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  1. I think the album description fetching is very good and informative. I was surprised to find a couple of albums in collection (without having to look hard, I suspect there are a few) where the mbz album id was populated and the album description was either blank or the old last fm one with html tags. in both cases by manually populating the release group id (which was blank), the good album description fetched. but as the there is only one known (to mbz) release group id for an album id....shouldn, t mb3 have already populated the info?
  2. When in the metadata manager, None of the changes I make are saved.i.e.: add a genre and it is not saving. I try to lock some of the fetchers, but that is not being saved ether. There used to be a "Save button", but is not showing..
  3. Hello Version 3.0.5343.40355 Yesterday I uninstall Media browser, today I install again, but tv seasons doesn't show properly. Metadata was saved on tv folders, all images etc was saved in past. Now it looks like MB don't see images and don't issue season item. Example below. How to relink automatically all seasons in tv shows?so I will be see correctly... Second thing, from what depending that sometimes MB download to folder season01-poster.jpg and sometimes only season01-landscape.jpg(I check poster also exist to that tv shows). Regards
  4. Hi All - I am looking at the Plex client for LG TVs and an Amazon FireTV box since MB3 is not there yet. When I set up the Plex libraries pointing at my local metadata produced over time with and without Plex/XBMC Metadata Compatibility, the results were a bit mixed up in TV with series and season posters, etc. I have already looked in the server section and at the server tutorial and the Media Files & Folders Structure, but found no documentation. Is there any documentation regarding what specific metadata is produced, renamed, reformatted by the server for both of these clients? Thanks, Tanamur
  5. "Twin Peaks," the most important fictional television series ever, has been released in a spectacular blu-ray boxset. As I'm porting the disc contents to my server, I'm wondering how I might get all of this stuff organized sensibly. I'd like for the movie "Fire Walk with Me" to show up in my "Television" collection, within the "Twin Peaks" series, perhaps as s03e01. I'd like to include many of the supplemental features (e.g. "The Missing Pieces" and "Between Two Worlds") within the series, probably as s00eXX. Do any of you have ideas on how such things may be done?
  6. Once upon a time, I had this series properly identified. I suspect that was back in my XBMC/pre-MB3 days. Now, I cannot for the life of me to get any scrapers to find this show. It is an anime show, so I tried running with just AniDB and AniList running. I tried running with just the TVDb scraper. I tried entering TheTVDb ID, but that did not override the scraper like it does if I run a movie search using the TheMoveDb. So, I'm wondering, since the show actually resides in the online databases, how can I force it to go find the right show? I've tried various keywords in the title. I've tried the entire title. I've tried combining words with AniDb and TheTVDb ID# entries. Nothing seems to force the scraper to look where it should. Here's the show: Space Pirate Captain Herlock: Outside Legend - The Endless Odyssey It's AniDB entry 533 At The TVDb it is entry 81506 Found here I'm open to any suggestions as to how I can get this properly scraped. I'm at my wit's end trying to force it to find a way to redirect the scrapers to the right location.
  7. Just recently (didn't look into it until tonight, but I think I noticed something a couple days ago) the Artist "Weezer" suddenly got changed to "Raditude", which is a name of one of their albums. Now, looking at that in the metadata manager it looks like this. Now, when i try and go back and change it back, MBS keeps thinking it's an album, not an artist or album artist. I tried deleting all of the corresponding info in Windows explorer, but it still keeps it as Raditude. I'm looking right now for some related logs. Only seems to have happened to Weezer, as far as I can tell.
  8. I have recently set up a server for my movie collections thanks to the help of peeps from this forum. I have upgraded from MB2 to MB3. So my initial metadata for movies was collected by Mb2, Mb3 and MCM. As of now I am only using WMC with MB3 but in the future I would like to try Plex and XBMC. What I am trying to do is collect all the metadata that would work with MB3 , Plex and XBMC before I transfer it to my server. My thinking is once I have all the metadata set up correctly then in the future I could also try Plex and XBMC. I have read that old MB2 metadata does work with MB3 and XBMC and MB3 can share the same metadata system. I have read that there is a plugin for MB server that saves XBMC and the old MB2 metadata but have not found it? Can MCM be used? This is the way I setup my folders: HD movies folder, specific movie name (1992) [1080p] folder. In this specific movie name folder I also state all metadata. What is the best way to accomplish this? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm not quite sure what's going on here. For some of the series that I have, I am able to click the "Identify" button in the Metadata Manager, for others, such as Mad Men, it's not identifying, and I don't even have the "Identify" button available. The directory structure is correct (I have season folders underneath the top level directory) and media content is present. Yet, for some reason, as you can see in the screenshots there, on the one system, it's pulling VERY odd titles for the sub-folders (The Bachelor UK, The Biggest Winner Arab (season 3), Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy: Season 1: Vol. 2, For the Love of Ray J). It's very odd because I tried copying over the directory structure from another MB Server which is showing the metadata properly and I'm only getting this error on the new machine... and only on some series. :/ Any ideas why the "Identify" button wouldn't show up? Or why it's not populating the metadata properly for some series automatically in the first place?
  10. I was going through my movies the other night and noticed a lot of banners in foreign languages (for non-foreign films). I went into the metadata manager images tab, and clicked the cloud next to the banners in question and get choices in multiple languages even though I have the "All Languages" checkbox unchecked. I see in the choices from FanArt that next to the resolution of the image is the two letter language code. A) I shouldn't see the other languages if the checkbox is unchecked Images shouldn't be auto-downloading for other languages C) If no image is available in your selected language (based on the metadata, basics, preferred download language option), don't download anything. edit: fixed B smiley
  11. Hi everyone, First off, I would like to say thanks to anyone involved in the creation of Media Browser. Simply amazing work. Anyways, I did some searching around the forums, and couldn't find anything about this specific issue. I am having a little trouble with my folder system, specifically for my stand-up comedy specials. My movies and TV shows are working perfectly, fetching metadata, images, etc. But I cannot seem to get the comedy folders to work properly. Right now I have it set up as Comedy>[Comedian Name]>[special Name (Year)]>[Filename] So in Windows Explorer, one example would look like this: F:\Comedy\Gallagher\Mad as Hell (1981)\Mad as Hell (1981).mp4 My issue is that I am not getting the images, coverart, metadata, etc. to download. I am getting the [filename-poster.jpg] file that is pulled from the video, but that's it. I know that I have some lesser-known specials, or ones that may not have coverart available from the normal sources, like the one I mentioned above. But I'm not even getting the info for the well-known ones, like Jim Gaffigan. Side question: Is there any way to prevent incorrect info from being downloaded? For example, if there is a movie or TV show that shares a name with another, more popular movie or TV show, the metadata and images for the more popular one generally gets downloaded. Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
  12. xXSagaiaXx

