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  1. Rickdunn

    No channels on Hauppauge HVR-2250

    Hello all, New Emby user here still testing the watters. Things seem to be working OK so far, except for Live TV where I'm hitting a bit of an issue. Here's what I've got (working) so far: - Hauppauge HVR-2250 -- This works fine under WinTV, Plex, Kodi, MediaPortal and NextPVR - I've installed the lattest drivers for the card, and WinTV Version 7. All of this works fine - Emby can actually see the Tuner in the list: -- - SchedulesDirect is also set up correctly (at least I think). I do have this working in NextPVR. Where things break: There are no channels! I go to map
  2. Hello. Trying out emby live TV tuner with my IPTV provider . Works as expected, so far (besides some missing features, as groups, that are being worked on). So, I see that there are same services that support IPTV as well ( TVmosaic, headend, etc) Is there any benefit using one of these services instead of the build in tuner
  3. Is there any way to enable favourites on the channels/guide in the Android layout? It's somewhat troublesome to scroll through hundreds of channels spread over several pages to find the couple I'm interested in. Tested on an H96+ Android box and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  4. Hi all, I have emby-server 3.5.2 running in a jail and it is working fine. I added my HDHomerun under LiveTV but I am stuck on the following error message while trying to add the SchedulesDirect under LiveTV. I get the error message: Could not find file "/dashboard-ui/components/tvproviders/.template.html" Unfortunately, I am not familiar enough with the directory structure of emby and could not locate any of the folders: dashboard-ui, components or tvproviders. Let me know if there is anything I should do to get this working as I could not find anything on github.
  5. Hey guys. I loved the old Fire TV app but am having a hard time adjusting to the new one with "Smooth TV Guide". The channels scroll A LOT slower and it takes me a long time to scroll to the end of my channel list with 100+ channels. Also the category background color (ie Sports, Kids, etc) does not display properly in the new app while scrolling (random things have the blue sports background). The most glaring issue seems to be the fade out/fade in effect the guide does when you stop scrolling. Just thought I'd share my opinion as I thought the old version of the TV guide was pretty damn good
  6. Great work on this app. Aesthetically I think it's one of my favorites. I'm having an issue with the Live TV program guide however. When scrolling through the guide, channels with no epg data are skipped over. Another issue is that if you come across a channel has no EPG data for the current time but does have EPG data for later in the day- the selection cursor gets completely shifted over to that later time when you continue scrolling. Both problems could be fixed if the guide worked similar to that of the Fire TV app. That app fills in portions of the guide that have no EPG info with a d
  7. FGaray

    Unable to play live TV

    I've written about this before with no real resolution. I am finding myself too often having to restart the emby service windows service to get live tv to work. See the emby server logs below. 2018-10-03 19:27:44.397 Info Main: Application path: C:\Users\Emby\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll 2018-10-03 19:27:44.402 Info Main: Emby Command line: C:\Users\Emby\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\system\EmbyServer.dll -service Operating system: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Processor count: 6 Program data
  8. Hi, I believe Emby Server is not reading #EXTINF data correctly in m3u playlists. I had to alter the following entries in my playlist #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7 Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7 Digital Melbourne to #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="7",7Digital Melbourne #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="71",7Digital Melbourne Emby was not parsing these correctly, and was not mapping them to the correct channel number. I am guessing that if the channel name begins with a digit, it is read as a channel number.
  9. Question about Emby DVR setup and existing (or future) WMC recordings. My goal is totally move away from WMC7 and use Emby for LiveTV and DVR (as well as Movies, Photos, already parsed TV Shows that I already use Emby for). I even switched from a Ceton InfiniTV to a HDHomerun Prime and Connect to do this. However, the biggest detriment to this is DRM. Before they implemented DRM, I used to use MCEBuddy to take my recordings convert them to a slightly smaller size, preserve the AC3 stream, save in a mp4 container, name it 'showname - sXXeYY - episodename.mp4", and then save in the approp
  10. What this solves: Adding Channel Schedules in bulk to NextPVR User Friendly Channel Names Cleans up Channel Names Prune Channels by Language Download Channel Icons/Logos Requirements: AutoIt Curl (SSL support) FSUM NextPVR Schedules Direct (Account) References: ISO 639-1 Codes Notes: I wrote this against two HDHomeRun Primes (Comcast Cable), so not sure how it will fair with OTA & Satellite. One might also be able to alter this script to work with other services, but since I don't have access to others, I can't add support for them. How: This is made up of two scripts, on
  11. Hi, when using the Emby LiveTV section or the menu item "MediaPortal Recordings" to watch my recordings, emby always starts to transcode the recorded file. When navigating to the folder that contains all my recordings (which is a subfolder of a share that is from library type "Home-Videos and Photos") and selecting a file/recording, the TS File is played directly without any transcoding procceses. So... the same file is being transcoded when starting it from the LiveTV section or the menu item "MediaPortal Recordings" and is otherwise played directly (which is correct) when clicking o
  12. nanuk

    No Channels shown in DLNA LiveTV

    Hi, since a few weeks (I think since emby 3.4 but I'm not sure) there are no channels shown via DLNA in LiveTV Section. Is this a restriction of the new emby version? I'm using MediaPortal TV Server with MediaPortal TV Plugin Via Emby App Live TV works without any problems ;-) Greetz
  13. Hi - how can I add live TV streaming from my VBox TV gateway? Is it supported already or is there some configuration procedure I need to go through? Thanks.
  14. sle118

    Recording conflict/reporting?

