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  1. Hello, I tried to configure one of my media library to only take metadata from a nfo file. The thing is that the shows on this library are re-mixed by an unofficial team so the metadatas are not provided by official metadata providers like tvdb or imdb. Anyway, for majority of the show informations, the metadata are well retreived from the nfo file. There's only one field that is not : the season name... There's an extract of the nfo and screens of my library's configuration. tvshow.nfo It's my first time sending a message on this forum, so I'm sorry if it's not on the right area. Best regards,
  2. Hey all, Sometimes I have multiple entries for the same person and wanted to know if there is a way to alias one record to the other (I believe the genre plugin does something like this). 95% of the time this is due to Asian actor names where they are often credited differently. For example, I have "Sammo Hung" but also "Sammo Kam-Bo Hung" in my DB. It would be cool if I can just alias any DB records for Sammo Kam-Bo Hung to point to Sammo Hung. That way all his movies appear under Sammo Hung in the emby GUI. I'm fine with paying for a plugin if needed, I'm just hoping to avoid having to having to go and manually editing each record one by one.
  3. Hello, Recently, I've been trying to script some bulk editing of the NFO file in my Emby Library. This was mostly just a fun project for myself to learn more with Python. Currently my biggest issue I'm running into is trying to update the video NFO file to use a new Poster. Whenever I edit the NFO file lines: <art> <poster>/config/metadata/library/37/3776ebd48296df86690cc5c678d8814e/poster.jpg</poster> </art> to something like: <art> <poster>/config/my_posters/MoviePoster.jpg</poster> </art> Then try to update the Metadata for the video in Emby, Emby will overwrite the poster data back to the original value. A couple notes on how I've set up my system. Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Emby installed inside of a Docker Container. The media is stored a ZFS file set up across 3 mechanical hard drives and mapped to Emby via docker The Emby program and config files are on the SSD and mapped to Emby via docker My goal was to have the NFO and Posters on the SSD while the media files could live on the much larger drives. Currently, the NFO files live in the media folders (which means they are on the mechanical hard drives). I'm okay with keeping the NFO files on the mechanical drives. I was hoping to keep the loading times down on the thumbnails, but it's possible that the NFO file has to be accessed before loading the thumbnails so I might be shooting myself in the foot. Also, I am aware that it's probably overkill keeping the thumbnails on the SSD, but I really prefer my system to be as snappy as possible. (I have thousands of videos in certain directories, so any optimizations can make a difference). My main questions are: Is there a way to update the poster via the NFO? Or am I doing something incorrectly. Do you think NFO files on the mechanical disks would bottleneck the posters enough to the point where keeping the posters on the mechanical disks wouldn't matter? Thanks for any help you can provide, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong subforum
  4. For Blu-ray movies in the form of folders, emby’s nfo files are located in the outer folder, while other software such as kodi are located in the BDMV folder. The difference in the location of their nfo files makes them not universal, which is very inconvenient. I cannot use emby's nfo file in other soft. Is there a way to make emby's nfo files stored in the BDMV folder by default。
  5. Starting from the October release 1.34, the extra fanarts pictures (fanart1, fanart2, ...) are not more saved in the folder "extrafanart" this is required for Kodi compatibility. Moreover is not more working the option to copy extrafanart into extrathumbs. I cannot estimate exactly the release that broken the compatibility since also the plugin downgrade to the previous release is not working.
  6. oxhey

