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  1. SilvaUA

    Video Bookmarks CoverArt Path

    I am working with Video Bookmarks plug-in, and I think it is great, thanks guys! I do have one question, let's say that I have a folder in my PC with the CoverArt that I want to select for each Bookmark I add, how can I select the image? All I have been able to do is to type in a URL, but in my case the images are not on a webserver, they are in a folder inside my EmbyServer. Thanks in advance.
  2. Emby Server: Version 3.0.5785.0 Coverart: Version Hi Forum - I have looked through a couple of the threads but don't find my problem addressed. In my case I have confirmed the disc artwork is in place but it is not being added to the Coverart treatments consistently. I have run the plugin a couple of times and the library scan runs regularly. It has been several weeks since I confirmed the disc artwork has been in place and am scratching my head. Just to confirm, the disc images have been downloaded and are in the artwork. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Like the title says, in Collection view we can choose e.g. ClearCaseDisc to see Cover and the discs on the side. Request: A disc View also for movies/series, where the disc shows half behind the Cover of the Movie. Example Mockup: @@ebr
  4. lja

    CoverArt: vs

    Server: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19298307/ca.JPG After the above server the CoverArt treatments no longer show. Also cannot preview. Deleted and reinstalled but no change. Thanks for any help.
  5. schmitty

    Xbox One DLNA CoverArt

    Hello, What is the size of the CoverArt Xbox One displays in Media Player? Also, is there a way to change the size of the CoverArt, so the whole cover displays. Currently, only the top two thirds or three quarters of the image is actually displayed.
  6. Certain treatments have a hard-coded padding value. It makes it really difficult for UI designers to provide a uniform layout between users of CA and users with untreated covers. Side affects like the following happen. In both instances the overlay with the actor/actress name is aligned with the edge of the image. Thanks.
  7. arrbee99

    Coverart ignoring stuff

    Wondering if anyone might know why Coverart might not be applying finishes to a few items, for the last few days on and off, as seen below... This on server version 3.0.5917.24817, IE11 (and Chrome), Win 10 Prol.
  8. yardameus

    Custom coverart treatments

    I was just curious if it was possible to tweak coverart treatments with a custom overlay. Or more so, what all I need to tweak to do so. I've noticed the coverart folder in the cache and managed to change the image, but unless I keep it exactly the same as the original, the overlay doesn't cover properly. For example, if I wanted to combine the metro treatment and flat case treatment without the the different colors and labels. (Generic grey overlay, no labels and smaller but equal overlay on top and bottom) Or is this something that dynamically changes with coverart and has to be done from the core. Thanks for your time.
  9. @@ebr Coverart appears to be treating the trailers plugin area with my folder treatment. Tried a few different scenarios but regardless of what I put in coverart config for the trailers section it is not using them. Am I missing something simple? Server 3.0.5865.0 Trailers 1.0.5810.30116 CoverArt Also any chance of this being looked into... http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/12565-coverart-indicator-overlay-trailers/?hl=%2Bcoverart+%2Bindicator+%2Boverlay Thanks
  10. deepwather

