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Found 9 results

  1. reederda

    Grouping results in duplicates

    Hi all, I'm attempting to use Emby's "Grouping" feature to combine two versions of a video into a single listing. However, when I do this I instead am left with two listings, each showing the two versions (see attached screenshots). I've tried rescanning the library, but that hasn't helped. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
  2. Currently I have my categories broken down into reasonable settings, but it would be nice to be able to put libraries into folders, especially for content that doesn't match/fit Emby's expectations of particular content, such as wrestling. For example my current libraries would be: 4K Movies Kung Fu Wrestling It would be cool to be able to have: Movies -4K -Movies -Kung Fu Wrestling -Documentaries -Shows -PPV
  3. I manually group some movies. For example regular version and director's cut. I keep them in separate folders so I don't mind manually grouping. My question is how does Emby decide which version to show for the new grouped items? For all but two sets, the first item I checked is the one that shows after grouping. For the other two sets, it doesn't matter what I do, the second movie (director, special, extended, etc.) is the one showing afterwards. I don't want the special version to show when grouped. I only want the base movie to show. How can I get that to happen? Is there something that Emby uses to decide which movie to show as the "group?" Thanks.
  4. DerrickM

    groups for users

    I think it would be nice to be able to create groups in Emby for access control. similar to parental control except a group could also specify level of server control, allowing deletion of content, etc... You could then add users to a group and no longer have to go through to check each users permission individually. This would also make editing permissions easier as you only have to do it to a group instead of to each user. I wasn't able to find this topic so a link if i have created a duplicate would be appreciated.
  5. I would like the ability to group multiple libraries together so they appear as a single library from the main screen, but allowing me to dive down into the different libraries. For example, I have 3 music libraries - mine, my wife's, and kids music for the kids. I don't want all 3 visible from the main screen, but I would like a single entry called 'Family Music' or 'Music' that allows me to drill down into the different libraries. It would be helpful for seasonal libraries, like my Christmas and Halloween libraries.
  6. I have Anime in its own library but its sort of a pain to consolidate/organize the episodes into their respective season(s). It would be great if there was a way to force group Anime episodes into a particular season or force combine seasons into a single season Force Group Scenario -A specific anime has 24 episodes but is classified into a single season Reasoning: Sometimes Emby will separate episodes of the same season into two seasons with the season number (e.g. two instances of Season One with half of season one's episodes in the 1st instance and the remaining episodes in the 2nd instance) Force Combine Scenario -A specific anime has 24+ episodes but is classified into only two seasons Reasoning: Emby has all episodes spread out across 3 or more seasons, it would be great to combine season 3 into season 1 or season 4 into season 2 if you know that the episodes are supposed to be in either season 1 or season 2 based on how the seasons are classified on anime websites. This could probably be applied to episode organization in general.
  7. I was wondering if any thought has been put to syncing the playing of certain content throughout groups or zones of players.. E.g. say you have a players in your kitchen, gym, living room, conservatory, play-room, bedroom, bathroom etc... you could group these into zones, perhaps "down-stairs" := {kitchen, living room, conservatory} and "upstairs" := {bedroom, bathroom} and "kids" := {play-room, kids-room}.. Then you could perhaps make all players in a given zone play the same music.... (as an option, not - of course - forced)... This would save me, for example, from having to either play the living room player so loud that it filters around the downstairs... but making it too loud to actually be in the living room - or running around and trying to get each player to play the same thing.. but they're going to always be a few seconds out!.. Instead, I just command all downstairs players to play the same music, at the same time - then they can all be at a volume level which isn't deafening!
  8. tarnalcock

    Group users for multi sync

    Hi there, I think this may be useful for families and the like. My housemate and I watch series together but sometimes she is away or busy, so I carry on without her, and vice versa. It would be really useful if we could create a group profile, called "house" for instance. This would then be linked to our individual profiles, so when we watched together as this "user" both our individual account's play states would be updated. If I then wanted to continue alone I would use my personal profile which would not update hers or "house". So this would be a one way sync from house to each user on said group. Even better would be a two way sync but with a "resume from user_x or user_y" option. I doubt this is a hugely necessary feature but it would be nice.
  9. I have about 400 movies, several of which are collections. I have selected the option to group collections on the movie page. When rescanning the library the grouping of the collections on the movies page is not reflected for quite some time. Not sure how long it takes but more than 2 and a half hours (and less than a day) my case. When I check the next day they are grouped. Apparently, some process other than library scan is performing the grouping. Is there a way to force the grouping to occur in real-time?
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