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  1. omerome

    Unable to Watch TV

    I have installed ServerWMC version build 1199 on my HTPC and I have Emby version 3.0.5724.3 installed on my FreeNAS server. When I click on the Live TV tab on the left side of the dashboard, it seems to recognize everything properly like below: Also when I go to try and watch a live tv feed, it shows all of the channels and guide information on the interface like below: However, when I click on "play" after selecting a channel, the only thing I get is a spinning (loading icon) and I am unable to watch anything. I am including my log file if this helps. server
  2. Hi Everyone Been using mediabrowser/emby for a few years now and very happy with this platform. Previously using win7 and WMC for live tv with serverwmc and it was flawless. I've upgraded to insider release of windows 10 build 10240. I have been using the web client using IE and Edge, with nextPVR installed for LiveTv LiveTv works fine using NextPVR client directly, it's fast and doesn't use a lot of resources. Emby works well too, it's fast and responsive. I needed to address loopback issues to localhost using netsh so Microsoft Edge and the Win10 client from illusions can
  3. Chubby Arse

    Media Portal Live TV Plugin V1.0

    If you are using Media Portal and want to link it into MB3, I've added a plugin to catalog in the LiveTV section. See here for prerequisites and installation instructions. Please post issues here, alternatively post to this topic and I'll intermittently pick them up.
  4. I haven't had a ton of time to try this out, but I have tried on the web client, fire tv stick and the android client and I can't get a live TV stream to last for more than 3-5 minutes at a time and I'm not sure why. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there any known fix? Let me know if there is a log I can provide that would help (is it in the server log or somewhere else?) identify any problems. Thanks!
  5. Nologic

    Reset LiveTV DRM

    Why: This was the second time within a month, of having to reset the PlayReady DRM used with WMC LiveTV, do to a hardware upgrade. So being lazy as I am...I wrote a script so I wouldnt' have to hunt down the Web Pages describing the proceedure, then doing everything manually. Warning: Don't run this for giggles, any DRM content you have now, may become unusable. So only run this when shit truely has hit the fan. References: Microsoft TheGreenButton Requirements: AutoIt ResetDRM (Silently Downloaded if Not Found) 7-Zip (Silently Download & Installed if No Supported Unarch
  6. Damstas

    Cover images

    What should I do in this situation?
  7. archangelz

    LiveTV favorites list truncation

    When using the roku app, the favorites list in the LiveTV section drops channels a lot of times. On the web guide I'll have maybe 14-16 channels, 12-13 of these channels will show up on the favorites list on the Roku. Most of the time the channel at the end will be missing from the favorites list. Logging out and logging back in sometimes fixes the problem. Say I have 516-530 favorited, 530 will likely be missing as well as one or two channels in between from the Live TV stripe. Web view of EMBY will be fine though in browser. Roku 1.96 Server tried 3.0.5572.0 as well as 3.0.5582.2 beta
  8. saitoh183

    No Sound in Emby

    Hi @@Chubby Arse and @@e123enitan, I decided to switch to MP since WMC future in Windows10 is up in the air and im also having issues with the back to back recordings (posted on the ServerWMC sub-thread). I have everything wokring in Kodi and when i preview Channels in the TV server config. Im using a Hauppauge Colossus, MPExtended 0.6, Emby server Beta 3.0.5572.0 and MP 1.11 The reason there is no sound is because the output file is coming out as AAC audio instead of AC3 Audio ID : 64 (0x40) Menu ID : 137 (0x89) Format : AAC Fo
  9. Darkstyrm

    Live TV and Auto-Organize

    I have been thinking for the past few days about how the Live TV and Auto-Organize functions could be kinda merged.. Would there be any way (plugins or third party software) that I could automatically convert the recorded TV to something like avi or mp4 and then have them picked up by Auto-organize and added to the library as a normal show? This would help fill in the gap with the whole system.
  10. Hi, I am having a problem with LiveTv from ServerWMC. I can play a channel and it start and will always stop after a second or so. I have tried Chrome, IE, android clients for the playback using MB and they all behave the same. I have tried very low to very high bitrates. Always stops. Machine1) MediaCenter running on Window7 with ServerWMC version:, build: 1175 Machine2) MediaBrowser 3 Server running on Linux (Debian) 2015-01-08 00:00:00.1262 Info - App: Application version: 3.0.5482.1 I have attached all the logs from a play attempt. For the attached
  11. jlachesk

