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  1. Everything works fine when using direct play, when transcoding for whatever reason, be it bitrate, video container or whatever, video starts playing, after few seconds it freezes. The receiver itself is responsive and I'm able to start playing a different video after a freeze. General flow when starting the chromecast is as follows: - Receiver asks initially for a low bitrate video - Playback freezes after a few seconds cause transcoding is enabled to lower bitrate - After the freeze, I select the movie again and send it to the Chromecast - This time the receiver doesn't ask for a lower bitrate of the video, direct play is selected and the video plays fine all the way through That's for files which don't need transcoding, for files which can't use direct play I'm not able to go past a few seconds no matter what I do. Transcoding works perfectly fine in the web app in Firefox and Chrome. The Android app also works fine. There's nothing interesting in the server's logs, I can add them if you need them though, ffmpeg's logs also look normal. The only messages the web app is getting from the receiver are regular progress events, which just send periodically the time which chromecast is stuck at. When looking in the admin panel you can see the activity indicator showing the movie being played, with the playtime moving forward and then periodically moving back to the time Chromecast is stuck at, e.g: 00:04 00:05 00:06 00:04 00:05 I'm unable to debug the receiver as my device isn't whitelisted, that'd certainly help with this situation. This issue only started recently, a month ago, maybe two months ago or something. Before that, chromecast was working perfectly without any issues. Emby server version is, it's available on the internet, I can provide access to Emby devs if necessary.

    live tv to chromecast black screen

    every time I try to broadcast my chromecast channels I can only hear the audio but no image, my emby is runing on windows 7 all updated and chromecast on wifi 5ghz, and sorry about the bad English
  3. I have read as many of the related topics I could find but the answers did not help. A short time ago, all of my X265 encoded videos stopped casting to Chromecast. After selecting the Chromecast, and pressing play, it appears to start, then goes back to "Ready to Cast". I have tried Android app, iOS app, and browser app. I tried reducing the quality in the app settings (Playback>>Chromecast Streaming Quality) to no avail. I have tried several movies and the only ones that cannot play are X265. These videos were playing fine until recently (was there an upgrade to the server?). Have others experienced this? Emby Server: Version Chromecast, 1st Generation Chromecast firmware: 1.32.144770 Emby for Chromecast 2.1.0 Emby for Android Mobile 3.0.42 I do not mind upgrading my Chromecast, but was hoping we could troubleshoot and understand the issue, as it just started happening recently. I have attached the video specs of one of the movies I have been trying to play (tried 10+ this morning to troubleshoot). I have also attached the transcoding log of one of the failures. I did edit the file for "THE NAME WAS CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT". Any help? ffmpeg-transcode-8009045a-52ca-43d3-bb7f-ffc476c922e3_1.txt
  4. Hey, folks. Starting a few days ago, I am all of a sudden unable to cast to my Chromecast from my Android. I am still able to do so on my iPad. I've rebooted all devices. This is happening with two separate Chromecasts (one a Chromecast ultra, one a gen 2 Chromecast). It does not show up in the list for Emby. I am still able to cast to the device from other apps (Netflix). Emby server version: Below are two screenshots. The first showing the iPad where you can see "Living Room TV" and the second from my Samsung Galaxy S7 where it is missing. Any suggestions? iPad: Android:
  5. I tried to cast a show to my Gen1 tonight. It's not listed as a choice in Emby. It's listed and works with Plex, Netflix, and Youtube. I tried the Android app and Emby web. Am I missing something or is it just not supported with Emby? It works now. I hadn't used this ccast in a long time (2+ years). This morning I turned it on and it ran an update. It's now listed in Emby and I can successfully cast to it (via the Android app).
  6. Hello, I'm on Debian 9.8 on server side, running the latest beta, but this issue is there since I upgraded to Emby 4.0. (was working fine with Emby 3.5.2/3.5.3). Tried with: - emby-server-deb_4.0.0.2_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.0.1.0_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.0.2.0_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.1.0.10_amd64.deb - emby-server-deb_4.1.0.12_amd64.deb When playing MKV files with ASS Subtitles, tested on Firefox and Chrome (HTML5 playback), subtitles are not showing. I checked server logs, and found that ASS track is encoded/demuxed via ffmpeg: ./embyserver.txt:1029:2019-03-11 13:22:56.065 Info SubtitleEncoder: ProcessRun 'ffmpeg-subtitle_extract' Execute: /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -i file:"/srv/media/Series/Sword.Art.Online/S03/SAO.S03E21.VOSTFR.1080p.WEBRiP.x264.mkv" -map 0:2 -an -vn -c:s copy "/var/lib/emby-server/cache/subtitles/b/b3fd429fcf754f26313b86b441d5104e_636877678715979463_2_0_0_False.ass" ./embyserver.txt:1079:2019-03-11 13:23:17.462 Info SubtitleEncoder: ffmpeg subtitle extraction completed for file:"/srv/media/Series/Sword.Art.Online/S03/SAO.S03E21.VOSTFR.1080p.WEBRiP.x264.mkv" to /var/lib/emby-server/cache/subtitles/b/b3fd429fcf754f26313b86b441d5104e_636877678715979463_2_0_0_False.ass So it seems that's why subtitles are not available, but when the process is finished, Subtitle doesn't show up, I need to disable and enable them back again (and seek back to the beginning of the file). With big movies, we have to wait many minutes for the ASS to be "available". Also when streaming (from Android app) to my Chromecast (tested with Chromecast v1, v2 and Ultra), thoses ASS subtitle are not available at the begining and then, they show up, but accelerated, and are kind of out of sync with audio/video. We must stop, disconnect and restart the stream to have them properly displayed. Sometimes they don't show up at all. Let me know how I can help to debug those ASS playback issue.
  7. lawprior


