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  1. karibi

    Recording of IPTV VOD

    I am a complete newbie at this so I would very much appreciate some guidance. I have an interest in recording IPTV, specifically their VOD channels. My reasoning behind this is that I live in South Africa and my international internet connection speed is limited during peak viewing times, hence the desire to record during the off-peak period so I can watch in the evenings. I have installed the Emby server and client and have a suitable M3U file list and have configured LiveTV. The problem I am having is how do I record as I don’t have any EPG. Are I correct in assuming that I must have an EPG to record? If so, is it sensible to take the M3U file list and create an artificial XMLTV file and effectively fake an EPG? I am not averse to writing some code to parse the M3U. Just trying to understand what is the best approach, and whether there are any 3rd party tools to assist. Guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Buenas tardes. Tengo generada una lista m3u y xtml a través de XTeVe que funciona correctamente desde VLC. Los canales de la lista XTML los tengo correctamente mapeados, pero al entrar en la lista de TV en Vivo, me salen una serie de canales no mapeados (no existen en la lista XTML) y que no se pueden reproducir. He borrado toda la configuración desde el panel de control y aun estando todo borrado, siguen apareciendo esos canales "fantasmas". He mirado en los ficheros de configuración y he encontrado algunos relativos a LiveTV e IPTV, pero los he borrado y siguen apareciendo esos canales. ¿Alguien sabría dónde se almacenan esos canales? Saludos. PS: Adjunto capturas de los canales conflictivos.
  3. fizzyade

    IPTV Plugin users

    Hi, Would it be possible to limit the IPTV channels to specific users (like we do with libraries), I have just installed and added our security cameras to the IPTV plugin and there appears to be no way of limiting who can see what, obviously I don't want friends and family seeing our cameras, just us. The plugin is working brilliantly, I tried the tv plugin a while back with m3u file and couldn't get it to work properly, but this works really well. This would be a really useful feature.
  4. grizlyadams

    Live TV IPTV (M3U) playback repeat

    Hello, I have livetv set up to use an m3u file. It mostly plays back ok, but sometimes it plays about 15 to 30 seconds, then repeats that same 15 to 30 seconds. Sometimes it will do that between one and 3 or 4 times (repeat the same 15 seconds) and sometimes it will do it once and carry on playing and be fine thereafter. Sometimes however, it will never break out of that repeat loop and will just constantly re-play the same 15 to 30 second clip over and over. This doesn't happen if i play the same m3u with VLC or the IPTV provider's app, so my assumption is that it is not the stream that's the problem, it is emby. I currently use xTeVe as an m3u proxy to filter the channels and manage the EPG that emby does not do/provide, but I have turned off the caching in xTeVe so it just hands off the stream to the client (emby). The same thing happens (the 15 to 30 second repeat) in emby if i specify the m3u directly in emby and do not use xTeVe. so its not xTeVe proxy that is causing the problem. I can also see in the xTeVe logs that the url is being haded off to emby. emby runs in a docker in Unraid on an HP Microserver Gen8 with a Xeon® CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30a with 10GB ram which is at about 45% utilisation. Anyone seen this before and have any suggestions? thanks
  5. TheeDoc

    m3u_plus playlist...Newbie

    Hi All, Emby Version Using Firefox & Chrome As I mentioned, I'm a newbie to this so apologies in advance for lack of knowledge etc. Here's my playlist... hxxp://mbm.watch:8085/get.php?username=xxxxxxxxxx@@Xxxxx.com&password=xxxxxx&type=m3u_plus The screenshots below shows what I did. As is obvious, I have no clue what I'm doing. When I click the save button I get an error message saying, "There was an error saving the TV provider, please ensure it is accessible and try again." If I hit the search button in the screenshot above I get the screenshot below. I have no idea what to do with that part or if I need to be using that part? Playlist does not play in Emby. If anyone can tell me how to complete the process of putting my m3u_plus playlist into Emby successfully I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance for any assistance offered. Cheers, Hugh.
  6. Shenniko

    IPTV - No compatible streams

    Hi, First time using Emby.. So be gentle! Trying to setup IPTV, though the IPTV plugin.. Getting Error: No compatible streams are currently available. Please try again later or contact your system administrator for details. Log attached.. I've tried the M3U, M3U8 URL's and a text file url.. am still getting the no compatible stream error. Username and Password hashed out... serverlog1.txt serverlog2.txt
  7. gnussbaum

    IPTV - load downloaded m3u file?

