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Found 7 results

  1. I wanted to add the vod streams from my iptv provider into emby and make it look like the other movie and tv show directories. I couldn't find a free tool to do this ridiculously simple task, and so I decided to put my python skills to work for other my other emby enthusiasts. Hope it helps someone. Depending on the type of m3u file you have, one of these scripts may support it, or you may need to post a few lines of your TV shows and Movies in order for me to add parsing for it. Check below in the updates to see which script you want to use depending on how your m3u file is formatted. Type 1: https://github.com/silence48/m3u2strm/blob/master/m3u2strm.py Type 2: https://github.com/silence48/m3u2strm/blob/master/m3u2strm-2.py UPDATES code Last Updated 3/26/2020 Update on 3/26/2020 I have released a new version which is more versitile. You can find it at https://github.com/silence48/m3u2strm/tree/nextgen This one handles more m3u types, and has support for live tv streams (though live tv is not yet implemented.) I was able to generate about 10000 stream files with this in less than 2 minutes. Update on 3/14/2020 In order to make this script more globally compatible... if anyone can PM me the first 25 lines of your m3u file for your VOD TV (please edit out your username and password before sending it) it will allow me to add parsing for other companies m3u files. The current supported formats are as follows: For TV Shows: #EXTINF:0 group-title="TV VOD",HD : My Hero Academia S04E10 #EXTGRP:TV VOD http://URL (for daily running shows like "The Late Show" or "Jimmy Fallon" #EXTINF:0 group-title="TV VOD",HD : Jimmy Fallon 2019 12 20 Eddie Murphy 720p WEB x264-XLF #EXTGRP:TV VOD http://tURL For Movies: #EXTINF:0 group-title="Movie VOD",HD : The Adventure Of A R I My Robot Friend 2020 #EXTGRP:Movie VOD http://URLS Update on 3/18/2020 I have created a second script for the other VOD m3u files mentioned. It can be found located at : https://github.com/s...r/m3u2strm-2.py Eventually when I have some time I will make it just a single script, right now the code is not very clean, I need to break stuff into separate classes and functions, then I can have a single script to parse them all, but for now this works. This one supports TV shows in the following formats: #EXTINF:-1,|FR| Blindspot S01 |FR| Blindspot 01x12 - Super soldat http://serverIPTV.co...ssword/9975.mkv #EXTINF:-1,|FR| Burger Quiz S01 |FR| Burger Quiz 01x05 http://serverIPTV.co...word/751209.mkv and Movies in this format: #EXTINF:-1,|FR| Le plan B http://serverIPTV.co...word/755418.mkv
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to Emby. I bought an Emby premiere couple of days ago as I would like to use IPTV with my Emby server. I successfully set up the live tv (even though I am still struggling with setting up the EPG for Italian channels - any suggestions?) and it is all working fine. My IPTV provider has also a VOD M3U. I looked here at the forum and I found a way to manage to convert M3U to STRM. The strm has all the folders listed correctly right but no files/content of my VOD. I did some testing adding the file folder system to my emby library but it is just a matryoshka of empty folders (correctly named though). Can anyone help me?
  3. XtreamDownloader, a direct DOWNLOAD and EXPORT tool (Win7-Win10) for IPTV VOD, to be used with IPTV providers who uses Xtream Codes. Especially made for users who want to use IPTV VOD DIRECTLY in Emby, so they can use all the library options in Emby, like WATCHED status and RESUME points with Video On Demand from their IPTV provider. UPDATE: Until further notice, this tool is end of life. https://torrentfreak.com/xtream-codes-iptv-system-targeted-in-massive-police-operation/
  4. leungalv

    Stuttering VOD Stream

    I'm not sure why Emby is stuttering / stuck when playing a VOD stream from an IPTV provider, every 5-15 seconds or so video freezes. Running Android Server and Android TV on Mi Box S. Emby play VOD, stuttering / "stuck" issue every 5- 15s Emby "use external player", select VLC, stuttery playback. Direct network play on VLC same Mi Box S, plays stream without any issues Running latest Android Server beta and latest Android TV beta Thoughts?
  5. karibi

    Recording of IPTV VOD

    I am a complete newbie at this so I would very much appreciate some guidance. I have an interest in recording IPTV, specifically their VOD channels. My reasoning behind this is that I live in South Africa and my international internet connection speed is limited during peak viewing times, hence the desire to record during the off-peak period so I can watch in the evenings. I have installed the Emby server and client and have a suitable M3U file list and have configured LiveTV. The problem I am having is how do I record as I don’t have any EPG. Are I correct in assuming that I must have an EPG to record? If so, is it sensible to take the M3U file list and create an artificial XMLTV file and effectively fake an EPG? I am not averse to writing some code to parse the M3U. Just trying to understand what is the best approach, and whether there are any 3rd party tools to assist. Guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I'm testing Emby on IPTV system, as a VOD server. STB: DV8120 TV Box (https://androidtvbox.eu/sdmc-dv8119-and-dv8120-another-android-tv-boxes-with-soc-amlogic-s905/) 1. When Emby APK is installed on STB and played a movie on, the audio comes but not the video, and it stays on the screen where you pressed "play" on. 2. Since it is browser based, it is extremely hard to navigate using the remote control of the STB. So I've to use a computer mouse on STB. I was wondering if it's possible to have an Emby layout like real a VOD in IPTV. 3. Some movies' thumbnail don't update even though I go to "identify" and use IMDb-id.
  7. Dear Team, We are Microsoft House (Software Development Company on MS Platform) looking forward to develop VoD Platform, since Emby being first choice as it is developed in C# Can we tweak Emby to make VoD platform and Support for RMTP and HLS Video Streaming to secure the Video Distribution across mobile/tablets? Ref: http://www.uscreen.tv/
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