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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, running emby under docker in unraid on current version from the emby stable repo. Since a few days, emby is downloading all metadata for added content in english, although it is set to download german in global metadata settings (library > metadata > language and country) as well as in the libraries themselves (library > name of the library > library settings > "preferred language" and "country"). Any idea why? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, I've got an issue with my meta data. I've added a load of new TV shows and it is not pulling the images or making the screen grabs. The last time it happened it was an extension in chrome blocking the images from loading on the External ID's but I've checked them for all the TV shows i'm having issues with and they are all there. Take the screenshot I've attached for example it's done them for a couple but not all of them, some TV shows it's not done any for. Please help, I've also attached the LOG file in case anyone needs it to determine what is going wrong. Log.txt
  3. softworkz

    New Plugin: TV Maze Metadata Provider

    Hi, this is a new metadata provider plugin for Emby, supporting TV Series, Seasons and Episodes as well as Season-Images. The data is retrieved from http://www.tvmaze.com/ The plugin should operate pretty stable, I've been running the code for a few months now without problems. But what's the benefit, now? Well, you got to make your own decision about how useful that additional data could be for you! Metadata handling in Emby is not a very transparent process. To compare the different metadata retrieved by the installed providers, it's probably best to use the Metadata Viewer Plugin (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/32984-new-plugin-metadata-viewer/). After installing, you need to check your metadata settings for Series, Seasons and Episodes. You should choose the priorities based on your experience from comparing metadata results as described in the previous paragraph. If you're already satisfied with your current metadata retrieval or just don't want to make a significant change at this time, I recommend the following: Disable TV Maze for Series and Episodes (Emby already comes with 3 built-in providers for those) But enable TV Maze for Seasons (and Season images): The reason: Currently, there's only one provider for Season data and there are many cases where TV Maze has some season descriptions when the other (MovieDb) doesn't Download: https://github.com/softworkz/Emby.Plugins/releases/tag/TvMazeBeta1
  4. Hey Guys, I am trying to setup Sickbeard to automate my TV shows and downloads. Sickbeard looks for an NFO/XML file in the setup folders. I have created mine and directed to each season folder. Is there a file in there that Sickbeard can read from so it knows which is the next episode to download?
  5. Sincere apologies if this has been asked before (did a search and couldn't believe nothing came up), but... Would it be possible to expand the already extensive and awesome (!) server service to also arrange and rename media files within each library? The meta fetching is very effective and accurate, but I still use both the YAMMM service (for movies, Blu-Rays and DVDs) and MediaScout (TV Series) tools to appropriately name, rearrange, catalogue and add the physical images and XML data to my collections (Movies, TV Series, Comedy, Documentories, etc.). MediaScout has been discontinued (as far as is visible), but it was an excellent tool - allowing custom naming (e.g. naming format by S0xE0x / SxE depending on choice) and rearrangement of files within each seriies. YAMMM ditto for movies. The built-in server tools already fetch all the necessary data (and, in many cases, more accurately), but (unless I've not spotted the option) it doesn't seem to rearrange and rename the physical files. (Please tell me if I'm being stupid and have missed the option!!) It'd be great if the physical files could be rearranged into series and season folders and renamed into a standard naming pattern - ideally chosen within the server config (and optional).
  6. Hi, May i know how can i disable internet metadata on a certain folder included all the files inside the folder? Or any way to apply the metadata settings to multiple files? Because those files are already refresh once and some are not getting results, so i decide to disable it for a faster refresh. As i know we are not able to select multiple files to apply metadata settings and It is not possible to press file by files to apply the settings. As i know when using TV series category it will apply the settings when you apply to the main folder, but in Movies category, i need to apply 1 by 1. Any solution for that? Thanks.
  7. Hi, after the last server update I can not see my metadata anymore, only "chapters" to each movie. The movie counter showed around 370 now it showing 766 :S I've added a picture to describe my problem better. (attached file) *** This happens in MBT and Web ***** Also, if I go to "collection" and choose ex "blu-ray" then all the movies are shown properly. What is wrong? **EDIT** Okey, it's looks like it something to do with the way the server handles naming. MBT should ignore the "#". MBC is working fine, and so is the WEB-version if I choose a letter from A-Z and not the first "#". (as shown in the picture) MBT is showing all the movies correctly, but i need to scroll trough all the "chapters first" before it finds the movies from A-Z. I think this is the problem, and it is now more related to MBT.
