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Found 20 results

  1. Not sure how many people are in the same situation, but I use a 2:35:1 screen in my theater and while my Projector has lens memory so I can easily switch between 16:9 and 2:35. While browsing emby I run in 16:9, then when I start playing the movie, I switch it back to 2:35:1 so it fills the whole screen. I use a Xbox One S, a Windows Media Center and a Nvidia Shield down there depending on the limitation of what I'm watching so I'm kinda generalizing the request to most apps out there instead of a specific platform. Wondering if its difficult to have an option or theme setup so you can run Emby's UI in 2:35:1. I've attached kinda a sample of what I'm talking about where the data in green is lost due to overscanning on a 2:35 screen. On a side note, the other challenge is with Subtitles on a 2:35:1 screen being off the screen (below by 10+ inches). So having vertical adjustment configuration for subtitle would also be a plus too if at all possible. Thanks
  2. On my Samsung Tab S3 I have some TV shows that are Apect Ratio 4:3 and Auto for Aspect Ratio setting on a video doesn't work for them, I have to use COVER for them to display properly. I have to choose this every time a new episode begins on the tablet. The tablet is a 4:3 tablet so these shows are best watched on it, but having to pick "cover" over and over and over and over is really annoying. I can watch the same show on Emby Theater on my PC, have to use COVER there too, fill whatever size window I have ET opened to, but it sticks when watching one episode after another, unlike on my tablet with Android Mobile. Is there a way to keep Aspect Ratio: "Cover" on my tablet for 4:3 content ... make the setting stick per session, or per device, at least. Something better than it currently is? ---------------------------- 3.1.73 current emby android mobile app on my tablet.
  3. hanand

    aspect ratio lg tv app

    Aspect ratio in lg oled c9 - latest version doesn't change anything in mode : not in auto not in fill and not in cover the picture is stretched i have latest version of the app 1.0.24 the problem was also in the privious version
  4. directxbear

    Folder View different aspect ratio

    Greetings, I have a Roku Ultra and have installed the Emby beta channel. I like to use the 'Folder' view so that I can view movies the way that I have arranged them in my folders. To me, it looks like there should be 6 tiles across when viewing a folders and this is usually the case. However, I have a few folders that have a different aspect ratio (5 tiles across instead of 6). I don't know what is causing this or how to fix it. The tiles looked stretched and flattened a bit. Please note that this apparently does not affect function as I am still able to make selections and play movies in these folders with 5 tiles across. I'm attaching the most recent log. Please let me know if anything else is needed to assist here. I'd be happy to test any changes through the emby for roku beta channel. Thanks, Bear embyserver_4-8-2020.txt hardware_detection-63721937017.txt
  5. Ok loving media browser theatre but was wondering if it would be possible to add an aspect ratio feature What I'm talking about is with windows media center you can select the aspect ratio by pressing the I button on the remote. I always found this a hassle so was wondering if it's possible to add say a setting in MBT where you could select an aspect ratio which would be forced I have some video files in 16:9 but I also have a lot that are in 4:3 I want to be able to watch the files that are in 4:3 in 16:9 format without the hassle of changing it each time. I know this can be done with Vlc media player but I don't like having extra programs on my machine would like to be able to do it all from MBT Thanks
  6. Would love to see this happen. last time I seen anything posted about this through searching was way over a year ago, back in September in 2014. So was just wondering how this is coming along or whatever since I see it's not in emby yet :/ Emby web player - Letting us force change the aspect ratio. (example: forcing a video with an aspect ratio of 4:3 into 16:9)
  7. I only recently discovered Emby and have already converted to a Lifetime license of Premiere (this product is outstanding!). Unfortunately I am having issues displaying video backed up from my DVDs (720x480) in their expected 4:3 aspect ratio, they appear stretched horizontally. I only experience this issue on my Samsung TV (UN65JU6500FXZA) through the Samsung Smart TV Application. When I stream the same video via Emby in a browser or in Emby Theater the videos look correct. I'm not sure how to get my TV to display the version of the application it is running (if that's even possible), but I only installed it about a week ago so my expectation is it's a fairly recent version. I pulled the following 1280x720 video from YouTube and converted it with handbrake to 960x720 and 720x480. All 3 play in correct 4:3 in the browser and with Emby Theater, and both the 1280x720 and 960x720 appear correctly on the Samsung TV App, with the 720x480 version being stretched horizontally. I can provide pictures if needed. Test Video: Worth noting: This problem seems to happen with every 4:3 movie I have (and the app seems to butcher other resolutions that aren't exactly 16:9 in pixel dimensions). Additionally, my TV's picture sizing functions are completely disabled while the app is running (for whatever reason?), so I can't use the TV's own picture zoom modes to adjust for this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! In the meantime I streaming Emby Theater to my TV via my Steam Link to watch anything that's not a perfect 16:9 aspect ratio. Also, I wanted to mention that I've tried to search for this issue, but haven't found anything that I thought directly addressed my question. My apologies if I'm mistaken about that and missed it, please feel free to point me in the direction of a prior thread if I'm reporting a known issue/topic. Thanks!
  8. arrbee99

