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Found 16 results

  1. FordGT90Concept

    Local Guest Account

    It would be nice if there was a local guest account (external access forbidden) for temporary users. For example, someone that's visiting that just wants to turn on a football game. It shouldn't save preferences (or just delete them on log off) and as a matter of rule, is read-only. Basically think "do no harm" access level. It would also be nice to be able to enable/disable this guest account quickly (e.g. visitors coming over). I would also use it for testing purposes so, for example, testing early afternoon, Emby doesn't get the impression I like watching soap operas.
  2. Hi, i have an issue connecting to my emby server using Emby connect account. My IP is set to be dynamic for the device that is running the server, hence EMBY connect sounded as an excellent option for me to connect across device without going back and forth to my host device for IP address. However, i am unable to connect to the server from any device using the EMBY connect. I read somewhere, opening port solves the issue, unfortunately i am weak in networking skill. I have configured the port to open at 8096 and 8920 with the 192.168.0.xxx (The IP is binded to the device in which the Emby server exists). Yet, nothing is working on the side of EMBY connect. If it makes any difference, the server is running on an android mobile phone, as i thought it would be a good idea to have a portable server which i can connect to my another device using Mobile Hotspot. Long story, short. I want my other devices to connect to the server using EMBY connect without adding the IP manually. Kindly do suggest if there is any fix for it, or am i doing something wrong?
  3. Olá Adm tudo bem? estou com um problema que quando uso meus usuario em rede local ele fica pedindo para comprar a licença premiere, já comprei uma para o servidor uma licença de 1 ano. porem nao uso fora da rede somente em rede local, seria alguma configuracao?
  4. There may be a simple answer to this, but I noticed that not all of thumbnails for cast & crew are not stored locally, but instead with the media. Under Library -> Advanced, I had selected the option to have a custom local metadata path. And within my library options, I did UNSELECT: Save subtitles into media folders Save artwork into media folders I wanted this stored separately for speed reasons. I recently started a fresh installation of Emby Server (Windows) without any media in there. I placed three movies in there just to test things out. When I opened the three Nfo's that were generated, I noticed that about 10% (estimate) of them have a local path, but the remaining 90% (estimate) have a path like: https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/.... Is there a reason why only some of them are stored locally? And how can I change that? Thanks! ~Q
  5. piecesofme

    Emby w/o internet (offline)

    Hello, I’m finally starting to make some good progress with my first Emby server setup. It will be used at home, with Gigabit internet on a Linux based Intel NUC. However, we have to travel several times a year and are typically gone a month or so at a time. While sometimes the places we stay have decent WiFi/internet access, oftentimes we don’t. So, we’ve been working on a way to bring some of our media along on an external HDD and still have good access to it all in a beautiful and easy UI. We already have an Nvidia Shield and we tried using it multiple ways on our last trip but it was an unmitigated disaster. We setup a secondary Plex server on the Shield that we brought with us and had all the media content locally but without good internet, Plex can’t even run local files. So, I spend several days setting up Kodi thinking that would be a no-fail solution but instead, it crashed and hung every time we tried to use it and I couldn’t get back into the app even with multiple reboots (it like just got stuck in a crash and wouldn’t open). I tried a couple of the forks of Kodi & had the same experience. I also tried just using VLC and another media player and I couldn’t get those to work either. It was depressing. So, I wondered if there’s any chance that Emby can handle being a local server or media player (not sure the correct term). Ideally, I’d have the server setup on the Shield (I think I read Emby supports that) and have the ability to start the server whether or not there is active internet. All the media would be contained on a couple of small external HDDs that plug directly into the Shield so it would not need to pull any media from the internet. I would make sure that the metadata is setup before we left with likely having Emby pull it and embed it into nfo files so that it could be easily read locally. I’m hoping to retain the gorgeous interface, playlist capability, etc. Obviously, this would be a secondary setup to my home server which would continue to remain accessible for those times when I do actually have good internet when traveling. If this just isn’t possible, I’d love to hear some ideas about how I might come up with something like this. The only other thing that I could think of is to get something like an older, used Mac Mini that could run any number of other things including Kodi (hopefully without crashing like on the Shield), possibly Emby, or something similar. Since it’s a full computer shrunk down, it should be able to play anything directly. But I’m totally open to other ideas, too! Any info and advice would be really brilliant! Thanks so much in advance!!
  6. schmitty

