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  1. PetroUSMC

    ROKU does not list MKV movies

    After an update awhile back my MB3 on my ROKU 3 no longer will list movies with the .mkv extension. I was wondering if there is an easy fix I'm missing or if someone else has had a similar issue with a solution.
  2. On my sister's Win 8.1 pc, I have set up MBC. I have a few mkv movies set up for her. One of them refuses to play using the internal player. I'm confused because two MKV's that DO play have bitrates of between 8000mbps and 12,000mbps, but the one that won't play is only about 3000mbps. She has at least 100 TV shows in MKV that seem to play fine as well. I originally left this out, but upon thinking about it, I guess it is probably pretty relevant: The web player, the Roku client, and MB Theater ALL play this file without a problem. It's only MB Classic that cannot play it. What am I looking for? Edited to add the above info about the other clients.
  3. I am looking for a good MKV software program. I would prefer to convert my Blu-ray movies to lossless, as I am big into surround sound and great picture quality. I wanted to see what others thought and if lossless in necessary? I have seen these programs around and wanted to get some feedback from the community. What MKV software do you recommend? MakeMKV – Seems to be a solid and very popular program. http://makemkv.com/ DVDfab – Option rich, but not cheap. http://www.dvdfab.cn/blu-ray-ripper.htm ByteCopy – Seems to be fast, but I see a ton of fake websites reviewing the product with links back to their site. http://www.pavtube.cn/bytecopy/ HandBrake – Open source and very easy to use. http://handbrake.fr/ MeGUI – Quite a learning curve, but free. http://sourceforge.net/projects/megui/
  4. Hello Everyone, I know there are plenty of questions around this topic that may have been answered. However I think mine may be a bit different. I have two PCs, my 1st PC is doing the ripping with WMC with Auto Rip N Compress and hosting my Media Browser Server. My second is my HTPC which I am using the Media Browser Client on. After I rip my movies and put them in a file share which my HTPC has access to. In WMC I have the mapped drive added to my libraries. I can play the ripped .mkv movies in Media Player as well as from the WMC Movie Library however I cannot play them through the Media Browser Client. One thing is I can play only one moive, all others do not play in MB. THe old version of Media Browser did work. I can even see the metadata of all my movies. I just get a "cannot ope the file" message when I attempt to play through Media Browser. Any suggestions? I believe I have all the codecs and everything since my .mkvs are playing in WMC and Windows Media Player. Thanks...
  5. All of my media files play fine except for my MKV's. 2 seconds in and the video freezes and shakes continuously on a single frame. The audio continues flawlessly however. I have went into my LAV Filters and found nothing that could correct this issue. What am I missing? Thanks.
  6. Right now i am using MakeMKV to make 3D MKV using the MVC Codec, I use Steroscopic Player as the External Player. My issue is if i just check the 3D box in the External Player Setup than nothing happens, I have to check MKV Box Too, but now there is no way to differentiate between a 3D MKV's and the 2D ones. I did tag the movie appropiately and the Server does see that it is 3D all though there is no option for MVC only HSBS, SBS, and Full SBS. Is there a way that if the movie is tagged as 3D it can trigger an External Player instead of having to go by the file Extension. I do not see any issues this would cause for ISO People as i am sure they are tagging their 3D Movies as well.
  7. Hello, I recently changed my codec package to Sharky because I wasn't happy with K Lite. Everything is working fine except when I try to access television shows (in MKV format) through Media Browser 3 I get an error saying Media Center cannot find the file. I have independently tested the files on the machine and know the paths are correct and the files are working properly with the new codecs. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue? Thanks in advance!
  8. Zero_Kool