    ET Live TV aspect ratio

    Was just watching a bit of TV (standard def via NPVR plugin) in Chrome, and then watching the same program in desktop Theater, and it seems like in Theater the program is stretched horizontally... Web - ET (aspect ratio set to Auto) - Not sure why...
  9. So, I'd like to revive a thread from about three years ago: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/23735-aspect-ratio-using-original-aspect-not-file-aspect/?hl=%2Boriginal+%2Baspect+%2Bratio+%2Bnot+%2Bread&do=findComment&comment=232155 I'm starting a new thread because one of the original points made by the OP seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle. The OP reported a bug wherein the Metadata Manager is wiping out 'Original Aspect Ratio' data. Well, it's three years later and that bug still seems to exist. Here's what I found: 1) The Metadata Manager provides the 'Original aspect ratio' field. If I populate that field with a value (e.g. '2.35:1') and save it, the metadata manager correctly writes that value to the NFO file. Hooray, this part works. 2) However, the Metadata Manager CANNOT properly READ the <aspectratio> tag from an NFO file and populate the 'Original aspect ratio' field. This is true even if the NFO file was written by the Emby Metadata Manager. 3) When reading an NFO file, if the movie is a NEW movie (i.e. it's not already in the Emby database) then the Metadata Manager fails to read the 'Original aspect ratio' data from the NFO file, it overwrites the NFO file, and erases the 'Original aspect ratio' information that previously existed in that NFO file. This happens even if the <lockdata> tag is 'true'. I was actually surprised that Emby wrote to the NFO file of a newly imported movie. 4) Next, I revoked Emby's write privileges to my disk to prevent it from overwriting NFO files. This way, I could prevent Emby from erasing the value aspect ratio data. When I imported a movie (include an NFO file with a valid aspect ratio), it still wouldn't read in the data for the 'Original aspect ratio'. At least it couldn't overwrite the NFO file.
  10. khodges747

