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Found 9 results

  1. It's been a while Just got Emby working on my 2018 Mac Mini which is more or less dedicated to being a media server. Works well but when someone starts playing a video that needs transcoding the CPU ramps up a ton for about two minutes for FFMPEG to transcode the file and have it ready. This has been the case since I first turned it on, starting with 'Enable Hardware Transcoding' set to 'yes' and no other options touched. I realized that hypothetically I should be able to access whatever QuickSync/T2 based hardware acceleration this thing has via whatever FFMPEG Emby is using, so I che
  2. Hi, i will thank you for this great software it´s amazing. Now i have one little question. Will it be possible to use the GPU for transcoding (like Intel Quicksync) in the Webplayer? I know Mediabrowser Server 3 uses ffmpeg. I test with ffmpeg standalone at it can use quicksync to transcode. How could i turn this on in the MBS 3? It will be greate for all having a smal HTPC mit a CPU that allows this feature. I look forward to your response :-)
  3. Hello, I'm starting Emby as a Service (NSSM) on my NAS and noticed it isn't using hardwaretranscoding since version 4. Starting Emby as normal user (RDP session) it uses hardwaretranscoding with intel quicksync. I guess Emby isn't detecting the hardware, because of no connected display, or something? I attached the hardware detect logfiles. P.S.: Thanks a lot for Emby. I really love it! emby_user_HD.txt emby_service_HD.txt
  4. jwiese997

    Intel Quicksync on Unraid not working

    I cannot get emby to hardware transcode for anything on unraid. I've got everything configured correctly as far as I can tell. Hardware transcoding is working absolutely fine on Plex but emby keeps going to software and doesn't even list quicksync as an option when I go to advanced under transcoding. I've changed my go file, I've added the /dev/dri in the extra parameters. Quicksync is enabled and is being used in plex. Why not emby? Thanks for any help. Log.txt
  5. Hey there, I am really new to this. I bought a J3455 apollo lake board to create my own small media server. The goal is to transcode x265 up to 4k/10bit. Someone over here got it working on his Synology with the same chip: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1561297/#Comment_1561297 My problem is that ffmpeg doesnt seem to be able to use hardware acceleration correctly. It always falls back to the standard CPU transcoding. I use these files for testing: http://www.h265files.com/ All files play fine with hardware acceleration in MPC-HD. But transcoding always falls back to the
  6. Nisten

    Intel QuickSync - Repeated Playback

    Issue: Once I finish playing a movie or a tv show on the roku, the app goes back several minutes and replays a part of the movie/show that we've already seen. Findings: This doesn't happen when "hardware encoding" is turned off but only seems to happen when its turned on. Is there a way to stop this from happening and still leave hardware encoding on or is it out of Emby's control? Reason I ask is because i can leave "hardware encoding" off for mpeg-ts transcoding but for high profile h264 transcoding (due to low bitrates), "hardware encoding" is a must for my mini-pc. One of the m
  7. robrhedrick

    Hardware Transcoding Centos 7.2

    I am having some issues getting hardware transcoding to work properly with Emby Server on Centos 7.2.1511. I have successfully installed Media Server Server Studio and build the necessary custom ffmpeg. When I try to play something that should get transcoded I get an error. What is strange is when I run vainfo as seen above, it trys libva info: Trying to open /opt/intel/mediasdk/lib64/iHD_drv_video.so But the emby transcoding logs show it trying libva info: Trying to open /usr/lib64/dri/i965_drv_video.so How do I make emby use the version that shows from vainfo? The analyzer tests
  8. I'm running Emby on an old 4 core Lynnfield Xeon processor. It's running as a guest in Proxmox VE, along with several other VMs (OpenMediaVault, Nextcloud, Minecraft, etc). I've been thinking about building a dedicated box just for Emby since I've spread the gospel such that I'm regularly having 2-3 users on at any given time and the poor machine just can't keep up if titles need to be transcoded. I'm thinking a box a separate server would hold the files, so the Emby hardware would just serve/trancode. I've seen folks talk about hardware acceleration and I'm curious how robust it is in Emb
  9. Hi Everyone, Quick question...which Hardware Acceleration setting would the community recommend for an Intel HD5500 (Core i7-5500U, Dell XPS 13)? Thanks, hopefully this Topic will help someone else out also! -JBL
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