    Chromebook LiveTV Performance

    I have a feeling this is a bit of a long shot, but I figured if anyone knows they're probably in this forum. I've got a pretty standard set up: - HTPC running Win7 and ServerWMC - Server running WHS and MediaBrowser Server - Cable via InfiniTV tuner and FIOS CableCard (it's an InfiniTV4 in the HTPC, actually) - Acer C710 Chromebook w/ 6GB RAM - A variety of devices (Macbook, Fire HD7, iPad, FireTV, etc, etc) My issue is that LiveTV performance on the Chromebook is awful. Even at the lowest quality setting, playback stutters and freezes (worse at higher qualities, but even at th
  12. mmesnjak

    LiveTV Programm Guide

    Hi, Am I missing something or does Android app really doesn't have guide page/tab under LiveTV? In browser I get nice TV guide but I can not find it in Android app...
  13. RedStripe

    ServerWMC not streaming LiveTV

    Setup OS: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 Model: 64-bit RAM: 16.0 GB Processor: i5-2500k Name Source Status HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 1313EF88-0 Digital Cable Available HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 1313EF88-1 Digital Cable Available HDHomeRun Prime Tuner 1313EF88-2 Digital Cable Available Silicondust HDHomeRun Tu
  14. denethor

    Live TV Search Integration

    I'm not sure it is ok to sent request like topics into support forum but I couldn't find a more proper place. Today I was looking for a specific Live TV channel on Safari mobile. It was kind a hard to use next-next to find it. I know I can configure number of listed items but on slow connections It may not be the good solution. Now I'm thinking that it would be very nice to make channel names or even guide content searchable globally. Any plans or thoughts? For the record; I was trying to find broadcast time and broadcaster channel for Nadal-Djokovic game to set lift-off time from
  15. kingy444

    FR - Android - Live TV

    Would it be possible to add Live TV streaming into the android app ? I only have NextPVR configured. Wasnt sure if they have a joint api you can use or it would be seperate coding for each
  16. What is the purpose of the LiveTV option in the metadata manager? When the option is expanded the TV stations/channels are listed...great. However, when I click on a station/channel all I get is the spinning (I am working...) icon. What is supposed to occur? May I suggest that this specific option or a similar one be developed as an alternate option to the TV guide, that allows quick access to a TV station/channel. This would alleviate some of the issues identified in other posts regarding the current necessity to page through (paging operation is slow!) several TV guide pages in order to ge
  17. Glyde62

    Sort of working

    Have livetv sort of working, Wont work on my main HTPC (tried ie and chrome) Works on my main pc via Chrome (but not ie) also works on my Android Phone via Chrome Anyone have any ideas why it wouldn't be working on my HTPC?
  18. Hi, I have been running NextPVR for a couple of years and it's working perfectly. I have been tryign to get this plugin to work but I just can't. Everything is setup good except that Live TV stream doesn't wanna play. This works: Status: OK Update Guide Create recordings Watch recordings See all channels and icons and whats on When I try to play ny channel this is what the Media browser log looks like: 2014-04-12 15:58:08.3520 Info - App: Client connected from 2014-04-12 15:58:08.8824 Info - App: ScheduledTasksWebSocketListener Begin transmitting over websocket to 12
  19. Any chance of adding this capability?
  20. RedStripe

    Cannot set Refresh Guide trigger

    Tried to add weekly task trigger for for Refresh Guide Entered time in following formats: 1) 3:00AM 2) 3:00 AM 3) 0300 Get the message/error "VALUE CANNOT BE NULL." server-63531369135.log
  21. Will Live TV be coming to MBClassic?
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