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  1. Some of my movies have no backdrop art and I would like to just use a couple of the chapter thumbs Emby has generated as backdrops. Is there a way to save them or (easily) find them inside Emby's db?
  2. MarauderEMBY

    Backdrops within music...

    Did a quick search did not see this anywhere. I would like to see an option to have randomized backdrops.. Like those we have in Video.. but within areas of the Music category... I think maybe it is this way especially for an app just to show tiles, or something.. and have a solid backdrop for ease of reading... BUT when it is used in various different applications or usage... Like on Desktop.. it could still serve as good eye candy.. and ad to the feel of the experience.. I am using Windows 10 and WebUI to access the server at the moment.. EMBY ..and this as an option.. not just 'ON'...for those who would like to turn it off.
  3. Backdrops not shown for home videos folders is this an expected behavior?
  4. Bottles51

    Backdrops in music playlists

    Currently when i play music from my playlists and go to now playing no backdrop is shown. Before 4.6 update i had backdrops. I have re scanned library and made sure i was using a self populated playlist and not a smart playlist (Just in case there is a compatibility bug) . I have checked on PC and on android NVIDIA Shield, both no backdrop. I Have made sure that the artist playing had a backdrop. Hope this is a quick fix and thanks for all the hard work.
  5. It's really great the way the theme audio continues when navigating through info on a movie or series and fades when leaving. It would be great if the audio of video backdrops faded out also when leaving.
  6. I have a primary image for all of the more than one thousand artists in my collection. However, less than one-half have a backdrop image. Is that anyway to cause Emby to use the primary image as the backdrop in the event there is no backdrop? Thanks!
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had this issue. I have set automatic backdrops, when at Home Page backdrop displays properly, after entering library it changes correctly but then after hitting 'back' arrow to Home Page it only displays grey background (I have dark theme). Does anyone have a solution for that? It can be with custom css i.e. to always, no matter what display a backdrop. Any ideas? Thx
  8. My music folders are filled with folder.jpg but they hardly find backdrop.jpg when running a metadata scan. This actually got worse with 4.xx since it does not inherit the backdrop from the artist. So I was wondering if there is any way to copy the folder.jpg and rename it to backdrop.jpg automatically? At least something would be in the background. I've done a few manually but it's pretty tedious.
  9. I think I've seen comments here and there regarding people not liking how Backdrops (still images, or videos) are partially obscured. I'm not sure yet what my opinion is on that (though I think I lean towards being fine with the partial fade/gradient). But as I'm starting to experiment with using video Backdrops it has occurred to me that it would be useful if there were an icon that appeared when a video backdrop is playing, similar to how things work with an Audio Theme file, that in this case would enable the user to fully display the video backdrop (either through temporarily hiding the main content that is obscuring the video, or by displaying the video in a full screen video mode -- I lean towards the first option personally). Similarly, having a button (it could be the same button/icon) that enables one to display the still-image backdrop could be nifty. Perhaps the icon could be a film cell / film strip? http://www.scenebank.com/filmstriponecell.jpg And maybe if a video Backdrop is playing the icon could have a "play" arrow inside it? https://us.123rf.com/450wm/blankstock/blankstock1407/blankstock140702315/30042947-video-sign-icon-video-frame-symbol-seamless-grid-lines-texture-cells-repeating-pattern-white-texture.jpg?ver=6 In general I like the aesthetics of Emby Theater, but it would be cool to have a way to better view / appreciate / enjoy video and static Backrops, while still having them default to being in the background (as they should be), until called for by a user action for better/fuller viewing. Edit: What about a user setting that enables the poster, text, etc. to all fade away automatically when there is no mouse or keyboard activity for a set time (eg, 5 seconds) when there is a video backdrop playing, and everything fades back in if you move the mouse or navigate via keypress commands? With something like that the experience for items with a video backdrop would be that you'd enter the item, the video backdrop would begin playing as the poster, text, etc. fades away, and only if you move the mouse, activate a keypress, etc. would everything fade back in (while the video backdrop continues to play until finished, but just obscured again). And if you are not moving the mouse or activating a keypress for a set amount (eg, 5 seconds?) then everything fade away again to reveal the video backdrop (if it is still playing). The assumption being that if you're bothering to use video backdrops, then you probably want to see them, and so starting with the video backdrop as soon as you enter the detail screen makes sense, and then you can always move the mouse, activate a keypress to bring everything back in order to navigate to buttons, etc. PS-If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  10. Not quite sure how to categorise this one. Setup: x86 server running Emby Server on Ubuntu 16.04 Android smartphones running the Android client Chromecast connected to a Sony TV When the Android client is connected to the Chromecast, but no media is currently selected, it goes into an idle mode where it displays background artwork (screencaps, posters, etc). I would like to disable this background artwork. I am typically logged into my own personal account which has access to all media, and no age-rating restrictions on content. The reason is twofold: When I want to watch my own things, and my child sees Peppa Pig artwork, she gets demandy about watching 'her' shows When I'm watching with the kids, and some artwork from a horror movie comes on, the child is disturbed by the imagery Please help, my wife is getting quite annoyed with me.
  11. This new update has wrecked my Emby Apple TV experience. One simple question....WHY OH WHY did the developers remove the backdrops when I view a movie? There is now a blank backdrop with a lonesome logo and I feel as bored as Helen Keller in an art gallery when viewing my movies. The way Emby USED to utilise backdrops on the Apple TV was glorious. Backdrops for Apple TV was the defining feature for Emby, and is what what made me move to the green side from Plex. Looking at the picture I attached, who in their right mind thinks the new update makes it look better... Is this a simple mistake made by the Emby devs who accidentally removed backdrops? Or is this actually a decision made by the team? Because it is an absolute shocker of a decision if that's the case, and I am on the verge on cancelling my premiere subscription and moving back to Plex if its here to stay. So where did it go? Are you bringing it back? Am I wasting my time if its permanent? Couldn't the devs make an option to turn it on and off? Hopefully I am not the only one who is irate. The new update has surely taken the Apple TV project two steps back. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am long time Emby server user and I really enjoy using it, but have been using Kodi as a Client till today. Bought a Shield TV, so wanted to use the native App, especially since now Themes are supported. I really like the Windows Media Center theme, but I would like to have the option everywhere only to show the Theme backdrop and not the Item Backdrop. That is already possible while browsing, but not in the details screen. That option would really reduce that busy look compared to when backdrops are shown. Furthermore I would love the option to hide the initial side bar, when opening the App on the left side, as all the content is anyway displayed on the right side. That would make the Windows Media Center Theme look really close to the original look with the modern touch of Android. Appreciating any feedback from the developers. Thanks a lot for the great App And of course e for the great support here
  13. maximumentropy