    CoverArt - Additional black BD2 Cover

    Hi everybody, I'm a system information scientist from switzerland and i do really like your CoverArt plugin from ebr for emby. However, I find it a little pity, that there is no possibility to add own Covers; For example, would really like if there were a black BD cover & also the abiltiy to use black Show & Seasons Cover. At this Point i did these by my own and edited thous in the cache folder in the emby installation to generate the black ones. But to do this over and over is not really a good deal. So here my question: may it's possible to add this files in the main-dll-file of coverart by the emby team? I would be glad if someone can do tihs. The modded Image-files are in the attachment cheers deepwather
  11. @@ebr @@Luke Today when I updated the Server to the above version, all my Collections started to look like the attached Screenshot on all of my HTML based Clients (Android, WebClient on Chrome, Firefox). Before, the Covers were fitting in the designated field. On Samsung TV, everything looks as it needs to be. Curiously, this occured just on the first collection page (1-100), when I switched to page 2 (101-X), the covers are normal... Now to the funny thing: When I change the order from ascending to descending, the different covers on Page 2 are also not cropped even they were cropped on Page 1 before changing the order. When changing to sorting by added Date, suddenly all Covers are well sized on Page 1 and cropped on Page 2, so the behaviour is the other way around than described above. The oversizing occurs on all types of Coverart Options (Stacked, SideCase, ClearCase etc...), even they look fine in Metadata Manager. Refreshing does not help. Activate of keeping original aspect ratio does totally screw up the sizes. It seems that Covers from Fanart.tv (1000x1426) are treated right after changing it to the preferred Picture Downloader. But themoviedb Posters (1000x1500) or greater resolutions are sized to big. When manually upload 1000x1426 resized pic to Metadata Manager, it's also not working. Something is really wrong (at least just on my machine?) with the first page of collections in realtions to the different calls for sorting.
  12. With all features enabled like actor pics, chapter pics, Coverart Plugin, there's a whole bunch of images created that let decrease the storage space on the drive where Emby is located. After trying out different styles with the Coverart plugin, I recognized that all the picture styles (when generated one time) are stored somewhere, even if they aren't used anymore. Is there an option to delete not used pictures created by the Coverart-Plugin?
  13. Happy2Play

    Coverart Resorce not found

    There doesn't appear to be an aac overlay. 2015-08-23 19:16:36.5877 Error - CoverArt: Resource not found: codec_aac 2015-08-23 19:16:36.5877 Warn - CoverArt: CoverArt - Undefined overlay type: codec_aac v4.0.8.8
  14. Noticed that for WMV files, the coverart treatment is always as Bluray even if the Display settings in the metadata are set to "Movie" Also, a collection will get a default treatment as what looks like the last movie in the collection. can we not allow that treatment to say "Collection"
  15. Hi, I was going to try out the CoverArt plugin. It seemed pretty neat. However I am wondering how the work to process the art is being run. I have a fairly large medialibrary (some 50k files/50 TB of data), and what happened was that Emby just stopped responding. I could now browse the medialibrary at all. I understand that it will not be able to process all this media instantly, but it locked the whole server. It seemed as if the images being provided by CoverArt totally blocked the browsing all together when the library was not fully processed. I have not looked in the source code for CoverArt at all, but my thought at this point is that it seemed that CoverArt takes over the publishing of all configured art work - without bypassing with not completed art - which in practice blocks the library completely until the art generation is finished. I have a dedicated server solely for Emby. Not a monster machine, but it's ok (it's a Dell PowerEdge T20, G3220 @ 3 Ghx, 32 GB RAM, Windows Server 2012 R2). I let the server run for 12 hours, but after that I had to uninstall CoverArt, cause it totally blocked the server, and it was hard to even get into the Emby Settings. So my thoughts are if it was possible to add some features to the plugin to make it even better (it seems pretty cool): * Make sure the plugin does not totally takes over the server (throttling or doing the update art work processing in a lower prioritized thread) * It would be nice with some sort of progressbar so you can see where CoverArt is in the process of creating the art. * A bypass to the available artwork until the new art have been created (ie. it's still possible to browse the library even though it is not completely finished) Looking forward to a reply with your thoughts about the matter. Thanks.
  16. TrainAss

    CoverArt ImageMagick unavailable.

    So I'm currently running Emby Server Version 3.0.5641.4 via OpenMediaVault (Debian based file server). Everything works fine except for CoverArt. I don't get any formatting or correct covers. In addition, there are no thumbnails in the configuration. When I checked the logs, I found this So I connected to my server via SSH and installed ImageMagick (Apt-Get Install imagemagick -y). The software installed successfully, however CoverArt still doesn't seem to work. I've looked through google, even hitting up the OMV forums and trying their steps, but nothing. Anyone have any ideas? server-63570328058.txt
  17. schmitty