    Hi, I'm new to emby. My IPTV provider gave me a link that downloaded a m3u file. When setting up the IPTV plugin it's looking for a URL to add and not the actual file. Is there a way to load the m3u file directly? Thanks!
  8. blackboy211

    Emby xTeve Missing Channels

    Hi I was hoping someone can help me. I have used xTeve to successfully add the IPTV channels to my Emby Server. I can see most of the channels but I discovered a pattern where Emby could not find any channels that had the below tag: tvg-id="None" Is there a way that emby can still add the channel even though there is nothing in the tvg-id tag? I am not a fan of having to manually update my m3u file every time a new channel comes along. I was hoping this could be something that emby can mitigate. I can see the channel appearing on my xTeve dashboard but not in the Emby list of channels. Below is an example of a channel not working: #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="Fox League HD" tvg-id="None" tvg-logo="" group-title="Sports",Fox League HD Also is there a channel limit in Emby. I know in Plex there is a 420 limit.
  9. Version Hi there, currently having an issue with playing Live TV m3u sources. Having either: -"no compatible streams" -"spinning wheel" -"eventualy play 'some' streams after massive delay Opening the M3U streams via VLC works flawless. So far I have:- -removed and re-added source m3u and xml -restarted server -updated to latest beta -confirmed there are no outgoing dns resolution issues from the server Attached is the server log from a restart - failing to play a couple. If there are any clues there, please let me know. embyserver.txt Kind regards, Jonny
  10. kramer15

    Live TV Setup + Playback Issues

    Hello: I am a recent convert to Emby from Plex. I am trying to set up live tv with an iptv m3u account. Everything works, however, Playback buffers, skips, or “loops” (goes back several seconds or minutes) and replays. I have searched the forums for solutions and tried several options, but the issue keeps occurring. I need help with the following: Are my settings correct (will post below). Could it be from my freenas server? (set up below). Would a faster internet connection solve the issue? I have attached the Emby Server log and ffmpg log. Emby (freenas) server settings: Enable hardware acceleration when available: Yes Transcoding thread count: Auto Audio boost when downmixing: 2 H264 encoding preset: Auto H264 encoding CRF: 28 Internet streaming bitrate limit (Mbps): 5 Freenas Server: Intel® Core i5-2300 CPU @ 2.80GHz (4 cores) 5TB 8 gig Ram 11.2 system ffmpgLog.pdf EmbyServerLog.pdf
  11. I'm having a little display problem while playing my IPTV to the Chromecast. The IPTV source is a M3U file with udpxy links, so the IPTV source is an HTTP video. Maybe it's a ffmpeg parameters issue (maybe I don't really know). Transcoding log attached and picture of the result while playing on the TV (sound works ok). EDIT: I've tried multiple TV's, and the same happens. Log.txt
  12. I know that IPTV services sometimes can be unstable and tend to freeze and stutter during some live events but I was hoping someone could help me handle all the settings in Emby before I can blame my provider. My Emby server is latest version on Synology NAS DS218+. I use Emby Theater to watch live tv (IPTV with ts m3u file) because it won't start in my Chrome directly (the content is streamed since I can tell seeing my download/upload meter but I just get spinning cycle and no actual stream, not sure why because it plays fine in Microsoft Edge; I already contacted Luke in that matter). Every now and then I gut stutter or freeze during play in Emby Theater and it correaltes with error alerts in logs, mainly: - Error PortMapper: Error creating port map - Error App: FfmpegCommandHandler:SendThrottleCommand Timeout waiting for throttle confirmation Attached logs from yesterday while I was watching Leicester - City game and two other users were watchin latest GoT episode. I also attach ffmpeg log from around that time but not sure if it is neccesary or relevant to my problem. Afetr the game I disabled throttling and set H.264 encoding CRF to "18" hoping that might help somehow (but I have no idea how does it work and what is the purpose of that). I was hoping someone could help me out with the stream buffer proble before today's Champions League semifinal. Thanks in advance. embyserver-63692791200.txt ffmpeg-remux-f5bb0d83-aee1-48d7-9c47-609fc706f06e_1.txt
  13. I have an hdhomerun quad and an IPTV subscription that i've connected to emby. The iptv provider has over 4000 channels, obviously i wouldn't want all of those included. I seem to be missing where you filter out groups of channels, like i don't want any of the Spanish channels, how do i tell it not to import those from the m3u url? Is there a channel limit for emby live tv? sometimes when i open up the guide it loads perfectly fine.. and fast.. other times it just sits there. i check the server and its not overloaded or anything. Thanks a lot EDIT: Also, it doesn't appear that all the channels show up in the guide when it does load up fine.. seems to load about a 1000 of them give or take.
  14. dovedescent7

