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Found 10 results

  1. Can we add a sort-order for TV Series such that those series which have recently aired a new episode are at the top? Sorting by 'Release Date' is good for finding completely new series, seeing which have been released this year, say. But it'd be nice to see the series listed with new episodes, even when the series started many years ago. That way you can see what you need to catch up with, even if you didn't know there was a newly aired episode, etc. This could honour the 'Display Missing Episodes' option, such that the season would appear at the top even if the episode hadn't been added to emby yet, was missing. This would be handy for identifying missing episodes too.
  2. Hi, Running LibreElec 10.0.3 on Raspberry 4 with Kodi and addon "Kodi Emby for Kodi Next Gen" 7.13.1 My music library contains +/- 2600 albums (+/- 40.000 songs) For me: the most interesting view is "albums-sorted-by-date-added". This works fine, BUT I noticed that the album cover art is displayd with some delay.... Taking a closer look at the process, it seems that the cover art is displayed alphabetically, meaning that an the cover art of album with name "zzzz" is showed much later that album with name "aaa". This is not noticeable in a "normal" view, because the default sortorder is alphabetically. However, If you sort the albums by "date added", it looks like the cover art is displayed randomly and it takes a while (if you have a large library) to show all covers. To speed up things I already tried to enable local cache. ANd my LibreElec is running on a fast SSD on the USB3 port (+/-200Mb/s). On the emby webinterface, I can not see this behavior: cover art of albums sorted on "date added" shows up immediately. So I'm afraid that this is a KODI issue, but maybe somebody has some workaround for this...... Any help is appreciated! kind regards, Bart
  3. When browsing movies, etc, add to the "AZ" Sorting pull-down menu, an additional option to "Sort by Filename" This then orders all the movies in the raw, default way, such that they match the file system on which the actual media files are stored, on disk. This order is generally quite different to the default sort order, as movie titles are sorted ignoring the articles: A, An, The... and also some movies have different names displayed, especially foreign films. The file systems sort by the basic pure alphanumeric order.
  4. topbanana

    Add Sort by Filename/Path

    Now that the SortRemoveWords hack doesn't work, can we please, please just have Sort by 'Filename/Path' added to the sorting options! It's such a simple and obvious feature. I need to change the sort order to match the media files on the filesystem. But Emby sorts the titles ignoring the articles, A, An, The... Which is entirely valid, but we need to switch between either. Emby was created to help us wrangle huge numbers of media files, sorting data is such a basic feature! Please!
  5. Can we have an additional sorting option, under "Sort By:" and "Sort Order:" to toggle the ignoring of the articles (A, An, The). Both sorting regimes are needed. When my mates are browsing thru my collection to 'borrow' some movies, having to jump up and down to the 'The' section of the filenames is a PITA, so i'd toggle it to sort the articles normally making it match the file listing.
  6. I have a home movies library for which I added the following files which include the number at the beginning of the file name: 01. Introduction 02. Session 01꞉ Programming Kicks 03. Session 02꞉ Programming Timbres 04. Session 03꞉ Subliminal Modulation 05. Session 04꞉ Ambiguous Displacement 06. Session 05꞉ Metrical Dissonance 07. Session 06꞉ More Examples 08. Session 07꞉ Processing 09. Final Words The issue I am having is I am sorting them by name but they are displaying in Emby like this: Final Words Introduction Session 01꞉ Programming Kicks Session 02꞉ Programming Timbres Session 03꞉ Subliminal Modulation Session 04꞉ Ambiguous Displacement Session 05꞉ Metrical Dissonance Session 06꞉ More Examples Session 07꞉ Processing Why when sorting by name is Emby not using the numbers to sort the correct order like in Windows Explorer? Why is Emby removing the numbers from the beginning of the file names when they are displayed in Emby? How do I fix the order?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before (I've searched) but I've noticed over the last half dozen releases or so, sorting of Collections seems to have changed. It seems movie Collections now appear before all single movies in the Movie view. Is there any way to sort Collections in amongst the Movies (eg, in alpha order) rather than aggregating all the Collections before the single movies? (side note, jumping to a letter in the Movie list also displays Collections first. Eg, jump to 'F', all Collections [F-Z] are first, then all single movies beginning with 'F'). Eg, Current view: Anchorman Collection (Collection) Avengers Collection (Collection) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (single movie) Adjustment Bureau, The (single movie) Antz (single movie) Preferred view: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (single movie) Adjustment Bureau, The (single movie) Anchorman Collection (Collection) Antz (single movie) Avengers (Collection) Current Emby version: 3.0.6070.0 Auto-boxset plugin Collections view - off (but makes no difference to sorting if on)
  8. I'm currently running Emby Server Version 3.0.5913 Emby for WMC Version I have been using "Sort name:" in the Emby Metadata Manger to control TV shows season sort order. Normally Emby for WMC displays seasons like this (ascending): Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Navigating to season 4 requires a lot of remote control clicking (try the Big Bang Theory season 9!). So to get around this I have been using the Metadata Manager "Sort name:" field to control the sort order by entering a lower number in each newer season so that the seasons display like this (descending): Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 This worked very well until I undated to Emby Server Version 3.0.5912.0. Now the seasons sort in an ascending order even though the "Sort name:" fields still contain the same information. How do I get "Sort name:" to work again?
  9. Hi, I noticed Emby windows 8 app does not honour the <SortRemoveWords> clause defined on system.xml file on the server. Is this by concept? Will there be a separate configuration on the app?
  10. The movies listing could really use some filter/sort options - similar to MBT. Don't want to over complicate / clutter the UI. But often when looking for movies to watch I hide watched movies and sort by run time or rating when looking for movies. Bit difficult with the current alphabetical full listing when you have quite a few movies... Also was kind of expecting when I clicked on the alphabetical listing (A, B, C etc) to get a quick jump list similar to you get on Windows Phone 8.1 (when swiping to full list of apps on your phone).
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