    360 MKV Support???

    Setup: Windows x64 Enterprise box to Xbox 360 w/ MB3 classic plugin for Windows Media Center. Q: Most of my HD content is in .(mkv) format and it seems to not stream very well. I have seen where certain post-processing scripts can be put into play to convert to .mp4 and etc. But since the 360 native doesn't support makrosta? How can I make this better?
  9. I was just curious if there was a way to make subtitles within an mkv appear as the type they are? As in, I merged 21 & Over.mp4 and 21 & Over.eng.srt into an MKV, and it plays the files, but only recognizes that a subtitle is there, not that it is an english subtitle. Probably the biggest reason this matters right now, is for the Cover Art sub overlay. Just post question marks if everything I just said sounds like gibberish. Thanks.
  10. (I originally posted this on the old support forums for MB2 but I think it's still relevant info. Hopefully it can get added to the tutorials.) If you're like me, you use MB over your XBox 360 and if you're like me you've had nothing but issues with your MKV files especially as of late. These are my finds and they are based upon the fact that you have a properly installed MB and are already capable of watching some MKV files on your XBox, these fixes are only to correct specific issues. ***Problem #1*** "ARGH! My MKV plays but it's stuttering like crazy."* (Jerky video playback) ***Solution:*** This is most likely caused by either subtitles or menus added to the MKV file. To correct this. Download MKVToolnix and use mkvmerge.exe to remove the subtitles and menus like this; - Open mkvmerge GUI and load your problem MKV - Uncheck the boxes next to any subtitles or menus. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #2*** "OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID THING?!?!? I have audio but no video.* (Audio is playing fine but the screen is black) ***Solution:*** Don't know how or why but this fixes it; - Open mkvmerge.exe and load your problemed MKV (mkvmerge.exe is a part of MKVToolnix) - Click on your video stream under "Tracks, chapters and tags:" - Click on the "Extra Options" tab and for "Compression" select none. Do the same as step 3 for the audio stream. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #3*** "Ok I've tried everything and nothing works. 'Bounces head off desk'."* (No worries, you're not alone.) ***Solution:*** You unfortunately may need to re-encode your video files. This isn't as scary as you might think and as long as you're running a decent computer it shouldn't take more than a couple hours to re-encode your file. Here's what to do; - Grab a program called Handbrake and a program called MediaInfo and install them. When installing MediaInfo select "Text" for Output format. Once you've installed Handbrake change the "Priority level" to Normal in options under the "System and Logging" tab. - Drag and drop your video file onto the MediaInfo icon and remember one bit of info, under the video section, "Bit rate" - Now drag and drop your video file onto the Handbrake icon and change the "Output Settings" to "MKV File" then reference the following links to set the rest of the settings. Video Tab, Audio Tab, Advanced Tab - With all these settings set I recommend saving the profile for future use. Then the only thing you need to set each time is the "Bit rate" on the "Video" tab. - Press "Start" and wait for your encode to finish. I strongly recommend leaving your computer alone until it's done. (If you use my settings exactly, you will see no difference in the video quality of your file and it will play perfectly on the XBox.) *If none of this works for you, maybe you've found a new problem for me to beat my head against the wall about. lol Post it in here and I'll try to help you.* **My Setup Is** - Intel i5-3350p - 16gig of ram - 20TB Raid 0 (Where all my videos are stored) - 256GB SSD (Where Windows/MB3 are stored) - Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit - Shark007 Standard Codecs (32bit and 64bit v1.7.6 at time of posting this) - XBox 360 (I do not use Transcoding and all files play over the 360) - MB3/MB3 Classic - Current Release I find it doesn't matter what bit rate your files are at or size. I play files well over 7GB on my xbox with 5.1 audio with no issues. Make sure you have the "Optional Media Update" update found in the xbox live market place installed on your xbox it allows for AAC audio and a few other things it doesn't talk about.
  11. Kincaid

    VLC and mkv over network

    Not exactly a question about mb3 but I hope you can help me anyway. I try to setup VLC 2.1 as external player but I have problems with mkv files over my network. VLC starts and instantly quits. I found out that there are problems with mkv files in VLC. When I try to start the video directly in VLC I get the following error message: "VLC can not open the file %path_to_mkv% (bad file description" and "VLC can not open the MRL %path_to_mkv%. See details in the error log" (Translated from German) This error only occurs with mkv files. Looks like there are some issues with user rights or something, but I can play avi files. Also I can play the avi files when I copy them to my local hard drive. Anyone knows what I can do to fix this?
  12. Hi, In an earlier conversation today in a different thread it was suggested that having Blu-ray rips stored as MKV rather than ISO would provide better functionality with MB. I can for sure see that it is easier, no mounting and no external player, but I was wondering what else I would run into or have to configure if I chose to go that route. In my current setup I rip my Blu-rays with DVDFab and keep only the main movie, high definition audio, and the English subs and write them to the ISO format. I know I can use MakeMKV to rip the Blu-ray and select out what I want, but when it comes to playback, is there anything else, like further configuration of LAV, that will have to be done. Also, is there anything to deal with 3D Blu-ray ripping where I do not have to change the 3D format? (Does it even matter if you do?) I have in general been happy with the ISO rips, but if it can be better/easier I would love to learn and go that route. Thanks for any info Cheers
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