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Found 6 results

  1. is there a way to force software decoding? i run emby on a Sharp 40BN5EA (Android TV 9) with a stereo soundsystem connected by 3.5 mm jack, but problem is also on the build in speakers at first i had the release version 2.0.48g which pretty much always did software decode for the audio and all sounded normal then i switched to beta 2.0.64g for testing, cause i had some DV files not triggering the TV, beta fixed most DV files here, but now dolby 5.1 audio suddently sounded very thin, flat and tiny i noticed that on these files audio is now not software decoded anymore but plays "direct" (shown in stats for nerds), as shot in the dark, i tried the correct playback option and it switched to software decode for the audio and voila normal rich sound was back so there seems to be a problem on my TV to handle/downmix these files deliverd from emby, cause i don't noticed anything abnormal with tv stations using dolby 5.1 or eg the amazon app (but i dont know what it is doing, probably also software decode) audio settings on that TV itself are pretty limited, but however, i tried to flip them all with no effect on attempting to force emby to software decode by default again so is there a way to force software decoding? emby isn't showing any audio related settings here
  2. HI Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it. I am playing HEVC with 5.1 files to A Fire stick. Only the rear audio channels are going to my telly. How to I force it to transcode to stereo? In http://localhost:8096/web/encodingsettings.html/Playback/Transcoding I dont see anything about audio except boost when downmixing. Or anywhere else. thanks remainz I am just coming to Emby because it can do HEVC on a home server. UG Typo in title sorry. edit wont let me fix the title
  3. I have a new problem with my tv shows that im sure I cant be the only one I have a tv show called House or also known as House MD which does not show up on the TVDB unless you search in a different language Is there a way to force emby to use the TVDB series id to download the correct metadata ? I tried allowing other scrappers to download the info but they all get it wrong
  4. I have Anime in its own library but its sort of a pain to consolidate/organize the episodes into their respective season(s). It would be great if there was a way to force group Anime episodes into a particular season or force combine seasons into a single season Force Group Scenario -A specific anime has 24 episodes but is classified into a single season Reasoning: Sometimes Emby will separate episodes of the same season into two seasons with the season number (e.g. two instances of Season One with half of season one's episodes in the 1st instance and the remaining episodes in the 2nd instance) Force Combine Scenario -A specific anime has 24+ episodes but is classified into only two seasons Reasoning: Emby has all episodes spread out across 3 or more seasons, it would be great to combine season 3 into season 1 or season 4 into season 2 if you know that the episodes are supposed to be in either season 1 or season 2 based on how the seasons are classified on anime websites. This could probably be applied to episode organization in general.
  5. QDivision

    Force Transcode Option

    Hi, Ran into a new issue today, if I try to play a file who's bit-rate is under my max internet streaming bit-rate value then it tries to direct stream it however direct stream doesn't work for whatever reason. My preferred solution would be to force transcoding for all files even if there's no need to. This would be an option on a user basis or a global option if streaming over the internet i.e. not locally within the network. Thanks!
  6. Hey there, my first post in here ... so ... hi community ^^ I am just starting to learn about all the features and setup of this nice software so maybe I am just blind and didnt see this option yet. I'd like to limit the the mbps globaly for all accounts on my emby server. I found an option under "streaming" and limited it to 10 mbps. When I login with a test account without any admin rights, this account can still setup the option to more then 10 mbps while playing a video. Am I doing anything wrong here? Are there any ways to globaly force a maximum mbps? Thanks in advance Soki
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