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  1. I was wondering if it would be possible to add something that would allow you to skip the intro to shows automatically while binge watching. When watching Netflix it does this for some shows, and im not sure if thats a feature of Netflix itself or a Chrome extension i use called "Flix Assist" but it would be a nice feature to have within Emby as well. and possibly even create a custom timed skip for specific shows
  2. Hello, I would really like to be able to record all programs with the keyword golf in the title (for example). Thanks, Erik
  3. I am super busy most days and I usually end up with some free time late at night, so it was great to see in Plex at a glance how many mins long each movie is, even when sorting by duration there are no time markers. I'd rather have it over ratings showing in the library view if we had to sacrifice something. Thanks for the consideration.
  4. One thing that I would like to see implemented is the abilty to display lyrics in all of the apps. For those of us who have libraries with lyrics embedded in the actual files, it would be trivial. Simply scrape the lyrics from the lyrics tag and display them. As far as scraping from online lyrics databases, I don't see that working very well as just about every app that I have seen use it either doesn't get the correct lyrics or they are truncated with an add for the website.
  5. Some pieces of media have not loaded so I've check the folders themselves and discovered either the media file itself not being in the folder or nothing at all. I have no idea what is going on, I have check any user that could delete media and that doesn't check out. whatever the issue is can be tracked down by the log right? embyserver.txt
  6. I would like the ability to disable the camera upload feature, both per-user and globally. It seems odd to me that that isn't already there as far as I can find... Sure I could just not use it, but that depends on trust that your other users wont decide to enable it, as the only on/off is in each users personal preferences.
  7. A couple of my channels are often missing guide data, also live sporting events have channels that are added to the lineup without any guide data. I think it would be useful to select a channel name, and schedule a block of time for it to record. That way, even channels with missing or no guide data can be recorded when the user knows the content is there.
  8. Emby downloads on iOS are included in automatic iCloud backups. We need to disable Emby for iCloud backups - it doesn’t appear with toggle like other apps. Cheers and keep up the awesome work!
  9. Hi, Can you make THETVDB available in all catagories... movies / tvshow / etc / as well as seasons meta download?
  10. Currently Chinese subtitles cannot be distinguished well, for its variants in subtitle filename extensions cannot be recoginsed Perhaps it is issues left over from history, if you want to now the exact, check https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/8b93c07b-93bd-465f-b48f-0fff544c06d8/quotzhhansquot-vs-quotzhchsquot-and-quotzhhantquot-vs-quotzhchtquot?forum=microsofttranslator Hope it can be like this: Chinese Simplified can be recognised by: zh-Hans, CHS, zh-CN, zh-CHS Chinese Traditional can be recognised by: zh-Hant, CHT, zh-TW, zh-CHT
  11. Hi guys, i got some audiobooks last weekend and i importet them directly into my library. I split my music and my audiobooks but i can't find a audio-book library type. Now i use the music type but the books called album and the files called songs. I followed the music naming guide in the wiki to group the files. In my opinion the music type is not ideal for audio-books. My Request is to create a audio-book type looks like the series in movies. If i missed the feature and it is already in emby could we extend the music naming wiki page with an audio-book part? Thanks a lot!