    Local and cloud libraries

    Hello, I would like some clarification please. I currently have three tv and two movie libraries setup. I have a local and cloud library for tv and movies, and I set up a third tv library which merges the local and cloud tv libraries, which I only access at the moment for testing. The idea was to, while I am in the process of moving media across to the cloud have one library which merges the two together... for some reason though, it doesn't seem to work that way. It is showing duplicate series... one from local and one from cloud, instead of merging the two.
  7. Hi, I am a new user (came from Plex). Just got an Apple TV and downloaded the app on the Apple TV and on my Mac. The server is on a hard-drive connected to my Mac. I am trying to access the server through Emby from my Apple TV and it is showing the screen Welcome to Emby. Inserted photo. ​I went through the Enter server Address. ( I tested it on another computer PC - worked just fine). And it does not even show an error screen just loops back to the same "welcome to Emby". I have checked my LAN setting on the Apple TV and reset them, nothing is working. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Holly
  8. Kimballslice1890

    Local Bandwidth Limit

    I had made a prior post requesting LDAP support and was sent to the very large thread that I liked for contribution in my desire to have this support. In the meantime, I am attempting to setup Emby as a replacement for my job's current broadcast system in place. I am looking to limit Local bandwidth to 4mbps per device. I noticed that devices are direct streaming and when looking into this, I saw that all settings to limit bandwidth are for external connections only. Is there a way to limit bandwidth for internal/local connections? If not is there a thread I can post on to request such a feature?
  9. llygoden