    Suggestions on adding Live TV to M3u Emby

    Hey yall, thanks for helping this old man out! Could someone provide me an example of the user agent i should use for adding my Live TV provider to emby m3u or point me in the right direction? I just want to check out my live tv provider's paid service on emby, it would make my life so much more convenient. But i dont know the deal with the user agent and all the hush hush is making this hard to find on Google. I already have two M3u's that i was given from my provider when i started my paid subscription, one is called M3u Playlist URL and the other is called M3u Plus Playlist URL and lastly something called an enigma2? Im a total noob to Emby, but have a lot to offer on many other subjects! Thank you my dudes!
  15. TaranTSR

    M3U with options support

    Hi All, I was wondering if it would be possible that when an m3u tuner is added with the "m3u with options" that emby could then detect the with options and sort the channels into their correct categories so that it is not one big list of icons, similar to what the cigeras IPTV plugin for plex does on github. https://github.com/Cigaras/IPTV.bundle Many thanks!.
  16. Hi Feel free to mark as duplicate if you think this is too closely related to the other threads on pooling channels. My suggestion for doing has different ultimate goals to the other ones I've found: - Suggestion to pool duplicate iPTV or DVB, DVC, DVT sources so they only show up as a single channel - Each "single" channel could have multiple sources siting in behind - Channel service/sources can be set in preference/priority - When you tune/play the channel you want if it hangs or buffers then tuner automatically failbacks to the next source/service until it finds a stable one to play Most iPTV providers are providing multiple back ups in case a channel goes down or buffers. This suggestion allows us to use the back ups without having to manually edit the XML File. TV Headend has this type of feature built in already so it can be done
  17. arrbee99

