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Feature Request Tracking Thread

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To help with the tracking of feature requests and allow users to easily find and vote on features they would like to see I have started a master list. Please keep all feature specific discussions to their respective threads. Don't forget to cast your vote by liking the first post in the thread. If any of the features are complete, information is out of date, or is missing completely please post in this thread and I will update the list.
Server Features
100+ Likes



Centralized Authentication Functionality (LDAP/SSO/HTML Header/RADIUS)


40-100 Likes


Integrate Trakt Recommendations

Option to ignore media in scans


Forget a series in Next Up


User Groups


Smart Playlists


Copy user / user templates (Duplicate: User Groups)


POOL Multiple m3u Tuners - No Double or Duplicate Channels


Additional Extras/Special Folder Types for TV Series (similar to Movies)


Hide Empty Folders


Google Drive as source



Include Collection information on movie's title screen


Import playlists


Set simultaneous connect limit for users


Web client to remember "Tab"



20-40 Likes


Multi-Cast Support


Merge libraries from multiple servers


Anonymised Logs


Bitrate on admin page


Down for maintenance


Paginated full search results instead of arbitary 30 result limit


MySQL Support


Configurable collections folder


Auto Delete Watched after "N" Days




PseudoTV Emby style!


2-Factor Authentication (2FA)


Channel groups for live tv


Chapter images in media folder


Server dashboard max bit rate exceeds limit clarification.


Recommend movies or shows to other users




Auto Organize Movies as well as TV


Live TV Deinterlace Method Option



10-20 Likes


Live TV Commercials file support


"Galleries" Movie Extras Folder


Show Intro Skip Option


Watching Together (Duplicate: Multi-Cast Support)


Client Bandwidth Feedback


Bulk Meta Data Editor


Implement Metacritic ratings and allow Enable/Disable ratings option in settings


Download Subtitles during playback


SHow only "Unwatched" in "Because you like...."


Collections and Genres in Search results


Transcode in H265


Add a specific content type for classical music


Book server/reader incorporation


Audiobook support


Recently Watched


Allow user comments on media


"Resume" for playback of active recordings


Lyrics for Music


Recordings That Fail - Listing and/or notification


Include tags in search results


Preemptively cache images


Metadata - original film name


"Select All" / "Deselect All" Options with Multiselect on Server Webapp


Offset transcoding - Separate Transcoding Server


Ability to view by Actor or Studio


Nested Collections


Change information when version is changed


Server Dashboard: Link to Media which is currently beeing played


Recording indicator


Animated gif support


Kill current transcode/streaming sessions from the server


[iPTV] Ability to watch PiP (picture in picture) two channels


More Filter/Sort Options



Multiple Resolutions for TV shows


Ability to group movie versions together and choose which to play


Send Message To Logged In Users


Max streaming rate per user


Are you still watching?


Thumbnails during scrubbing


Profile visibility different within LAN than from WAN



Client Features
100+ Likes


40-100 Likes



Adjust subtitle delay



20- 40 Likes


Gapless Playback


Reposition Extras above Cast and Crew, so you can see they are there without having to scroll down


Show splash screen whilst Emby Theater is updating




Go back to the minimalist OSD while watching..



10-20 Likes


ability to adjust playback speed


Random Movie view on homescreen (Roku, Android TV, others?)


View channel guide while watching live tv


Subtitle size and color


Music virtualization on screen


Android Mobile - Android Auto


Programmable Remote Keymapping




Plugin Features
100+ Likes

40-100 Likes

20-40 Likes



10-20 Likes

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Keep in mind this is a work in progress. The hope is to reduce the amount of duplicate requests and focus the communities input on areas they would like to see improvements.

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What about sticking this to the top?


If Jdeisel is volunteering to keep this updated, then I will do that.

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I will do my best to maintain the list.


If any information is out of date or incomplete everyone is free to just post in this thread and I will update the list.

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This is great, but it seems like a lot of work for @@Jdiesel. I think it would be better if there was an autmatically generated forum that displays all, or maybe top X, of the feature requests, minus duplicate or complete, in order from most to least likes.

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Hi.  We're on a very old version of this forum software.  Hopefully, newer versions will have more features in this area.  We have plans to upgrade but simply have not found a good time yet to completely disrupt everything for a period of hours to do it.  We will hopefully find a way to get this done over the coming weeks or couple of months.



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Any chance this could be automatically updated? it's gotta be a nightmare trying to manually curate this list.

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Quick Idea:

An Emby Buffer for Reboot the host system System.

(Like an Emby option to Reboot the Host Server not Just The Server Process)

(Meaning. If you choose te reboot the physical server, it sends out information to all the active connections under the hood not disturbing the users just to the client apps to expect a downtime of like 1-2minutes, also send out the media streams for 3-4 minutes of play. And it Reboots the system. After reboot the server is up and running knows it was rebooted with intent and where to catch up with the transcodings so it can serve the rest of the media played the clients. On the client side  the client knows the server will go down and it has an extra 2-3 minutes of playtime. When the Server takes longer to reboot ((windows update etc)) the client app informs the user with a wait screen like "Media Server is rebooting Please wait a minute" So users dont get frustrated and take a pee or something. When reconected it can show a "Go On" message or just play automaticaly.) Sorry for the long post, and I'm not an english speaker sorry for grammar also. Peace

Basicaly you push the Reboot Host Icon. Whit an estimated reboot time setted by you it then sends the transcodes to the clients quickly starts a back counter displaying the time it will iniciate the reboot on the server, When all the active clients have their cache filled for 2-3 minutes of play it reboots the physical server.

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FYI @Jdiesel

Forget a series in Next Up now has over 100 Likes and should be moved up accordingly.


The following have tipped over 40 Likes now too

Multi-Cast Support 

Down for maintenance

Auto Delete Watched after "N" Days

Recommend movies or shows to other users

...there are probably many more, I didn't go through the whole list though.

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