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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, This has been frustrating me and I seem to be having the same issue as another user also with an RX 480 where the issue seems to have gone unresolved. They seem to be using the same GPU as me and encountering the same issue. However, one of the solutions in the thread (remove the "d3d11va" line in the hwaccels_4.7.6.0 file) seems to stop the crashing. Pulling up dxdiag after it crashes, I see that it reverts to the Microsoft basic display driver in safe mode. I tried upgrading to a beta version of the driver, then purging it and factory resetting the AMD driver and returned it back to stable and it still is causing the crash no matter what version I run. I also took a peak at Event Viewer to see if I could find anything and the only thing that seems to be of interest regarding AMD or display drivers with the timing is that Windows reports that "Miniport driver failed to add device.." What functionality do I lose exactly if Emby doesn't load d3d11va, because it runs fine and no crashing occurs once I remove that line. I enabled debug logging and attached my emby server log but I can't make much sense of it. Thanks! Edition Windows 11 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎2/‎16/‎2022 OS build 22000.832 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.832.0 AMD driver version 22.5.1 embyserver.txt
  2. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-058599f6-a2e7-4ca3-8dd7-ad84cecaffe8_1.txt hardware_detection-63752995865.txt
  3. maxanonym

    GPU Transcoding Bug

    Hallo, seit neusten nutze ich jetzt emby, ich habe mit den GPU transcoding ein paar Probleme gehabt. Ich habe nun eine andere GPU rein gebaut und es kommt der selbe BUG. Bei der GTX 1060/1070 treten wiedergabefehler bei HVEC Filmen auf. Es ist der neuste GPU Treiber installiert. Wenn ich über die CPU (ryzen 5) Transcodiere dann funktioniert es einwandfrei. Getestet auf meheren Geräten über Apps und Emby Web Oberfläche. Genau der selbe Fehler. Wie als würde der Film falsch gerendert und emby kann es nicht richtig über die gpu verarbeiten. Bei direktem Abspielen kommt garkein fehler, oder Transcoding über die CPU. 2020-12-30 18-26-51.mkv
  4. RobertDi

    J4105-ITX GPU Transcoding

    Hallo liebes Forum, Ich habe Emby-Server auf dem ASRock J4105-ITX laufen, nativ unter Debian Buster. (Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 600) Umstieg von der Docker Variante um die GraKa das Transkoding durchführen zu lassen. Leider musste ich feststellen das mit aktivem Hardwaretranskoding nahezu kein Film mehr im Browser darstellbar ist. Alles viel zu langsam und nur Aussetzer. Folgende Ansätze brachten leider keinen Erfolg: #1 RAM der GraKa auf 512 MB hoch # 2 Intel non-free Treiber Hat jemand noch eine Idee oder ist die interne GraKa einfach zu schlecht? Mittels Software Transkoding funktioniert die Wiedergabe, allerdings mit entsprechender CPU Last. Spezifikationen Board: https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/J4105-ITX/#Specification Gruß Robert
  5. seppolind

    convert not using gpu

    I am trying to convert to hevc with gpu, seems to go to software encode. Seems like if original is mpeg it works but if original is h.264 goes to software. Am using ubuntu with nvidia p2000. embyserver.txt hardware_detection-63713606433.txt ffmpeg-transcode-fc7aff66-6f98-4919-aae7-2cac8df2d650_1.txt
  6. Kimballslice1890

    Server Hardware Setup Recommendations

    Currently running my Emby Server on server with 2 Xeon e5 2660, 128GB ram, no gpu (currently). I have the Emby server running on a dedicated VM with 16 cores, 32GB RAM and a dedicated 500GB SSD. So far it works great but I am looking to maybe go something more power efficient or potentially better utilization of hardware? (server runs on Windows Server 2008 R2) I have a HDHomerun tuner along with my media storage and average about 2-5 HD streams. I did see some stuff about GPU rendering which will offload to the CPU when it needs to. Was wondering if anyone has experience or can help me out. I have 2 spare optiplexs with 250W psus one with an i5 3470, the other with a Xeon ivy bridge i5 equivalent. I have a couple Nvidia Quadro 600s laying around. A radeon RX 560 thats not being utilized too much that I can spare and a Radeon HD 7670. I know these are relatively weak cards, but anyone with decent knowledge on the topic could chime in? Will I notice an improvement in performance/efficiency by going with a GPU-CPU combo. Any recommendations for GPUs =>$100 used. @@arrbee99
  7. jaspils

    Will adding a GPU benefit me?

