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Found 12 results

  1. Years ago I used the Shark007 codecs and would configure AC3 filter to convert all my AAC 5.1 audio tracks to AC3 5.1. These days I'm using LAV filters (like most people here I expect) and I hadn't really considered what was happening with my older videos that have AAC multi-channel audio track (all my new stuff is DD or DTS). So, it appears that it just gets output as 2 channel PCM - does anyone know how to configure the LAV Audio Decoder to enable 5.1 PCM? Or do I have to resort to AC3 filter again?
  2. Hi guys, Is it possible to enable HEVC hardware acceleration with the Emby LAV filters? I have a GTX 960, which decodes x265 content and when playing HEVC files outside of Emby, the HEVC checkbox in LAV filters is enabled. However, when playing the same file through Emby Theater, the HEVC checkbox is not enabled. Is it possible to enable it? I'm having issues with smooth playback even at lower bitrates. Thanks!
  3. Scenario: Using EMC (Media Browser Classic in WMC). Loading External Players. Issues: 1. When loading MPC-HC with MadVR from EMC it sometimes starts to play audio only but sometimes plays fine. I either need to right click a mouse (not very reasonable as this is supposed to be all controlled with a remote) to get the file to play or I need to try repeatedly by stopping the playback and starting over from one to three times to get video playback. 2. ISO mounting. I have the configurator set to load TMT5 set for playback for ISO only and I have Elaborate Bytes Virtual Clone Drive s
  4. Hi all, I'm currently having an issue with MB Theater when trying to play .mkv files. Whenever I try to play one it states that the MediaBrowser.UI has stopped working (See picture below). This issue is also present in Windows Media Player, but not in VLC's player. Furthermore, these files also play correctly on my computer with Windows 7 with the same settings, but not on Windows 8.1 which I have installed now. I assume this issue would also persist in MB Classic since it is present in MB Theater and WMP; however, I do not have the Media Pack for Windows 8.1 which includes WMC so I cannot
  5. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get subtitles working with LAV splitter. I used to use Haali so this is all a bit new to me, but at this point I think I've digested half a dozen tutorials without it helping much. I have uninstalled all codecs on my system, rebooted and reinstalled LAV. I have set preferred language to "eng" and subtitles to "advanced" and *:eng" (also tried "normal"). If I press * during playback in MBT it even shows me there are two streams (subtitles or non) and allows me to select either. No subtitles in MBC either. I know LAV splitter is doing something be
  6. Installed Media Browser Theater version 3.0.5182.20892. I noticed I couldn't use the "configure audio" button under "Video Player" options. It was looking in the standard LAV filter installation location (C:\Program Files (x86)\LAV Filters). However I had earlier installed KLite codec pack, which puts them in a subdirectory of itself (C:\Program Files (x86)\Klite Codec Pack\LAV Filters) Uninstalling Klite and re-installing LAV Filters solved the problem. I opened up MBT and was shown the initial use wizard thingy, something that hadn't come up before!!!
  7. So i was trying to get subtitles to work on MBC/WMC without having to use MPC and the only option seemed to be Media Control. Media Control is fine for the more experience user but is not very WAF worthy. So i decide to try and get MCERemote plus (which is the only other alternative to Media Control) and after 2 days of messy around i finally got it to work properly. So i decided to share my setup so that others may benefit. This has only been tested with Embedded subs only but MceRemote simply turns on or off the subtitle section of FFDshow. So if FFDshow properly enables the external sub
  8. I just finish reading the topic that was locked but im in the same boat and have yet to find a solution. In the audio setting if i leave ac3 ticked, WMC is unable to play the video but if i test the same video via graphstudio64 , it plays just fine and bitstreams. If i untick ac3, WMC plays the file but in PCM. Also im having issues with anime. Both the english and jap audio will play at the same time.
  9. Hi MB3-Community - The Good: Since it 'tis the season to be jolly I just want to say how happy I am that MKV (video & audio) and FLAC (audio) files are playing in Windows Media Center (WMC)/MB3-Classic on my HTPC and Extender for the first time ever thanks to installing Media Browser Theater (MBT)! The Bad: However, MP4 audio to accompany perfect MP4 video still evades me in 2013 on the Extender/MBC (see here). It has always worked fine on the HTPC. Does anyone have any suggestions for LAV settings for MP4 audio for the extender....please? What I Did: With a bit of time over the holi
  10. Hi folks, On my HTPC, I'm currently using MB3/MBC using MPC-HC as the external player. I'm using the default LAV splitter & LAV AV filters and things look pretty good. My only "complaint" is that I wish I could get SD content ripped from DVDs to be a bit cleaner. The fundamental problem is that this content is 720x480 and I'm scaling it up to 1080p and watching it on a 60" plasma TV. I understand there's no substitute for a high resolution source. That all being said... outside of the Anime world, so speaking for live action TV series, is there much real world benefit from using Ma
  11. Jasoon

    LAV settings...

    Can anyone help me out with some audio setting in LAV? Ive installed MBT and for some reason im not getting any audio on at least one of my music videos, ive tried every settings and nothing seems to work... It used to work just fine in MBC using ffdshow, and the audio works in VCL and also when I use Redshirts Android plug in. This is a grab of the LAV settings, graphstudionext64 and mediainfo https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/73415573/audio%20problem.PNG
  12. This started in a separate thread, but it started going off topic, so I'm starting a new one here. The quotes contain some relevant information from the original thread. I'm not sure of all the details of Marc's problem, but here's what mine are: I was having some issues with one of my HTPC's, so I reloaded Windows 7 (64bit) from scratch, did all the Windows updates, installed LAV filters using this guide, and installed MB Classic. My HTPC outputs via HDMI to my Onkyo HT-S5500 stereo. The stereo supports all of the Btistreaming formats below, so I have them a
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