    Music sorting & NFO files

    I'm in the process of moving my music collection away from Apple Music and into emby. The easy part of getting my music in emby is done, now comes the whole "making sure everything has the correct metadata" bit. I have a few questions based on this: 1. Does emby not differentiate between singles, eps and albums etc... I have noticed that emby just displays everything as Albums, even though on MusicBrainz things are split - see here for an example Billy Talent - MusicBrainz 2. I have the following libraries: TV Shows, Movies, Stand Up and Music. I also have the NFOMetadata plugin installed. I have made sure that Nfo is selected under Metadata Savers, but only see nfo files for TV Shows and Movies.
  7. Hi, I'm an Emby user since 2 or 3 months ago. Still experimenting on some things, but I'm already on a production scenario, with hundreds of items. I've spent a lot of time customizing metadata for single items, and such. As I'm an Emby Premiere user, I'm using the Emby Backup plugin to backup everything in case of disaster. However, I've read recently on other similar posts, and later I confirmed according to the wiki here: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159936-backup That the Emby Backup plugin does not backup metadata at all. According to the wiki, it's recommended to store local metadata to media folders. Until now, I just didn't use this option because I didn't want Emby to have write access to my media library. So I prefered to let Emby save metadata in its internal database, and use the Emby Backup plugin to backup the data. But given that metadata cannot be backed up this way, I can switch to store it on local media folders. In case I want to enable the option to store metadata to media folders, how would be a safe way to do the migration? Is it enough enabling the option "Nfo" on each library? Should I also enable the "Saving pictures on media folders"? (Sorry I have my Emby on Spanish and I'm translating the option, not sure if it's named that way). I guess I should enable both if I want it to store all metadata on the library, with its info/plots/customized artwork items, etc... And more importantly, I already have lots of valuable customized metadata for my libraries. What will happen when I enable this option to store metadata on library folders? Will Emby migrate all existing (emby-database) metadata to the nfo format and store it to the correct place on my library? I don't want to lose customized posters, etc... so I want to make sure it will save my existing metadata instead of downloading it again from the scrappers. And well, in case the migration is not a safe process, is there any other way to make this migration? And in case there is no other way, is there any good way of backing up the folders where emby stores this data? I guess images are stored as files and other metadata is stored in a specific table on a database? I'm guessing alot here, but shouldn't it be possible to automate some type of reliable backup copying the folder and making a dump of the table where metadata is stored? In case it matters, I'm using Emby on a Synology x86-64 NAS. I kow I'm asking lots of things here. Thanks for any attention you give. Congratulations for this great software. I hope it gets better and better over time. Sincerely,
  8. gillmacca01

    Manually updated nfo

    I have been doing some manual updating of some of my nfo files (updating outside of Emby, so I can batch edit). I am finding that the only way for Emby to read the new nfo, is to remove the video file, library scan, and then re-add the file. Am I missing something here? I can't see an option to read the nfo, without doing the above. If I select 'edit metadata', the original medata is displayed, not the new metatdata
  9. Hi, I’m moving my Emby install due to install issues with my distro. When I moved Emby to the current distro, instead of pulling the metadata from the saved NFO files and the images also saved within the media itself, it pulled from online - even when there wasn’t any data and overwrote a bunch of data that I had worked really hard to get right. Now I have to start all over fixing those erasing days of work that I have to redo now. Is there a way to get Emby to pull from the saved NFO and images first - and only download if I’m missing metadata so that it doesn’t overwrite the good data that’s been saved? Thanks so much for any info or assistance!
  10. Hi There, I have been going through over the last couple of days getting my music library sorted out within emby but having an issue with the artist.nfo files been read that i have generated myself. I have tried to look round to get an answer for this before posting but was struggling to find an answer. I am sure there must be something wrong with either a setting or the wording i have used in the .NFO file but am not really sure what tbf. I have no issues with the album NFO's been generated and i am able to edit them with the information I want in them and that shows fine, as i said must be something to do with how i have sent the NFO up i am guessing. As an example please see attached artist NFO and maybe someone can point me in the right direction for getting emby to read it. Thanks Andy Artist.nfo
  11. This is an odd one. I'm running Windows server and Synology Emby Server Both have the same issue. The .nfo file was generated using Tiny Media Manager. I have deleted it and regenerated and it doesn't help. If I manually edit the rating to 6.2, then refresh metadata, it displays fine; only 1 decimal place. Then I change it back to 6.1 and it goes to the 8 decimal places again. Looks to be specific to a rating of 6.1! https://imgur.com/a/V4HriS4
  12. thegrunge