    Disable Chromecast backdrops?

    Is it possible to disable backdrops in the Chromecast ambient display? Or better yet, is it possible to set acceptable parental ratings for displayed backdrops? I just had an NC-17 backdrop show up immediately after casting some shows for my kids, and I'd like some way to ensure that doesn't happen again. Thanks!
  14. Hi, As a person who uses emby theather constanly, I have few suggestions to backdrops. 1) Fade out overlay in a title, it is currently from left (black) to right (transparent), can we go back to old version where there is no directional fade out (%some percentage transparent all around), it kills both image and video backdrops, especially video backdrops which is designed for whole screen, where now you can see only right side, or at least make it in a way it doesnt go all the way to %0 transparancy on the left, (one side note, this also plays very bad with philips ambilight, while i am browsing it is one sided ambilight ) 2) Please dont show previous title's backdrop after I left the title, for example I browse a movie, I go back to browsing in poster mode, and that is a very crowded screen already, and I have the backdrop of last movie between all those posters, just making it harder to browse, visually not appealing. Instead just please show default black, which brings me, 3) no backdrop issue but similar, can we have all black default background, isntead of gradient default background, it will play nice with new screens with hight contrasts. 4) unrelated bug, if you go ultrahd resolution, there is a bug in video overlay, what i mean is: if i open the hud by pausing the video, the fade overlay on the top does not go all the way to top of the screen, just runs short, showing a line of not faded area. PS, i didnt have a nice tv for a while, so was watching from pc or ipad, finally replaced, and best media experience ever using theather in a hdtv, just amazing, i dont even open the android version on the tv:) Best
  15. What are the correct dimensions for the backdrop image? Why are my backdrops being cropped when displayed in Emby? See below image. I always use dimensions that have the same ratio as 1080 x 1920, for example, 637dpi x 1132dpi, like in the below image. The bottom window is the 637 x 1132 image, and the top window is it displaying in Emby WMC. See how the right side of the image has been cropped. How do I fix this? I've tested all the display settings in WMC (Television, Flat Panel, etc.), and the cropping isn't being caused by WMC.
  16. Andrommy

