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Found 9 results

  1. Hello I've been testing the linux server and while Emby is great it seems to lack some basic functionality that other software has. First off, the Now Playing screen should have a quick hot link in the left pane to avoid navigation confusion. There is lot's of clicking involved in Emby to find things and to get the logical view of things. Navigation UI improvements could be done to streamline the experience. There is no shuffle option on the Now Playing nor is there a randomise order or remove duplicates option for the play queue. It would be useful to be able to manage the play queue more during playback. Auto tagging is a loose cannon. Seriously the feature is a mess maker. I have music in thematic folders which contain artists and so on. Emby sees the top folder as an album and desperately tries to name it despite it not being one. This causes chaos in tags. There should be an option to tag a folder as a folder not a metadata "object" and leave it alone. Images - uh this just does not work well at all, images keep changing on their own, reverting back to what they were and just a global mess really. Artwork does not really load from the web either despite plugins present. I have to do a lot of manual image uploading. There should also be an option to edit images in several files at once with the multiselect file option. Subtitles - a simple option to browse and load srt would be spot on, having to manually edit each subtitle file name is silly. Web streaming - a Youtube / web link plugin would be nice. Not to mention hooking up Netflix and so. Dashboard - continue listening does not load at all as a section Overall kudos for the work guys but still lot's to do. Given the lack of these major features for me I won't be buying the license until there is some further improvements as the product seems incomplete. The inability to test the apps before purchasing the license is also a bit unfair, how can I make a purchase if I haven't seen the whole product? A 1 week trial would suffice. Now que on backlash from my post ;)
  2. Meijinhada

    Music Tags Only?

    I've seen some other topics about this, but I'm just....confused and tired. I was using Google Play Music to stream my music if I couldn't use my Fiio, or just got lazy, and for the most part, outside of a few weird quirks, it basically handled my music perfectly fine, tags and all. Now that GPM is going away and YouTube Music is a dumpster fire, I'm looking at just streaming from my Synology again. I tried Plex; no matter what, everything comes out a mess. Then I found Emby, and it seems better at handling tags, but I am still utterly perplexed at what it's doing. It seems to be the single songs more than anything, but some others find themselves messed up. Even though I have it set not to audiodb or MusicBrainz, but to just read my own tags (which have been perfectly fine for years, and JRiver, Google, and Fiio have had no issues reading them), I have a bunch of my songs claiming to be under albums of the folders I have them in when I look at the database, but each track has the proper metadata for the correct album. Others in other big folders are for the most part perfectly fine (like my Chiptunes folder, which has a ton of different folders based on game system, and then album, but even a bunch of them are showing up under "Miscellaneous"). I did finally download Picard, but I then realized if Emby is grabbing the folder name as an album, it won't make a difference. I grabbed a screenshot of what is my Metal & Rock folder (which has what I roughly group together as those two genres for ease of finding stuff). I assume there's either junk tags I'm missing or something else, but I just want to understand why my own tags aren't being followed. Also, do I need to embed cover art in ALL my files to get them to show? Most of my chiptunes are showing art from the folder just fine, but then my Big Finish Audio plays are not, as an example.
  3. undersound

