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Found 9 results

  1. Hi. I am trying to adopt Emby for my live TV (OTA) watching and recording using the HDHR Quatro. I have Emby set up so it works great for remote access. However, while in my home on my network, the screen freezes briefly when you tune a channel and then repeatedly (about once every 1 to 5 minutes) thereafter. The freezes are about 1 second long, sometimes less. This occurs on both an AppleTV 2 and a FireTV (not stick). I also have Plex installed, and it does not occur on either the AT2 or FireTV when using Plex. A few notes on my setup: My in-home network speed is around 400
  2. Recent Premier Emby user in USA and Emby Guide (14 days of data) seemed to be working great until MCE (Win 8.1) EPG Guide data went away. Now I can only get OTA EPG guide data (via NextPVR, i believe) for one day at most! I don't have officially supported tuners so apparently I cannot map channels either? because I don't receive OTA EPG data in Emby for ZIP 46808 (Fort Wayne, IN) I thought that Emby Premier included EPG guide data? Sorry if I'm confused but I couldn't find my exact problem in the forums Thanks!
  3. speedingcheetah

    25.6 GETTV wrong gudie info

    @@ebr KJNKLD6 (GETTV) 25.6 is showing the guide data for KJNKLD (TELE) 25.1 25.6 shows up in the channel map under the correct call sign but guide data is for other channel lineup USA-OTA55426
  4. Hello, I’ve been using Emby Server for a few years now and absolutely love it. Thank you Emby developers! Admittedly, I can barely manage to stumble through the setup and configurations. I need some additional assistance in displaying the season and episode numbers correctly for our TV shows that have been recorded OTA. Currently, every single episode I’ve recorded “this year” is displayed with season 20 and episode 18. Yes, that’s right, every OTA recording....errrr! After reading through a few forum threads, I took a quick look at our wtv file naming convention. Here is an example (L
  5. Hey guys, I was looking through the forums and trying to figure out the right way to get just some basic OTA with TV Guide in USA. I have options on what to buy but cost seems to creep very quickly. It appears i'm stuck between too many products. Plex really doesn't work for me as it requires alot of external connections (Internet) but handles TV Guide well with HDHomerun. Emby has Live TV and Recording but seems like manual config(Not against this) or pay 25 a year for SD (Wife Veto). The Xbox One with the USB Tuner really does work pretty well and Guide comes through good and xbox glass fo
  6. I would like to watch a local TV station called Northbay TV that is too far away for my antenna to pull in. If you go to their web page, it looks like they are making a concerted effort to offer their programming over the internet. I am not at all familiar with making IPTV available within the Emby client/server environment. Can anybody point me in the right direction to set this up? Further, is Northbay TV making their programming available in the "standard" format to include in Emby server. My understanding is an IPTV "plugin" is no longer required, are instructions posted somewhere as
  7. spencerisadog

    Transcoding recorded OTA

    I have been running for quite some time now with no issues but it seems, maybe since the last update, that everything that is DVRd via my OTA is being transcoded all of a sudden. Sonarr and movies still play Direct, just things that I DVR. I'm running FreeNAS V3.0.5913.0 and the client is Android TV 1.1.76g. I'm using the built in DVR system. I have attached a transcode log and the server log. Thank you! server-63596793600.txt transcode-a4c3b34d-1e28-rf34-8b05-c9be974babe1.txt
  8. Interesting solution for OTA users. http://lifehacker.com/the-mohu-channels-is-a-streaming-box-that-works-seamles-1704059874 As a long time and happy user of WMC, I still feel the need to find some backup / alternative solution to WMC and the inevitable end. Would be so nice to find an all-in-one reasonably priced solution that supports OTA Antenna, Guide Support, Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), DVR, Chromecast and Emby!! It is not all in this box, but one can hope. :-) It is an Android device with access to Google Play Store. Would the developers of Emby have an interest in run
  9. Hi all, Some of my OTA recordings are full of glitches, and I think it's not about the signal or antenna. I want to try recording via something else than WMC's built in recording function. Same channel that glitches always looks nice using SiliconDust quick TV viewer. I'm a long time emby/MB user. I've got the server and MBC on the HTPC. In addition to Emby it also records TV OTA via WMC. My HTPC is a bit dated (circa 2009 AMD X2 Kuma processor), though the OS is on a newer SSD and I've got an adequate Radeon 5670 graphics card. Two SiliconDust boxes (an older 2009 one, and a newer sma
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