scan later. So they're just grey. I'd like a quick 'n' easy way for it to go and grab and show the poster. For a movie that doesn't yet have any metadata, could it conditionally then have an 'Quick Identify' (Quick ID) button that appears on the mouse-over overlay, next to the 'three dot'menu button say, so that we can press that and it immediately searches the movie db and downloads the metadata and imagery, and then immediately updates the posters view to show the new imagery. This would NOT give the usual search options, etc, just a one click search with the defaults. So quick 'n' easy. If the filename wasn't formatted correctly, or it didn't come up with what's expected, then we can just go through the normal procedure to ID it manually. So this should work for 95-99% of new movies added.
  8. Hi guys, With the latest update, the name of the movies and tv-shows appear as an overlay on top of the cover of the items???? Sorry, but it looks ridicious, it breaks the visual immersion, I dont understand why we need it? why?? cant we understand what tv show or movie from looking at the cover? Even lets say, the cover is a little bit mysterious (1/100 chance), and doesnt reveal the item right away, when you go over it, the name appears at the bottom!!! so isnt having 18 characters (two words) and three dots for every item on the bottom a overkill?? Please revert it, or put a option to turn it off Cheers,
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