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  1. emilyjune

    Kudos on remote streaming

    With my kids off to college and my wife and I often travelling, I decided to give remote access/streaming a try. The only glitch I encountered was that I needed to bypass cloudflare. Once I did that Emby 3.0.7200.0 connected and streamed (direct) flawlessly from a Foxconn R20-S4 Atom 330 dual-core with 2GB memory and SSD disk running Windows Homeserver 2011 (through a Linksys E2000 w/ddt-wrt v24-sp2 and Comcast 25mbs service) to my college kid's PC across the state. Her comment was "better than YouTube." She was streaming the Bablylon 5 series (MPEG-4 720x480, AC-3) which I have on a 1TB WD USB drive attached to the Homeserver. CPU rarely went above 25% and total memory ran about 50% (while logged in to the remote Windows GUI). Nice job.
  2. Hi been on the forums for while now searched the many topics on remote access I still can't get my issue fixed. I am bit new to all this I followed the guide https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/Connectivity Still not working I forwarded my ports 8096 and 8920 I turned off (for testing) windows firewall. I added rules into firewall There zero problem accessing via home network but remotely it's lets me login see the server but will not let me login. I have tried turning off port mapping and reporting https as external still didn't work (they are currently switched on) I checked online to make sure ports are forwarded I have read a lot of topics about remote access and still having issues... bit annoyed as emby was kind of sold as click and play which is far from the case. Enjoying it at home but I travel a lot and finding this remote access problems most annoying
  3. I currently have Emby Server running on Ubuntu Server 16.04. The main problem is that i am able to access the Emby sever on my LAN yet when I attempt to connect to the server for outside of the LAN I get the error "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again". I have read the Wiki of networking and have configured everything as suggested. I have already told my router to port forward port 8096, I have opened the port already through Ubuntu, and I currently have a static IP address for my server. Yet this error continues to show for all devices (Iphone, Laptop, Android) that have attempted to connect from outside of the network. Where I am having trouble with trouble shooting my problem is with how my home network is set-up. I currently have ATT Uverse which forces me to use their router, a Motorola 5268AC, which is a very poor device, so I ended up shutting down the wireless features of this modem/router to behave as a modem only, then routed my personal router to modem. When attempting to set up port forwarding on the Motorola device I have to write a new rule which allows me to select the port ranges which I set to 8096 , then application type with the choices of: FTP, DirectX Game, IRC, PPTP, SIP, or H.323. So my question would be what setting would describe Emby server best. Also there is a list of pre-created rules on the Modem yet none of these allow for the port number of 8096. I know this seems more like an ATT question, I have already contacted them multiple times and none of the Techs could help me with this set-up due to their lack of knowledge of Emby itself. Thanks in advance!
  4. Is there a way to setup 2 local accounts with no passwords to login with the "Friendly" login for Theater. Then a 3rd account with a password for remote login, without access to the 2 other accounts? I can't seem to get it setup where the 2 accounts with no password won't show remotely. I have the 2 other accounts setup where they can only be accessed by the local HTPC, and those accounts can't login remotely, that is until I login with the 3rd account user name and password. Once I have logged in with the 3rd account, I can swap users and login to the first 2 accounts with no password remotely, even if I use the logout option for the 3rd account first. The 2 other accounts remain wide open and accessible. Only way I can block access to the is to lock them with a password also. I would also like to set when accessing remotely that only manual login is available for better security. I have been searching the forum and github wiki but can't lock things down remotely unless I lock them down locally. Appreciate any guidance. Thanks!
  5. About two days ago I updated KODI to the latest version and ever since then I have not been able to connect remotely. I'm not sure where to even ask for support about this issue but since it is Emby that provides the remote access to my content I thought I should start here. Nothing was changed and all ports are forwarded on my router and I'm using the same DDNS to access my content but it just stopped working after updating KODI. Does anyone have any suggestions are known fixes for this problem.
  6. I have probably missed some sort of updated procedure with this one but my remote access will not play. When trying to view movies or recorded TV all I get is a static screen shot. The movie never plays. Can anyone assist with any information as to why nothing will play via remote access.
  7. Since about three days ago I have not been able to connect to my remote access. I have been remotely accessing my content through a DDNS from DuckDNS but it has stopped working. Has anything changed on Emby's side that I may now need to reconfigure. I've contacted DuckDNS and they say everything is fine on their side so I'm checking with other users to see if this problem is unique or a known issue.
  8. Hi I want to know which port should be open for portforwading emby server. I can see 3 ports stated in emby server 1.8096 for http 2.8920 for https 3.8100 - which is given in remote access link.
  9. ch07021