    Gamebrowser and metadata

    How does gamebrowser scrape for metadata. It used to be in Gamebrowser II that it would use the directory title. Now it seems that it's looking at the contents of said directory. It doesn't work right for multi disc games. S.
  13. Hi there: Usual caveats - suspect I have something wrong, but can't spot it. What I want to do Find the TV series that having missing episodes and/or seasons. What I think should work Going to the MediaBrowser web client > TV > Episodes, clicking the Filter icon and selecting Missing episodes. What actually happens I get missing episodes, but for one and only one TV show. Note that the TV show in question is The Tunnel. Why I think it's wrong I can manually confirm other TV series that are missing either individual episodes or whole seasons. Below is an example of each Missing episodes in a season Missing seasons What I've checked The series are both 'identified' by MediaBrowser - I don't show it above, but they are shown as TV series, have theTVDB and IMDB id's, are happy as larry. I have "Download artwork and metadata from the internet" and "Save artwork and metadata into media folders" enabled I've restarted the server (software) Checked library scans are happening a-okay I've 're-identified' House, hit Save, done a media scan, and still no joy. I cannot find the "Import missing episodes into seasons" setting which is referred to in old blog posts and pointed to in most of the forum threads. Has it moved or been removed? Stuff and things Server: 3.0.5287.19943 Application: Web Client - no surprises it is 3.0.5287.19943 Log file attached log.txt
  14. I have searched and I could not find any information on my question. How do you Metadata your Bonus DvDs? There as to be a way right? If this question has been asked point me in the direction of the post. Maybe I was just searching the wrong thing. Thanks!
  15. My Album artist view in dashboards shows invalid objects, namely, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. I know they are invalid in MB3 terms as they have no content when viewed in dashboard (and a full scan has successfully completed) They are also invalid because MP3TAG confirms there is no such albumartist. in library explorer, using 60s as an example { "IsAccessedByName": false, "Tags": [ "indie", "indie rock", "ska", "alternative", "rock" ], "ProductionLocations": [ ], "IsFolder": true, "ContainingFolderPath": "\\\\Q6600\\Music\\Compilations\\Decades\\60s", "IsOwnedItem": false, "ThemeSongIds": [ ], "ThemeVideoIds": [ ], "IsPhysicalRoot": false, "IsRoot": false, "LinkedChildren": [ ], "ImageInfos": [ { "Path": "\\\\Q6600\\Music\\Compilations\\Decades\\60s\\Folder.jpg", "Type": "Primary", "DateModified": "2008-12-29T17:05:26.0000000Z" }, { "Path": "\\\\Q6600\\Music\\Compilations\\Decades\\60s\\backdrop.jpg", "Type": "Backdrop", "DateModified": "2014-02-24T15:58:50.1945572Z" } ], "IsInMixedFolder": false, "Name": "60s", "Id": "836b0a534e6699041ad35bd324efac16", "Path": "\\\\Q6600\\Music\\Compilations\\Decades\\60s", "SupportsLocalMetadata": true, "DateCreated": "2013-03-07T21:12:49.0000000Z", "DateModified": "2014-02-24T16:46:52.9704425Z", "DateLastSaved": "2014-02-24T15:58:50.1955572Z", "DontFetchMeta": false, "LockedFields": [ ], "PremiereDate": "2003-01-01T00:00:00.0000000Z", "DisplayMediaType": "MusicArtist", "Overview": "\n The Dead 60s formed in Liverpool, United Kingdom in 2003, they comprised of Matt McManamon (Vocals, Guitar), Ben Gordon (Guitar, Organ), Charlie Turner (Bass Guitar), Bryan Johnson (Drums). Named after the saying 'Dead 60s sounding' from Liverpool. Their name was a two fingers up to the usual happy pop tunes that originate there. Their sound was an eclectic mixture of punk rock, large meoldies and reggae bass lines. They had been compared with <a href=\"http://www.last.fm/music/The+Clash\" class=\"bbcode_artist\">The Clash</a> and <a href=\"http://www.last.fm/music/The+Specials\" class=\"bbcode_artist\">The Specials</a>, with influences also including <a href=\"http://www.last.fm/music/King+Tubby\" class=\"bbcode_artist\">King Tubby</a>. \n\n <a href=\"http://www.last.fm/music/The+Dead+60s\">Read more about The Dead 60s on Last.fm</a>.