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  1. EduardoSantos

    Music details

    It would be amazing if Emby could store detailed info on a track/tune. Not only could we add things like lyrics but other, maybe, historical info e.g. like this music was composed to the festival...
  2. EduardoSantos

    Shuffle on music genre

    Running Emby version From Web interface, it seems Emby's shuffle for a music genre results on choosing a sole random album and playing all tracks from this album. It also seems this behaviour does not occur when casting from the android app to a Chromecast. Tried also to navigate to the all music section, filter the music by genre and then shuffle it. Got same result.
  3. Above image is Emby's web interface screenshot from the album detail screen. It has one of the track's menu "activated". It seems to me there could be real improvements with very little effort. a) There is currently no "Play" button on the track line. Instead each track line shows three buttons: "Add to playlist", "More..." (which opens the menu shown on the above image) and "Add to favorites". The "Add to playlist" is also shown on the "More…" menu. I would suggest: relocate "More" button to the end change "add to playlist" to play button using the long click function already standard to Emby as a means to select one or more tracks to insert/create a playlist. b ) Once the "Play" button is present, I would suggest every contributing artist on the track line, e.g.: number (1) on the image, to be a link to the artist detail page. I understand the "Play" button is a conceptual change but even sticking to the current line-touch-playing I think artist's linking on track would be a real improvement on user's experience navigation. c) On track's "More" menu there currently is a "View artist" option (number 3 on the above image) which actually leads to the first track's contributing artist. I would suggest changing this option to "View Album artist". As mentioned on "(b)" above, every contributor artist would be reachable from links under track's name. d) I found no reason why each track "More" menu has an "View album" option (number 2 on the image) as we already are on the album detail page. e) The "now playing" tray currently have two links: one to the album detail screen containing the track being played and one to track's artist detail page. Problem here is this second link leads to "the first contributing artist" Emby grabs from database. As stated on item "(b)" above, I suggest there should be a link to each artist shown.
  4. Above screen is Emby's web interface "now playing screen" for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  5. Above screen is Emby's web interface "now playing screen" for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  6. Above screen is Android's app now playing screen for music. Wouldn't be awesome if all artist's listed have links to their detail screen?
  7. mbyhome

    iOS emby music shuffle issue

    Hi I'm seeing an issue as follows since iOS emby version 1.7.8. Just verified the same issue still exists under version 1.7.9. Whenever I click the "shuffle" button of a music folder (let's say it contains 3 sub-folders and each sub-folder has 5 songs). The application should recursively flatten the hierarchy and shuffle all 15 songs under this music folder to put them into the play queue. However the current iOS emby app only randomly selects one of the 3 sub-folders and play the 5 songs of the selected sub-folder in order. The play queue only contains 5 songs from the same album after I click the "shuffle" button. I checked the chrome web client and it worked fine. The web client recursively flattened all hierarchies and randomize all songs as the play queue. So it seems the problem only exists in iOS app. Thanks!
  8. So when i go to my music library on the ps4 and go to an album the tracks are only listed alphabetically Ah i've just found this seems to be a ps4 issue, but could there be a work around? create playlists where they're in order or something like that?
  9. Hello, I always search to see if someone else posted but I never find a similar post so apologizes if this is a duplicate. This seems a bit weird to me and the first couple times it happened I just chalked it up to a fluke. I listen to music on Emby Theater via remote desktop while I'm at work because all the other ports are blocked. If I restart Emby theater everything appears fine, but inevitably the play, fast forward, and other buttons become distorted. I figured it was just because I was using it on remote desktop and my display settings are different. But today when I got home I checked on my machine and it does appear to still be distorted. You can see from the screen shots that it only looks normal when the window is really long. So the taller the window is the less of the buttons you can see. It seems like something is a bit off with the scaling. But can't pin down exactly how to replicate it even though it happens to me very frequently (daily).
  10. DerrickM

    add a filter to playlist

    It would be nice if within a playlist there was a filter box so that I could filter playlist to show album or artist or title. May not get used all the time but it would be nice for example if i add an entire artist to a playlist and then decide later that i want to get rid of one album, i can just filter by that album and remove the songs.
  11. rechigo

    Music metadata

    So I don't know what's up with music metadata, it doesn't automatically find the metadata so I tried to manually add it using https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ and it still wouldn't pick up the metadata. What am I doing wrong? How do I get Emby to pick up music metadata?
  12. I have several Paul McCartney albums in my music collection. Each track is tagged with the correct name (via musicbrainz, but visually checked as well), and nfo file lists the artist as Paul McCartney. Under metatdata manager, the artist is just listed as paul. Editing it in the manager and even locking it, after scan it displays the artist as paul again. This is more of a cosmetic thing to me, because when I search for mccartney, it finds the albums/tracks, so it's just the way it's displayed
  13. Catsrules