    Currently running Emby on a virtual machine (ESXi) with the following specs: 8 CPUs from the 2 Xeon E5520 @ 2.27GHz in the host 8GB of RAM a 40GB disk on SSD for the OS and app Media content through a SMB-share (over Gbit network, mostly 100MB/s+ read/write speeds) Debian Buster Emby Premiere subscription Most content gets streamed fine. However, when something needs to be transcoded, it gets tricky. Especially high-quality stuff like 4K is simply not possible to watch through Emby. Also, subtitle burn-in hardly ever works. So my question would be: - Will adding a GPU benefit my setup, and what kind? I would probably add the GPU to the virtual machine through DirectPath I/O PCI passthrough. Of course adding a RTX Titan would probably improve it, but I just want something cheap. I was looking at used GPU's like the GTX950 of GTX960, mainly because they don't draw too much power from my server and would only cost me like €60. So does anyone know wheter this could help me, or perhaps suggest an alternative? Thanks! @ @@arrbee99 @@cayars
  8. Hi, i will thank you for this great software it´s amazing. Now i have one little question. Will it be possible to use the GPU for transcoding (like Intel Quicksync) in the Webplayer? I know Mediabrowser Server 3 uses ffmpeg. I test with ffmpeg standalone at it can use quicksync to transcode. How could i turn this on in the MBS 3? It will be greate for all having a smal HTPC mit a CPU that allows this feature. I look forward to your response :-)
  9. I Got a Ryzen 7 2700x with a 1070 on my server pc 4K its Intense even on a 2700x I will like to know if emby will manage both or if it only uses CPU or GPU....It Will Be nice if you can turn on a feature that let's users use the 2 encoders on the card and other users to use the CPU encode depending on the order of demand..Tank You Guys In Advance!!!
  10. Ive got three GPUs in my server; an intel hd 3000, ati radeon 5570, and a gtx 680. The hd3000 doesnt show up in emby, so I'm not sure if it actually does anything which is no problem, but I'm curious to see which devices are doing what in real time. Is there a way to tell which device is transcoding (and if possible which device is doing the decoding / which is doing the encoding?) A command line option would suffice, but i have half a mind to put this as a feature request for "stats for nerds" if its possible Also, there is the possibility that the CPU is doing the transcoding, would that show up as "mode: Transcode (software)" or something like that?
  11. ShadowKindjal

    Best GPU for Transcoding

    I'm currently running my emby server off of an e5-2670 processor with 64 GB of ram on Linux. I typically have up to 10 concurrent streams so I added an RX 580 to improve the transcoding performance of my server. Well, my 580 graphics card is malfunctioning and needs to be pulled out of commission so I'm looking to upgrade. Would anyone be able to recommend a graphics card that will easily be able to handle at least 20 concurrent streams? Right now my content is limited to 1080p but I would also like to stream 4k content at some point. I know there's an issue with Nvidia cards limiting concurrent streams to 2 but I've heard that the drivers can be patched to get around this issue. Is that also true? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. saajan4u