  12. I've tried WMC, KODI, PLEX, and EMBY. I found EMBY very impressive. I happily paid $99.99 to help developers to continue improving this awesome EMBY software. Anyway, I really love Live TV, Schedules Direct Guide, and its built-in recording capability. I use SiliconDust HDHomerun Connect device that carry CC (Closed Captioning for Hearing-Impaired) data. Sadly, this Live TV does not have a feature to allow us to enable CC. My son informed me that he recorded one TV program and used an external VLC player and it worked fine. It's much a hassle using the external player. Otherwise, we have enjoyed movies with perfect subtitles. It is my sincere hope that Emby developers will improve Live TV to include the essential CC capability in near future. Keep up with your excellent work on the software. Thanks, David
  13. I think i was going to try this feature when it first rolled out in emby. Sounds cool as heck to take a picture and have it show up on the server! But realized it would upload all photos in my gallery to the server. I've got nothing to hide, but having labels that i need to take pictures of in order to blow them up to read and other trivial crap aren't worthy of server space, but phone worthy. So i backed off doing it then. Tonight i figured i would try this out again (years later?) only to remember why i didnt do it in the first place... There is just stuff on my phone that i dont need in the server. But i figured maybe if i went into my photo gallery on my phone that i might be able to select photos to upload. Selecting one of the pictures and choosing share i realized there are many places that i can actually choose, but not emby. It would be great to share a selected picture (instead of the whole phone library). Make the share option in the photo gallery link to whatever it is in the emby android app that knows how to share the whole library? If i turned on camera upload i would then have to go in and manually delete pictures when i was back at the server. And having not played with this feature at all, would it then keep uploading pictures that i want on my phone but deleted from the server when syncing? Anyway, thanks for all you folks do, and this is far from any type of priority on my side! (I searched the topic before posting, so if someone else already has it suggested i apologize in advance)
  14. Add the ability to start a show late, end a show early. ie: Late Night Talk Shows. I'm only interested in the interviews. Don't record the monologue (start :15 minutes late) nor the musical guest (end :15 minutes early) These shows are intentionally scheduled to start and stop at "the 07s". Having this new ability would eliminate some overlap errors with traditional start and stop times at "the 00s". Kevin
  15. This is more of a "wouldnt it be cool if it did this...." It would be nice to keep the live tv stream active in a small picture in the corner of the screen and view the channel guide in full screen. For instance, I am watching a live show and want to look at what comes on next or on another channel without closing the show I am currently watching. Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk
  16. While setting up a new device or just searching for the next hiccup it would sometimes be useful to be able to jump to the currently playing media which is shown in the server dashboard. Maybe just by clicking on the image of the active device. ATM now, I have to search for the item in the search field (which sometimes work and sometimes not) or need to manually browse through the library to see the media details.
  17. Is it possible to add a bitrate for users that are direct(whatever) something? It's good info, and readily available. Thanks
  18. @ebr Im pretty sure this has been requested so my apologies but I cant find it so I am requesting this again here. Please move if you feel the need. What are the chance of getting the ability to bring up the guide when using the excellent Virtual TV plugin in Playlist mode? Really ruins the experience to have to stop playback just to see what else is on "TV". Thanks!
  19. Yes, I agree that Kodi is too fine grained. I would say that 0.25 seconds incremends would be ideal as even that amount can make a noticeable difference, but at least 0.5 seconds increments would be better than the current 1.
  20. http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store I saw Opera TV today on my TVs apps, and I know it's a long shot, but I think a wide enough range of TVs use the Opera TV apps and it might be beneficial to have a dedicated app for the TV to browse media in, instead of an ever failing DLNA link which keeps dropping in and out. currently DLNA between my sony kd-55x8500b, and windows 7 PC Media Browser Server, keeps dropping out. it annoys me, and I think if an app can connect (android app never fails), it would be better. any ideas? Thanks http://www.operasoftware.com/products/tv-store
  21. Using an Nvidia Shield, I noticed there is no Genre view in the Music Video content type. I want to have a way to get to Concerts, which I have tagged all the Concerts in my music video library. This view is available in the Web interface, but not Android. Seems all the other content types have Genre except this one. Please add it. Thanks PS, would also be nice to add Genre as a default view.
  22. This is a quick suggestion. Currently because the Audiobook section of Emby is mirrored after Music, on the Audiobooks page, there is a heading for Albums. Please replace this with a heading for "Books".
  23. Currently because Audiobooks are mirrored after the Music category, there is a heading on the Audiobooks page for "Songs". This should either be removed or replaced with a heading that lists chapters. Personally I'm fine with just removing it. However it may be useful to other users to have a master list of chapters. So if listing all chapters would be useful to you, then reply this thread and express your interest.
  24. Currently, on the main screen, when you see latest audiobooks it is a random track. Request is to show and be routed to the album screen.
  25. Thuzad

    Filter multi selection

    Hello, I noticed that the filters have changed would it be possible to put a multiple selection as before. For example for the year of release of the film could have to choose several. We see on the screen that one part to a single selection and the other a multiple selection. Maybe there is a reason for this change? Best regards
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