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Found 15 results

  1. embyben

    Cannot seek MKV files

    I am using Emby premium via FreeNAS 13.3 on a VMWare ESXi Model HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 CPU 4 CPUs x Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1265L V2 @ 2.50GHz Memory 15.97 GB When I watch ANY .MKV file i can only start from the beginning to watch the video. If i try to seek using the progress bar the video stops and is unable to restart playing. Any ideas? ffmpeg-remux-2b1a20e6-e179-4d9b-8fc7-b6154edddd95_1.txt
  2. Kimballslice1890

    Chromecast Seek issues

    Been using a chromecast pretty extensively recently and have noticed some issues consistent across web app, android app, and iOS. When chromecasting and opening up the chromecast remote control in the app, the time stamp does not move, however if I back out of the remote and go back, the time stamp will move to wherever it currently is but not move from that point. When trying to drag and seek or use the skip forward X seconds or rewind, the stream usually skips back to the beginning. The only success I have had seeking while using a chromecast is using the web browser and dragging the progress bar on the bottom of the screen, if I open up the full control panel for the chromecast on the website, it suffers the same problem. Hope I explained this well enough. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. sundevil67

    Playback Issue - .MKV files

    Forgive me if this is related to transcoding & has been discussed in another thread. I'm not completely sure it has anything to do with the file format, but it does seem to be an issue I've noticed (so far) to be affecting only .mkv files. I'm not able to start watching a video from the middle or anywhere other than the beginning, and pretty much any hopping around will cause the video to crap out. Is this just a limitation of the format, a bug somewhere in Emby Mac OS server, or perhaps connected to some kind of corruption or defect in some of the individual .mkv files I've collected or converted. Any guidance appreciated!
  4. Hi, I have the latest Emby app installed on my Nvidia Shield. I just noticed it isn't possible to seek through a music track. So for that, my feature request
  5. @@ebr -- Have you received reports of playback regressions on v2.9.07? I've been watching Emby videos on my phone for many months so I think this bug was introduced recently. Example: 1) I'm watching a video and I'm 15min in and I want to rewind a few minutes so I show the seek bar and then I tap earlier on the timeline 2) The video pauses for about 15 seconds 3) The video resumes playing at like 23min in (so it went to a different time than I clicked, in this case it even went forward instead of backwards) I also tried pausing the video, changing the seek location, and hitting play -- at which point it began playing from the beginning of the video. Thanks! EDIT: The situation I described about pausing the video and it restarting the video at the beginning -- actually it was starting at the beginning of NEXT episode. So by trying to seek it bailed on the episode altogether and started playing the next episode.
  6. I had posted about a similar issue prior and the thread was merged into another thread that really did not cover the same issue and there was never really a clear solution. I currently run an Emby server via HTTPS for secure WAN connections. Through the android app only I can only fast forward, rewind, and seek on random media playback. Sometimes it will only work for a short while until it decides it does not want to work anymore. When it does not work I can attempt to seek anywhere in the playback and it will not move to that spot but continue playing from where it currently is. If I pause and play it jumps back to its current location. If I pause and attempt to seek and hit play it jumps back to its current location. This happens on most of my media but not all, as some of my media I can seek freely through the playback. This has been a problem on my Nexus 5X, my Nexus 7, and now my Google Pixel. Also chromecast playback outside of my LAN does not work, it just says Emby on the chromecast screen, when the media is selected and said to be playing through the phone or web browser, it is not playing on the chromecast. This same problem occurs 50% of the time inside my LAN connected to the unencrypted connection. All certificates are stock to the Emby server. The problem is limited to the android app. I have not tested the iPhone app with the problem. (Side but far less important question that I am curious about is that I have the server running on a virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 installed with 16 cores dedicated to it. I see the server side settings that allows up to 8 cores selected or maximum, can the emby server take full advantage of the 16 cores I dedicated to the VM?)
  7. Hello, I can not seek/resume videos which require remuxing on my NVIDIA Shield using the Emby for Android TV's internal Player (exoplayer?). Whenever I try to resume, rewind or fast forward a video that is being remuxed, the video skips to the correct frame it is supposed to continue from but then stays there. According to ffmpeg logs and watching the size of the created tmp directory file transcoding works fine. If I play the video from beginning to end it works just fine. Also videos that are "direct play" or transcoded work fine including seek and resume - only "direct stream" is a problem. Workarounds are switching to use external player (vlc) or setting max bitrate low to force transcoding. What I have tried: - switching audio to "direct" and "downmix to stereo" - accessing emby server directly (8920 and 8096) - accessing emby server via nginx reverse proxy (ssl and unencrypted) - nginx: with and without http2 enabled - access emby server by hostname or ip - switching ffmpeg versions (3.1.4, 3.1.5, ffmpeg-git-20160215-64bit-static) - move transcoding temp folder to local or nfs storage This has been happening across several emby-server and emby for android tv versions. Possibly related: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43008-on-remux-android-tv-times-out-too-many-errors/ though I do not receive any errors on the client. Interestingly enough while trying various settings/configurations fast forwarding worked on one occasion yesterday though not repeatable. There is nothing in the server or ffmpeg logs which is different from attempts where it fails. I attached the logs of the attempt where the first fast forward worked (ffmpeg -ss 00:05:26.589 ...) while the second attempt on the same video with the same settings about 30 seconds later failed (ffmpeg -ss 00:11:21.392 ...). ffmpeg1.txt ffmpeg2_fast_forward_success.txt ffmpeg3_fast_forward_fail.txt server.txt