    Backup And Restore Server

    Hi I'm doing a backup test on my mac. I used the server configuration backup extension (plugins) to do my restoration and I copied the metadata in the root folder where the metadata is located after the scan and that before scanning the libraries. The process is as long as if I hadn't transferred the metadata. I wonder if this is normal or if I should also use the NFO extension. In fact I am not sure what exactly this extension does apart from creating .nfo files next to each file. Thank you Edit: I think I used the metadata of another version of Emby that I had installed and which was not in .config but just before in my username folder. I believe that a simple way to restore on clean installation would be to copy and paste the emby-server folder as well as that of the application. @@dcol @@PenkethBoy @@Smaky
  13. Hi, I am using QNap TS-873 since 2 weeks. I have installed emby 4.3.1 successfully. Now, I have moved my files (home videos) of the windows PC to the NAS. Unfortunately every displayed title of the mp4 files contains the filename. Imagine: I am recording my game session playin' Quake2. After gaming I tag / enrich the mp4 files with title, subtitle, description, marks in the file's detail. Using the windows version, the title will correct displayed in Emby, using the same in QNap Emby, the filename is displayed not the title or description. How can I correct or solve this? Thx
  14. riothamus

    How often are .nfo files created?

    How often does Emby write data to .nfo files? More specifically, after a file is uploaded, provided that it is a valid TV episode or Movie file, when does an .nfo metadata file for the item get created? Nevermind, I found that my nfs share mounted read-only, so the data is not getting saved. The server is trying to create the .nfo file at scan time, but can't save it. Please disregard.
  15. qazwsx10


    Quick question! Historically, I've always saved my metadata/nfo/artwork with my media files. More recently I have been experimenting with uploading my content to Google Drive through rclone. My question is, if it would be a good idea to continue saving the metadata with the media files (in this case Google Drive), or if it would be faster Emby experience if it was saved locally on the machine (in this case Nvidia Shield). The main reason I was thinking of saving it on Google Drive was because I will most likely have to update my media files as I expand my collection. For example, if I currently have a 1080p file and eventually purchase and upload the 2160p version, I will need to rename the files and metadata files as well as create folders for my content. My primary concern was internet speeds. My download speed is restricted 100mbps and even we are the only users, I wasn't sure if that would be fast enough to quickly load all the images on the front-end Emby app. Whereas if I were to save it locally on the server (Nvidia Shield), I would assume it would be very quick. I will be experimenting with this in most likely a month, but I wanted to get your experiences in the meantime.
  16. As you can see in the picture below, the actor thumbnails are recorded in 2 different ways, local position and tmdb link. But what I really want is that all the actor thumbnail are recorded as a tmdb link, yes I would rather load the images every time I explore the series in the library because I don't see necessity having those on my local disk permanently. Is there any way to achieve my need?
  17. Hi I've been experimenting with using my Google Drive for storing some of my media. I've been doing this using the Google Drive File Stream program, and pointing Emby to the mounted drive on my Mac. Generally speaking, it has been hit or miss as to whether this works successfully and I'm inclined to ditch this experiment. I've tried Rclone but could not get to grips with it at all and my library is not huge, I just wanted to free up some space on my external HDDs. The main issue I seem to find is that metadata can take a while to generate (if at all). I have my libraries setup with the Metadata saving in the local movie folders (so I can easily migrate if necessary in the future). But I'd like to understand the behaviours behind this to ensure efficiency. I'd sincerely appreciate some input/answers to the following if possible: 1. If I add a movie to my Google Drive and run a library scan, does Emby essentially force the download of the movie to generate the NFO file? 2. Would it be better to add and scan the files on a local directory on my Mac and move the movie and subsequently generated NFO/artwork files to the Google Drive? Or would Emby try and recreate these when it scans the Google Drive source? 3. If I turn off the Local metadata options on my libraries, where does this get stored on my Mac and could I easily access this to copy it/back up?
  18. duffydake

    Multi-segment episode NFO issue ?

