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  1. Hello I have been using Media Browser Classic for a while and it's great for the lounge setting but not really that good for the desktop setting (sitting in front of the computer). So I thought I would try Media Browser Theater. First Media Browser Theater controls need to be tweaked for mouse input. I find navigating around using the mouse a bit annoying. Not as bad as Media Browser Classic but still needs some work. The other problem is that I can't seem to find the favourite option in Media Browser Theater? Is there one? (Love heart icon) Thank you very much for all of the time and effort you guys put into this great software.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any ideas for how I can get a view of Favorite Actors in Media Browser Classic, similar to the first screenshot below from Media Browser Server? I don't want index on 'Perfomer', as this just gives you the billions of Actors in the collection. Ideally I want to pick who my favorite actors are, and have a movie count next to their name. One method I thought of was to create new 'Library' in Media Browser Server call Actors, then create folders for each Actor and manually create shortcuts for each of their movies. It sort of works, but I can't get the image of the actor looking okay - second screenshot below. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Mark
  3. saitoh183

    Feature Request: Favorites

    Im Loving this app especially the ease of use but the only thing is that there is no favorites for TV shows or movies. I have over 600 movies and 200 TV shows and for the wife scrolling through all of that when she wants to watch something is a pain. So on the server i add what she wants to favorites but there is no way to see that list in the app(unless im missing something).
  4. In MBC it is possible to mark folders and Box Sets as a favourite - a heart icon displays in the corner and the folder or boxset image appears on the EHS when I have favourites selected. When I enter into Favourites these folders and boxsets do not show up. Favourites seems to be limited to TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books, etc - but no folders/boxsets. Can boxsets and folders be made visible in the favourites section please? Also, on the server client there doesn't seem to be a way to mark folders or boxsets as a favourite.
  5. I see lots of discussion about the favorites folder, but not much about managing the content within. I use Chocolate, but I see no way to toggle (or otherwise change) the favorites setting of a movie. I'm guessing it is in some configuration menu, but I'm on my umteenth look and it just isn't coming to me. Thanks!
  6. alb0806

    Backing up MBC Favorites

    I just performed a fresh install of MB Server and copied over the following: config directory, plugin directory, ImagesByName directory, data/users.db, and data/displaypreferences.db. Restoring these files brought back everything except the Favorites setup on MBC. I know that they're not stored on the client because the only thing touched there was removing the ImageCache directory. Can anyone tell me where favorites are stored on the server?
  7. When viewing a list of episodes for a season, it would be nice to have an icon (such as a heart) next to the episodes that have been marked as a favorite.
  8. I've edited the strings-en.xml file to change the spelling of favorite to favourite - this word appears in a few different places, these are the ones I've altered: <ShowFavoritesCollectionConfigDesc>Show a top level collection with all your items marked as Favourite in it. Restart MBC to see changes.</ShowFavoritesCollectionConfigDesc> <ShowFavoritesCollectionConfig>Show Favourites Collection</ShowFavoritesCollectionConfig> <AddFavoriteCMenu>Add Favourite</AddFavoriteCMenu> <RemoveFavoriteCMenu>Remove Favourite</RemoveFavoriteCMenu> <Favorite>Favourite</Favorite> But I don't see an element to enable changing the word "Favorites" which appears as a virtual collection name on the EHS. So when I run MBC, all occurrences of the word have the UK spelling except for the most obvious one.
  9. Hi, Favorites stopped displaying using Unwatched a few updates back, in any theme. I apologise for not remembering when, but I kind of just assumed it would right itself eventually. Now I have the latest 117 release, with the new chocolate and square, but still no watched or unwatched, in fact I can only get it to populate using "Latest". I also do not see the new favorites view anywhere, I only have 3 options in all themes, watched (mt), unwatched (mt) and latest, which populates properly. I can see using chocolate that I apparently added Fav TV, Fav Movies, Fav Games and Fav Books on the 01/01/0001 , yes that's the date it displays. Basically in MB2 I pretty much just used Favorites on EHS to see if I had anything new to watch, and while its only a few more clicks to go right into Fav TV and see, it is still mildly annoying. Its also pretty odd to me that I have 4 Fav Categories, 3 of which I don't even have libraries for. I make it a point to NEVER fav a movie, as that would really make seeing new TV shows a pain.
  10. If I favorite an adult movie, I don't see it showing up in my favorites in MBC anywhere - does another category need to be added or should these fall under movies?
  11. Is there a way to disable seeing the Books and Games Folders in the favorites? I don't have either on my media centers.
  12. Is there a location under "ImagesByName" where icons/backgrounds can be set for the Favorite Books, Favorite Movies etc sections located under Favorites view?
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