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  1. I was thinking it would be a good feature to change the way Emby is naming movies when they are recorded. From: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (long alpha numeric character string).ts To: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941).ts The year information is available in the metadata. What do you guys think? Thanks for reading and considering!
  2. bubs

    Problems with local IPTV lists

    Hi, I have some problems with LIVE TV. 1º - If i add a channel to a local iptv list (m3u) i cant get channel in my server until i remove and add again. Is that correct? Is that the only way yo refresh a m3u list? 2º - I have a list like this: #EXTM3U #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="100" channel-name="channel ABC" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.100.png"group-title="groupA",channel name http;//some.stream.link.100.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="101" channel-name="channel DEF" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.101.png"group-title="groupA",channel name http;//some.stream.link.102.m3u8 #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="102" channel-name="channel GHI" tvg-logo="http://some.logo.link.102.png"group-title="groupA",channel name http;//some.stream.link.103.m3u8 and so on..... In live-tv section on web-browser, in channels tab, the channel 101 and 707 are displayed before everything else (see image). Is any reason that happen? I did a new installation of emby-server on my local machine and the list is displayed correctly. I did a clean cache in the server, remove and re-add, refresh channels, change name of the list from aaa.m3u to bbb.m3u, change the link of the channel, remove the lines of that 2 channels e re-add. The result is all the same, if the channels are in the list the order in web-browser is that one. In the emby add-on for kodi its even worst, because the order is by name and not by the number. I have a lots of channels, they all organized in the .m3u file, they are ordered properly. I think if the order in the web-browser, and in the order apps by the way, should be the order of the .m3u file. Or in alternative, it should be possible to order manually or by other criteria. If i add a xmtv file the order in the mapping list is the order in the files, so i cant understand way the view of the daily basis its not the same thing. I think this problem should be resolved if i do a clean install, but since i have the server running on a slow machine and i have a lots of media added to him, the reconfiguration will be a nightmare. I moved the data folder to a backup (to do a test) and start emby-server, its basically a new installation because all the settings are gone, i added the list and everything is fine, so i assume that its somting wrong with my db. 3º - In other scenario if i add the list with tvg-id tag, the names of every channel appear 2 times like 101 101, i don't understand why too. Maybe because the tvg-id is used to get the number and the name, but if that's the case the interface should display only one of them, even if i use the tvg-id and the tvg-name, the interface shows the same and complitly ignore tvg-name. 4º - Last but not least Its a suggestion. Would be awesome if the emby deal with the time-in xmltv, like, my xmltv have channels from different countries, and the hours are displayed like 201609011200 -0200, in this case the program is start 10:00 UTC, so if i am in UTC +1 in my time should be 11:00. _______ To all developers a huge thank you for this awesome media server.Keep up the good work!!
  3. Nutellaeis

    Possible filename problem

    Hello, I found another problem. Some of my files simply will not play when I use the app to send them to chromecast. They do play fine in the app and the webview though. I suspect it happens if the files have special characters like ? or : . Some examples of filenames that will not play: Re: Life in a different world from zero - s01e01.mkv Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto - s01e01.mkv There are no errors in the normal logfiles. However if I force transcoding I DO get errors. Adding an example log here. transcode-00db808c-d507-4f1f-8759-f33bd77f243b.txt
  4. Hi. What I'm using emby is for mostly hollywoods movies, some american TV shows, and many Japan Animes, Korean TV shows. The problem is, the TV contents other than USA's are not recognized good enough by current TV episode naming conventions (https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV-naming) even though metadata system works very well with correct season/episode numbers. Here's the example: - An.American.Show.S01E04.PROPER.720p.HDTV.x265.AnonymousRelease.mkv -> Season 1, Episode 4 (OK) - [AnonymousRelease] A Japanese Anime - 05 RAW (TX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4 -> Season 1280, Episode 720 (Wrong) - A.Korean.Show.E37.160109.HDTV.H264.720p-AnonymousRelease.mp4 -> Season 1601, Episode 09 (Wrong) Honestly it is fun sometimes to fix them manually, but it would be better if it can be done by itself. Is there any method to control naming convention? If not, is there anyone provide the way to change it or add various contents type other than just "TV"? - Current Emby server version in using: 3.0.5849.22633
  5. Techie-v2

    Naming Home Videos

    Hi all, Just wondering what is the best way to name Photos and Home Videos. At the moment I have my photos named - Photos\Year\Month\Event\Photoname.ext This is all very well and good as I can browse through my years and view photos but what is I wanted to Jut see pictures of a certain person I.e baby daughter from all the years. None of my photos are named properly, just the generic name what ever camera they came form gives them. Is there a better way to do it. Same goes for Home Videos? Thanks in advance
  6. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Movie%20naming
  7. Luke

    TV Naming Guide

  8. https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Music%20naming
  9. Our KB is located at https://support.emby.media For articles related to media files & folder structure: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/folders/44000764515
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