    Hi, I have an issue with all (aside one) my multi-segment episodes, their are displayed as one episode. I use the format : tvshow - S01E01-E02(-E0N) - title.ext OS : debian stretch Linux 5.0.21 x86_64 Emby version: In the database data field of MediaItems does not contains IndexNumberEnd except for the working one. The only difference I see is the Kodi NFO (I didn't see something helpful in debug log btw), I forgot to set details of the second segment. Not working : (Two or more root) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <episodedetails> <title>TITLE EP 1</title> <showtitle>TVSHOW</showtitle> <season>1</season> <episode>1</episode> ... <episodedetails> <episodedetails> <title>TITLE EP 2</title> <showtitle>TVSHOW</showtitle> <season>1</season> <episode>2</episode> ... <episodedetails> Working one : (Only one root) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <episodedetails> <title>TITLE EP 1</title> <showtitle>TVSHOW</showtitle> <season>1</season> <episode>1</episode> ... <episodedetails> Usually XML parser doesn't like multiple root (and their are right), so it's maybe the issue here but unfortunately it's how Kodi wants them. Do you support Kodi multi-segment NFO ? (or maybe it's something else ?) Note : I just discover Emby and aside this small detail I really enjoy it. You are doing a great job.
  19. Hell to all my name is Matt. I am new to forums so I apologize if I am not posting correctly or in the right location, any help would be appreciated. So I have not used Emby in a couple of years, but when I did use Emby I remember that there was an option to hide additional files from being displayed in the folder that you added to Emby. After adding my folder to Emby yesterday I now have a bunch of nfo, bif, jpg files that are being displayed. The nfo option is unchecked in settings. So how can I hide these additional files from being seen? I have included a screenshot to show what it is that I am referring to. The icons that have little black squares with blue triangles in the lower right corners (movies) those I want to be seen and displayed in my folder, ALL of those other icons (nfo, bif, jpg) I want to have hidden. Where do I go and how do I accomplish this task? Thanks in advanced.
  20. Hello, I’ve searched the Emby forums and have found very similar postings but without the clear answer I am searching for. My TV library stores each episode into a separate season sub-folder. So my library folder structure is similar to what is shown below. The parent series folder (Star Trek) has no actual episode files directly in it. Instead, the season sub-folders (Season 1) contains the individual episodes. When Emby goes to work on scanning the library: nfo files (i.e. tvshow.nfo) and image files are populated within the season sub-folders (Season 1). There are no nfo or image files in the parent series folder (Star Trek). As a result, Emby does not display the series folder art work for the series (Star Trek). ☹ As an experiment and to prove my theory: I manually copied a single episode from one of the season folders into the parent series folder and rescanned. Bingo, I got folder art work. So either I’m missing an important setting/configuration or Emby doesn’t support folder artwork for series and season sub-folders. I’m hoping someone can point out the missing configuration or tell me “No, your out of luck” so that I can stop spinning my wheels. TV Library ....Star Trek The Next Generation .......Season 1 .......Season 2 ......etc.. ....Star Trek .......Season 1 .......Season 2 ......etc.. As Always Thank you in advance, Julie
  21. Dataman100