    I'm trying to connect to the hosted web app through HTTPS, because Chromecast now needs it to work properly. I'm told to select my server, and it won't connect to it. I can connect to it just fine on HTTP. So, does anyone know what's wrong and how I fix it?
  8. Maybe someone could help me. I'm using the emby since july to watch some Anime and i never have problem with the emby but now I'm having some problems with playback on chromecast gen 2, I start play one video and everything seems work fine but after some time the subtitle start freeze and stop play but the video still keep running. Even playing videos than I already watched happen this problem This issue start happening since my Emby server update to the stable version "" and only happen on chromecast, I already try update my server to the beta version " now I" m running on version" but the problem is there, I buy a new router to see if make any difference but still happening, I already install the Emby Server in another PC more powerful but this too dont solve my problem. Here is information of one of the media than already play and is having problems.and the last server log.. P.S the server dont produce transcode log cause that video play directy I dont know if here is the right place to post this but i really need help. embyserver-63687600000.txt
  9. I recently converted all my symlinks to hardlinks because I read in another thread that symlinks are problematic. That seems to have helped with videos playing reliably on my phone itself. However, some videos don't want to cast to my chromecast devices. I get the spinner on my TV, then I get the player controls at the bottom of the Emby app, but after about a second both go away and the picture for the video. It's not obvious to me from looking at the log file what the problem is however I see that ffmpeg quits after maybe a half second. I restarted the server, turned on debug logging, and then performed my test in order to capture full detail but not more than necessary. The log is attached. 2 questions: Why is it failing and how do I fix it? Why is it trying to transcode? It's not a high bandwidth file. Does chromecast require a fixed resolution like 1080p in order to avoid transcoding? Log.txt
  10. Started on Feb 12th, when I click cast button from my android device (in Chrome browser) it doesn't list my chromecast as an option. Works fine in other places, like Youtube app, or other streaming websites in Chrome.
  11. Hi, I'm using emby server on my Synology NAS and accessing it from a local network through its web but there's no option for chromecast? sometimes very rarely it appears but mostly it's unavailable. I'm using the version and accessing it only through google chrome browser. What is happening?
  12. Hey all. Emby server is struggling to play 44.1/16 WAVs to chromecasts. I'm running Emby server on Raspberry Pi, connecting to my NAS through NFS. I have added a direct path to the share like this: nfs://xxx.xxx.x.xx/Music/Music/ When i cast from my Android phone, or from the web interface via my laptop, the WAV stutters in a very particular way; it gets to 6 seconds and pauses. it gets to around 27 seconds and pauses it then most of the time plays the rest of each track fine. when playing through the web interface the progress bar shows the track playing (in green) and what i suspect is the track buffering (in grey). If it is buffering then what i see on the progress bar matches the bullet points above - the green bar catches up with the grey bar a couple of times then the grey bar zooms off. I've ruled out: my synology nas (monitored whilst casting, no performance issues) my wifi (i can cast the same WAV using DLNA via BubbleUpnp with no performance issues) my pi (monitored whilst casting, no performance issues) Have i got the nfs path incorrect? Is there something else i should do? Logs attached. Any help appreciated - thanks. embyserver.txt
  13. Hey Emby community. I have diagnosed a problem with my Emby environment, however I can't come up with a swift and elegant solution to it. First, some background: I'm running Emby in a home server which comes with 2 limitations 1. My IP is dynamic 2. I CANNOT open any ports. This is NOT possible with my ISP (I highlighted this in bold to indicate that this really isn't a solution to my problem, I'm looking for a different solution) To mitigate these problems I have a VPS running in the cloud (with a public IP) for a few euros per month, which handles all incoming traffing through remote port forwarding. This is done using SSH tunnels (background on that here if you're interested: https://www.ssh.com/ssh/tunneling/example.) This actually works really well and is quick enough to stream full HD content, the issue however comes when you start chromecasting content. If you use a chromecast, the IP address is passed along to the chromecast, which is a non-accessible IP. Example: My home IP is The Emby VM has IP: assigned to it. The chromecast will now be passed the IP:, which it can't connect to, because the ports on it can't be opened. This also shows in my logs (using a local chromecast): 2019-01-07 16:22:51.255 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8096/emby/Videos/74ba4614749a59664393502333685647/stream.mp4?Static=true&mediaSourceId=74ba4614749a59664393502333685647&deviceId=U0hJRUxE&Tag=4791f2f25d6e3fdbd691f3be6954d613. Host=192.168.xxx.xxx:8096, Connection=keep-alive, Origin=https://mediabrowser.github.io, Accept-Encoding=identity;q=1, *;q=0, User-Agent=Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 8.0; Build/OPR6.170623.010) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/70.0.3538.47 Safari/537.36 CrKey/1.36.140076, Range=bytes=0-, chrome-proxy=frfr, Accept=*/*, Accept-Language=en-US, CAST-DEVICE-CAPABILITIES={"bluetooth_supported":true,"display_supported":true,"hi_res_audio_supported":false,"remote_control_input_supported":false,"touch_input_supported":false} Because of this, the chromecast will simply play nothing (and it won't give out any error either for some reason). The solution I want is for me to be able to select either a domain name or another IP address to pass when chromecasting. For example. http://publicdomain.ext:8096 would work. would work How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  14. alex@kampjensen.dk