    NextPVR and Live TV

    Been experimenting with using NPVR and the plugin to play IPTV or m3u stuff or whatever its called. So generally m3u channels are playing pretty well in the NPVR app and also pretty well in Emby when using Emby directly, but when using NPVR and the plugin to send though the channel to Emby its usually plays the same bit of the program on a loop. I though I'd send a log of that happening so I restarted the server and told it to play a channel (started at 13:26:00). This time it played for a minute or so then just froze on the screen, though I could back out OK. Tried playing same channel again (started at 13:28:00), and it played for a bit then started repeating (I think, bit difficult to tell), then fell out of the program and returned to the guide page. Forgot to mention this is in desktop ET and latest server beta. embyserver.txt
  18. I'm testing Emby on IPTV system, as a VOD server. STB: DV8120 TV Box (https://androidtvbox.eu/sdmc-dv8119-and-dv8120-another-android-tv-boxes-with-soc-amlogic-s905/) 1. When Emby APK is installed on STB and played a movie on, the audio comes but not the video, and it stays on the screen where you pressed "play" on. 2. Since it is browser based, it is extremely hard to navigate using the remote control of the STB. So I've to use a computer mouse on STB. I was wondering if it's possible to have an Emby layout like real a VOD in IPTV. 3. Some movies' thumbnail don't update even though I go to "identify" and use IMDb-id.
  19. Hello Before the update the recording of episodes of live TV by IPTV is working very well, perfect. But after this last big update something happened. The red circle appears, which means it should be recording, but nothing happens. What could be wrong?
  20. I think this is due to the latest update to 4.0.1, but suddenly, some of my IPTV channels (only a handful) have stopped populating the guide info even though I checked the epg.xml provided by my IPTV provider (Vaders) and there is EPG data for those channels. Specifically they are ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. IPTV is on one tuner and regular antenna tv through hdhomerun is on another tuner getting its EPG straight from Schedules Direct. No issue with the hdhomerun tuner or its guide. Is there suddenly an issue with having the same channels listed with different tuners and different guide providers? Or do they ultimately all have the same XML ID which is causing a conflict? I can't tell. All I know is that everything was working well for about a month and suddenly no more guide info for the IPTV channels that have an equivalent channel on another tuner. I am not sure where emby stores the EPG data it pulls from Schedules Direct. I would like to compare XML data and see if I consolidate this all somehow. Should I try disabling the antenna tuner and its guide? (I only use it as a backup if IPTV is not working because aerial reception is garbage) Any advice on a resolution or suggestions on a better setup would be appreciated.
  21. I don't want to start a legal/illegal debate Recent price hikes by our local CATV provider has left me looking for alternatives. I am versed in the setup of M3U tuners and their associated playlists. What I am looking for is integration with Emby and legal service. Information is hard to find aside from USTVNow. All help and advice would be appreciated and if you wish PM me with your input that is great. Thanks for reading!
  22. Hi guys, I've got a problem. My server (Synology) auto updated to and my Kodi clients stopped to work. In this forum i saw that the stable 3.0.34 is not working with this server version so i updated to beta 3.1.44a, now Emby works fine again. Server: (Synology) Client: 3.1.44a (Emby for Kodi) Problem: IPTV Simple Client is not working anymore. Streams sometimes don't start and if they do, after reboot, they run about 3-10 minutes before the whole system freezes. Only power switch helps to restart. First steps: I could reproduce the fail, if i deactivate emby addon, the stream instantly start to work again. Test this for about 2 hours, no fail, no freeze. 01:36:32.160 T:1180685216 NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled that's the last log i get before freezing/rebooting if i tail -f the .kodi/temp/kodi.log Please help, i switched my whole entertainment system to emby since i read about it in christmas holidays and it would be very nice when i can use it again. Thanks in advance! Greetz pand0ra kodi.old.log
  23. Hello, Looking for someone that can help me set up nitro tv with emby. what is occurring are my channels are being listed, but not playing. Guide seems to show channels but i am not sure its 100% accurate. no detailed information is appearing. looking for someone to assist step by step. thanks
  24. Puff

    Best PAID Legal IPTV Service

    Hi guys, I'm looking for options for a reliable PAID IPTV service to use with Emby. I have used Villo in the past and that worked pretty well. But I'm trying to build a list and guide for setting up IPTV properly on Emby. So looking for all the options that have been tested and known to be reliable. Any assistance and information that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. vertexdj

    Problema IPTV

    tengo un problema, cargo una lista iptv, y funciona bien, la lista esta limitada para 1 conexion a la vez, por lo tanto se corta el streaming si inicio en 2 lugares al mismo tiempo por la limitacion de la lista, como debo configurar emby para que se pueda conectar mas de una persona al mismo tiempoo sin que se corte, que la lista m3u tome como unica conexion la ip de el servidor y no las ip de cada conexion, para que no corte cuando conecte mas de 1 dispositivo a la vez
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