\n \n \nUser-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may also be available under the GNU FDL.\n ", "People": [ ], "Studios": [ ], "Genres": [ "The 60s", "Rock" ], "ProductionYear": 2003, "ProviderIds": { "Musicbrainz": "87ebbe67-3910-4521-a418-4fe53eb912b7", "MusicBrainzArtist": "87ebbe67-3910-4521-a418-4fe53eb912b7" } } note my version is Version 3.0.5168.16132, but the issue is not new. Note at some point mb3 created an artist.xml in the folder and matched to an mbz artist id. i since deleted the xml and rescanned. I guess mb3 is confused my by folder structure for compilations, maybe i need to ask for a feature request so i can put a .ignore file in my folder structure for music folders which neither represent artists or albums and are just organisational folders on the filesystem. Possibly mb3 is further confounded by the fact that these organisational folders have folder.jpgs in them. thank you.
  16. I have lots of tracks whose artist matches music brainz directly eg I will follow him by Little Peggy March http://musicbrainz.org/search?query=I+Will+Follow+Him+little&type=recording&method=indexed http://musicbrainz.org/artist/1de1abbd-d800-41e6-9967-d3f904b2bb80 I Will Follow Him 2:26 Little Peggy March despite musicbrainz being aware, there is no match for artist 'little peggy march', mb3 will only match the primary name 'peggy march' consequent lots of artists especially classical ones dont get matched. eg no match for lisa hartman black eg no match for Morse;Portnoy;George http://musicbrainz.org/search?query=Where+The+Streets+Have+No+Name+Morse+Portnoy+George&type=work&method=indexed ofra haza Phil Spector and Artists McGuinn
  17. MB3 currently doesn't support the following folder structure... [\org{0, n}] [\artist\{0,1}] [\org {0,n}] \album where org=organisational subfolder {0,n}= zero to many instances []=optional Could such support be added, or alternatively could an xml tag/file be recognised by mb3 to treat organisational folders as organisational and NOT as artists/albumartists. eg M:\Music\Soundtracks\Blade Runner\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Top Gun\Tracks.mp3 M:\Music\Soundtracks\Jungle Book\Tracks.mp3 Soundtracks is detected (shown in dashboard) as an albumartist and artist.xml is placed on filesystem thanks for considering.
  18. Version 3.0.5271.29451 Is it intentional that the album artist 'Various Artists' as read from music tag '%album artist%' does not display under 'album artists' in dashboard and in clients eg roku under album artists; making it harder to find content under this album artist. The artist does show up under 'artists', and its entry when opened showing content where 'various artists' is not the value of the tag %artist%..This seems to be the wrong way around.
  19. mariors44

    music folders

    Having a problem. I'm running latest server version 3.0.5289.18702 I have six music folders and in these folders their is a artist.xml and a folder.xml but when I go into the metadata manager for each one of these folders the external Id's do not show up and the Identify tab is not present. I have tried deleting the artist.xml and the folder.xml with no luck. Also under Image By Name folder, inside there is a artist folder and when I open the folder the same six artist folders I'm having problems with are there as well. I have tried deleting these folders and restart the server but they would always come back. I can't figure this out, any help would be appreciated. Added log file Like I said I'm only having problems with six music folders out of my whole collection. folder structure is set up correctly . (network/ReadyShare/Our Albums/The Beatles) server-63539475053.txt
  20. buddyweiser