    Local Trailers Issue

    Hi All, I like to have a local trailer stored for each of the movies in my collection. But for some films although the trailer exists in the local directory Emby refuses to acknowledge it's existence. As you can see above, "Zoolander 2 (2016).avi" exists in my movies folder as does "Zoolander 2 (2016)-trailer.mp4" which is the naming convention I have used for all my trailers for all files and seems to work for most. Although Emby shows the option of a Trailer in the web interface, when clicked YouTube is loaded with the corresponding film rather than the local file. As you can see from the JSON returned by an API call, Emby believes that the LocalTrailerCount is 0 when I believe it should be 1. Refreshing the film does not force Emby to update the value, does anyone have any idea on why Emby is not recognising the local trailer and how I can get it to update the LocalTrailerCount? Thanks in advanced Llygoden
  10. Definitions: Local refers to HTTP/unsecure External refers to HTTPS/secure For local use, I really see no reason to use passwords but for external use, passwords are critical to prevent anonymous access (only want a handful of people to access it, not the ~7 billion people on the planet). What I expected going into this is that only Emby Connect enabled accounts would show up through HTTPS and they would require the Emby Connect credentials to log in. What I got was the same as HTTP: click a name and you're in. So, what does Emby support now in terms restricting access to the world other than NAT routers and requiring all users to have password? If I have it about right, then consider this a feature request (probably should move it to Feature Request forum).
  11. As you can see from my screenshot, I'm wanting 2 trailers to play before my movie, I want smart parental controls as I have immaculate mpaa metadata, I also only want trailers from unwatched movies in my collection, and all trailers are only to be sourced from local trailers only. The problem is I can play a watched movie, say like Man of Steel is watched, well my first trailer is Man of Steel. The same bug appears for a movie that I'm watching that is unwatched currently, I'll get the trailer for the movie I'm about to start first thing. Was wondering if anyone else is seeing this or could test with my settings. Version beta
  12. Hi, I'm not sure if this is possible but I think it worth bringing up the idea. Every time that we made a change on the Emby addon settings (server address, use of local paths) that involves a path change for media in Kodi internal DBs, a DB reset/resync is required. How complex or even possible is to instead of doing that, the addon will just change the paths on Kodi DB by executing a SQL query against them as is documented on Kodi wiki site for a library path change? This will require sqlite3 binary on Kodi, that I'm not sure is always there (like in OpenELEC or other Kodi distros). I did this in the path and to be honest it worked like a charm everytime. The advantage I see is that we will save the time it takes for a full resync on huge libraries with low end devices like RPi. Another benefit is that it will reduce the load on the server since it would not be needed at all. Just my two cents. Thanks.
  13. I use complex passwords for accounts to secure external access for all accounts. However, I do not need anything as complex at home, as I only wish to keep the Kids off of the Adult accounts. I have a Kids account that I have set to Allow Local Access without Password. However, I would like to still retain security locally running MB Theater without having to pull out a keyboard or some super special remote. An alternate PIN for local access would be a blessing. Current: User- Remote: Password Local: Password/No Password Proposed: User- Remote: Password Local: Password/No Password/Alt PIN
  14. I have road tested Media Browser with a sample of my media collection and I must say I am very happy with it. I am now looking to take the plunge and trust it with my entire media collection.... There are a couple of small thing stopping me however, Currently I use Ember Media Manager (EMM) to grab images, metadata, Actor info and trailers for my films. This has been working perfectly with XBMC, however the file naming is different to that of Media Browser. A tipical Film folder after EMM Films >Red (2010) >.actors - Red (2010).avi - Red (2010).nfo - Red (2010).srt - Red (2010).tbn - Red (2010)-fanart.jpg - Red (2010)-poster.jpg - Red (2010)-trailer.mp4 A tipical Film folder after Media Browser Films >Red (2010) >extrafanart >extrathumbs -banner.jpg -clearart.png -disc.png -fanart.jpg -landscape.jpg -logo.png -movie.xml -poster.jpg -Red (2010).avi - Red (2010).eng.srt - Red (2010).nfo 1. Due to slow internet I store my trailers locally. I can’t find a way to make Media Browser download these trailers. 2. Again I can’t seem to find how to download Actor images. 3. If i run Media Browser with a film I’ve already scraped with EMM then I end up with duplicate files (poster.jpg and Red-poster.jpg). Is there anyway to rename either of these with Media Browser so I don’t have this situation? I have a lot of films so manually renaming or even deleting those files would be a pain! Q3 would delay my adoption of Media Browser as I migrate my media structure over If Q1 & Q2 are work in progress then I could happily use Media Browser and EMM until then
  15. I think this is tagged correctly as a Server feature request, but it would require something on the clients too. We regularly go on long car journeys, and my kids and my wife like to watch films on their android tablets and windows laptops. Because our library is all very high quality, high bitrate stuff, and as there is no decent connection to stream them, I need to find out what they want before we leave, and then encode the file for them before we leave, and then copy it onto their individual devices. What would be really cool would be if, for example, my daughter wanted to watch Harry Potter on her Nexus 7, she could just navigate to it in the Media Browser app and have the option to download to her device. This would download a lower bitrate version of the film (maybe dictated by the transcoding settings on the client) suitable for her 16GB tablet, held locally on this machine. I'm not sure if this is as simple as I think it is, or if there are legal/copyright barriers but this functionality would be very useful to my family! BTW great work so far, loving Media Browser 3! *Edit* OK, not the best title! How do I change it?
  16. Hi All Have had a hunt on here for anyone else having this issue, with no luck so here goes. I have an upcoming trailers collection of locally downloaded trailers,(not collected by the any MB plugins, only using Metabrowser to collect). My issue is that this collection is no longer even visible in MBC and while the collection is visible through the MBS web client, MB theater or the android client, the individual items are not visible/playable, which makes me suspect the server is not recognising the media files, perhaps due to them only being up to 150Mb.... only a guess tho. I used to be able to see the collection and play via MBC, although I must confess I'm not sure when this changed. Hopefully some pics will help ... Server Library Config Web Client Collection view Clicking on a trailer show this.. with no playable file The MB Theater Views of the same MBC EHS Screen Web Client home screen for sort order comparison, as you can see the Upcoming trailers collection is not even visible between Movies and TV Shows where its sort order should show. With the recent improvements to audio/subtitles playback in MBT, I'm really keen to start using this as my primary media client on my HTPC's but as we often 'surf' through upcoming trailers, this is proving annoying at present, having to open MBC just to do this. Have tried server restarts and rebuilding the db cache, but neither have made a difference I'm just wondering if I've missed a minimum file size setting, or whether something changed on the server side, that no longer allows this type of collection to work?? More Details Server Version 3.0.5171.19958 MB Classic -, MBC Themes tested - Chocolate and Subdued Look forward to any suggestions or confirmation of this being an issue. Regards Brainfryd
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