    Music and Bluetooth

    So far I have been very impressed with Emby, for video as well as Music. There is just one thing that is driving me crazy Media does not Pause when a Bluetooth audio device is disconnected. For example, I play music from emby in my car over bluetooth. The idea is when I turn the car off the music will stop playing. This is what other Music/media apps do. However Emby continues to play the music and it switches to my built in speakers and I need to manual pause the music. Is there any way to enable this? I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I think I am at the mercy of the developers on this one.
  14. Hi, I have the latest Emby app installed on my Nvidia Shield. I just noticed it isn't possible to seek through a music track. So for that, my feature request
  15. willo123

    Music improvements

    Quite possibly the most hyped thing related to anything audio playback at the moment is Roon (https://roonlabs.com/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1LvfgOQ3JY). What it does is essentially: - make all sorts of trivia prominently central in the UI - build all sorts of connections based metadata so that it works as a mind map of sorts so that when playing a song from artist b, it would be possible for the user to find, for instance things like - any instances of the same song (such as when the track is included in live albums, best of, cover versions etc) - any tracks produced by the same producer All other solutions I’ve come across are far cry from the functionality of Roon. Particularly frustrating the situation is in products like Emby, as Emby already has the basic featureset required for such a functionality (Same features that are used to handle cast for movies and TV), but the existing features are not used to anywhere near their full potential when it comes to handling music. At least the following areas could be improved without the need for major all new functionality having to be added: 1) UI for music in Web client is weird for music related items. - Description is put at the very bottom, so it isn’t readily available. I fail to see the reason for this, it is similar kind of information as Description of Movies and TV, so there’s no good reason to display it at completely different locations. - Description is retrieved from The Music dB (or MusicBrainz)? In either case, many releases have no such information available. However, it is relatively common to include such details in tag field Comment, yet there’s no way of making Emby read that, or any other tag, into field Description. - Also things like website and tags should be shows at the top of the page, not at the very bottom. - Track listing on the artist page takes huge amount of space if the artist has even halfway sizeable back catalog. One might argue that tracks should not be displayed at all. However, if they are, they should definitely have “More” –functionality (show say, then 10 most played tracks, complete list would have to be opened separately) - release listing is a huge mess in case the artist has lot of releases. - most important improvement would be to separate proper releases (artist is album artist) from featured on releases (artist != album artist). - using proper release type (separate at least, albums, anthologies, singles, live recordings etc) would be next step into same direction but significantly more complicated to pull off, as there’s lack of standardized handling of such a thing between various taggers (most don’t handle that information at all) 2) properly manage any involved artists of music (partially in use even today), but - person read from tags like Composer are not connected to artists in any way - more person roles (such lyricist) would be useful - For example Music Brainz Picard can retrieve far more credits than what is used by Emby atm. 3) handle band members largely in a similar fashion than cast is handled (you actually can even add band members right now as actors, however Web client refuses to show them unless you tinker with CSS). To properly handle that, you would probably need a new person type “Musician” which would have properties like: - instrument (multiple values can exist) - period (needed for artists, as lineups may change) 4)Allow addition of links to external resources, such as Wikipedia page, Last.fm page etc or external reviews. For this, ability to add arbitrary number of hyperlinks would be needed. For that purpose, the link would have top have at leas the following properties - url - title - Description To tailor it more specifically for specific information types like reviews some additional fields like: - reviewed by - date - review (stars or something similar) would be needed. 5) Pretty much no solution (including Roon) seem to actually utilize any other cover art except for RFront cover. Yet cycling through all of the album art images much like you browse liner booklet) would be blatantly obvious use case
  16. slyfox

    Bug: Disappearing Now Playing Bar

    Instant Mix is broken. Steps 1. Choose an album 2. Press instant Mix 3. Tap on the now playing track at the bottom 4. Tap the "-' on the right to remove the current track. 5. Tap the home button at the top. Music is playing but the now playing control is gone. Returning to music and trying to open an album does nothing.
  17. I'm running Emby server on CentOS 7. Yesterday I tried to play a multi-disc music album using Firefox and also the iOS app without success. I got the error "No compatible streams are currently available" and when I opened the album I found that the song list for both discs is empty. So basically the album with the artwork is in the library but there are no songs in it. I tried to play the files directly and double checked the mp3 tags, everything is ok. I tried different multi-disc albums from my library and all show the same symptons. The album is in the library but no songs listed in it and playback gives always the same error. BTW in metadata manager I can see the album and the songs and their metadata without any issues. I can't confirm when this issue started since I'm not playing multi-disc albums on daily basis but as far as I recall before upgrading to version 4 it was all ok. Please let me know if you need the server log althrough I didn't find anything relevant while trying to playblack. Is anyone having the same issue with multi-disc music albums? Single disk albums are alright as far as I know and I use Emby to play music on daily basis. Thanks.
  18. Hi, I have looked around the forums but can't seem to find anything that fixes my problem (i apologise if I have missed something) I have an mp3 file that originally was scanned through Musicbrainz Picard, but I have recently tried running it through MP3Tag. I have removed the file from the folder, let emby scan, and then re-added, with no success, and even tried deleting the nfo file. As you can see from the screenshot below, the artist name is being displayed wrong (Syretta should be Syreeta), which affects searching. I have upload the mp3 folder (with nfo) for you to look at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rkm96zjuduk2s9l/AADgwD-VOKBB4Erx7ldTCZbFa?dl=0 I have other mp3 files doing the same thing, but other artists, so hoping that if this one can be solved, I can solve the rest myself
  19. Is there anyway to remove the disc border. I just want the album art. Disc border around albums takes away from album art.
  20. slyfox

