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  1. Hi Guys, So I've noticed that some of my collection information isn't being pulled from the movie db site. The site looks like it doesn't work anymore so i was just wondering if any of you know a solution? Also there is only one link that you can put in the settings for collections to pull the data where as individual movies you can add three links from three different sources. Can that be changed?
  2. Hello! I was curious, is there a way to generate video preview thumbnails? With youtube, netflix, etc whenever you are seeking through a video, it'll show preview images so you can gauge where you want to start watching. Thanks!
  3. Oxide

    4:3 Thumbnails Resize

    I have some older shows in my collection and the thumbnails that are in 4:3 aspect ratio don't fit well as seen below: What would be nice is if they were "Resized" to 16:9 as below: or made full with in 4:3 ratio as below: I see there is some css that seems to control this: .detailPage169Card .cardPadder { padding-bottom: 75.25%; } is there .detailPage43Card for 4:3 ratio images?
  4. So I installed EMBY on a separate laptop on my 1GB LAN. I put my UNC paths in there like \\Server\Media\Moviez whereas "Server" is another PC on the network with the Media drives attached. It scans the files but only a very small portion of images, maybe 1-3 total from hundreds of movies is even displayed. I can exclude mis-identification since I already had Emby running on the Server PC and there more images showed. However, overall it seems that the correct reading of movies/shows etc. and especially displaying images currently is totally broken or happens "randomly". I also checked network permissions etc. and can't see why it wouldn't display the stuff right. This happens in Web client but also Emby Theater. For example, right now on my 1st drive is 71 movies and it only shows ONE cover, everything else is blank. How can I debug this and find what's going on?
  5. server-63587635200.zip I am on server Version 3.0.5801.0 and I do not have thumbnails on chapters even after "chapter image extraction" succeeds. I am also missing thumbnails on all "specials". I uninstalled, reinstalled the server as well as clearing the cash. Another issue I am having is on the main page where collections are listed it is not showing the backdrops for my concert collection. I have removed and re added using the edit option in the media manager as well as adding the backdrop to the collection folder. I thought this may be related. Wen I try and attach the log file your system states it is to big ​Pastbin will not except the log ether. I did not have this issue with the log files being to large before. Are they that big now? Ok zipped the log file and it is now attachedserver-63587635200.zip
  6. Stephen Maye

    Thumbnails in Emby for WMC

    I am VERY new so, this is probably something simple I don't know. I just installed Emby server and the Emby app for WMC. Everything went flawlessly. I few small issues, but the one I would like to deal with right now are thumbnails. In this case I have one show in my WMC Recorded TV folder. In WMC it clearly shows a thumbnail image. Here is how it is displayed in Emby for WMC. Can someone help?
  7. I have been trying to find a reliable, private, photo sharing application so I can move away from Dropbox or OneDrive. I have too many family photos to send them there but the interface is pretty decent and fast. I was giddie when I found that MB supports photos, too! I am new so I didn't catch this at first. So my problem right now is I have a lot of photos and browsing is very slow. Thumbnails are taking forever to show up and then downloading a photo to view takes ages. Is there already an option to pre-cache the thumbnails or is that done each time someone loads an album? Or, is it done only one time when the first time the photo thumbnail is requested? Is there an option to set the default image size once the thumbnail is clicked? For instance, I set the default image size, in MP or file size (2MP, 300KB) and have that cached, too. I have a lot of 35MP photos. Normally I use IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com/ - as if you didn't know about it already) to batch resize when I send them in email or upload to cloud services but I am trying to get away from that so the originals can be downloaded and printed without artifacts. Is the thumbnail caching and default image size caching considered the same feature or should it be different posts? Thank you for your help
  8. ceg2670

    Home Menu Options

    @marcelveldt I don't think I was clear about what I am trying to achieve with the add-on buttons. For instance, under the video add-on button I created there are 10 plugin videos (amazon, hulu, netflix, hgtv, etc.). As it is now when I land on the video add-on button (without clicking) the sub-menu plugins are listed across the top of the home menu bar. What I would like is to click on the individual menu buttons I setup for video add-on, music add-on, and program add-on buttons and have them open up to individual thumbnails that I can select from, rather than having to scroll through the row of plugins on the home screen menu bar. Is this possible on my end? If so, how do I achieve this? If it's not possible would you add this option? I would like a button that functions like the add-on browser button does but for a special/generic/misc ActivateWindow code. A button you can put anything into, name it anything, and it open up thumbnails (or whatever view the user opts for). Hope this makes sense. Please and thank you!
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