    Auto tagging photo collection

    Hi there, First of all, thanks for a great product, loving it from the start. I am coming from plex and I switched because I simply wanted to play a music folder (as in os folder) in my music player. This was easily done in Emby but is not doable in plex, or at least not easily. One thing I loved about plex though (and google but not using that for my photos) is the auto tagging of photos feature. See https://support.plex.tv/articles/234976627-auto-tagging-of-photos/ for how plex uses a third party integration for this. Anyways if this is implemented and a car view for the audio player I will not be looking for alternatives anymore because then Emby covers it all, for me at least Thanks in advance Undersound
  4. After solving one issue where an artist was replacing all albumartist fields of a certain name, I've ended up with a new and confusing problem. emby seems to have decided that a couple of my albumartist tags simply don't exist. The two offending albumartist tags I've discovered so far are "KarenT" and "colate". When emby scans the library, it either does not read those albumartist tags, thus leaving the album artist field blank, or is deleting them for some reason. For reference, this library has all external metadata sources turned off. This image shows all the tags assigned to one of the affected KarenT tracks (MP3Tag), and what emby sees. Note the conspicuously blank album artist. Here's the same comparison for a colate track: And, just for completeness, here's a track where everything was fine: There is no difference in the tags used that could relate to album artist, so why is emby clearing/not reading some seemingly at random?
  5. (I'm using Classical Music as an example, but this would certainly apply to other genres such as Jazz, Blues, and even some Folk) On MacOS I know of only one music player that offers comprehensive tagging of classical music, and that's the (very expensive) Roon. Tagging classical music is notoriously difficult, but here is what you need to get your foot in the door. Title Artist Album Track Number Track Length Album Artist Album Artist (Sort) Artist (Sort) Composer Composer (Sort) Conductor Conductor (sort) Genre Performer Soloist Work Movement Movement name Movement # There will seem to be a lot of repetition because the first 8 or so are used for modern music, in Classical music this is usually tagged to personal preference because it's inadequate. So if we tagged, say a Bach Concerto it might look something like this: Title: Concerto No.1 in F major BWV 1046 - I Allegro Artist: Consort of London, Robert Haydon Clark Album: Bach Edition, I: Orchestral Works/Chamber Music Track Number: 1 Track Length: 3:58 Album Artist: Johann Sebastian Bach Album Artist (Sort): Bach, Johann Sebastian Artist (Sort): Consort of London, Clark, Robert Haydon Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach Composer (Sort): Bach, Johann Sebastian Conductor: Robert Haydon Clark Conductor (sort): Clark, Robert Haydon Genre: Classical Performer: Consort of London Soloists: n/a for this piece 1. 2. 3. etc... etc... Work: Brandenburgisches Konzert {Concerto}:: Nr. 1 F-Dur, BWV 1046 {No.1 in F major …} Movement: Allegro Movement name: Allegro Movement #: 1 Here the title isn't the same as the work since the (complete) work is 4 separate tracks, also the performer, conductor and soloists are all different and could certainly all be different to the 'Artist' tag depending on how one decides to use the tags for modern music. These sorts of tags become even more important because many people who enjoy classical music have the same pieces performed by different people. Different conductors/soloists interpret different pieces in different ways. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Rachmaninoff played by Earl Wild and sometimes van Cliburn. Jazz poses some of the same problems. Old songs are played by different people, or the same people with different backup bands and soloists etc. With the limitations of tagging for modern music it gets hard to separate them all. I think Emby should seriously consider a robust tagging system that accommodates a wide range of musical styles for the simple reason that others are not doing it, and the ones that are doing it are premium (read: expensive) services. And in doing so, win a lot of music lovers to your platform.
  6. IMO this would greatly improve the music library. I already have all metadata properly tagged with musicbrainz picard and unfortunately my emby library is nowhere near as cleanly presented as Kodi/Subsonic libraries. Currently - I have tons of one-off featured artists that have little to no presence in the music industry showing up under the album artists/artists headings within the music section. this is the only thing that stops me from using the emby music library at the moment. thank you for considering.
  7. Hi, is it possible to import mp3-tag-fields to emby, e.g. website, overview for songs and/or albums? These fields are used in emby right now (see attached screenshot). Background: I have lots of songs with website information and describtions in different tags (e.g. %comment%, %WWWAUDIOSOURCE%, %WWWPUBLISHER% and so on) %year%, %title%, %album%, %albumartist% works fine of course, but which tags to I have to use for the other emby-fields? Best, Stefan
  8. Cerothen

    Movie Renaming

    Good Afternoon, I know that TV renaming and organizing is a feature that works pretty well. However I was wondering if there was any plans to implement a renaming method for Movies? After spending hours cleaning up metadata for my various movies I wanted to do a bulk name change so that all my movie files include the IMDB tt####### codes, this way if I sent a file to a friend and they incorporated it into their mediabrowser server the meta data would always get picked up properly or if my OS/Mediabrowser drive became corrupted it would make restoring the library easier. (Not to mention its nice having everything the same). Thanks.
  9. I have noticed a problem with multiple tags for FLAC files; the correct Vorbis Comment standard does not seem to work with MB3. As an example for the album Peter White Christmas three separate Album Artist tags should be recognised (separated by nulls) as follows: Album Artist=Peter White Album Artist=Mindi Abair Album Artist=Rick Braun Instead MB3 only recognises the last value (Rick Braun) ignoring the first two. However, the ID3V2 standard of recognising the following as a mulivalue tag for both MP3 and FLACs does work. Album Artist=Peter White/Mindi Abair/Rick Braun This is incorrect as most tagging and playback software (other than MB3) assumes the Vorbis Comment standard. This poses several practical problems: As far as I am aware, most tagging software transparently implement the ID3V2 standard for MP3s and the Vorbis Comment standard for FLACs. Thus for FLACs tagged with either MP3Tag, MediaMonkey4 and Foobar; MB3 simply did not recognise muliple value tags. It did, of course, for MP3s. It is, of course, possible to force an ID3V2 type muliple value tag in a FLAC but then the tagging workflow becomes an exception. Also the sorting functionality in the tagging software becomes inconsistent with what MB3 sees. Other software which does implement the Vorbis Comment standard could become crippled. For example, I also run Asset uPNP server to stream music to my hifi system; it currently correctly interprets all standard multivalue tags whether MP3 or FLAC. If I were to force multivalue tags in FLACs to conform to ID3V2 standards; Asset uPNP would stop recognising multivalue tags for FLACs. In tests all it sees is a single value "Peter White/Mindi Abair/Rick Braun". This is a fairly severe problem for a very large collection such as mine. At the moment I am simply accepting that for FLACs (the majority of my collection), contributing artists will not be fully indexed by MB3, The consequence of this is that I predominantly use Asset uPNP to listen to music rather than MB3 which is a shame as MB3 is a feast for the eyes (as well as the ears).
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