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  1. I'm relatively new to Emby, but I've been extremely impressed with it so far One issue I've been trying to figure out how to address is TV shows that legitimately have a season 0, such as MST3K. I'm finding that all of the season 0 episodes are getting put into the same display folder with the various specials that I have in my collection, and that folder is called "Specials". I have all of my season 0 episodes in a subdirectory called "Season 0", and all of the specials in a separate subdirectory called "Specials". I've also tested enabling and disabling the "Display specials within the season they aired in" advanced library option with no change in behavior. I've also started editing the metadata for the specials to ensure that the season listed is null instead of 0, but this also doesn't seem to be changing the behavior so far. Is there anything else I can do to display the season 0 episodes (for MST3K, these are also sometimes referred to as the KTMA episodes or the Season K episodes) separately from the specials? I'm running Emby Server on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS.
  2. jamvids

    Collection Specials

    Hi, Is there any way to add special features to a collection? I have converted my Pink Panther collection and the special features are on the series rather than one film. I have the films in a general movies folder. Would it be easier to put them into a collection folder with a specials folder in that?
  3. Latest Stable version of Server and latest version of Theatre Title says it all really - I was watching the TV Series Grantchester and this has a Christmas Special at the end of series 2/start of series 3. The special episode is stored in the specials folder and if you navigate to the season folders under the TV series - the episode is displayed in the both the specials season and at the start of season 3. However, if you use the Play Next Up button, the special is not listed - it jumps from season 2 episode 6 to season 3 episode 1. the episodes are all correctly identified and labelled, it's just an inconsistency between the season view and the play order for Play Next up
  4. I have a split folder structure that looks like: Multimedia -> Movies (1080p) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> Movies (UHD) -> Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Avengers: Endgame -> etc -> TV -> etc -> Music -> etc and I absolutely need the separation between 1080p and UHD movies at the physical data level. But to stop duplication on Emby Theater, and to not keep the headache of separating 1080p and UHD into different libraries (just imagine having to remember which movies you do have in UHD, and playing it from the UHD library of movies when watching that specific movie), I group the versions together on Emby web app so that the clients can optimally choose which version to play. When the versions are grouped, I don't see any movie extras as shown below (I chose the web app because I know for a fact that Extras do show up in web app): But when I split the versions apart, I do see the movie extras (as expected) with the version of the movie I do have a movie extra for, as shown below: How can I make the extras to show up when two versions are grouped together? P.S.: Don't worry about the weird color scheme in the screenshots, Windows Snipping Tools still can't screenshot in HDR mode properly.
  5. Hello, I have set Specials to show in the season they air in (within the emby dashboard). In the web app, they show up fine. However, when trying to find them on my Fire stick they don't show up within the season. The "watched indicator" shows that there is 1 unwatched episode for the season but when I go into it, it only shows all the normal episodes (which I've watched already), but no special. The only other way I can view the special (aside from the Specials folder) is if I go over into All Episodes from the season select screen, and then there it is. So how do I get it to display properly within the season? I checked the emby settings for the Fire stick app but couldn't see anything in there related to it. I've also verified that the naming convention of the special matches what is on the TVDB.
  6. Bit of a strange thing happening. Specials are organized in season 0 or season 00 folders. I don't know when the issue started but I have specials that play after each season is finished playing, even though they are set to display/play only in the season aired. For example: Stargate SG-1 The Ark of Truth(S00E07) and Continuum(S00E08) are both displayed in Season 10 as Episodes 21 and 22 (correctly) and not in any of the other seasons. Yet they play after the end of each of the 10 seasons. I had "old" nfo files for each and deleted/refreshed the metadata, completed a full scan of the libraries without any change. Checked a couple of other series, same problem. Have I got a setting wrong? or am I missing something? Is this a bug? This used to work as I would expect - Which is the special would play during the correct season and between the correct episodes. If the log is of any help I was testing this after 8pm Eastern 4/26/19. Thanks Stargate SG-1.S00E07.The Ark of Truth.nfo embyserver.txt
  7. arrbee99