  8. I have some Comics saved with ComicRack they are .cbz files with the ComicInfo.xml inside the .cbz But I see no info and or Covers on my MB what did I wrong? See the ComicInfo.xml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <ComicInfo xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <Title>Nabuko Donosor Loopt Voor De Voeten</Title> <Series>De Avonturen Van Urbanus</Series> <Number>049</Number> <Genre>Humor</Genre> <PageCount>33</PageCount> <Pages> <Page Image="0" ImageSize="887887" ImageWidth="1238" ImageHeight="1751" Type="FrontCover" /> <Page Image="1" ImageSize="411628" ImageWidth="1142" ImageHeight="1704" /> <Page Image="2" ImageSize="752187" /> <Page Image="3" ImageSize="751608" /> <Page Image="4" ImageSize="796084" /> <Page Image="5" ImageSize="777599" /> <Page Image="6" ImageSize="786943" /> <Page Image="7" ImageSize="792737" /> <Page Image="8" ImageSize="820029" /> <Page Image="9" ImageSize="790186" /> <Page Image="10" ImageSize="756773" /> <Page Image="11" ImageSize="741008" /> <Page Image="12" ImageSize="756722" /> <Page Image="13" ImageSize="775928" /> <Page Image="14" ImageSize="781187" /> <Page Image="15" ImageSize="767359" /> <Page Image="16" ImageSize="738407" /> <Page Image="17" ImageSize="741337" /> <Page Image="18" ImageSize="770587" /> <Page Image="19" ImageSize="763907" /> <Page Image="20" ImageSize="757558" /> <Page Image="21" ImageSize="773083" /> <Page Image="22" ImageSize="788950" /> <Page Image="23" ImageSize="751696" /> <Page Image="24" ImageSize="732666" /> <Page Image="25" ImageSize="760677" /> <Page Image="26" ImageSize="766117" /> <Page Image="27" ImageSize="742001" /> <Page Image="28" ImageSize="765946" /> <Page Image="29" ImageSize="718555" /> <Page Image="30" ImageSize="716206" /> <Page Image="31" ImageSize="749844" /> <Page Image="32" ImageSize="872478" /> </Pages> </ComicInfo>
  9. Hi. I recently upgraded from MB2 & am enjoying learning my way around and much improved performance. What is the correct structure for TV Specials? I looked in the Library structure info but there's no mention of specials for TV there, only specials for movies. In MB2 I used to create a 'Season 00' folder and MB would pick up the specials from there. This doesn't seem to be working in MB3 so I'm now trying using a 'specials' folder in the Series folder. I'm running MB3 Server Version 3.0.5031.21343 Example: Path: \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness\Specials contains four *.avi files. The path \\Server\3tb\Max's TV Shows\ is mapped in a user media collection of type "TV Shows". MB3 is assigning: the series 'Display type" as "Folder" The season "Display type" as "Folder"; and the episodes "Display type"s as "Video" And MB3 is not downloading meta data for the series. I can't manually add the external references because the 'external ID' section on the metadata page contains no fields, probably because of the assignments above. I tried manually changing the "Display type" to what I think are the correct values: Series, Season & Episode respectively, but this made no apparent difference. I'm a bit puzzled as to the purpose of this field. It would make more sense to me if it was a drop list and the value dictated the fields that appear on the meta-data page. Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Help and advice most appreciated. Cheers. Edit: added version info
  10. This is somewhat of a meta question about the site, but now that there are separate product support subforums for the different components of Media Browser 3, what is the protocol for asking a question that might involve multiple components or you are unsure which component is the problem? For example: I am experiencing an issue that I don't know if it is related to MBServer or MBClassic Should I ask my question in: The general support question subforum? The subforum for MBServer? The subforum for MBClassic? Cross post in both? Or does it matter at all? The reason is I want to make sure my question gets to the right audience and doesn't pollute the new forums by being in the wrong spot. Any suggestions?
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