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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, Sometimes I have multiple entries for the same person and wanted to know if there is a way to alias one record to the other (I believe the genre plugin does something like this). 95% of the time this is due to Asian actor names where they are often credited differently. For example, I have "Sammo Hung" but also "Sammo Kam-Bo Hung" in my DB. It would be cool if I can just alias any DB records for Sammo Kam-Bo Hung to point to Sammo Hung. That way all his movies appear under Sammo Hung in the emby GUI. I'm fine with paying for a plugin if needed, I'm just hoping to avoid having to having to go and manually editing each record one by one.
  2. johnsonb

    Deleting duplicates

    Hello. I need to delete several duplicates in my Library without delete the media itself. The same media files is listed twice. thanks, Bj
  3. I recently rebuilt my movie library from scratch. Almost 11,000 movies. During the initial library scan Emby identified over 800 movies (about 550 or so left after manually identifying) as Movies. So basically I have 800+ duplicate movies called Movies. Also created many multiples of I Heart Monster Movies, Rock Hudson's Home Movies, Home Movies and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. In total over 1000 movies. I really don't want to manually identify all of these. Already did 200-300. Why did Emby do this so I can avoid in the future and how do i fix this without doing manually?
  4. I have a split folder structure that looks like: Multimedia -> Movies (1080p) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> Movies (UHD) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> TV -> etc -> Music -> etc and I absolutely need the separation between 1080p and UHD movies at the physical data level. But to stop duplication on Emby Theater, and to not keep the headache of separating 1080p and UHD into different libraries (just imagine having to remember which movies you do have in UHD, and playing it from the UHD library of movies when watching that specific movie), I group the versions together on Emby web app so that the clients can optimally choose which version to play. But this triggers a bug in Emby Theater where grouped version show up as duplicates in Continue Watching as shown below: As you can see the in the picture below, the versions are, in fact, grouped: Interestingly, when I click on either of the two duplicates on Continue Watching, Emby Theater does take me to the single grouped version of the movie like the screenshot above, and selects the default video track to play, in this case, the UHD HDR one. P.S.: Don't worry about the weird color scheme in the screenshots, Windows Snipping Tools still can't screenshot in HDR mode properly.
  5. I'll be honest - I really don't expect an solution this this other than how I select the sources, or doing away with the symbolic links, however I thought I would see if I got lucky and someone else has found a solution to this that seems to be evading my brain. Currently I point to the root folder of "Movies" and Emby finds everything OK with no issues outside of duplicating any movies that are symbolically linked to other directories underneath the Movies root directory. The symbolic links are to link related genres together without having duplicate "real" files taking up disk space. The issue. For example I have a christmas classics symbolic link that points from within the classics folder to another folder in the christmas sub-directory that contains all my classic christmas movies. This causes all the movies in that symlink to show up twice in the Movie Library. I have both a linux version of Emby Server and a windows version of Emby Server. They both behave the same as I would expect them to. I have a linux server where all my media is stored. The Movies directories are set up like so: ├── movies │ ├── action │ ├── adventure │ ├── childrens │ ├── christmas │ ├── classics │ ├── comedy │ ├── crime-drama │ ├── disney │ ├── documentaries │ ├── drama │ ├── family etc... I have a classics folder underneath the Movies folder with a symbolic link named christmas pointing to another subdirectory of Movies (christmas/christmas_classics-Pre_1970): ├── classics │ ├── adventure │ ├── christmas -> ../christmas/christmas_classics-Pre_1970 │ ├── comedy │ ├── crime_drama │ ├── drama │ ├── film_noir │ ├── musicals │ ├── mystery │ ├── science_fiction etc.. and a Christmas folder underneath the Movies folder: ├── christmas │ ├── A_Christmas_Carol_Collection │ ├── A_Christmas_Story_Series │ ├── Arthur_Christmas_Series │ ├── Christmas_Vacation_Series │ ├── Home_Alone_Series_-_Original │ ├── The_Santa_Clause_Series │ ├── christmas-post_1999 │ ├── christmas_classics-1970-1980 │ ├── christmas_classics-1981-2000 │ ├── christmas_classics-Pre_1970 etc... They show up in the library as follows: \\xxx.xxx.xx.xx\movies\classics\christmas\1945.The_Bells_of_St_Marys\The_Bells_of_St._Mary's.avi \\xxx.xxx.xx.xx\movies\christmas\christmas_classics-Pre_1970\1945.The_Bells_of_St_Marys\The_Bells_of_St._Mary's.avi Would there be a way to add an exclusion rule to avoid one of those two directories? I know I can fix this by selecting each of the Movie sub categories under Movies and just not selecting any symbolic linked folders to avoid the duplicates. I can also fix this by losing out on the convenience of the link and storing the christmas classics under classics and not linking them back to christmas. - That is the easier solution of what I've thought about, but I really like to convenience. Just trying to figure out if there might be another way to prevent the duplicate library entries so I can keep the sources list from getting so big and save myself all the entry keystrokes. Thanks
  6. Malvazar

    Need Help With Duplicate Episodes

    So I've been running my server for a while now, and I only just recently got around to migrating my TV Show library over to it. Things seem to be going well, except for some reason Emby is deciding to duplicate random episodes 5 to 20 times. Not sure why its doing this. Everything in my system folders is fine with no duplicates, its just a problem with the server it seems. Any insight into this would be great. Here is a screen shot for reference.
  7. I have read the wiki and scoured through the message boards cant find a way to do this. I have multiple copies of a lot of stuff for redundancy, I am trying to move everything to a larger drive I have, and delete the duplicates. the larger drives is also a mirror raid setup, so I can free up these smaller 1, 2, 3 TB drives, and move every thing to the RAID. So while its finding hundreds of files that are NOT already on the RAID it also has 1500+ that are..... I have to hit the "trash can" icon next to every one... and then OK the delete, it takes FOREVER... I have it set to overwrite if PROPER, REPACK, etc.... but it doesn't do anything with identical files. only better versions which is good if I want 1080 or 720 vs smaller files... but I prefer the smaller... I just want boxes next to the trash can or some other way to mass delete these identicals files as I drag them to my "target" auto-organize folder. I realize this may not be the right place to post, please advise where it should go.. ANY help appreciated. TIA.. -G..
  8. Blueeyiz702

    Duplicate Movie's in Kodi

    when i synced my movies collection,i noticed that there was 2 of every movie showing in Kodi. Could someone please explain how to fix this,or provide me with instructions on how to do so? thank you.
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