    Specials placement

    Just wondering if there's a way to get TV specials to show up where you want them too. Fr'instance I just added The Thick Of It, which has two specials between seasons 2 and 3. I tried adding them to season 3 in the hope they would appear at the beginning, but they don't actually appear at all.
  8. Per another thread ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38173-watched-status-resets-with-moves-between-library/&do=findComment&comment=484965 ) video files that do not have an external ID (eg, TheMovieDB, IMDB) associated with them in Emby will lose their Watched status if you ever move the files to another location. This is because currently the only way to determine the uniqueness of the file (if it does not have an external ID) is to use the full path to the file. Now, most items will have an external ID, but the big exception can be Movie Extras and TV Specials. Some TV Specials will have an external ID. And some Movie Extras do exist in the IMDB and TheMovieDB, but currently there is no metadata lookup available for Movie Extras ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43845-emby-server-emby-theater-support-nfo-files-and-automatic-metadata-lookup-for-extras/ ). So if a Movie and it's associated Extras is ever moved, the Watched status for those extras will be lost. This feature request is for there to be some better method of identifying files such that those files which do not have external ID's can still be correctly identified (and thus Watched status preserved) even if they are moved. I am most interested in this for Movie Extras. I'm not sure what the best route for achieving this would be, but wanted to put the idea out here for consideration. Thanks!
  9. arrbee99

    (A few) specials

    Have a few specials for the World At War in their own Specials folder. The titles I gave them I lifted (I think) straight from the name of said special. Emby has decided to turn a few of them into Series / Episode items based on the years mentioned in their titles - Didn't happen to spot anything in the Wiki
  10. arrbee99