    Unable to stream to Chromecast

    Hi all, I hope there is someone that can help me. I just installed Emby Server 3.5.3 on a Windows 2012 server. All seems to work fine except streaming to a Chromecast. When selecting a Chromecast on my iPhone it just displays "Ready to cast" and then nothing happens. In the attached EmbyServer log file I started to stream to my Chromecast 20:44 (see also below). For further info, I have also attached two ffmpeg log files. 2018-12-20 20:44:40.496 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 204 to Time: 362ms. Info about the setup Emby Server 3.5.3 running on Windows 2012 server (IP: Chromecast 3. gen (firmware 1.36) (IP: iPhone 8 with IOS 12.1 Emby app 1.70 Thanks in advanced embyserver.txt ffmpeg-remux-0d74aa31-57eb-4261-83fd-2e26455f5f4f.txt ffmpeg-remux-c6f0e0fd-90ae-47b3-9915-89cbc8689f88.txt
  15. EduardoSantos

    Chromecast Now Playing list

    Very excited looking forward to the future new Emby release. I sense there will be major improvements. One issue long waited is the means to see and/or edit Chromecast now playing music list. Will it be available on this next release?
  16. I'm fairly new to Emby and trying to understand what configuration I need to do to get Emby Android App to cast to my Chromecast. I'm set up as follows: Router: Docker Engine Dockerized Emby: Nginx-reverse-proxy: (Exposed port 80) Currently, I have my Emby server (port 8096) reverse proxied via Nginx, and Nginx port 80 exposed on my Docker Engine. This allows me to access the Emby server at: via a fqdn of emby.domain.com. (The FQDN is mapped via dnsmasq in my router). When I configure my app to use emby.domain.com, it is able to stream video to the app without problems. However, if I try to Cast to my Chromecast, I see the cast app on my TV, but it unable to connect to my phone. I've read a few other posts on this issue, and it seems that the Chromecast is unable to connect to my Emby server. Indeed, if I expose Emby's 8096 port on my Docker Engine and use as my server address in the app, the Chromecast is able to connect properly. I have also tried adding a rule to my router's iptables redirecting all traffic from my Chromecast destined to to That works as well. Consequently, I have come to the conclusion that the App is telling the Chromecast to find Emby at I've looked at my Configuration page in the Emby server, but not sure what I need to specify to get this working. At the moment, I have: LAN Networks:, Local http: 8096 Public http port: 8096 External domain: <blank> Enable automatic port mapping: <checked> I can't imagine that the correct solution is to use an iptables rule. How/what is the correct configuration to get this to work? Incidentally, I'm only looking to use Emby locally at the moment. Thanks, Eric
  17. Greetings - Just did a clean Win10 install. Installed EMBY, fresh, and pointed library back to my media. I am now unable to stream to Chromecast. Scenario: Open EMBY app on daughters iPhone, click 'play-on' TV icon - it shows "Living Room TV- Chromecast" and will connect, but any attempt to play media results in spinning circle. Open EMBY app on my Pixel 2XL, click 'play-on' TV icon - it shows "Living Room TV- Chromecast" and will connect, but any attempt to play media results in spinning circle. Open EMBY on PC click 'play-on' TV icon - it DOES NOT show "Living Room TV- Chomecast". For the apps, we are connecting to my EMBY server by name. For EMBY on PC, I'm accessing via the "In-Home (LAN) access" attached logs... Help, please. Thanks!!!!
  18. tinskip

