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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, May be it is an implementation choice or a very minor bug but I found this behavior on emby server 4.5.4. the identify search feature does not exclude movies without date when a date is explicitly provided in search criteria. In my opinion this is not the desired behavior so I would like to inform you (in the past I would probably make a PR). It seems trivial when using the identify manually: you provide a date and it retrieve also bad movies, you choose the right and that is good. Nevertheless, it also affect the automatic identify feature which is most serious in my case (sometimes I have to recreate a lib and I have to identify manually again tens of this case) "Train to busan" movie search with "themoviedb" as first indexer is a great example to reproduce: - at the moment of writing, the search on the themoviedb provides 3 results: https://www.themoviedb.org/search?query=Train to Busan If you try to identify this movie from emby without providing date: Which is exactly what I expect (same result) But if you provide "2016" as date in search criteria (which is what the automatic search does I suppose): "Peninsula" disappeared because 2020 != 2016 ok but the other one not. the intuitive behavior (at least for me) is that null != 2016 but may be it is desired. Even if you agree about this point, you will could say the real problem comes from themoviedb api and you are probably right. That said, please you can trust me this is not an isolated case so I think it is good to bring this to your knowledge. As a workaround we can change the name of the file to a different language than english, in this example search for "Busanhaeng" instead of "Train to Busan" will remove the element without date and the provided date will exclude "Peninsula" so it works. The drawback is we cannot follow an uniq naming convention for our files (e.g. first name in english or in original language for all movies). I fully understand if you consider this issue as not a bug or very low priority I just want to let you know and choose
  2. I stumbled on some issue regarding the search in the GUI and on identifying items and would suggest some improvements. For example i would suggest as "II" and "2" or "IV" and "4" are synonymous in movie titles, the search and the process of identifying should consider that, the same applies for "&" and "and". Furthermore i would suggest using levenshtein distance to improve the search and match items which does not match exactly but are likely the one searched for by the user. On identifying items emby chooses the first result, which might not be the likeliest. For example: A film named Guardians (2017).mkv is automatically identified as "Guradians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" from 2017 even though "Guradians" from 2017 shows up on the identifying page. I think there should a string comparison, maybe also with levenshtein distance, and when there is a 100% match this one should definetly be choosen.
  3. Hi, I was using Plex but want to migrate to Emby, but I am having problems with missing items in my library. I have multiple drives with Movies and TV shows, all named correctly for example TV Shows: └── Black Mirror (2011) ├── Season 01 │ ├── Black Mirror - s01e01.mkv │ ├── Black Mirror - s01e02.mkv │ └── Black Mirror - s01e03.mkv ├── Season 02 │ ├── Black Mirror - s02e01.mkv │ ├── Black Mirror - s02e02.mkv │ ├── Black Mirror - s02e03.mkv │ └── Black Mirror - s02e04.mkv Unfortunately Emby did not identify all or added some as duplicates, I don't know.. For example, I have 413 TV Shows but in Emby I see only 412. How to find where is the problem? Is there some way to list all items in library with paths to files/folders?
  4. Hi! Ok so I had to reinstall emby and rescan my database. On rescan, some of the movies did not identify. On the previous install, I set download images to folder, so now all that displays is the poster, logo, landscape, and fanart. I did notice, however, that the movies that did not identify all had the same naming convention: "Movie Title, The (Year)". I have no idea why this is happening, especially when other movies with the same naming convention did identify correctly. Can anyone please help me! Thank you. embyserver.txt
  5. I have been having trouble identifying a tv show to link its metadata and just make my life easier I already checked https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming the tv naming guide followed the first one you see and still cannot identify the show in emby. Why?
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