    Would it be possible to get better reporting on missed/failed recordings? for example the schedule page could display them with a visual clue on success or failure? Also, it would be good that the scheduler give some feedback if there is a recording conflict during creation of a schedule as well as in the schedule page! thank you!
  15. Hi, I have finally dropped WMC with EmbyServer. New setup is: HTPC running NextPVR with DVB-T Dual Tuner (BlackGold BG9630) Emby Theatre main client software to Live TV and Emby Server Asustor NAS running EmbyServer with Emby Premiere (trying for month to see LiveTV works?) EmbyServer with NextPVR PlugIn v3.2.6.0 ISSUE Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext directly Success - Live TV on HTPC through PVRNext web interface Success - Live TV on Desktop PC through PVRNext web interface FAIL - Live TV on HTPC with Emby Theatre FAIL - Live TV on Desktop PCs / La
  16. I've been using Emby for a while now, but I just started trying out the Live TV functionality and so far I haven't been able to get a schedule recording to work correctly. Today I had a program scheduled to record and I turned off sleep mode (see secondary issue below) so that the server machine was certain to be running at the time of the recording, and the recording never started. When I checked on the recording a little over 3 hours after it was supposed to start there were files or any other indication that the recording was even attempted. When I checked the Live TV settings it still
  17. Would it be possible to add the series option to record only on specific days of the week? For example, a series is at 9PM every day but only the Friday airing is a new episode (for cases where the EPG doesn't provide the "NEW" tag or episode numbers). There is already a "Days" field in seriestimers.json so it looks like you had the feature in mind someday but never got to implement it? Thanks!
  18. I have 2 Hauppauge 2250's and a Ceton InfiniTV4 PCIe. I also have Time Warner Cable, so I'm stuck in the "Copy Once" hell from them. Is there a way to de-select tuners? I would like to de-select the Ceton tuners in LiveTV, and have it run on only the Hauppauge tuners.
  19. Stokkes

    IPTV Not Working

    Hello, I have Live TV setup via an IPTV .m3u file that works fine via the Web, iOS clients, Roku, etc, but does not work on Apple TV (or works very intermittently, but most of the time doesn't work). When I select a channel to play, it shows "Loading..." for 5-10 seconds, the screen then goes black and then the name of the channel appears with the loading indicator, but hangs there until the Apple TV screen saver goes on. Some details: - Apple TV 4th Gen with tvOS 11.2.1 - Emby Server (running in a docker container on Ubuntu 16.04) - Emby for TV app version 1.0.9
  20. For Video content in media libraries, all available video and audio streams are shown on the page prior to the playback page. Where multiple audio steams are available, it is possible to select the desired audio stream as well as switching between audio streams during playback. For Live TV (eg using HDHomeRun or VU+ plugin) this info is not displayed and audio stream selection is not possible (unless I missed something). Would it be possible to add this feature?
  21. Hi, Just bough an nVidia Shield 2017. Android TV is working beautifully except for LiveTV is throwing an error. Getting the following msg " Unable to tune to this channel at this time. There may not be a tuner available" The Emby for Android app also will not play LiveTV just a spinning circle. LiveTv works fine on the server and ET I have sent you a Log from the Shield Thanks
  22. cshaw88

    Nextpvr plugin vs native Emby DVR

    Hello all, was wondering what (if any) advantage is gained by using the Nextpvr plugin vs Emby's built in DVR. I was using MCE7 for years until that PC died. MCE7 recorded and time shifted live tv with xbox 360's as extenders. I was also using DVRMS toolbox and showanalyzer to automatically skip commercials (which is a feature I'm really missing at this point). I was already using Emby to organize and stream our other media. I've just put together a new rig with Windows 10 64bit, core i5 7400, 16gigs of ram, 250ssd + 4tb for pvr recordings (also use a 10tb NAS for media storage).
  23. Hi folks, I just noticed this; must be new. Happens on three of my PCs. In Firefox (current 56.0.2, 64 bit, on both Win7 and Win10), when I'm in the Emby web interface, and I go to the Guide for LiveTV, if I click in the time row to move from one time of day to another, the channel programs listed underneath don't scroll. So, for example, if I open up the guide, right now it's showing me 5 pm in the upper left, with times listed every half hour until 7:30 pm in the upper right. With a bunch of programming underneath; the top channel for me is ABC showing college football. I can cli
  24. wsramahi

    LiveTV not working

    From the emby client in AppleTV 4th gen, LiveTV app is not working, nothing is happening when i tried to play any stream. For the other apps like Movies, it is fine and it's playing. only from the LiveTV. I attached the server logs. Please help. embyserverlogs.txt
  25. batesman

    No LiveTV with TVHeadend

    Hi there @@Tolotos, I'm trying to get LiveTV on my devices but it doesn't work with any of them. TVH is connected and seems to be OK. I'm using OMV with HTS Tvheadend 4.0.9-16~g63c1034~jessie with the actual plugin and Emby-Server Version I do get EPG but no video. In the attached log I tried to play livetv within my browser and on my Sony TV. I also tried it on my chromecast ultra but also no success. A week ago I tried the inofficial vdr-plugin which at least showed a video on the chromecast. Any ideas ? THX server-63642277698_livetv.txt
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