  8. Watching live tv from the web app, if I rewind to any previous point in the stream, play for any amount of time, then decide to "fast forward" to real time I notice the following issues: 1. Hovering over the end of the progress bar will actually display a seek position beyond the current live stream position (i.e. live stream current seek position 1:56, the hover description will list a time in advance of 1:56 such as 1:58). 2. Clicking the progress bar to "fast forward" to this point in the stream will throw an exception and crash the stream. I've uploaded a log file with the relevant stack trace exception being thrown.
  9. Hi, I am using the Emby Android app on a Moto X Pure, stock Android 6. Everything works great but while playing a movie if I pause, my phone will eventually lock the display. Upon unlocking the time at which I had paused resets to 0. If I go back to the information page, i see that the server has also reset the time to 0. Please let me know what other info logs etc I can provide to help debug this.
  10. I've only just noticed (so can't say when it started happening) but I no longer get the time pop-up when I scrub forward or back by dragging on the seek bar. The function still works fine in that the video will go to that time location and continue playing but I just can't see what time I'm dragging to. Using latest version from the Play Store. Is there a setting I need to enable/change? Thanks
  11. Fire TV App: 1.2.66a I tried pausing live tv, but it appears to have been disabled. I reviewed the forum to see whether the reason was listed as well as the changelog, but didn't see any information. Reviewed the latest commits and saw a condition was added based on whether seek was available. Was this just a temporary fix or is this now the default behavior? I found it very useful to pause live tv and used it frequently.
  12. I had an issue and needed to rebuild the PC with Emby on it however I'm having one issue now. When playing any media that is on the PC with Emby installed I can FF/Resume the media, but the media on the other PC will play just fine but I can't FF/RW/Resume. I have full control of the share on the other PC, I can delete files and so on. I have clearly missed a step when rebuilding but I can't for the life of me figure out what I have missed. I have spent hours trying to figure this out and I'm hoping someone might know what I'm doing wrong here. This is happening in Chrome and ET.
  13. Version: 3.0.5271.29451 Think this might be my first post - so thank you to all of the developers and testers for such an excellent platform. It has served us well for many years already and keeps getting better! Since the last update I have been experiencing a range of new, unexplained, behaviour with both the client and server (x64 Windows 8.1) counterparts. (This is the client / Classic Forum so will skim over the server first - ) The server functions fine once installed, but I had serious difficulty with the latest installer. It refused to complete the installation sitting at ~95% for a few minutes then appearing to be installed. However, the service would not start. I also starting to receive virus warnings from Symantec, which I have read elsewhere. Ignoring this threat, "uninstalling" and then manually deleting all traces of Media Browser I was then able to install (fresh). It may simply be the Symantec detection that was causing all issues. Classic - we have started to experience a number of different issues since the 3.0.5271.29451 (and/or since new interface if I missed any updates), as below: Remote Freezing - having played a video, upon trying to navigate the menu it appeared that Media Browser had crashed. This occurred multiple times. One time using Task Manager I noticed that MB was actually responding to the mouse (accidentally running the mouse across the screen). These freezes continue - any remote control input seems to be ignored. Can be resolved by exiting Media Browser Classic and relaunching it (though, this is difficult with a remote!) - so it isn't a crash within 8MC itself. ('Standard' MCE remote, USB RF - EMPREX Brand). I have now disabled the new interface (due to issues below) - so will confirm if this remote locking appears to be restricted to the new interface or across Media Browser completely. Other "Freezes" - again, since update media browser has started to freeze for a number of seconds before starting to respond again. Cannot reproduce reliably - ad-hoc occurrence. Normal function does return, freezes for different periods of time. New Interface - No Seek / Preview / Time Left incorrect - on the new interface the time left (I presume - right hand side) never matches the length of the video I have launched. At first I assumed it may be for the current chapter - however, when watching a children's programme with my daughter, noticed it reported a longer length than the video could be - so guess this is not related to chapters. Also unable to seek reliably - sometimes it does respond to advance/seek on the remote, but then no changes occur. A few times (mouse/keyboard/remote) it seems to only respond to presses after quite a long delay (3-20 seconds). The seek bar also does not respond. Although we like the look of the new interface, due to the above - and also, importantly some built-in MCE functionality e.g. zoom, reported elsewhere - we are not able to adopt it due to the above issues. Hopefully the above may be helpful - will try to report back any updates to above. Thanks again!
  14. I think this is a known issue, but it is impossible to seek within a recorded program. I am using a WMC backend with serverwmc and Ceton tuners. It doesn't matter what client I use, you can't seek or skip to anywhere in the program. After they are converted by mcebuddy, seek works, but trying to seek while transcoding a WTV file doesn't.
  15. Version: Surface Pro 2, Windows 8.1 Pro Each and every time I click somewhere on the progress bar during video playback the app force closes. No error - it just closes. I've emailed requesting a refund because it's unfit for purpose and I was directed to this forum where I have to work for an answer to a problem with a product I paid hard earned money for. Thanks for advance for your advice.
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