    Nfo files started appearing

    A few weeks ago, .nfo files started appearing in my main media folder. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly when. I'm guessing it started after one of the automatic sever upgrades. I've made no changes to any of the settings in Emby, nor made any changes to any paths. My metadata path is set to a folder under the main video folder. Nfo files just started appearing for newly added video files in the main media folder. I've never seen that before. Was something changed in the handling of .nfo files? Sorry I can't be more specific, but I don't really know when it started. Thanks, Dave
  22. Let's talk about a real full migration and the separation of metadata and mediafiles. I know i know, you system architects of emby have had discussions and thoughts about this topic enough i guess...But i want to ask you to maybe rethink one or two things about the structure of emby. But hold on, before you think: great, another non-programming average Joe who thinks he knows things better than we do... just let me explain. The fact that i am here right now, writing this post about emby is because: i love it As a long time kodi-user i instantly fell in love with emby the moment i installed it and started using it. I mean, kodi gives me some more options and fine-control on how I want to structure my library where emby is limiting me, and emby has some little flaws here and there. But the overall feeling about emby is just awesome! So, i ditched Kodi for emby and never looked back...until now. I'm in a similar position as @@Kirk137 in his post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/61721-best-migration-strategy/ or like @@flort in this post https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/47767-manual-backuprestore-userdata-and-changed-paths/ Due to some hardware and software-changes, i'm in the process of having to migrate from a emby macOS installation to a Ubuntu-based Linux installation. Even though my case is about macOS/Linux-migration, my problem is related with the general migration-process and metadata-management, and therefore belongs in the "general"-forum. So, as besides of the root-path from my mediafiles, nothing has changed and i thought: this won't be a big deal...just copying the database, correcting the rootpath for the mediafiles and boom it's done. Should only take one hour at best. But this was thought too short. I followed the instructions from https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Backup and was a little shocked when i read this in the documentation: How can it be that a software like emby, so powerful and well written/supported, has no proper 100% backup/migration-process? I followed the instructions for a manual backup anyway and now i have a "partially" migrated/backed up new database. After the re-indexing scan of 1-2 hours, the files are there and users and everything else - but the manually edited, handcrafted movie-entries are ALL gone. And this is a huge bummer as i putted in A LOT OF TIME identifying the movies/videos/shows by hand while remaining their original filenames!(sometimes this is possible sometimes not) So, the whole migration-process took 4-5 hours by now and still isn't complete/finished and satisfying. And right now i don't know where to go or what to do to get this done. I for myself and i don't think i'm alone in this - need a proper way to backup and migrate a whole installation. And with whole installation i mean whole. This should not only include: Server configuration Users User data (playstates, favorites, etc). Installed plugins Plugin settings Playlists but also: library/index metadata views full cache(people,pictures,movieinfos,artistinfos) Manually edited, handcrafted movie-entries. When nothing besides the rootpath of my mediafiles and the paths to the config files have changed, i don't really understand nor can't i find good reasons why i should have to put my hardware, and my nerves to so much stress(io-workloads) re-indexing, re-downloading, re-editing and re-configuring the whole library when the data are already available somewhere(old machine). I mean, i can understand that from a programmers perspective a migration/backup-process is no simple task. But from a users-perspective it should not be extremely more than: Ok, ok, i know. It's not just a single button-press and everything is magically done in 2 minutes. And i am fine with copying config files by hand, and running well documented pre-written SQL-queries etc etc. But in the end a migration/backup-process should be 100%, and not just 50-60%-ish. And now comes the part about emby, that i completely dislike and reject: The structure of handling data and media. The idea about saving metadata with the mediafiles might seem appealing and easy first of all...but when you think about it its not that great at all. Here's why. I don't want any tool than my file-manager and my brain to get in the way of my structure and naming-conventions. Therefore i only mount my media-folders read-only for emby, kodi and other tools. I do this because i don't want any bug, user or coincidence to threatening me with the possibility of messing, deleting, renaming or restructuring my media-files/folders. I need to preserve the structure and names of my files and folders to some degree for archiving-and a lot of other reasons. So i don't want emby or other tools to write nfo-files all over the place or rename anything. Yes i know about the possibility of recognizing files by hash even when the filenames have changed, but this is no option as i need to preserve the original filenames. When you think about it, why would you want mix up two categories of datatypes(data and media)? For me personally it feels way more natural when i have the two separated. I have one place for data and one for media. The other really big problem i have is when this idea of "saving local metadata to media folders" is the only possible way of a given migration-process. Without another given option it feels like getting told: You ether swallow our nfo-mess in your file-structure or you have to redo the whole indexing and editing-process with every crash or system-migration! Ouch! Most of other media-libraries like itunes, kodi, subsonic etc. separate the two datatypes while maintaining full migration-ability. Sometimes emby is also forcing me to rename files/folders just to get indexed correctly. For example when episodes of a show are named E01 instead of EP01...or when a show/anime hasn't episode-numbers splitted by seasons etc. While you are reading this, you might be thinking: What do you want from me?! Let me tell you: First of all, i need help. Medic please! I need to get this migration-process done without the need of having to re-edit all the rare movies and videos i edited by hand(took me weeks to months!) I need a way(detailed instructed how-to) on how to migrate 100% of my library from one machine to another. Give us the ability to just change the root-path of already indexed files after a migration. This should avoid the need of reindexing. Maybe implement a routine that searches for filenames in case of files are restructured(but saves the metadata until the user deletes the metadata). I please you to rethink/rewrite/expand you backup/migration-process. So it becomes easier, complete and hassle/io-stress-free. I please you to overthink your thoughts on the handling of data (metadata,user,movie etc) and mediafiles. A clear separation is needed imho. A separation would also make a full true migration-process easier i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Please give us the ability to index custom naming-conventions without the need of renaming files and or folders. Kodi is great starting point as it has given me this possibility. I'm pretty sure that i missed a lot of thought's i had but this is already long enough. I hope i described everything clearly, if not don't hesitate to ask me questions. I also hope that other users voice their opinion about this issues. Thank you for emby and for your attention. Cheers kaizo
  23. embyzone