    CoverArt treatment problem

    Hello, I have spent several hours scratching my head with this one... My library is showing TV series is set to use the 'Case' treatment. However, it is showing TV SERIES in the actual treatment, instead of DVD or codec, like I thought was supposed to happen. I have even tried setting a custom treatment to show DVD as DVD and also, MPEG as DVD. This is not happening. Am I missing something? I have gone through the CoverArt walkthrough several times, and am officially stumped. Any suggestions?
  18. I just became a supporter and installed CoverArt. I'm trying to setup my Media Folders to use the collage treatment, but I'm having some issues. I have uploaded a generic primary image to each media folder, but when collage is selected as the media folder treatment, all I see is the primary image. Also, on the settings page, the preview looks like a broken thumbnail. However, if I use another treatment under the Multiple style, it works. Here are some screenshots with the Stack treatment selected. I'm not sure what the difference is or what I might be missing. Can anyone point me to a setting or something I should check? I wasn't sure if any log files would be helpful, but I can certainly upload any if need be. Thanks!
  19. I am having an issue with some images when it comes to collections. Some options work and some shrink random covers. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  20. Hi, [i thought i already had posted this earlier but i must have forgotten to actually post it.] i'm running 3.0.5557.0 on a synology x64 with mono beta from synocommunity. I've installed coverart all in all the setup is working very well. there is one error however which gets displayed only if i access my server through "app.mediabrowser.tv". it does not occur when i access my server using the local url. error occurs regardless if i'm in the local lan or at a remote location. The error is displayed for each item in the "Resume" section and displayed as in the screenshot the effect coverart is supposed to apply is also not applied. If i access mb using the local url all is ok and coverart does it's magic. second thing i've noticed is that the icons on the "My Views" section are much larger when accessed using the app.mediabrowser.tv url instead of the internal url. besides these two glitches mb is performing really well on my setup - which i consider more alpha than beta. cheers udo
  21. Hi Chess. I've just installed CoverArt for the first time, and I'm liking the way it looks in your app, but on the home screen the treatment is distorted by the episode overlay: In the dashboard they look like this: I know there's not much room on the screen, but just wondered if you could perhaps make the images smaller and put the text under the image ?? On the episode page, the media info icons need raising a little I think: Not sure what other CoverArt users think. Thanks.
  22. Whenever I add new content to the server, I have found that the new coverart/screenshots do not load on the homepage of the ipad app. However when I click on a movie or episode, the image appears correctly in the details box. It seems as though the images on the home page are not refreshing when new media is added, and there is no drag to refresh option on the homepage. The Movies and TV sections both show all the coverart and refresh correctly using the drag down method. Does any one know why the home page images aren't appearing? This seems like a problem at the server level since it is happening on multiple ipads and uninstalling/reinstalling the app did not change anything. Is there something I can refresh on the server side? If it's a server issue, I will gladly include a log if needed. This has been happening for a while, through several server updates. Server is currently Version 3.0.5429.25781
  23. tmb4016

    Coverart Overlay for Stub media

    Hi all, Is it possible to get an overlay to display when the movie is a stub file. Ideally it would be great to get another attribute to display in the overlay but this may be stretching it. ie. I have a DVD which is referenced via a stub and that item in the movie.xml has a collection number value it would be good to have some visible overlay that it is an offline media or even better can the overlay pick collection number up and display it as text in the overlay ? Regards
  24. my cover art expired. i have half of my movies with no cover art. i have made a donation. put the key in. it shows registered. how do i force an update to all the movies that are missing the cover art? thanks.
  25. Something strange happened to my library and the only thing I can associate it to is the update to 3.0.5464.40000 because I have not made any other changes to my library or MB3. I've been using MB3 (MBS and MBC) for quite a while now with no issues. All of my movies had the movie cover for the 'Primary' image. However, yesterday I noticed the covers (cover art) for most of my movies was gone! So I went into the MBS Metadata Manager and sure enough for about 80% of my movies the 'Primary' image has been changed to a clip instead of the cover! However, when I go in Windows Explorer the correct cover image is in the associated movie folder either as a folder.jpg or folder.png. I have not made any changes to MBS. Here is my setup for metadata: I saw this similar post, but the OP seems to not had his images working right since he migrated from MB2 to MB3. Mine had been fine until yesterday. http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/15452-clear-down-and-start-again/ Any ideas why MBS changed all my 'Primary' images?
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