    GPU for the HP MicroServer

    Hi All I got my hands on a very good condition HP micro server. I am planning to user Windows server 2019 on it as i am confident administering that. I know the micro-server CPU is very dated and will struggle to do the basic trans-coding., So heres my question, Can i stick a graphics card to tell emby to use that for trans-code? also, budget is tight, so what would be the cheapest graphics card i get away with 4k. most likely to be an eBay job there wont be more than 2 stream ever. thanks in advance
  13. When transcoding movies, even with hardware acceleration turned on on the server, all of the work load is being put on the CPU for both decoding and encoding. Im pretty new to this and dont have much knowledge about how this works. -More specific specs- Processor: AMD FX-3600 Six-Core Processor GPU: Nvidia GTX-960 4GB Ram: 8.00GB DDR3 It might just be something simple i am missing, but no matter what setting configuration i have set, all of the work is done via cpu. From what i am aware, a GTX-960 should be capable of both decoding and encoding. In a recent ffmpeg log file i noticed this following message, I'm not sure if it helps: [h264_nvenc @ 00000206e4fe00c0] Cannot get the preset configuration: invalid version (15)Error initializing output stream 0:0 -- Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameterssuch as bit_rate, rate, width or heightConversion failed! Attatched are my transcoding options, ffmpeg log while transcoding a 1080p movie, and a hardware detection log. Any help to get my GPU to do something would be greatly appreciated ffmpeg-transcode-2d389333-b984-4ddc-8d5f-468abc80f562_1.txt hardware_detection-63686804671.txt
  14. foodmonkey

    gpu acceleration or cpu and memory

    ok - so upgrading my emby server from a hard working unlocked amd to a new mobo/memory et al need some advice go i5 with a gpu or i7 with lots of memory currently running emby as a docker on rockstor so i'm thinking the i7 with more threads is going to do a better job - that's as long as emby and rockstor can take advantage of the extra threads espeacially when it comes to managing multiple streams - maybe transcoding and as a file server as well any thoughts? @
  15. McBoothertonEsq

    Choosing NVENC encode GPU

    I'm currently looking into making a 2 in 1 gaming + NAS system to power my downstairs TV, I plan to use an Nvidia GTX 690 in it for a while as the card has been sitting in my attic for about a year ever since I upgraded, but will at one point get a higher end GPU like a 1070, maybe Ti, or Vega 56 (unless the 11 series drops soon enough) for gaming as the 690s 2gb per GPU frame buffer is a choking point for almost any modern game. Then I could have the 690 in there as an encode/Physx card. If I go for the Vega 56 and select NVENC encoding I assume I won't have issues as Emby should just use the 690 for that. Thing is, if I get the 1070/Ti over the Vega 56 and choose NVENC for encoding, will I be able to specify which graphics card I want the encoder to use? I'd prefer for the 1070/Ti to be reserved for gaming and general display out while the 690 encodes whenever needed. I don't see any options in settings for selecting a different GPU, I imagine there's a config text file option for it but idk where to find it or how to change which GPU it'll use. Second, does the encoding GPU need to be connected to a display? Or can it just be used as an accelerator with no video out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This seems like a promising alternative to Plex, especially as it's free to use features like hw encode (for the record I plan to donate if this becomes my permanent media server, had to sink $2500 into my truck recently so it won't be for a while).
  16. Hi everyone. I'm done with Plex, the support stinks and I have lifetime emby from mb3 days. If they fix their stuff I have lifetime there as well. Currently my content is all mkv format video from DVD/bluray. 25TB of storage on flexraid (snapshot) with 2 parity drives. I have a p9x79-ws workstation Mobo with a 3930k, 32gb of 2133Mhz ddr3, an IBM m1015 flashed to IT mode (jbod) and a hauppauge 2250 dual tuner, with an EVGA gt 730 2gb. We have a couple iPads, a couple androids, a Roku 3, an Xbox one s, and a couple laptops/desktops. Playback is primarily thru the Xbox and the Roku (still doing 1080p). I wanted to know about a couple upgrades to my hardware. First, I ordered an e5-2670v2 decacore, which is a hit on single thread but pushes my passmark up over 15,000. It also enables true pcie 3.0 and the other stuff ivy-e improved from sandy-e. (Overall performance gain). For Plex transcodes, this is the right move. For emby? Second, is it worth dropping a pcie ssd for the transcode folder? The 128gb is only $100 right now. Third, would it help with network throughput to jamb another 2-4 ports of gigabit Ethernet in? I already have 2 gig-e ports on the mobo. Any feedback is welcome!
  17. Hi, I'm looking for a new emby server hardware around 300$. Running Ubuntu Server 15.10. I'd like to transcode 2-4 streams on the same time. 24/7 operation => low power consumption Which hardware could you recommend? What's about the new Intel Nuc: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/nuc/nuc-kit-nuc6i3syk.html? The CPU also supports quick sync. Cheers
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