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Found 8 results

  1. -= PLEASE UP VOTE & PROMOTE THIS REQUEST IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS FEATURE =- DO THIS BY CLICKING THE "LIKE" BUTTON ON THIS POST REQUEST: Properly pool multiple M3u IPTV sources, so when adding more than one with the exact same M3u emby treats them as one source with however many "Concurrent Streams" you set for each. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/63725-multiple-iptv-tuners-double-channels/?p=636718 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/59607-duplicate-channels-one-tuner/?p=607031 https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/57420-multiple-identical-m3u-tuners-without-duplicate-channels/?p=560949 Basically once M3u #1 has used all 5 of its tuners, I then need to start using the login info that is within M3u #2... once those 5 tuners are used (now all 10 tuners), then emby issues "no tuners available". This is how emby treats HDhomeruns today, so it can't be to difficult. @@snodrog742 @@manolodf @@robrhedrick @@cayars
  2. I have heard before that in future release of Emby that there will be support for multiple EPGs for those with multiple tuners. I have tuners with overlapping channel names and just short of using Xsteve unable to use both of them on the same Emby Server without overlapping channels (resulting those channels missing within the guide). Any idea how long before this will be considered? I did a quick look through the forum and didn't see this subject yet, so hopefully this isn't a duplicate.
  3. kpkimmel1983

    Disable DVR

    Hi If i set up two tuners, can i disable one form recording and just use it for live tv while allowing the other tuner to record?
  4. Hey guys, I was looking through the forums and trying to figure out the right way to get just some basic OTA with TV Guide in USA. I have options on what to buy but cost seems to creep very quickly. It appears i'm stuck between too many products. Plex really doesn't work for me as it requires alot of external connections (Internet) but handles TV Guide well with HDHomerun. Emby has Live TV and Recording but seems like manual config(Not against this) or pay 25 a year for SD (Wife Veto). The Xbox One with the USB Tuner really does work pretty well and Guide comes through good and xbox glass for sharing but no recording. NextPVR has some Guide ability but seems sorta the same vein as ZAP XML route or can you use a Hauppauge tuner and get that data? Does the HDHomerun block OTA EPG? I'm not sure if I need recording as a requirement but having live TV with a guide would be. The part that I would like is using the same interface for movies and music and TV. The part that confuses me isn't this info part of DVB EPG that ANT gives you? Sorry if I just mushed too much research together!
  5. Hey Folks, Is there a way to limit the Tuners Emby is allowed to access on a HDHomerun? I thought of the 3 Tuners, you could remove/specify which ones Emby could see/use.. I'm on version (in W10) and I don't see any such options any more... Did I imagine it in the first place? I've reconfigured WMC to only use Tuners 1 and 2 - and I'd like to set Emby to use Tuner 3 only. I have DRM channels that have kept me on WMC for Live/Recorded TV, while all other Media I have was long ago migrated to Emby. I'd like to start moving all non-DRM channels over to Emby to shake it out and ensure the TV functionality works as well for me. Intentions are to reduce the level of TV service I have at some point - eliminating the DRM channels, and shutting down WMC. I see in testing that Emby always picks the first (available) Tuner, whereas WMC seems to be more random. So, maybe the simplest thing is to change WMC to use Tuner 2 and 3 for now, and leave Tuner 1 open for Emby. Though, I'd prefer to restrict Emby, so it doesn't have access to pull one away from WMC, since WMC is still the primary TV source for now...
  6. There are two programs recording. It is not possible to tune to any thing else. I tried through web app and the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Android TV app (logs submitted). (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: 189.000 MHz Tuner 1 Channel: 683.000 MHz (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none (HDHomeRun EXTEND) Tuner 0 Channel: none Tuner 1 Channel: none Edit: I have verified 160 and 161 are responding to web requests to watch TV (watched a bit via MPC-HC). logs.zip
  7. I have had LiveTV working for a while, but after a recent crash, the ServerWMC plugin did not show as installed anymore. Taking the opportunity to install the latest ServerWMC update (had to install manually since auto update was not working) I then installed the plugin in Emby and restarted. When it restarted it began to set each of my three tuners (HDHR Prime) to active. WMC was not showing the tuners were active, but could not open Live TV because there were no tuners available. ServerWMC showed the tuners as busy, but I could not get them to release from there. I had to restart my HDHR to get them to release. However, now every time Emby restarts the same thing happens. I looked through the Emby logs but couldn't see anything that showed an error during startup. This line repeated twice, but I don't know if that means anything: 2016-10-01 10:53:33.7352 Info App: Entry point completed: MediaBrowser.Server.Implementations.LiveTv.TunerHosts.SatIp.SatIpDiscovery. Duration: 0 seconds Any ideas what is going on? Other than the issues with startup, everything else appears to be working correctly. I did an uninstall/reinstall of the ServerWMC plugin to see if that would fix it, but it still occupies all the available tuners on startup, one by one.
  8. Ceth

    Transcoding Improvements

    First off, I love Emby. The amount of progress just over the last year that I have been using it has been pretty amazing, both on the client side and on the server side. I have a question about the potential for improvements transcoding live TV. I use Ceton tuners on two setups, and they don't support DNLA or built-in transcoding so I'm worse off than most. As I understand it, transcoding is achieved through a complicated series of steps where ServerWMC (or another backend) takes the raw MPEG2 streams, writes them to disk, and then ffmpeg transcodes that file to another file, which is then served up using HLS or some other streaming protocol. This introduces long wait times while the stream is prepared, and the potential for orphaned ffmpeg processes and glitchy controls that don't respond consistently or timely. I know EmbyTV removes the third party back end which is a benefit, but will it be technically possible to improve this basic sequence? For example, can the stream from the tuner be fed directly into ffmpeg (or another encoder) within memory without an intermediate file? I understand that some features are limited due to manpower, but others are just technically impossible. I'm just curious as to whether it is possible to improve upon the existing sequence. Also, another potential method to reduce the lag and glitches created by building and tearing down streams, would be to immediately activate a tuner as soon as the Live TV module is loaded. It would immediately create a transcoded stream based on whatever is coming out of the first available tuner so the user doesn't have to wait every time a program is selected for the stream to be created. Selecting the program would change the channel on the tuner with the steam already in progress which would eliminate all lag except for the buffer. Only when you exit the Live TV module would the tuner be released and ffmpeg shutdown. Combine this with upcoming hardware encoding improvements to ffmpeg, and I think the live tv experience would be greatly improved.
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