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Found 11 results

  1. No Media info from Blu-Ray folders (BDMV). Metadata are all fine, but none of my Blu-Ray folder rips have any Media Info. In this example you can see there is no Media info: The above folder contains the two sub folders: \BDMV \CERTIFICATE And here is the same movie in a Matroska version with complete Media info: All my mkv movies and ripped DVD films (VIDEO_TS folders) have complete Media Info. I have tried to refresh complete/partly (via Metadata manager). I have tried to remove the whole parent folder from Media library and add/scan it again. I
  2. khodges747

    UI problems/suggestions

    Hi guys, A couple things with server 3.2.36: There's an aspect ratio problem with thumbnails for TV episodes in both the Next Up and More From Season X parts of the Emby Theater screens (it also happens with the web UI). This started with 3.2.35 I think. Also, I like the new UI for movies. It's clear and smart looking, and I like the new clickable genres, etc. But please bring back the mediainfo stuff for movies. I like knowing the video and audio codec information before I click play. Finally, back on TV again, please bring back the details screen for episodes. Thanks.
  3. Platform: NUC i5,16GB RAM, Win10 Pro, Gigabit Wired, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Platform: AFTV-GEN1, 0S5.0.5.1, Gigabit Wired-AFTV Gen1&2 ports are only 10/100mbit ports, Internet 10mbit/s Fiber UP/DOWN Server: Version 3.0.5972.0 AFTV App: v1.2.00a 3rd Party App: IMDB IBN People Downloader V2 Hi Forum - Is there anyway to improve the color contrast on the media info blobs on the AFTV? That medium gray on light gray contrast leaves my eyes squinting and with a headache Thanks, Tanamur
  4. modd

    emby media tagging/grouping

    Hi; Ok; Now my issue is this . my music files may not be fully setup like kodi likes them but I had them in folders like this: rock/band name if album etc. emby is taking files and putting them under a new folder and mixing songs etc. I may try media manager and see if I can get duplicates out etc and fix taging.
  5. Hi. I'm new to Emby. I am creating a home video server with different user profiles. When I access the videos from a user profile, below the play button, a field called "Scenes" with different chapters (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, ...) and other "Media Info" with two paragraph appear (Video and Audio). My question is: Is it possible to make these two fields (Scenes and Media Info) are not visible for users? Thank you very much.
  6. Hola a todos. Soy nuevo en Emby. Estoy creando un servidor de vídeos caseros con diferentes perfiles de usuarios. Cuando accedo a los vídeos desde un perfil de usuario, abajo del botón de reproducir, aparecen un campo llamado "Escenas" con diferentes capítulos (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, ...) y otro "Media Info" con dos apartado (Video y Audio). Mi pregunta es: ¿es posible hacer que estos dos campos (Escenas y Media Info) no sean visibles para los usuarios? Muchas gracias.
  7. Hi, I successfully installed an emby server on my RPi2 with raspbian (jessie) using this guide: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/howto-install-emby-server/6364 Everything seems to work fine. Except one annoying thing... My problem is similar to this post: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/24157-webclient-recursive-library-scan-missing-mediainfo/ There's a Media Info section at the bottom of any video page (using the web-app). It only shows me "container" and "path" (as shown in Pic 1). Nothing else... The server can't get any video mediainfos. I never had this iss
  8. Hello, When I set up additional profiles in Kodi, what should I select for Media Info and Media Sources; shares with default, shares with default (read only), or separate? I've been troubleshooting a corrupt database issue on Kodi and I started fresh with no addons or profiles. That worked great for a few days so I figured it was time to add profiles, and then I started having database issues again. So I started back at zero and now I'm wondering if this is my issue. With my old MYSQL setup, I would have each profile "share with default" and that seemed to work fine, but now I'm
  9. travla

    Media Info not updating

    Hi there, I'm currently running MB3 Server version 635601306347583050. Since the most recent update, my media info is not updating on new content. I can live without the mediainfo icons, but the missing runtime is rather annoying (although I do have run time info in my xml file that Metabrowser populates, MB3 does not copy this field in to the NFO file it creates). I've tried deleting folders, advanced refresh, refresh, moving the item in to different folders, but always no media info (other than container and path). I have checked my logs, and I am getting a "User does not have admin
  10. yardameus

    Media Info Icons switch

    I recently switched up my media info icons, and I can't remember what I did to get them to be refreshed in MBC before (or MB2). Does anyone know what to do to get them to show? Library.db deletion? Some cache I need to delete? It's been a week or so since I switched them and they still haven't switched over.
  11. It happens in some cases that users have issues in one of the MB clients with specific video file(s). I think it help a lot when others can test the specific file to try to reproduce the issue or to confirm the issue isn't specific to the media file. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a sample of a MKV file using MKVToolNix (MKVMerge GUI): Add the file to sample and choose the destination where the sample will be: Choose the options as per below and "start muxing". I like to choose 5 files so I can choose a specific scene that helps showing the issue... Upload one of
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