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Found 10 results

  1. acnp77

    Delete library Images

    Hi, I prefer not to use images for the libraries on the homescreen (webapp - "Homescreen" - "My Media"). So I deleted the default images ("Edit images" > "Delete"). But they reappear after a library scan. The same happens with the images for playlists. Is there a way to permanently delete them? What I want: After library scan the default image reappears: Emby Server Version (emby-server-deb_4.5.4.0_amd64.deb)

    homescreen image wrong sizes

    hey, sorry if someone else has already asked this but couldnt find it anywhere on forum. on all applications i am using i have found that the home screen image is being cut off on every image and would like to ask if this can be fixed? its only a little thing but it bugs the hell out of me and dont want to changed my custom photos again just to fit the thumbnail. Thanks guys and sorry if its been posted already

    resolution badges

    hey bit of a random idea but maybe something people may like, resolution badges to be shown items information screen instead of writing?
  4. This is a capture of the home screen on the browser version of Emby. This simple little addition is all I wish the Roku app had. I really dislike having to: Going into a Library (eg. "Movies" or "TV Shows"), Selecting "All Movies/Shows" at the top, Pressing the Star * key on the Roku remote to access Options. On the right, a popout menu will appear, Under "Filter" check the box labeled "Favorites." Such a hassle! Seems like every other version of Emby app has this top Favorites toggle at the top except Roku. Please add it developers!
  5. Can GENRES be added next to collections onthe horizontal view home screen please? Too many clicks to click 'Movies' then scroll along to top menu option for GENRES (genres at end of list) The FEATURED large image on the home screen (horizontal view like LG app and Emby Theatre) does not need to be THAT big so plenty of room. Also could the FEATURED random movie have a label at the top of the image tile or somewhere saying FEATURED? Its then obvious what that square is for any new users. Thanks...
  6. Hi all, Just a quick question I am using Emby for WMC (always just like the look of it) on Win 10, and recently had to repair my OS.One of the pecularities of my hardware setup is that I have a TV tuner card, which I only use the IR receiver for to switch the HTPC on/off and navigate as a MCE Remote, I have setup the remote to toggle the desktop (minimising WMC) and then closing it, before sending a shutdown command. However, in the OS rebuild and all apps, I now have Emby for WMC responding to my * cmd to (mapped to shutdown WMC) as this is a remote key shortcut on the homescreen for the context menu. I cannot remember how I reassigned this key in Emby for WMC, any ideas? I need the * cmd for my shutdown and simply want to reassign the "context menu" remote key to something different like a 'Y" - something I don't use. Is this possible, maybe by editing an xml file? Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions
  7. I really like the option that I can list my Favourite channels in the Live TV Guide first. However, on the Home Screen the "On Now" does not respect this preference, and there is no other setting than (as suggested in a different post) to manually remove the non-favoured channels from EPG. This is obviously not an option and goes against the logic of EPG as such. I use manually generated xmltv file for EPG from webgrabplus. Would it be please possible to provide an option for On Now to sort the favourites first?
  8. So seen some posts where people complain about speed of home screen loading, even more obvious on Smart TV apps. I'd like Movies, TV, Live TV to reduce the number of shows shown under each category thus speeding up the homepages. It could either be fixed or config options. For example: Live TV currently shows 15+ shows (all graphics and loading of them) - reduce to 6 Sports, Kids, News shows 12 - reduce to 6 each Television currently shows 18 "Next up" images - reduce to 8 Television shows 12 'Latest Episode" images - reduce to 8 Movies shows "Because you liked...…" 4 times for different titles and each had 8 images to load. Reduce to 2 "because you liked" and 4 titles recommended Also please increase the font size of menu options and category titles and A-Z pickers - they are far too small when on big TV! Also please allow hiding of "Upcoming, Trailers, Favourites, Folders" as config options and ability to set GENRES in television and movies as default view as you already have a server side drop down menu with some other options; simply expanding the menu dropdown options to cater. Basing this on the LG app and Emby Theatre apps in horizontal home screen layout
  9. Hi there. Wondering if we can have a feature on the home page of the webapp of emby? Looking for an option to add Favorite Live TV Channels. Click on the channel would bring up the channel guid for that channel for the days. Thanks Monkeyslapper
  10. yardameus

    My Media Icons (simple)

    Just throwing up some simple My Media Icons I made for myself. I liked the look of the dynamic images with the solid black background, but not all of the images were being created. So, I made these and I figured I'd share.
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