    Chromecast Volume

    I noticed that the Emby Android app is not using the Chromecast volume gain, but is instead doing its own, resulting in the total gain = gain(Chromecast) * gain(Emby). For example, If I go to the Home app, and lower the volume to 0, emby won't play at all. So the Chromecast volume has to be 100% to behave correctly. This becomes kind of tedious if you use chromecast on more than one app: you have to set the gain in that other app to 100% before disconnecting and connecting with Emby.
  19. Hello all, I'm running Emby server version on Windows and mainly use it through 2 chromecasts on the same network. The past three days however I have not been able to see my chromecasts in the "available devices" list using my Android phone. I thought it might be my chromecasts themselves but I can cast youtube and spotify to the same chromecast with no issues. My Fiance (fiancee?) can cast the emby server to the same chromecasts using her iPhone. When viewing the information in the server dashboard I can see where her phone direct plays to the "emby for chromecast 2.1.0" I've also tried using the direct IP address through my phone and Firefox browser to bypass the App, but I am still not able to see any chromecasts. I've also tried deleting all the devices in the server dashboard, including my phone. The strange thing is that my DLNA TV is now always an option to cast to, even while powered off. I apologize if this is in the wrong topic, as I'm not sure if the problem lies in my app, server, or chromecast. Thanks for any help! ffmpeg-transcode-fcdb8e47-eade-4c4f-b25a-ed2aa2375e0e.txt
  20. I run about a half dozen Chromecast devices on my (switched) network. One Ultra, three Audio, one built-in (Sony Bravia), and three Home. Each and every one of these devices shows up twice in the Cast device picker. And more often than not, picking a device does not work, sometimes even trying both "instances" of the same device. Only quitting the Emby app, and restarting it will fix the connection issue, but not the duplicate device one. This could be due to my running Android Pie (Pixel 2xl), but anyhow is something that ought to be addressed. Anyone else experiencing this problem? BTW, it does not occur with any other cast-enabled devices. Thanks!
  21. Hello, I am really new in emby. I am switching from kodi and plex to this one. The story: in my living room is a tablet on the wall to control my smart home. I will upgrade it to multimedia station. So there is a new link to emby and the user should chose movie from NAS. This movie now should started directly on chromecast. At the moment you have to chose chromecast every time and you have to confirm it every time. But the tablet shall never be the player. It's just the controller. So, is there a way to define all multimedia files should be streamed to chromecast? And just in case there is no chromecast, play them locally (or just give an exception). Best, dwi
  22. Not quite sure how to categorise this one. Setup: x86 server running Emby Server on Ubuntu 16.04 Android smartphones running the Android client Chromecast connected to a Sony TV When the Android client is connected to the Chromecast, but no media is currently selected, it goes into an idle mode where it displays background artwork (screencaps, posters, etc). I would like to disable this background artwork. I am typically logged into my own personal account which has access to all media, and no age-rating restrictions on content. The reason is twofold: When I want to watch my own things, and my child sees Peppa Pig artwork, she gets demandy about watching 'her' shows When I'm watching with the kids, and some artwork from a horror movie comes on, the child is disturbed by the imagery Please help, my wife is getting quite annoyed with me.
  23. When casting a music album or a genre or a shuffle to Chromecast from Android app or Android Chrome, first track is played accordingly but streaming stops by 2 or 3 seconds after the second track starts. Chromecast displays the second track info but music stops. Server log file attached embyserver-63662580578.txt
  24. Gaspar Filmes

    Chromecast won't play some files

    Good evening, friends, during the month, I verified that some files with the same coding (video: h264, audio AAC and etc), exactly the same coding shown in VLC, one plays on chromecast and the other does not. Playing on PC or Mobile, it works normal, but on chromecast it does not. any tips or help? I will send you more data of the event in annex. Thank you Boa noite amigos, no decorrer desse mes, verifiquei que alguns arquivos com a mesma codificação (video: h264, audio AAC e etc), exatamente a mesma codificação mostrada no VLC, um reproduz no chromecast e o outro não. Reproduzindo no PC ou Celular, funciona normal, mas no chromecast não. alguma dica ou ajuda? vou lhe enviar mais dados do acontecimento em anexo. Obrigado
  25. I have an issue with streaming to Chromecast Audio from the Andorid app. Starting a stream to Chomecast in the middle of playing a track on the phone will result in unresponsive audio on that phone. After Chromecast is selected, the playback controls in the app would control Chromecast stream, but the original stream on the phone will continue to play and there's no way to control it now. Emby android app 2.9.92 Emby server
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