    Was just wondering if there's a particular convention to add a special within a TV series. The Wiki says use Specials, Season 0 or Season 00, but If I wanted to add a special within say season 22 of something...
  11. I'm a long time user of Win 7 and Emby for WMC with the Chocolate theme. I've tweaked everything (lots of trial and error) and I have everything running smoothly. There is now a problem with the Specials display on the Details page. As you can see in the Before screenshot the captions are either missing or partially hidden. I've determined that the problem is with the resolution of the video clips. Most of the clips are 640x360 but the three in the lower left are 640x294 or 640x268 etc. When I remove these three clips from my extras folder the Specials display is all good as shown in the After screenshot. My question is, does this mean i have to edit video clips and change their resolution so that all the clips in the extras folder are the same resolution or can this be fixed with a tweak of Emby for WMC or the Chocolate theme? Note: I do get clips from different sources and this is why they may vary in resolution.
  12. In a nfo for series specials one can define where the episode should show up: http://kodi.wiki/view/NFO_files/TV_episodes <displayseason>1</displayseason> <displayepisode>9</displayepisode> Emby doesn't import this special episode info. Airs before and airs after just keeps empty in the metadata manager.
  13. Hi guys, I have quite a Bluray Collection, both movies and TV shows. When I rip my blurays, I like to keep every little extras present to have them accessible in emby. (btw, my english may be a little weird, sorry, it's not my first language) For movies, everything is quite simple, you put them in the "extra" folder and voilà everything is at the right place. TV shows have little more complexe extras (or specials). You have episode extras, like deleted scenes, reminders, promos, episode specific making of, etc. You have season extras, like special episodes, making of, gag reel, comic-con events, etc. You have serie extras, a bit more rare, but some additionnal extras present on complete show boxes. When a TV show as specials episode present in TVDB or other DB, you can use the episode code S00EXX to make it fetch and synch infos about that extras. However, alot of (I'd even say most of) the bluray extras are not included in TVDB so you have to edit the metadata by hand to make them appear at the right place in the different client interfaces. You must edit the "airs before season", "airs after season" and "airs before episode" fields and save each metadata one by one. I was wondering if people have beter/faster/more automated way to do this? Is there something like a REST interface to modify metadata? Can you modify .nfo localy on your file system and propagate to emby these changes?
  14. When ripping a movie from my collection I make sure to name any specials as they are named on the blu-ray and/or blu-ray.com When I place the movie in my collection and scan it rather than naming the specials the same as the file name it names them the same title as the main movie. I than go into emby server and edit each special with the file name. Is there a way to set it to automatically name them the same as the file name?
  15. The last 2 beta versions of emby server 3.0.5925.0 I am unable to open any titles in ie or chrome (Version 49.0.2623.110 m) when I click on a title from the home screen it goes into that folder i.e. animation but it will not open the title it just shows the spinning circle and freezes up. It seems to affect emby for wmc as it also will not load any images not already in place i.e. some actor images are blank. This has happened before but a normal reboot would fix it, now it does not. I am also having an issue with special features in movies and tv shows. I label them something like Deleted Scenes or The Making of Jurassic Park. When emby server dos a full refresh for that title it renames them all Jurassic park instead of using the file names. I then need to go in and edit them in emby server to match the file name. The loge file is below. http://pastebin.com/04jnVuZz
  16. server-63587635200.zip I am on server Version 3.0.5801.0 and I do not have thumbnails on chapters even after "chapter image extraction" succeeds. I am also missing thumbnails on all "specials". I uninstalled, reinstalled the server as well as clearing the cash. Another issue I am having is on the main page where collections are listed it is not showing the backdrops for my concert collection. I have removed and re added using the edit option in the media manager as well as adding the backdrop to the collection folder. I thought this may be related. Wen I try and attach the log file your system states it is to big ​Pastbin will not except the log ether. I did not have this issue with the log files being to large before. Are they that big now? Ok zipped the log file and it is now attachedserver-63587635200.zip
  17. Hi I've just conformed my entire library of specials for Top Gear and Doctor Who, and doing so entailed giving them special-episode-numbers, like S00E84, and putting them in a folder named "Season 0". Now, though, my specials-folders contains a lot of specials, and they all have their bogus episode number (e.g. S0 E84) prepended to their title, which makes it really irritating to look through in the clients. That number doesn't really tell me anything, just the order, and they're already shown in the right order. They're especially irritating, because I've had to change episode numbers for Doctor Who specials (after retrieving information and locking them), to place them correctly in the story arc (for Doctor Who I've enabled "Display specials within seasons they aired in"), because the TVDB special-information doesn't always follow the story arc, but sometimes just the airdates, and some of it is even dead wrong, and so, the numbers are reduced to mere clutter. TL;DR I'd like to be able to tick off a display setting for a season- or series-folder, which would toggle season and episode-numbers in the titles of their content-items (not the folders themselves, obviously, just the episodes). It COULD just be for the Specials-folders, if a general season/series-folder implementation is too huge a deal. Sincerely, Ultroman
  18. Hi All, I have thought about this one for a while now and with a recent hardware upgrade, I have had to go through my TV Series again and un-tick the "Display specials within seasons they aired in" option again manually as I don't like the specials showing in each season and it's time for me to request a feature. Would it be possible to have a global setting for this within the server to enable/disable this option so if I add new content and forget to un-tick or for whatever reason need to rebuild my library you don't have to go through each season and do this manually. Thanks, Edd.
  19. I like the special featues of movies, tv series, etc... it would be nice if i could have all the deleted scenes in a folder called deleted scenes. The way it works now i have to add "Deleted - " to the title of the deleted scene. This goes for more than deleted scenes of course.. Goofs, Featruettes, makings of, cast and crew interfiews, you name it. Now I don't need to have nested folders, just one level of folders. MBT doesn't even need to represent it as a folder...you can use whatever you feel would be good...just a line separating one folder from the rest would work for me it just would need the title of the folder. so it would look like this: Deleted Scenes 1. Play all 2. (Name of deleted scene) .. 25. (Name of deleted scene) Bloopers 1. Play all 2. (Name of Blooper) etc. Or if no folders then a XML file to display stuff the way you want.
  20. 3.0.5502.3522 Specials (S00E01 tested in particular) have a propensity to appear too soon in the next up calculation. Assuming, for testing, saved changes to the attributes - airs before/after season/episode, are reread after a library scan I have an S00E01 which i can not get to NOT appear 1st for a completely unwatched show under next up...The correct location should be at end of season 1. But S00E01 stubbornly shows up in next up. Possibly related to this http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/13324-special-watched-status-is-affecting-series-next-up-presence/?hl=%2Bspecials+%2Bnext&do=findComment&comment=150785 From TVDB Wiki FWIW my expectations as a user would be Specials with [airs before season]=blank,[airs after season]=blank, [airs before episode]=blank - would never appear on next up...they are special interest episodes that dont form part of the flow of watching eg. making of show type specials, as opposed to a Christmas Special which should be marked to appear in the order of watching...as it forms part of the story. Specials with either [airs before season] or [airs after season] - would appear on next up in the order of [Airs after Season]=1 would Come before [Airs Before Season]=2 so Season 1 Episodes < Airs After Season 1 Episodes < Airs Before Season 2 Episodes Airs before episode is a bit of a mystery as to what is being referenced to..to avoid ambiguity it presumably means for eg Airs Before Season=2, Airs Before Episode=5.... of all the specials that are tagged as such ( [air before season]=2), the position of this special is AFTER those specials with [Airs Before Season]=2 and with [Airs Before Episode]<5, and BEFORE specials with [Airs Before Season]=2 and with [Airs Before Episode]>5. It should not be allowed for two episodes to have the same Airs Before Season/Episode Pair. It also shouldnt be possible for Airs before Episode to be populated and Airs before Season to not be populated, but if this was the case, then I think MB3 should not consider the episode part of next up in any case (The metadata needs correcting on tvdb).
  21. I noticed with the latest beta of media browser classic it now supports specials which I have confirmed are working in the chocolate theme. I was wondering what the time frame was for specials in the subdued theme. Thank you for your time and this is still my family's favorite theme. Thank you for all your hard work.
  22. lurch9366