    Remote Access won't work

    Hello, I installed yesterday the latest media browser release and followed the setup guide posted on this forum. When I finished, I tried to access mb remotely from the same pc where I installed the server. So in simple words, at the dashboard of the localhost domain, where you see your running port and your remote access ip, I just clicked on it and unfortunately I got nothing. How is it possible? I mean I tried to access from the same pc my server and I couldn't do it. My port is open but not forwarded (since I don't want to access mb outside my home network). And this is even with windows firewall off and forwarded port ! Please help, is it a beta bug or something? Chris
  10. just got remote access set up and got my brother to test steaming a movie from my server via the web client. it works, but looks pretty grainy, meaning it's transcoding the file. I know you need to have your files shared for direct stream, so i have a couple questions: 1. Is sharing my media over my network on Windows 7 (right click -> share -> share "everyone") enough to make the folder shared over WAN? or is there a separate type of share for WAN? 2. Does the web client have the necessary codecs to play MKV H264 video and DCA or AC3 audio? If not, does it sound like getting my brother to download and use MBT (which I believe has the necessary codecs?) would fix the situation? I'll test it obviously, but I figured I'd ask since I'm posting other questions anyway. p.s. bandwidth definitely isn't an issue for either server or client. Thanks, thebro
  11. Hi, I have set my profiles with no passwords for easy usage of Media Browser inside my home by my family. Recently I have opened the ports on my router for remote access, to acces Media Browser via my Android phone. Is there a way to ensure that only I have remote access to my server? E.g. via a password or via another way? Any ideas anyone?
  12. dchaosblade

    Remote Access issue

    So, earlier this week I went through and set up my mediabrowser server to be accessible from outside of my LAN. I opened up the appropriate port, registered a host name with www.noip.com, and everything seemed to work fine. I was able to connect to my server remotely from my phone, and from my computer at work. My brother was also able to connect without issue. My parents however, are having a problem... If in their web browser, they type in http://[ip]:8096/mediabrowser then everything works fine. Problem is that the IP I have is dynamic, thus the use of the noip hostname. If they use the hostname provided via noip though they get connection error (website could not be found). Attempting to ping the server ended in failure as well (unable to resolve host name). The issue occurs in both Safari and Chrome, on two different macs (running OSX) and an Android phone. It appears to me that the issue has something to do not with their computer or my server, but rather their router or something (it's blocking the connection due to noip's ddns redirect). Has anyone had this issue before and/or know how to solve it? I looked into their router configuration and didn't see any settings that looked like they might prevent the connection but it's the only thing that makes sense to me. If necessary, they can connect using the IP Address, but it's likely to cause issues eventually when the IP gets renewed (I'm not sure how long the lease time is for an IP from Comcast, which is the ISP for both me and my parents).
  13. Hi MediaBrowser Community! First post, but I've been using the mediabrowser standalone and apps pretty much since their release - I've been a long time Win MC user and I'm loving the direction things are headed with MB (I'm almost ready to ditch MC entirely!) The issue I'm having is:: When streaming media to the windows store app remotely via wifi or 3G, playback is stopped frequently with the buffering message. This occurs on both a surface tablet and a Toshiba encore tablet. I have the transcode quality settings in the app set to low however changing this setting does not seem to affect either the picture quality or the frequency of buffering delays. Edit: The window 8.1 store app is the latest version as is the server is running the latest Version 3.0.5192.19560 Troubleshooting: In order to test whether the settings were actually changing anything, I tried to play the same (low bitrate) file on the same device with the streaming settings to max and then on min.. Both resulted in an excellent picture quality but constant buffering. I have included both ffmpeg log files below marked max and min. Incidentally, when I play the same file via the MB web client (chrome), I can dial down the quality and play the file without any buffering and noticeably poorer picture quality. Am I missing a setting or something which is preventing the server from recognising the streaming quality flag from the app? Thanks in advance, Dave ffmpeg-Archer streaming set to min.txt ffmpeg-Archer streaming set to max.txt
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