    Move backdrop error message

    Not a big issue but since long way back I haven't been able to move/arrange my backdrop order. server-63622454400.txt
  17. Hello! I wasn't sure where to put this topic, so I put it here in the general discussion (: I am not sure if this is a bug or perhaps a feature. My server version is Version 3.0.8500.0. In short, if a film, per se, has both an MP3 theme and an MP4 backdrop, the MP3 theme does not play when using a client which (perhaps?) doesn't support playing the backdrop when the film is selected. It seems that this is not the ideal behavior, because indeed if Android and web (for instance) don't do MP4 backdrops, they would at least play the MP3 theme if one exists. I haven't checked the server logs yet - they may or may not have any insight into this behavior. Any thoughts?
  18. Hi folks, I think fewer backdrop images are being downloaded now, as opposed to before a recent update. I'm on the current stable release of the Windows server. It used to be for any movie popular enough to have plenty of fanart available, I would get several backdrop images downloaded. Now, it seems I'm just getting one as seen by looking into any movie folder for content added recently (last few weeks?). I preferred getting the variety of backdrops. Is this just me, or was there a functionality change, and if so, can I set it back to the multiple backdrop mode? Marc
  19. Hi, I try to change the backdrop for a movie collection by clicking the "+" icon after Backdrop in the edit images view. What then happens is that it set that images as primary poster image. Any ideas of why this is happening? In the attached image: 1: Where I click to change backdrop image 2: Where it ends up Thanks in advance for all tips on this one. /Borgen
  20. Is this an oversight? If the user prefers to select/design their own images as opposed to using the application provided images and media displays were based on "backdrops" as opposed to "posters", as allowed prior to the upgrade to Version 3.0.5768.7, a potentially devastating impact in terms of time and effort already spent, and the additional time and effort required to find/edit/implement new images, is being placed on the user. Are there plans to reinstate the the "Select View" options? Thanks
  21. I have a backdrop set up in Emby Server. Should this appear in Emby for WMC? How can I set up a backdrop to appear on the home screen? EHS. is not enabled.
  22. I recently switched to the new Web interface, but in the process also lost the function of genre icons (primary images) as well as the backdrops for each genre. Everything works fine when I revert to the classic interface. Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this anomaly??
  23. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/OrderBackdrops.cmd Requires mediainfo and imagemagick command line utilities Background I wanted to keep my backdrops clean of mixed resolution, non contiguous naming, and duplicate images, The script uses imagemagick to yield a comparison value to identify duplicates. Install Download mediainfo and imagemagick clis, Extract to folders of choice Download CMD file above and copy to shell:sendto edit CMD with paths to mediainfo and imagemagick and turn on/off log only Functions For each folder in path, re cursing subfolders) If low res images exist AND 1+ high res then delete low res images If duplicates exists delete duplicates rename backdrops into order - backdrop.jpg, backdrop1.jpg, backdrop2.jpg, etc creates a processed.txt in every processed folder, in case needs to be rerun...they can be easily deleted once happy Usage Test 1st before using on real folders Right click a folder eg. movie and send to the script, each separate folder is enumerated separately The threshold value should be increased/decreased if duplicates are not being detected/uniques being detected as duplicates. use imagemagick\compare -metric NCC backdrop1.jpg backdrop2.jpg null: manually from the command line to find a threshold value for comparison for use in your script Notes Backdrop order is not well respected, backdrop.jpg (the first one) shouldn't be deleted, unless it is a low res image amongst 1 or more high res images..Backdrop 11 will be ordered higher than Backdrop 2 due to batch order. As with all my scripts its very crude, im guessing as i go along. The Comparison function of image magic, could be improved upon, there may be quicker more appropriate functions and the use of a threshold could break out of comparison once its known to be different enough (for performance considerations) Temporary files could be used to compare different resolution images, but that would take even longer and would require more understanding of imag magick comparison than i have. if i could get the comparison value out of image magic without using a file, it would be more media browser change detection friendly. have tried to use identity function to compute a quick hash to weed out 100% identity quickly, however the duplicates in practise are too nuanced for this function to yield match. advice as always welcomed... The NCC comparison can deal with different jpg quality factors, but cant detect identity where there is a slight offset between the two images, or if one image is a subimage of another (would be too computationally intensive, besides the script is looking for more identical ness that that..eg same image on fanart and tmdb.. edit fixed crash when_result was not defined
  24. thelangs

    Movies by genre - backdrop

    I have selected the "movies by genre" option in the configure menu. I see how to update the backdrops, etc for all other library entries in the "metadata manger", but I don't see how to add a backdrop to the "movies by genre". How does one do this ?
  25. Hello, Sorry if it this was answered somewhere else, I couldn't find it. By going through my collection on Mediabrowser Server web client, I realized some of my backdrops were not displayed there. In fact, after checking, those backdrops do not show in mediabrowser classic either (which make sense if they are not detected by the server Anyway I realised that the server is not detecting more than 21 backdrops for one item. As an exemple, I have a "Attack on Titan" folder with 42 backdrops (yes, I know...) and the last one to be detected is "backdrop20". Here is my question : Is there a setting somewhere allowing to change this limit ? (I found the setting to change the limit of downloaded backdrop but that is not my "problem" here) Thank you guys for the amazing job.
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