    Series Metadata

    Ok, I'm not sure how to go about this, but...I have Batman: The Animated Series on DVD and getting ready to add it to my MB Server, and here is my dilemma...The aired order(order listed on thetvdb.com) is hugely out of order, as opposed to the dvd order(actual order show is meant to be viewed in). So, how do I add this series exactly? My normal naming convention/file structure would be Batman The Animated Series\Season 1\s01e01 - The Cat & The Claw (Part 1).mp4 but that episode(according to the dvd order) is actually s01e15. I want the episodes to order according to the dvd listing, NOT the air listing. Also, I don't want to just rename it s01e15 - The Cat & The Claw (Part 1).mp4, because then I'm pretty sure it will fetch the metadata for the 15th ep to air (s01e15 - The Last Laugh). Has anyone come across this particular problem? And is there an easy fix in MB?
  21. xXSagaiaXx


    Okay, why does it take so long for MBS to get metadata for video games. I had to delete all the box art for everything I had and that was 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't gotten all the box art. Thanks, S.
  22. CX23882

    People Tags

    It's been a while since I last used Media Browser, having moved to XBMC and OpenELEC over a year ago, and I can't believe how much things have changed. MB3 is looking great. I have a question about "people" metadata. I have an ImagesByName folder carried over from my MB2 days, updated with the actor initial prefix. I created this with metabrowser. This is all working fine. I notice that in the Media Browser web interface, there is an option for adding additional tags to actors. This works, but I've noticed that the tags aren't added to the person.xml file.
  23. Part: Server Version: Beta 3.0.5192.19560 Client: Web Hi, First post here (so I might not have all info you need). Secondly, my compliments to the development team and user community. I have been using MB3 since Oct (short timer I know) and I am more than pleased. I understand that this is a beta release just reporting for inclusion in future release. Action: When I click on the website link from the Artist page: in a new page I get....(I know screen shots are preferable but this seemed pretty straightforward) Snapshot of GetDashboardResource generated by ServiceStack on 3/23/2014 7:37:03 PMview json datasource from original url: http://titan:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/www.phish.com? in other formats: json xml csv jsv Response Status Error Code ArgumentException Message Argument not supported: www.phish.com Stack Trace [GetDashboardResource: 3/23/2014 7:37:03 PM]: [REQUEST: {ResourceName:www.phish.com}] System.ArgumentException: Argument not supported: www.phish.com at MediaBrowser.Common.Net.MimeTypes.GetMimeType(String path) at MediaBrowser.WebDashboard.Api.DashboardService.Get(GetDashboardResource request) at lambda_method(Closure , Object , Object ) at ServiceStack.Host.ServiceRunner`1.Execute(IRequest request, Object instance, TRequest requestDto) Errors Probable Cause (My Best guess ): The link was supplied by one of the Metadata providers. For music my setting are the default providers in default order. (I did not manually enter it). The argument is expecting the "http://" prefix. The generated links for music in the web editor show as only the "link", for movies they show as http://"link" My preference would to have the server provide the "http://" and can add that as a Feature Request if needed. Again I know this is in beta Thanks! -Vicpa
  24. Hi all, in case you wonder about the strange title, let me explain what my problem is. I've just upgraded from MB2 to MB3/MPC. Now it seems, the "watched" status is bind to the "id" of the episode/movie and not anymore to the filepath and -name. Normally, this would be a good idea. But now I have a problem with this. There are items, that are basically the same tv show or movie but I have them in different folders (or even different drives). Why would I do this? Let me give you some examples. 1. Top Gear (UK, of course) I have a folder with the original british version and another one with the german synchronized version. Why? The first one (the original, full length) is for me, the german version is shortened (45 minutes) but it is better to understand for my wife and kids. 2. 2D and 3D version of a movie 3. Movies in different versions (directors/alternate/extended cut, different languages etc). Now, in MB3, when I watch one version of the movie/episode, the other versions (wich have the same imdb/tmdb/whatever id because it IS basically the same movie/episode) get also marked as "watched", which is not what I like to have! Is there any way to stop this and mark these series/movies as individuals? Thanks & Ciao, Alfred
  25. This ones for a mate but I guess I can see the benefit. Requesting an option in the DLNA to display content using the file name and folder structure as apposed to metadata only Another option I thouhht may be beneficial is when displayed using metadata prepend the episode number to the episode name Let me know if further clarification is needed
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