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Found 16 results

  1. gillmacca01

    List premieres on Live TV

    In the live TV you can have indicators for 'premieres'. Is there a way (maybe via search), to see all premieres in my TV lineup for the week? If not, think this could be handy to catch new TV shows
  2. Emby Server: Ubuntu 20.04 on a HP 290 p0043w with 16GB RAM. Hello. Ever since I have upgraded from 4.5 to 4.6, I have to constantly reset my server for Live TV at least once a day or else I get Playback Error after a few hours running, and at one time I had to do it three times. I don't know what is causing it, and I tried looking through the logs but can't spot anything.
  3. MrGrymReaper

    Emby 4.6.50 & New TV (TV Cards Direct)

    Hi @Luke @ebr, I was wondering with your recent new update to 4.6.50 whether you have included the new direct support for live tv via tuner cards without additional software (e.g. MediaPortal, WinTV etc)? As the changelog doesn't mention it, but doesn't mean that it isn't present. As it may be an unlisted change, anyway I have tried to find the release announcement for the new version as it may be mentioned either way in that post. But it doesn't seem to have been written and published yet could someone please answer me on the situation with this question please? Thanks, MrGrymR
  4. So I recently ... well over the holidays... so I guess that is still recent... setup an HD HomeRun Prime with a CableCard and for the most part all is working flawlessly.. but there are a few channels I don't see in emby, but I do see through the HD HomeRun app (which is hideous, thank you emby team for making a much better interface). I'm sure there are other channels, but the 2 I can't fine are 83 and 583 covering FS1 on FiOS. I get FS2 and other DRM channels that are viewable on the HD HomeRun, but not these two. The automatically selected "Emby Guide Data" for my zip code seems to be: USA-
  5. gillmacca01

    Listing update frequency

    Just curious if you now this answer. Sometimes programs change due to major events (I.e. 9-11, death of president/queen). Do you know how often gracenote update their listing (once a day, every 4 hours,etc)
  6. I've looked at other postings of this type but don't see anything really exactly similar to this situation - Situation: Chromecast goes black (no image or sound) after pause/resume of Live TV (on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) The problem only appears on Live TV - much higher resolution/bitrate/bandwidth movies do not have the problem. Android controlling Chromecast Gen 3 that is wired, not wireless - using gigabit adapter. Playback set to auto. Stream is 720p Comcast via HD Homerun Prime. Stream runs as "Direct Streaming" in the Emby dashboard. No CPU issues on
  7. Pommes

    Tuner for Live DVR and Recording

    Hi, I know there are a few similar posts, but I havent found anything for my specific situation. I am looking for a DVB-C Tuner for the live tv and recording feature in Emby, that is currently available to buy (Europe). It should be able to handle up to 4 streams at 1080p, work with Emby and have a ci+ slot (or two) I found HD Homeruns etc only used at ebay on amazon etc they are all out of stock. Will the tv guide work with that solution, i found a few post that sayed it only works with DVB-T :)
  8. duga

    Live TV

    Hi, i try to setup emby live tv, but i never use emby. I buy emby premium but how i can setup live tv. Which Link i can put in in xml settings for live tv or something? Regreds Duga
  9. niikhill


    I added my m3u8 and xml ( which are fine , works fine in various iptv apps , displays all logos and everything ) but in emby i get all the channels and guide but logos are missing. Logs reports the following error. My xml provides logos in the form of direct url pointing to a png file *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffdetect /opt/emby-server/bin/ffdetect -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatep
  10. Sand2010

    Live TV configuration settings

    i am trying to change my Live tv setting under the settings menu with no luck. When clicking on live Tv or DVR the address will populate, but the page will not switch to the TV settings menu. I have cleared live Tv cache, also deleted the live Tv config file and restarted emby server with no luck. i have even restore the config file to see with no difference. Everything else is working fine Any ideas would be great.thanks PS. i have emby premier subscription
  11. I just purchased Premiere specifically to try out the Live TV section. I'm able to find my HDHomerun DUO, no problem. I picked the Emby Guide Data source and local OTA. But, when i go to Refresh Guide Data, the gray pops up for a few seconds and goes away. No channel data is downloaded or really anything at all. I'm stuck.
  12. bgeelen

    Filter channels from overviews

    Hi guys, I'm working with the awsome Live tv integration. My setup is Tvheadend as backend. I use iptv-epg.com for guide data, which gives me all the nice and rich epg functinos i want. The only issue i'm having is with adult channels. Now i don't want to exclude them in total from my account, but i don;t want them to be present up front. If i go to the live tv section now, and the row with movies and on now is flooded with aldult movies. I want the channels to show up in the general grid epg view, and in the channels, but i want emby to ignore it in all the overviews a
  13. Please add a count on each of the series cards to show how many upcoming recordings are in the schedule.
  14. Shadowdream

    How to use DD Cine C2 for TV

    Hello, I am new to this Forum and am searching for help on how to install my Digital Devices Cine C2 TV card and use it with Emby. When using google, the results I get usualy point towards certein specific cards or other external devices - which does not help me. My setup is a home server which I use to store my Movies and play them with Emby. Since my plan was to build a "self-sustaining" box I got myself that Cine C2 TV card which fits into a PCI-E slot. As OS I am runing Debian 9 with BPO Kernel 4.17. The Homepage of Digital Devices sais that the drivers should be included since Kerne
  15. Karl Blixt

    digital reciever? how to install?

    We've recently stopped using our tv receiver. because we have other services that cover what it does. but I've recently wanted to watch something on the live-tv directly. So my intention were to add it to emby. How do I do this? I've got it connected to my network and given it power. it's a samsung digital set top box. is this doable or donät I have to correct hardware to enable this?
  16. Hello, when i try to refresh the Live-TV Guide following errors appeared: My System: Emby Server Version 3.0.8300.0 on Synology NAS DVBLink 6.0.0 Newest Version! Status: Ok DVBLink Plugin (same Problem with stable 1.1.6) Any Idea? Thanks and Best regards. just.RooT
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