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  1. Can backdrop support be added at the TV Season level in the Metadata Manager? Backdrops are only added at the Series level and I can't add a backdrop at the Season level in Metadata Manager. If they are manually added in the Season folder then the Metadata Manger will display it, but there is no way to browse or add a backdrop.
  2. First of all, major thanks for all the hard work, MBT is an amazing upgrade, coming from having used MB2 for years. One thing I do really miss from MB2 is that when viewing series/movies in List View, it showed the item's poster together with the overview. In MBT, you instead get a shrunk-down version of the backdrop. Since there is already an icon-sized version of the backdrop next to the item name, you have the same image shown 3 times on one screen, which looks a bit off. It would probably look somewhat better with backdrops turned off (in which case it would just seem like a logo/poster-alternative), but that would somewhat defeat the purpose of having separate backdrops/posters. So my feature request would be to have an item's poster displayed above the overview instead of the smaller version of the backdrop (or make it a toggle). I searched the forums for the issue, but only found a single post on the issue with no reply, from back in January, so I thought it was worth bringing up. Thanks for listening, and, seriously, thanks for all the hard work you guys/girls put into this. You rock!
  3. xXSagaiaXx

    Random backdrop

    Okay, I have one back drop that I comes up on the main screen when I first go into MBC or when something doesn't have a backdrop. Sort of like this is the default backdrop and I don't want it Thanks, S.
  4. Xzener

    Screensaver Ignore Folders

    Luke, Eventually, can we add support to the MBT screensaver to ignore folders/VFs?? Love the screensaver, but some backdrops are out of place... Box sets for example is a VF I wish I could ignore.
  5. I have been trying out Breeze, Crystal, and Aztec. I love them all and would like to buy them. However, a small issue I can't seem to figure out for the life of me is how to turn off the now playing backdrop for these themes. If now playing is a movie, then everything runs nice and smooth. However, if you're watching live TV from windows media center and then start MBC, the background screen gets choppy and the theme moves incredibly slow. I would prefer not to have to stop playback of live TV just in order to use these themes. Is there a setting I'm overlooking to turn this off? Please help! Thanks in advance!
  6. I've done a little testing so I think the answer to this question is "Yes" but I want to be sure before I change my backdrops around. When browsing a TV "Season" (not the series level), does MB3 use the backdrops from the Series folder if there are no backdrops in the Season folder? If so, then I assume if I put just one backdrop in the Season folder it will only display that one or will it cycle through the ones in the Series folder too? (I have not tested this out...guess I can give that a shot). Thanks.
  7. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/84611964/server-63522732798.log Version 3.0.5097.16641 example in log, big trouble in little china mb3 configured to manage all metadata and store locally in collection. Every film which i delete all backdrops for....has its backdrops redownloaded (good) but 2 of every instance (bad - should be 1) (Note i deleted backdrops as i noticed duplicates of backdrops in movies that i checked)
  8. I don't know if this would be the function of the ThemeVideo Backdrop Plugin or not. What I would like to be able to do is place a Theme Video (and or song) at the Top-Level of my Movies folder and have it play while browsing movies. Same for TV Shows. Ex.... \\HTPC-PC\Movies\backdrops\theme.mp4 \\HTPC-PC\TV Shows\backdrops\theme.mp4 or theme-music \\HTPC-PC\Movies\theme-music\theme.mp3 \\HTPC-PC\TV Shows\theme-music\theme.mp3 Tks!
  9. MBServer: Version 3.0.5081.21515 MBClassic: Version B12-4.1 MBTheater: Not installed PC Server OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Codecs: Nothing other than installed with Win7 out of the box and MBServer Extender: HP MediaSmart Connect x280n TV: Toshiba Regza 32AV600 LCD Problem: I can't seem to get changes to Display & Behaviour>Skin>Backdrop Opacity to "dim" the backdrops on my extender which makes it difficult to read the synopsis and actor info. It works fine on the HTPC server. Is this a limitation of extenders or is there another solution? References: http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/781-throgsoft-themes/ SKIN: The skin tab allows you to change colour scheme of your theme, and the opacity of the backdrop and information box overlays. Available – Global : Allows you to select any available skin (Requires Restart) Backdrop Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of the backdrop overlay Info Box Opacity – Global : Changes the opacity of any information box Thanks, Tanamur
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