    Specials support

    I really like the new chapter selection in media browser classic. Is there any chance specials can be added in the same way?
  23. I just changed afew special folder posters around and have now noticed some of them are not displaying. The posters are in the root folder like this: /TV Series /season01 /Specials /folder.jpg /season-specials-poster.jpg Is season-specials-poster.jpg the correct naimng convention?
  24. Hi Lee, You know I love both of your themes! And you are constantly updating them to make them even better. I'd like to request a little more work from you, LOL. Would you consider adding Display Specials Within Seasons as seen here? Thank you so much!
  25. Hi. I recently upgraded from MB2 & am enjoying learning my way around and much improved performance. What is the correct structure for TV Specials? I looked in the Library structure info but there's no mention of specials for TV there, only specials for movies. In MB2 I used to create a 'Season 00' folder and MB would pick up the specials from there. This doesn't seem to be working in MB3 so I'm now trying using a 'specials' folder in the Series folder. I'm running MB3 Server Version 3.0.5031.21343 Example: Path: \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness\Specials contains four *.avi files. The path \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\ is mapped in a user media collection of type "TV Shows". MB3 is assigning: the series 'Display type" as "Folder" The season "Display type" as "Folder"; and the episodes "Display type"s as "Video" And MB3 is not downloading meta data for the series. I can't manually add the external references because the 'external ID' section on the metadata page contains no fields, probably because of the assignments above. I tried manually changing the "Display type" to what I think are the correct values: Series, Season & Episode respectively, but this made no apparent difference. I'm a bit puzzled as to the purpose of this field. It would make more sense to me if it was a drop list and the value dictated the fields that appear on the meta-data page. Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Help and advice most appreciated. Cheers. Edit: added version info
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