    Music - UI Improvements

    Would like to see these improvements: Choose genre - search within genre. Current option allows you to browse all of the genres. This is problematic with lots of different genres. Too much scrolling. Bigger Album Artwork when browsing albums. Anyway to remove the "disc" box surrounding album art? Album art is not displayed in background or at all when a specific album is open. Just shows the title and a play button on a black background. Album is shows only when playing a track. It would be nice to see a dislike button to quickly tag songs for later deletion. Smart playlists (filters) are a must for iOS and web.
  21. gtracy

    Bulk Music transfer from QNAP

    I'm an emby newbie so be kind to my dumb questions. First my emby server is running on a Linux based server in a Docker container. The Emby server is up and running just fine. I can access it well with my browse on my Ubuntu base desktop machine. I also have a QNAP NAS that I have had running for several years now. I currently contains photos, documents and music. No video or movies. I want to move all my music from the QNAP music library to the new EMBY server in bulk. Freeeing up a ton of space and repurposing the QNAP for other things than media serving. I have somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 songs in the QNAP music library. So as you can see it is not a task that is manually realistic to do. For that reason I am looking for suggestions, procedures, or ideas on how best to accomplish this feet. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. One thing to bear in mind, I do not have any library structure set up on the Emby server yet. So this is very much a 'green field' installation. Thanks. Glenn.
  22. EduardoSantos

    No results on album artist search

    Congrats for the 3.5 version. Original title search was really a blessing! It seems, though, that search is not including album artists. Thanks,
  23. Though my files are meticulously tagged on MP3Tag, Emby will change albumartist name based on metadata gathered from musicbrainz. That could be very good thing but it is not. It has been causing a real mess on my databases destroying hours of tagging and data loss. Musicbrainz is not normalized. Their data is far from perfect. Would there be a means as to define priority? Actual file data should be preferable than anything... Thanks
  24. After solving one issue where an artist was replacing all albumartist fields of a certain name, I've ended up with a new and confusing problem. emby seems to have decided that a couple of my albumartist tags simply don't exist. The two offending albumartist tags I've discovered so far are "KarenT" and "colate". When emby scans the library, it either does not read those albumartist tags, thus leaving the album artist field blank, or is deleting them for some reason. For reference, this library has all external metadata sources turned off. This image shows all the tags assigned to one of the affected KarenT tracks (MP3Tag), and what emby sees. Note the conspicuously blank album artist. Here's the same comparison for a colate track: And, just for completeness, here's a track where everything was fine: There is no difference in the tags used that could relate to album artist, so why is emby clearing/not reading some seemingly at random?
  25. I just restarted my emby server after about a year of inactivity, and the first thing I found seems like a pretty horrendous oversight. Nearly all of my music is from ripped albums, and is nicely separated into subfolders of style(I'm a Vocaloid fan, and keep that separate from everything else), artist/publisher(for compilations), album title, disc#, songs. However, for a few lowkey release singles (i.e. things release as soundcloud downloads) they don't have an album folder, and so just sit in the artist root folder. In one fit of laziness, it turns out I dumped one song in the root folder for my entire Vocaloid music library. The file had some nonsense in its ALBUM tag... and emby decided that it should ignore all other metadata. Suddenly, I ended up with 1800 songs grouped under a single made up album. Creating a "Temp" folder and dumping the offending song into it fixed everything... Or so I thought. Remember those singles I mentioned earlier? Those ruin everything for the artist folder they sit in. A few hours later, after making sure not a single file exists outside of some sort of folder, and things seem to be working alright, but that is one hell of a piece of failed design. Just in case my explanation wasn't clear, in short: If a folder contains both subfolders and music files with a filled album tag, emby will assign the ALBUM tag of one of the music files in the folder to ALL of the music files within the subfolder, regardless of if the subfolder music files have their own ALBUM tag set.
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