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Found 7 results

  1. I have an NVIDIA Shield, actually 5 of them and all of them put 4k versions of files before 1080p. All other devices are 1080Ppthen 4k is listed under it in the dropdown menu. Any way to fix that?
  2. Hi, I'm doing some playing around with different lossless files (both Dolby TrueHD/Atmos and DTS-MA/DTS:X) and cannot get m2ts files to direct play through the Sheild. I was getting container not supported initially and then experimented with the "Allow Direct Play of TS Files" option which gave the same result of DD 5.1 audio instead of DTSMA for one of the examples but was then giving a reason of Direct play error. Attached are server logs and a remux logs from when I started playing around with two different test files. I also submitted debug logs through the emby app on the ShieldTV. Should these files be able to direct play? Other files that are MKV's with the same audio tracks direct play just fine. For reference the IP for the Shield is and the server is .40. Thanks, Brad. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-cd3bce30-6843-44e9-9678-2fba8259d6a8_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-df20fb9c-2631-401d-9c04-9e15fa619a4f_1.txt
  3. Hello, I'm having sound quality issues on the ShieldTV. I can't really pin point the issue. The only constant factor is that it occurs on Live tv where the audio is MP2 format. I have set all the options of emby to pass-trough and my receivers switches to different sound modes as they are applicable. But live tv sounds like a low quality MP3, very metalic and flat.
  4. grid-hibiscus-pancake

    Shield TV - question about switching users

    I thought I would bring this up. I am using latest beta on android Shield TV and it looks like user switching never works. Prerequisites Have more than 2+ users in your emby server both attached to emby.media usernames STR: 1. Login into emby with 1 user on your shield tv 2. Make sure automatic logout setting is set in settings for the app. 3. Press home button 4. Get back into emby same user is logged in as before. 5. Kill app 6. Get back into emby ** same thing same user is logged in 7. Press log out in the emby app (not emby connect) 8. Get back into emby 9. Same user is logged in 10. Do logout 11. Kill the app 12. Get back into emby 13** you're presented with user login screen. It seems that user switching never really works unless you try to force logout of connect from the app Expected result: After app is suspended after the time is specified in the settings user should be presented with the pin entry screen. Or also have a switch user button or lock user button. Note plex app presents the user with a pin entry after the app is suspended.
  5. I'm having the hardest time trying to fix something here and I can't figure out why. I have several Nvidia ShieldTV units at home and I've installed them all the same: Install Kodi Add the Kodi Emby Beta Repo from http://kodi.emby.media Install Emby Install and Enable the Titan for Krypton skin For some reason the Titan for Krypton Skin just blanks out my home screen in Kodi. I don't even need Emby installed for this to happen. All of my other ShieldTV's work but for some reason on this new one I cannot enable it. Has anyone else had this problem, or gotten it to work, that has done an install lately? Thanks, Josh
  6. Hello from germany! (We want to be second ) First i have to say sorry for my english. I have hundreds of wtv Files from WMC on my Server. I have running emby apps on several platforms like Android, FireTV, Windows etc.. playing wtv files works fine on every of these platforms. Only on NVIDIA Shieldtv it is not possible to play wtv files. If i force transcoding by setting a lower maximum bitrate, the shield app works. But without transcoding, it doesn't. Is it possible to enable transcoding only for wtv files? Or maybe it will work in future releases of the app? is there a plan for fixing this ? Tell me if i can help in any way! I'm excited about emby, and i really would like to buy it, but only with a fully working app for Nvidia Shield. Thanks in advance
  7. Running the Emby beta branch (but this began about 3-4 weeks ago and we update the beta version every 1-2 weeks) Platform: SHIELD TV We have some old workout videos we ripped from DVDs in MKV format. They've worked just fine for as long as we've had Emby. Around a month ago, we started seeing a single vertical green bar on the right-hand side of these videos and only these videos. It doesn't happen if the same file is played in Chrome or on an Android phone. We've tried: - Disabling hardware acceleration (from Intel Quick Sync to nothing) - Using custom ffmpeg (the lastest ffmpeg release) - Fiddling with the handful of options available in the Android TV app (don't recall what they were, but anything relating to video playback we tried toggling) Transcoding log is attached. Any suggestions? embytranscoding.txt
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