    UI problems/suggestions

    Hi guys, A couple things with server 3.2.36: There's an aspect ratio problem with thumbnails for TV episodes in both the Next Up and More From Season X parts of the Emby Theater screens (it also happens with the web UI). This started with 3.2.35 I think. Also, I like the new UI for movies. It's clear and smart looking, and I like the new clickable genres, etc. But please bring back the mediainfo stuff for movies. I like knowing the video and audio codec information before I click play. Finally, back on TV again, please bring back the details screen for episodes. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I've just done a complete fresh install of Emby server (also switched from Linux to Windows) and I'm having the same problem as before with Live TV images and a new one that has cropped up. Firstly The images being displayed on the home screen and in the Live TV section are wrong. Secondly for the channel logos, white space is being cut off form the images causing the aspect ratio to be different. See screenshots for examples of both problems. I'm running on Windows 10 Pro with DVBLink as my TV backend. Hope someone can help!
  12. Server Version (This issue has been present for awhile just now getting around to reporting it) Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 Firefox Version 51.0.1 In a library collection with content type Home videos & photos: Poster views for folders seems to have two different aspect ratio possibilities, 3x2 or 1x1. My library collection presents a mixture and I can not determine when one aspect ratio is selected as opposed to the other. For the sake of a consistent presentation I would like them all to be the same. What are the determining factors that determine which aspect ratio is used? Can the user control which aspect ratio used? Thanks
  13. I use the Xbox 360 MCE for most of my movie watching. Letterbox (2.35:1) movies appear correctly, but when I play 1.85:1 movies, they get vertically stretched to fill the screen. This behavior is also observed on a Roku 3, but the Emby app for iOS seems to show the movie correctly. I've tried manually setting the aspect ratio for films, but that didn't change anything. I'm not sure what else to look at, so I'm hoping somebody here can help me out.
  14. I've been having some problems with aspect ratio on my Android TV. Playing via the browser is fine but it seems sometimes the video is presented in what appears to be 12x4 distorting the picture.
  15. Noticed this recently on 3.0.5860, not sure if this was present in prior releases, still preset on 3.0.5861. When searching in the web-client the AR of the image output varies dependent on the other results that come up, as shown below. Another anomaly is results for a 4:3 show.
  16. @@ebr, I noticed a couple days ago that all of my movies/tv shows were being zoomed in. I had time this morning so I thought I'd get to the bottom of it. I tried everything, toggled all themes, even uninstalled MBC. Finally with MBC uninstalled, I played a video on the stock player and found the zoom function to work properly. It took me quite some time :/ Anyway, here's the deal, if you change the aspect ratio while watching a video with the stock WMC player(either by viewing a theme video full screen, or disabling the new player interface), WMC remembers this zoom. Then, if you enable the new player interface, the WMC zoom you previously set is defaulted, and cannot be undone using the new player interface. In fact, using the new interface results in zooming in on an already zoomed in video, which naturally gave off really crappy quality Is there anything that can be done about this? I doubt it will really affect many people, and if it cant be changed, then this thread can help those that cant figure this issue out.
  17. Hello, I'm having a problem with aspect ratio in Dev version 3.0.5233.39319 on my 'test' machine where a playing movie gets resized to the window size: The movies aspect ratio is 1:2,35. On my 'production' machine which runs the Official Release version the movie is displayed in it's original aspect ratio and black bars fill the rest of the screen. I've gone through the settings on both machines and see no differences. This is not just with this movie, but with any movie. Please advise me if you need more information or anything I can try. Thanks, Danee
  18. In MBPhoto when I am on a photo that photo is shown as backdrop also. That's nice but it would be a lot better when the photos are kept in aspecct ratio. For example the portrait photo's are stretched out over the screen. Same thing for the photo thumbs. I really would like MBphoto to show photos as backdrops and photothumbs in the original format. An example of a stretched portrait photo.
  19. I'm just playing with the Windows 8/RT app and so far it's beautiful. I do have one problem though. My TV series' are broken up into two collections; one for narrative series, and one for documentary series. For the icons in the narrative section, I am using Demonseed's TV collection icons, which are (roughly) a 16:9 ratio. For the icons in the documentary series section, I use a poster icon with a different ratio. This is causing some inconsistency as the tablet application consolidates the collections into a single section. So, two questions: 1. Is it possible to separate the complete collections into smaller collections (Documentary Series, Narrative series, Animated series, etc.)? 2. If that is not possible, is there any way to maintain the aspect ratio of the folder.jpg icons? Thanks for a great app.
  20. Started this as a request for MBPhoto but ebr told me this has to be a theme request. Lee, could you take a look at this post to see if it's possible to keep aspect ratio when the collection type is Photos? Thanks in advance. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/1097-mbphoto-keep-aspect-ratio-of-photos/?p=27455
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