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Found 6 results

  1. schmitty

    Live TV enhancements

    Hello, I have a few ideas for enhancements to the Live TV system. 1 Support for more headers in m3u files... eg.live (1/0) - disable/enable live stream flag, so play and seek controls can be enabled or disabled tvg-group - to set network/studio group of radio and tv streams for easier grouping tvg-url - so xmltv guide data can be bound directly to a channel or m3u file, bypassing the built-in gui method #bg-color and #bg-size - to alter the background color and size of the channel tile metadata display - eg. jQuery Stream, embedded m3u/8 comment, Icy-Metadata, Icecast CORS/ACAO headers. I have a ttached an m3u file which I tried to directly add as m3u tuner, but the server would not load it properly, possibly because it is one stream with multiple chunks ( also has metadata)... it can be called from another m3u tuner though. https://wz3web.scahw.com.au/live/3sea_32.stream/playlist.m3u8?listeningSessionID=5bdda753c87a2e78_303254_9A8QlPM3__00000001t29&downloadSessionID=0 #EXTM3U #EXT-X-VERSION:3 #EXT-X-TARGETDURATION:6 #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE:40 #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone fRjAPQ6Q9DEp-308311271-5015.aac #EXTINF:4.969,Lukas Graham - Love Someone lR52ZCSwo0Yp-308311272-4969.aac #EXTINF:5.015,Lukas Graham - Love Someone j6TateebXsLp-308311273-5015.aac tv (0/1) - enable/disable tv (must specify either radio or audio-only options if set to 0) radio (true) - enable radio-specific stream with rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with audio-only) audio-only (true) - enable audio only stream without rich metadata (only use if tv=0, can not be used with radio) 2 Add support for Icecast streams/tuners
  2. I know some of these might have already been posted, or maybe something similar possibly, but I feel these would be some good features to be added. Album overview in the mobile app, Roku app, windows app. Right now it just shows up in the web player. When you add songs to the playlist it doesn't check to see if there are already duplicates in your playlist, it would be a good thing to have it check to see if there are any duplicates in the playlist before a song is added, and to display what songs are added to a playlist from the albums. There is no cross-fade, cross-fade option in the settings to select from 0 seconds to 12 seconds, or something along that line would be good. Also, when you scroll a playlist the title of the playlist, shuffle, download, favorite, and more buttons should stick while scrolling for easier access to them, or give you the option to make them stick. One other thing that should be added is lyrics to the app, and all players. To be able to sort your playlists by artist, or song name, etc This is not a feature request, but the banners do not load in the android mobile app when you set the view setting under albums, it just displays the album artwork instead.
  3. joshhuggins

    Feature Request Forum Etiquette

    If we want to up vote a feature request, what are the devs looking for? Is there a dev perfered method or does each dev look at things differently? Should we . . . - "Like" the posts - Should we reply quote with a +1 and / or a response - Something else? I didn't see a sticky post with instructions or anything in the FAQ or Tutorials and Guides (sorry if I missed it). Just wanted to know what you guys preferred and wanted to make sure that when I want to vote something up it gets counted properly. Thanks team!
  4. CBers

    Feature Requests list

    This is a compiled list of Feature Requests, from the main thread with links back to the original requests for further information. 01. Help Page - Make a proper page of it, link in Tools menu and have it page dependant - link 02. Multiple episode files - link 03. Rotating backdrops on Music - link 04. Album art does not change when scrolling to down to a new album when under an Artist. App lists all songs from all albums, but only displays the first Album art when scrolling down - link 05. When under Artist the album name is not displayed on the top under artists name like it is when in Album Artist - link 06. can the app be changed to display individual albums once clicking on an Album Artist or Artist and then the songs once you click on the album. Nested like it is on the web - link 07. support for multiple episode file naming - link same as 2? 08. warning message to avoid deleting server accidentally - link 09. add the ability to play multi-part movies - link 10. add an "Upcoming" header under TV like in the webclient - link 11. move the Log from Settings to within the list of Menu items - link 12. Add option to save Log to a txt file on USB - link 13. Any plans to consider cast filmography redesign - link - link 14. Add the language of default audio track on the info screen of a movie - link 15. allow users to login with short PINs instead of long passwords - link 16 . add the time and studio - link 17. Add transcoding of ATMOS / TrueHD 7.1 audio - link 18. Is it possible to use the Remote Play/Stop button when playing music - link 19. High quality images. The images are low quality and a little grainy - link 20. add the shared session feature that Kodi Emby plugin has - link 21. Trailer support - link 22. having a quick way to mark a whole season or a whole show as watched would be great - link 23. Add Live TV - link 24. In the music player it would be nice to be able to see a list of any tracks that have been queued, or the results of the auto mix - link If the developer(s) feel that a Feature Request is not possible to be added, or has been completed, then I will strike-through the line above and add a comment. I will lock this thread, but will add to it as more Feature Requests are made and accepted by the developer(s). .
  5. When I go into my movies I see every movie I own, which is not a bad thing but considering there is a collections category why could they not be separate? This way only stand alone movies will show up in movies and movies that are part of a collection will show up only in collections, still having the same structure as before.
  6. Any chance that with a huge list of movies, series, you can use a keyboard alpha to auto jump to that alphabet selection. So when I press R it'll take me to movies, series starting with R. Without favourites, and with a huge collection it sort of makes the app useless as it takes ages to scroll through everything until you get to where you want to be. This is obviously even slower if you're connected by wifi. Also, when initially seting up the app, it asks whether you'd like the layout for use with keyboard or finger touch, and says you can change this later - where? Finally, how about being able to set the initial view as in the Android app, ie I'd prefer to start the app with Folders being shown rather than the standard layout?
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