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Found 9 results

  1. I would like to request that the back-end dialog to remove a library folder from emby include explicit wording that the files themselves will not be removed or deleted. It is currently unclear and could give much pause. Server... Library... Hamburger on particular library... Remove... (it may exist elsewhere as well)
  2. xiiMaGzx

    Cant remote play

    Ok, I have to big problems one is I cant get remote play to work and the second is some how my video buffers when Im watching the video on the server its self with no one using it. Now with the first problem I did port forwarded and also made the firewall rule (8096). When put in the remote server on a device it tells me to login, but my password doesnt work so I hit reset password then it makes a txt file in appdata/roaming ect and I hit the link and type the code. After that it tells me to login with a blank password so I go to the login page with no password and then the site tells me "inva
  3. mediacrypt

    Emby admin password forgot

    Hi team, I setup password for my admin user login. but when try i login, it didn't accept my passwrord. Hence tried to reset password i got a promt to check for the following location "/var/packages/EmbyServer/target/var/passwordreset.txt". I got the below detail I can see the below detail in the txt file ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://localhost:8096/web/forgotpasswordpin.html Enter the following pin code: 7960 The pin code will expire at 31 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But i rem
  4. Library folders in my admin panel don't have images anymore since a while. So i've tried to add them manually, however when i click on "Edit Images", the loading icon appear (And never fade-out) but the popup for editing the images is never shown. The only library with an image is the "Auto generated library" called Collection créated by the plugin Auto Box Set. When i clic on "Edit Images" for this item the popup appear as expected. The only error i've managed to found is displayed in the browser console when i click an the menu item "Edit Images". Uncaught (in promise) Error: null it
  5. radioactivesqrl

    Playlist Ownership and Management

    I just installed version 3.5.2 on FreeNAS which I had to install from scratch, so I'm building up some playlists again. Part way through making playlists, I decided to take a more secure approach and create a separate admin account from my viewing account (which now has no admin rights). I noticed that once I took away admin from my viewing account, I have a more limited list of actions I can perform on my playlists; specifically image and metadata editing are missing. Some functions such as 'subtitles' maybe should require an admin because that would affect global content. As I understand
  6. I'm running an Emby server from home. I have a few friends that I have shared my server with. They signed up for Emby Connect accounts and I added their usernames via the Emby dashboard. I've noticed for some reason, no matter which user logs in, it takes them to a screen that shows every other Emby user that also has access to the server and you can simply click on one of the users and get access to their Emby account. Users that do not have admin access even appear to be able to select an account that does have admin access and can then access the dashboard. How did I achieve this state?
  7. Hi, Can administrators no longer set a max streaming rate for users? As you used to be able to go into the users profile via the admin dashboard then edit this user's profile, image & personal preferences & from there you could change their limit. I'm running version I know you can do the streaming limit in playback settings from the admin dashboard but there are some devices on my server I wanted to limit to a set rate. Thanks, David.
  8. M_L

    Limited Bandwith

    Hello @all, I have an Upload speed of 6mbps but Emby only uses 4mbps no matter what transcoding and playback settings I choose. So, I tried a lot, including VPN access to the LAN, prioritisation of process and traffic but nothing worked so far. The google chrome browser is the culprit, it uses only half of the available bandwith of the media browser server! When using firefox it uses the whole bandwidth and so I have no annoying stuttering anymore. Anyone here who had the same problem? Thanks @EmbyTeam - You are the best!
  9. gutterpunk13

    FR: Server - User Messages.

    Here are some Ideas that I thought I would throw out there. The ability for an admin to post messages to users. For example, as soon as a user logs on they will see a message saying something like " The Server will be down from 12AM to 8:AM for maintenance" or inform them of new features or new media added. It could be a message to multiple users or to a single user saying to not forget to do their homework, just whatever the admin wants to do. Also and ability to disable a user account after a certain time. When they log on it will pop up saying that it will log them out after two
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