    Naming of .nfo and posters

    Hi All I read that the NFO files used in Emby was following the rules of Kodi? Maybe something's has changed, but it looks like Emby is reading my local information? But if I change some NFO data in the folder and ask Emby to Refresh Meta data it does not re-read the local nfo file again? Example Movies: First Man (2018) -- fanart.jpg -- First Man (2018) [bluRay.1080p.x264.8Bit.DTS.6ch].mkv -- First Man (2018) [bluRay.1080p.x264.8Bit.DTS.6ch].eng.srt -- First Man (2018) [bluRay.1080p.x264.8Bit.DTS.6ch].nfo -- poster.jpg -- logo.png -- landscape.jpg -- disc.png -- banner.jpg Example TV Show: Almost Human -- Season 01 -- Almost Human - s01e01 - Pilot [bluRay.720p.x264.8Bit.AC3.6ch].dan.srt -- Almost Human - s01e01 - Pilot [bluRay.720p.x264.8Bit.AC3.6ch].mkv -- Almost Human - s01e01 - Pilot [bluRay.720p.x264.8Bit.AC3.6ch].nfo -- Almost Human - s01e01 - Pilot [bluRay.720p.x264.8Bit.AC3.6ch]-thumb.jpg -- season.nfo banner.jpg character.png clearart.png fanart.jpg landscape.jpg logo.png poster.jpg season01-fanart.jpg tvshow.nfo All these are created by the old "meta<browser/> tool and should still be Kodi compliant any way to force Emby to read these local files first? (Takes a pretty long time, compared to kodi where you tell it to scan for local nfo files only) Sorry if this is a NOB question - But I cant seem to get Emby to refresh any nfo data when first it have loaded them?
  24. Hello Would it be possible to allow Emby to add multiple points of info into the same section? This would be helpful for other types of media where Emby doesn't currently save local metadata files. Something like being able to add multipole genres, tags, and studios by leaving a , between each. For Example: Being able to add Horror, Crime, Fantasy > save rather then Horror > save then Crime > save then Fantasy > save
  25. I have a couple of films/movies where I would like to add extra information in the style of a list. I hoped to put this information within the <plot> tags, but it displays as a single block of text. Is there anyway I can achieve this? Thanks.
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